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    I saw the truth from the beginning ffs KA’s job was to balance the books and spin plates till investment came. He’s done that with success so far. It just can’t carry on, we don’t have a Gary Madine or ED now. We either get investment elsewhere or admin is a distinct possibility. KA has openly and repeatedly stated every fucking week we need more money. I really don’t know what people expect. To quote Traf, to me and you KA is an extremely rich man. In football club owner terms he’s a dosser. We just don’t have enough money to pay the bills. We are small club, on a small budget, paying for premier league facilities and trying to compete in a league with a bunch of giants. It just doesn’t compute. listen to what the former Wigan owner says above and just think of the job KA or any other owner coming in has on his hands. We need £10m just to switch the lights on ffs. Folk need to realise the size of club we are and shite revenue we actually create. We need a billionaire not a Ken Anderson to survive at this level. Unfortunately the market is already saturated and foreign billionaires won’t fancy buying a club ten miles away from biggest club in the world and Man City with 12k attendances.
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    Make sure it's not a barn door though ...no chance of even getting near it
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    Oh yes you did. You said the EU would see sense and sign mutually beneficial deals on the withdrawal and subsequent trade deal (though i still believe you mix these up). You also said we'd sign so many lucrative trade deals with the rest of the world that we would be bathing in them but as ever you have picked up the goal posts and shifted them onto the next pitch when the reality kicks in
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    The only "evidence" against KA seems to be a consultancy fee he paid himself once. Since no-one has access to the current cashflow figures, they are fucking guessing As Boothy says, it's a case of for or against with very few people able to back down once they've picked a side. Well, go for it. Personally, I haven't seen the last few months figures and KA has never denied taking a consultancy fee, so I'm taking him at face value here and from what I can see with my own eyes we have a club to support despite it being clear we have no money coming in - you don't need to see the figures to be able to work out that we don't sell 10 million replica shirts around the world. Iles is just doing what any journalist needs to do - I actually have no issue with that as it seems to be working for him The real problem are gullible, bedwetting, interfering hypocritical wankforks like SHortland who lap up everything he says as gospel. No-one knows. That's a fact.
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    ken hasnt been unreservedly backed hes been backed as the only horse in the race
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    I was asked the other night what we could do with regards to the cut in the police budget.........here’s a relatively simple solution... Cut foreign aid....... Are folk aware we actually commit more to foreign aid than we do in actually commiting to policing the whole of the UK ? Here’s the facts : https://fullfact.org/crime/police-funding-england-and-wales/ https://fullfact.org/economy/uk-spending-foreign-aid/ Now....look at the countries on the top of the list for receiving foreign aid..........hmmmm, I wonder what most have in common ? Could it be terrorism links, hate of western life,home of most of the IS terrorists ? And yet we fund these pricks more than our police forces,especially at a time when crime levels and certain murder rates are spiralling our od control. Simple solution isn’t it ?
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    On a brighter note went to watch the youth team beat Newcastle 2-1 tonight, best game I've seen all season, some real talent out there for bolton. Not that we will ever see any of them under parky. Anyway well done lads, a bit of sunshine on the shittiest of shitty days. Come on you whites!!
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    I’ve reached the really can’t be arsed with the whole shooting match stage. What a farce our club is now. Defended it to the hilt but got far more important things to do that give two shits about Ken, his idiot son and the Bolton News. Would rather just be in admin, see Ken fuck off and see what happens. Better than this shitshow.
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    Which is nice! It won't happen , BTW
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    The thing is, there are people who have access to the cash flow figures. People who don’t like what they see. That is a fact. If these things are leaked to the local press, do they not have a responsibility to report on them? This is a forum for Wanderers fans. KA is not and never was a fan. He’s here to make a lot of money and nothing else. He is not concerned who he upsets in the process. We will all still be here when he’s gone. What’s the point of taking sides
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    Brussels and Paris ablaze, yet it’s all down to “fuel prices” haha.,,,,folk believe anything the biased media say. Folk should look at what is written on the hi viz vests of the protestors......it’s all anti EU......Europe is awoke....millions rising and being redpilled.... Britain were the Visionaries as always.....lovely to see
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    I think you once predicted Bolton to win 3-0. We lost 2-1. You're shit at predictions.
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    That's the exact opposite of what he's predicted - in fact he's always maintained we'll have an excellent deal, that sees us a lot better of than we currently are
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    I find it hard to believe either of them to a greater extent. Anderson especially, as he was banned from being a company director for 8 years for transgressions including diverting company funds into personal accounts, VAT discrepancies and failure to cooperate with receivers. This has always clouded my thoughts against him, and whilst I appreciate he has worked hard in regards to the club, when it comes to his financial mutterings, I always think of the above
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    Return volley. Good grief! https://mobile.twitter.com/MarcIles/status/1070361863488225280
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    Hopefully enough to cover Ken's latest "consultancy" invoice.
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    Tell you what Miami, you've got a wicket sense of humour.
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    We are more than 10 miles from Madrid
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    As I’ve said before why the fuck should he? May shat out of one before the GE. He’s got nowt to gain from doing one now. He can just sit back and watch the Tories implode.
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    Now you see the truth, many fans have stupidly and unreservedly backed Ken. Sadly it’s all turning to shit, thank fuck the ACV was secured and let’s hope we don’t need the ST but if we do at least it’s a short term vehicle to protect the club while something else comes along.
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    That is what was offered first time. 'Soft' and 'hard' Brexits only became a term after the referendum, once the mps realised they had lost.
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    Oh yeah - that should heal all the divisions perfectly!
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    Rather apt that sounds like an anti-depressant
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    I'm not reading all that but the line about backing the wrong horse intrigued me - he'll likely still be in a job whenever Ken leaves, so how can he have backed the wrong horse?
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    Years back a lad I know sold some trainers on eBay and the guy who won the auction messaged him to ask would he jizz in then before he sent them out
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    If TM’s deal fails to get a majority next Tuesday she will have to go back to the EU and if she can remove the EU’s unilateral control of the final backstop position this deal would go through on a second vote, that would be ‘Brexit’ done and dusted, finished If this scenario doesn’t come to pass we will still leave on March 29th possibly with no deal
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    I’ll bet right now we don’t end up leaving.
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    Brought on my a coward who fucked off from the shit he dropped on the country as soon as he could. The massive shiny faced fucker.
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    Sorry S, but I work in the game and will have to disagree with you here. Travis Perkins are notorious for ridiculously high prices and are nowhere as near as competitive as similar groups such as SIG. Normal tradesmen don’t go anywhere near Perkins....I’d rather shop at Dorothy Perkins. They can blame who and what they like....the real truth is their sky high prices. They are shit. just like the French and MSM are trying to blame fuel prices etc for the riots over there..l..what a load of old cobblers......speak to the folk on the streets there and get their opinion.
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    You missed the word "win" out of the little ditty? Or was that deliberate
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    We’ve been watching Killing Eve over the last few nights. Great fun, the lead actress has some future, I’d expect
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