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    We’re not an embarrassment we just don’t have that couple of marquee signings that others do there's not much in it really, comes down to money.
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    Aye Bolton lose Man Yoo injury time winner Roverrrrrs late winner Hull win Rovram win Reading win Pie eaters bag themselves a takeover from a fcuking Chinese Billionaire I've had better weekends
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    It doesn’t need to decrease, it needs to increase at a steady rate fuck all to do with financial planning either, you could stick everyone on a gold plated final salary pension if you wanted but you need a larger % of working people providing services like transport, healthcare, food, energy etc you either start killing old people off or accept the fact we need population growth, it really is a simple a choice as that Where it all ends, fuck knows! You’ve just got to hope that technology keeps on developing so we can support a bigger population In terms of the country being overcrowded, id say that’s a load of shit. I sat on a train to London yesterday and for the most part I was looking out on fields without any development whatsoever. The UK is hardly Hong Kong is it finally, in terms of the country being ‘increasingly skint’ as you put it, I’d also say that’s a load of shit as well. Do you think we were better off in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s etc? I think not from everything I hear In fact in terms of marketing demographics, 50 years ago the country was 33% ABC1’s and 66% C2DE’s it’s now 60% ABC1’s and 40% C2DE’s.... https://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2016/feb/26/uk-more-middle-class-than-working-class-2000-data
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    Out of interest, do you think he's the only player we turned down Or do you think there might be fcuking hundreds And do you think there's only us turned down the fantastic opportunity to sign him
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    This side needs a Kevin Nolan, it needs a Kevin Davies, it needs a Gudni Bergsson - but we ain't got the money. Backwards and downwards unfortunately - fuck me it's depressing
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    Nail was hit on head earlier when someone said we're a defensive team who can't defend. A team set up to be solid that is like jelly. Given we can't attack either we're seriously in the shit. Another pointless 15 minutes for Doidge when game gone. Parky keeps saying he's finding the step up difficult, surely that should be judged after a run of 6-8 starts with either Donaldson or Magennis up with him, not 1 start up front on his own, a handful of bits and pieces of games off bench and one start last week. He struggled a bit when he came on tonight but no wonder.
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    Pack it with who? Josh fucking Vela. We don’t have the personnel that’s the main reason we’re up shit creek.
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    Completely agreed on all points.
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    2 number 8’s? what the fuck is a number 8?
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    Shame Lennon isn't a better manager. With his name and victim mentality he'd be a shoe in for Anfield job.
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    Didn’t know Darryl did coffee.
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    I wanted to see Bohemian Rhapsody tonight at the cinema, but they would not let me go.......
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