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    I think the word some in his last post answers your question.
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    Bedroom painting ahead of BWFC? You are Marc Iles and I claim my £5.
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    Created a new account (old one whitewhizz) as I couldn't log in since July. Managed to log in as little whitt whilst trying. Glad I didn't stay on his profile for too long. Ah well, 3 points desperately needed today. COYW
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    Can't see a win in the next 2, but the match winner that is ameobi is missing and we are still better off than last season. millwall the key game ........
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    So you agree with everything he comes out with?
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    I’d think only SA could get fans back and he’s only man I’d sack Parky for.
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    This lets give him a bit longer
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    Deary me, what a load of bollocks. I think TR speaks some sense and i don't consider myself a racist. I also have a soft spot for Billy Braggs old stuff,but i don't consider myself a socialist. Things aren't always Black and White ( pun intended)
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    Not easy to watch, yes we could have grabbed a draw. But just as easily been 4 bart down. Do i trust Parky to turn things round. NO. But i also cannot see Ken sacking him. Unless Big Sam gives him a ring " ok Ken i will be there Monday ,i will also bring 10 million in notes , cut me in on the action"
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    Th'East Midlands Whites are just back, and the motion to start drinking unusually heavily was passed unanimously.
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    Which one of us is going to make a public apology on behalf of all white men of no fixed religion? I did it last time so it can’t be me again
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    If Mick McCarthy ends up managing us we may as well give up. It’ll never be that bad
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    Anybody who wants Parky & his negative tactics replaced by McCarthy needs sectioning.
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    He's had time and got us promoted and kept us up.........with eff all money and more baggage than manchester airport
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    After 45 years watching the wanderers I now couldn't give a shit anymore, it's depressing, boring, dull, the Fulham manager looks like he's going to be sacked after today even though they played the best football in the championship last season. That's football. Tell you what let's stick with him and see what happens but count me out. Sacking a manager is always a risk but I think we should take that risk. We need a spark from somewhere!
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    Get Big Mick in now
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    In isolation that was quite a positive performance, we controlled most of the game but lacked any quality to get a proper grip on things. But we just know Parky being Parky, there’s not a cat in hells change he will stick with it. It will be another 5-6 changes for villa. 5 changes one week, 5 the next, 7 the week after that just doesn’t bode well and the players haven’t the foggiest what they are supposed to be doing. Today just seemed a desperate attempt to try and attack a game when deep down we all know the manager wanted to play one up top and defend all game but knew his neck was on the the line. I got the feeling today, the fans have had enough. The players are no longer running through brick walls for the cause either. Its all stale as fuck. Apathy the reigning supreme and its gonna take some twist of fate to turn this around for the manager. He deserves time, he needs Sammy back and he needs a result pronto because there weren’t that many bastions of support for him there today. The place is flat as a fiddle and that’s only down to one thing.
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    Looks like you don't think at all.
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    He’s got 4 games to turn it round I think. we cannot lose sight of the fact that the whole club is skint and has a cloud of doubt hanging over it and we have spent FUCK all. There’ll be the usual folk creeping out of the woodwork saying they told us he wasn’t the man from day one etc etc. But they are just tedious and even a broken clock is right twice a day. The start to the season buys him more time, but not loads.
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    Sounds a bit like my missus!
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    TR got £2 million for the free Tommy donations, £375K in the first week, thats not including the amount donated via Rebel Media Thats some money so he obviously has supporters. He's using the excess to sue Skynews, The Times, The Govenor of Only Prison, The Sun and Cambridge Police That should earn another million, Sky have no chance when a court see the video they put out v Tommy Robinsons video
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    I think Wheater struggles to play 2 games in 4 days. There's no way ha's been dropped for Beevers.
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    I don't think any of us are having that!!
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    I’d absolutely love it if he would hold an open forum and just explain what the approach is. pause the match at certain points and explain what our intention is from a goal kick or a throw in or when the centre backs have the ball. what he spent all week in training doing. And then explain why players have no options or why we are lumping it to magennis who flicks on to no one as no one is within 30 yards of him. Explain to us why we do that all match. Week in week out. (and if he says it’s because the other team cost £30m then he we can all forget it and go home) there is is no evidence of any game plan whatsoever
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    I’m not. Far too hairy. But I have seen him waiting a bus at Punch Bowl in Atherton (no paint brush in hand)
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    I recon that if your a racist then you’re more likely to think Tommy Cunt is dead good and if your not a racist then your more likely not to think Tommy Cunt is dead good.
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    That's what comes of living with you for so long mate
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    Jay Jay was involved in an Ann Summers ponzi scheme that defrauded pensioners out of their savings with substandard clitoral stimulators. Pretty shameful eh Clive?
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    People need to get a grip its not going to be entertaining its not going to be expansive its going to be us trying to keep out of the bottom three for another attritional year ...... Oh that it was different but its not so stop whinging & get behind our team Severe limitations are there for all to see in terms of squad quality .Two widemen is positive tactically but if the wingers are shite its a liability . So the conundrum .Play narrow & get swamped out or wide & get jack shite. A sows ear of a fucking job Getting rid of Parkinson wont help I am sure. Oh yes he signed them up .........those expensive wingers . The important thing is we dont slide aka eighties. ...which was fucking grim
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    What's weirder is: pledging allegiance to someone you've never met and defending their every move, then dishonestly pretending you haven't by dancing around the issues raised, and using semantics as counter arguments. Eg. replying to this with "when have I pledged allegiance to anyone?" You clearly love "Tommy" because he publicly declares his dislike for Muslims, but you just can't be honest about it, because you know your arguments would be torn to shreds. I don't think you've ever answered a simple question on here. Just be honest for once.
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    In so many ways so would I - a packed Burnden like that is just something that can never nowadays be recreated On the flip-side I would probably never have been able to get my daughters in to going to matches and later in life wouldn't have had what I have now with them Swings and roundabouts and all that
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    We haven't yet started throwing accusations at each other. I guess we can start though. Everybody. Kent fucks rent boys.
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    In 50 years of watching, I have never booed my team not even Moxey who I hated from that first shit back pass at Watford. These fucking yoof who start booing are the closest I come to getting violent at a game these days. That toxicity, as you correctly say, is what we don’t need, people are voting with their feet anyway.
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    Market Place jungle camp.
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    I doubt there be a load of ale getting tossed around all over the ground for 90 mins or anything like that So it's a yes from me The queues might not be so bad at half time then either
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    it's believed the packages had a Perth, WA postmark
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    0 - 3 loss and Parky gets a 2 year contract extension.
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    To make sure we’re in the league place that we’re expected to be
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    What's the difference between an average speed camera & a top of the range one ?
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    I'm sure the brotherhood will see to it that he doesn't become destitute...
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