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    Fucking hell, just get over it.
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    if i want to be entertained, i'll go and watch city i loved last saturday, well worth 15 quid or whatever it cost me if its costing you 50 quid, its cos youre a tightwad who chooses not to buy a season ticket and if you want it cheaper sit with the nsl peasants, why quote the most expensive price? its like me saying its 100 quid for trainers when some shitty shoe outlets do em for 3 quid
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    Just thought i'd post an update on here as I don't get to see everyone who knows me on a regular basis. It was a great relief to find out earlier this week after a long wait for my scan that I've been very fortunate and caught the big C early and it's not spread elsewhere which was my big worry. I've a couple of tests to undergo at Christies and then one bout of chemo there which will reduce the chance of it coming back from 20% as it currently stands to 5% so great result all round. I put on a brave face on the outside but still had a few worrying moments where my mind was racing about the place normally at night when everyone was asleep. But within I have had a genuine inner warmth and strength that was due to the phenomenal support all round from family, friends and also the messages from people on here, many of whom I've never met. If you're ever in doubt whether to contact someone who's got something going on with a message I'd say do so, as it helps so much, strength in numbers/problem shared etc. Moving on check your blx on a regular basis at least once a month. I'll certainly be checking my one real blk from now on. It's got to know the new lad next to it and they appear to be getting on okay. I'll be doing some charity event in the next year to raise awareness about this and will post on here when doing so. I won't blether on any more. Just a big massive thank you for all the support you've given. Proud to be a Wanderer hope to see a few of you out today for a jar. COYWM
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    What's wrong with her asking if she can lend them some money? I'd be more worried if she wanted to borrow it
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    How do you say ‘woosh’ in Switzerland?
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    If he has ended up a regular on The BN website, he truly does have poor directional control.
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    So I've just returned a ruined man from the Algarve; got to crow about it, my lad got man of the match vs Real Madrid Apparently, in Europe they organise teams based upon calendar year, and not football seasons. Some of the continental kids were as much as a 18 months older than ours, which showed with the physicality side of it Amazing tournament, amazing memories for the kids- Seville beat Atletico 1-0 in the final
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    And what are some making him out to be? Our best footballer? He is. The one player who can keep hold of the ball and doesn’t panic when it’s near him? He is. The one player in an advanced position who has the ability to see a pass no one else sees? He is. Albeit in a very limited squad. No more no less than that ”has far more to do in terms of producing and scoring goals”... yes he does but the fella is living off scraps playing behind Magennis and trying to create anything off his chest downs or balls that are fizzed in to him at head height (everyone else’s chest) The guy scored 50 goals in 2 seasons. people (probably you) can argue it was league 1 and the step up is big but it isn’t down to just that fact. It all boils down yet again to how we play. Our style isn’t getting the best out of him. You don’t score 50 goals in 2 seasons at any level without having that eye for goal and ability to see things. Your just either blind to it or so entrenched in your view that what PP is doing is correct your ignoring it. Weve has the lowest number of shots on target in the whole league. Yet you say he needs to score more goals? maybe look at the bigger picture to see why he isn’t and acknowledge in order to see that from him your king has to change things
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    Why is everything so fucking right or wrong? Could he just not have had his best game? He was still the person in our team that wanted the ball the most, I’d guess he still completed the most passes. I don’t think he had a brilliant game, but that also doesn’t mean that I think he’s the shittest of the shit like you seem to have already decided he is. Stop trying to be so controversial you cock, he’ll play a big part in our season.
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    how many people cannot afford £8 per week to buy a season ticket ? i can;t get to every home game but still pay for my season ticket supporting your football team isn't a free holiday. following it on the internet does't make you a fan #we have too many light weight followers, if you ever want to see us challenging to get back to the big league, put your money where your mouth is and buy a season ticket. # ken is right
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    they ended up providing him with details of the 5 best tourist attractions in Swansea
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    Nope. I'll need a translation
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    I think folk need a scapegoat and are picking iles or are blinded by ken. This latest stuff certainly looks suspect. Happy to stand corrected if we hear anything else on it.
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    Boris doesn't give a frig about anyone else other than Boris
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    Is that more legible/comprehensible for you?
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    However shit life gets, at least we can console ourselves knowing match buses don't run from Bolton bus station to the DW
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    He'd run around and no one would give him the ball. He was miles better when employed in his ideal position under Lennon before he lost the plot. In half a season he went from a young debutant to a fans favourite and expected saviour the following season. Then not much time later was sold to keep the club afloat, clearly against what he really wanted. Far too much pressure heaped on young shoulders, particularly when there were far more experienced players at the club who weren't earning their corn. His career has taken a downturn since, but it's nonsense to say he wasn't good enough, when in his first season he showed he could play at this level. Maybe he's lost something since and won't get back to where he once was, but he was a fine yound talent, and it's a great shame many others haven't shown the same desire to succeed for the club.
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    Politics - Not Interested Don't Look. In or Out Again.
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    Aye no migrants will want to come here and seek a richer life as all the generations of our work shy benefit scroungers will all of a sudden remember Britain is great again and start grafting their balls off to save the economy like they did during the last depression.
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    It's genuinely a work summit In seminars Friday and Saturday all day Got a table in Pacha Sat night though :D
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    All good goals that have been mentioned however I bag top trumps with Sir Franky Worthy.
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    Don't really comment on this thread because I've no interest in arguing with folk, we all have differing opinions on how leaving will affect us. David Davies and Kate Hoey spoke very well. I'm even more confident the world won't cave in come Mar 29th. Spider I do feel sorry for you, this is hitting you in the pocket and I'm sure it is with some other folk too but it's the Europeans who need educating as much as many Brits as to what wto will mean for us all. It's not a bad thing. I've heard from enough people who have had major dealings with EU to form my own opinion we are better off out. I might be wrong long term and if so, I'll hold my hands up but let's give it a go

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