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    I was having a pop at Iles not you mate.
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    Here''s another of Firth's recent efforts to malign Anderson ''This man knows his onions. Give him a follow. Ian Firth added, GWB29 @GBower1877 #bwfc has a sole director and he is paid amongst the highest in England, despite the club having recently been on the brink of an insolvency event followed days later by another HMRC petition. This excludes what has been paid to his family. https://twitter.com/KieranMaguire/status/1057541387854454785 … 1 reply 2 retweets 9 likes'' Knows his onions does he? He also knows that BluMarble appointed a liquidator of Sports Shield BWFC in 2017 to get their money back and that Anderson needed to find the money to buy them off and prevent 'an insolvency event' and a12-point deduction at the beginning of the 2017/18 season. Last match win against Forest would have been a total irelevance if he hadn't. So where did the money come from? You've got two guesses: 1. Patricia's retirement saver account OR 2. Kenneth's consultancy fee. This lot are trying to make out that the consultancy fee went into Anderson's pocket when they know that it didn't. Btw whilst Firth was cosying up to Iles, Holdsworth was getting a bit too close for Ken''s liking to the Supporters Trust. You might just wonder why the ST and the BN have been coy about the cost to BWFC of Holdsworth's 50p 'investment'.
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    when did you turn into miami
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    The end of the drought is nigh. 2-0. Ameobi and Ireland
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    so hes reporting another no issue
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    Over-priced meaningless shit to buy. I’ve never got the attraction of drinking expensive cold lager whilst shivering your tits off.
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    Barley knew they were still in that division
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    Sluffy's about right regarding the cost to Inner Circle Investments of Holdsworth's shares but it doesn't look like it all went to Quantuma, the liquidator. Appointed by BluMarble, Quantuma received 150,000 most of it going in fees and its not clear whether this is part of the 472,250 Inner Circle spent on the shares or in addition to it. Anyway it all seems to coincide with the 525,000 consultancy fee, so the claims of the Anti-Anderson mob that it went to line Anderson's pockets are almost certainly wide of the mark (if not malicious). None of that includes all the other amounts paid to Holdsworth and his legal team to the detriment of creditors waiting to be paid.
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    I suspect that Iles has stumbled inadvertently onto something quite interesting. There were, and still are, a lot of Burnden Leisure shareholders who were more than a bit miffed when Eddie Davies took over the club in December 2003. This revelation may well indicate that Sam Allardyce was one of them. Within weeks of the takeover Sam had a major dust-up with Phil Gartside over how the one million pound bonuses, payable if BWFC won the League Cup Final against Boro', would affect his spending budget. Its seemed to me for quite a while that the deteriorating relationship between Allardyce and Gartside (therefore with Davies too) must have started in earnest around about that time.
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