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    Normid. Gordon Sharrock. Ian Moores. Burnden literally crumbling apart under our feet. Div 4 Always said things would never be worse This current situation may or may not be worse but social media has made it far more toxic. Never had a problem with Iles tbh until now but his shit-stirring, along with the Twittermongs, is dividing Wanderers more than the fucking In Or Out thread on here
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    Manc, don't take this the wrong way, but I couldn't help smiling at the irony between your last sentence and who you're seeing. Joking apart, it's massive doing something like that. A couple of years ago, I went to see tuffers and Aggers at Southport, whilst suffering terribly from almost uncontrollable anxiety. Did well looking back, it was definitely a positive!
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    Someone.......ie Superman is fishing or brainwashed
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    Great tenuous link to remember Natasha Henstridge in ‘Species’ from 1995. PETA loves puppies...
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    I’m going to see Madness tomorrow night for the first time. Considering my musical tastes it’s odd that I’ve never managed to get to one of their gigs before now Giddy as fuck so yeah something positive going on. And it’s with my daughter who’s had the mental health problems this year so double positive for me
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    There are plenty of tits in the Brexit and Tommy Robinson threads.
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    Who in their right mind would want to buy a club and put up with the naysayers on Facebook and the Supporters' Trust?
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    Episode 2 is out! https://www.acast.com/cbpp/clintonbaptistesparanormalpodcastepisodetwo
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    Youth team beat Newcastle in the youth cup. Pretty impressive against a team from the alleged hot bed of football with a massive unchallenged catchment area.
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    No doubt if it was 'poor little Mumtaz' or Mohammed and his family receiving death/rape threats you'd be spitting bile.
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    No it’s aboit a school playground scuffle that happens everyday in most schools up and down the country. However even though this one had rightfully been sorted by the school, so called Celebs and the media have jumped all over it resulting in this lads life possibly being ruined.
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    Couldn't agree more with you , but the game and all things associated with it have changed, most of it not for the better
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    Im not in the game of guessing what we didn't know back then. I'll leave that to others. But let's say the ignorance was bliss. Best time of my life following us then. I wish I was as ignorant about things now so I could enjoy it just half as much. Maybe we should form TR18
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    Collectively i don't think we have. Back in the other dark days the players got paid and we even had dark mild on sale at he ground. OINO
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    Off course it is, but ST said from day 1 we wouldn’t get a deal but we have the basis of a reasonable deal and one ST at the outset said wasn’t possible.
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    So these folk who don't like the cash flow, what are they doing about it Anderson is currently the only show in town And if it went tuts up tomorrow, he will still have done more for BWFC than lies will ever do
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    Brussels and Paris ablaze, yet it’s all down to “fuel prices” haha.,,,,folk believe anything the biased media say. Folk should look at what is written on the hi viz vests of the protestors......it’s all anti EU......Europe is awoke....millions rising and being redpilled.... Britain were the Visionaries as always.....lovely to see
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    The only "evidence" against KA seems to be a consultancy fee he paid himself once. Since no-one has access to the current cashflow figures, they are fucking guessing As Boothy says, it's a case of for or against with very few people able to back down once they've picked a side. Well, go for it. Personally, I haven't seen the last few months figures and KA has never denied taking a consultancy fee, so I'm taking him at face value here and from what I can see with my own eyes we have a club to support despite it being clear we have no money coming in - you don't need to see the figures to be able to work out that we don't sell 10 million replica shirts around the world. Iles is just doing what any journalist needs to do - I actually have no issue with that as it seems to be working for him The real problem are gullible, bedwetting, interfering hypocritical wankforks like SHortland who lap up everything he says as gospel. No-one knows. That's a fact.
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    I saw the truth from the beginning ffs KA’s job was to balance the books and spin plates till investment came. He’s done that with success so far. It just can’t carry on, we don’t have a Gary Madine or ED now. We either get investment elsewhere or admin is a distinct possibility. KA has openly and repeatedly stated every fucking week we need more money. I really don’t know what people expect. To quote Traf, to me and you KA is an extremely rich man. In football club owner terms he’s a dosser. We just don’t have enough money to pay the bills. We are small club, on a small budget, paying for premier league facilities and trying to compete in a league with a bunch of giants. It just doesn’t compute. listen to what the former Wigan owner says above and just think of the job KA or any other owner coming in has on his hands. We need £10m just to switch the lights on ffs. Folk need to realise the size of club we are and shite revenue we actually create. We need a billionaire not a Ken Anderson to survive at this level. Unfortunately the market is already saturated and foreign billionaires won’t fancy buying a club ten miles away from biggest club in the world and Man City with 12k attendances.

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