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    Boltons on the rise. It's trendy to knock it. Haters gonna hate courtyard 36 gets a thumbs up
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    I'm not convinced he shouted black cunt, but am I convinced he voted brexit
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    Grown men standing 3 yards away from a footballer screaming abuse at them, fucking sad whatever he's said
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    Really interesting article that Micky. Despite it's obvious pro-Thatcher bias, it raises a number of salient points, in particular (and I'm paraphrasing here) the clinging on to the industrial revolution (because we invented it) and the lack of foresight in "retraining" to move forward with technology For those old enough to remember the 3-day week, power cuts, and the like. Mick McGahey demanding 35% pay rises for the miners yet refusing to amend outdated working practices. Red Robbo crippling the British car industry that was producing wrecks like the Austin Allegro and Morris Marina that started rusting within a year of purchase For me, regarding Thatcher, you had to be there, and living in the time, to truly understand why and how she came to power. Yes, she was divisive, but she needed to be because, in general, the British public was sick and tired of being held hostage by the unions. Sorry, let me clarify, sick and tired of being held hostage by self-serving union leaders who were feathering their own nests. Those union leaders were cunts. They had a workforce who had to follow them (closed shop anyone - can you imagine that now?) and it was the working class man, the miner, the docker, the printer, etc, that suffered, not the leaders Thatcher changed things for the better, but what she failed spectacularly to do was put any forward plan in place for the unskilled worker, and I have every sympathy for people like leigh-white (if I'm understanding his post correctly). I lived in Sheffield during the miners strike and saw the abject poverty suddenly inflicted on mining families with no plan to help them. Mrs Manc's uncle was a Doncaster miner - fuck me, he and his family suffered - but all he wanted to do was work but couldn't thanks to Scargill. He proposed many working changes to make things more efficient and cost-effective but was basically told to fuck off. And then the pit shut!!! Thatcher made many mistakes but she knew what needed to be done and she just went and did it which in hindsight was the best thing imo I look now at the Brexit arguments and think that is nowt compared to Thatcher, the miners, The Falklands Corbyn? Shit Arthur Scargill. You're just a shit Arthur Scargill. Shit Arthur Scargill. You're just a shiiiiiit Arthur Scargill
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    I'm no lip reader either - but it looks like the guy on the right is shouting 'You've got all the physical attributes but your decision making in the final third is why I never think you'll be properly considered world class' And I'd have to say I agree with him.
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    Aye. Why are they so angry? Whatever they are saying, they’ve got issues.
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    Whatever he's said that bloke is fucking riddled with cockney.
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    Just back........& still pigsick. These players may not be that good but they're putting the effort in & showing some fighting spirit. Special mention for the hard work ( & some nice play ) of Williams & Lowe who let us get away with playing 3 wingers & especially didn't deserve to be on the losing side. A really good effort all round......we need some luck/dodgy decisions to go our way now.
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    Aye.....read it moons ago mate. Hes a good guy to listen to....destroys the plums like Owen “cock socket” Jones.
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    I’ve also met both Kent and Bolty. In both cases, great blokes in their own individual ways. In the real world, we meet people from all walks of life, from all sorts of cultures, religions and political persuasions. It’s only on social media (where some people hide behind a cloak of anonymity) when the divisions become more exaggerated.
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    You’re welcome pal.....all part of the realist master plan
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    Wouldn't see a reason to take one over the other. Both sound as a pound. Love both of their views on the world considering that they are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum
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    Mick......Bolty is one of the best lads you’ll ever wish to meet. Absolute top drawer bloke. I think it was Kent White who met P the other year, Kent will vouch for him from the centre left team. Many on here will do too.....almost Christmas....let’s spread festive cheer shall for once on here. We can smash you lot once again in the New Year.....for now, we’ll give you girls a truce Peace be with you.
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    I think I even saw Tomski wearing a Colls bobble hat once
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    I'd don't disagree with your point but the thread is about our next manager, it could be in 10 days or 10 years. I'm just putting a couple of names out there as an alternative to the usuals on the merry go round, who would probably be cheaper to employ and wouldn't be scared of having little or no budget.
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    What’s gone wrong with your life that you feel the need the scream abuse at a twenty odd year old footballer? He wants locking up regardless.
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    It's decent for sure but some of the routes they offer are bizarre to say the least!
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    Arthur took the piss and you fought his fight The country supported Sir Margaret The country was right Let it go
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    You're doing it all wrong. You're supposed to just walk up Bank Street - say it's a shithole and then silently wish you were lucky enough to be born in Bury. I don't care what anybody says - I love Bolton and I love Bolton folk.
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    Enough of the positive talk! It's a third world shithole full of beggars. Every other town centre is better.
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    Regarding all the earlier talk about Administration, I doubt very much if Ken would have a sole voice in it, my thinking being as follows. In very, very simple terms a company seeks the shelter of being in Administration whilst an appointed Administrator negotiates with its main creditors an agreement to reduce or write down what is owed to them so that the company can trade and become solvent (able to pay its debts) again. The Administrator can also sell off assets as well to help get to the point of the company becoming solvent again too. (I would imagine the Administrator or Liquidator (if it ever came to that) would have the powers to sell off the ground too if they felt they had to - they certainly have draconian powers over Employment Law that companies would normally have to adhere to, so I doubt the ST acquired ACV would hold much sway against them - but I digress). The biggest creditors of the club are Moonshift, Michael James, KA himself (he has a charge on assets - the £5 million loaned to him personally by ED/Moonshift), and Warburton - probably in the order. It's almost certain that they would decide amongst themselves what would be best for them (and the club too) and I doubt the cost of going into Administration and paying the Administrators fees would be that attractive to them. It inconceivable to me KA would not have made the other three aware of the pending shortfall of the players wages this month, so maybe the non payment of players wages was done to make it known to all - players and fans alike - that this isn't just idle chatter and that the need to raise funds which include all the things KA pushes in his Chairman's Notes that he has being ridiculed for, really was of the utmost importance. As has been mention previously the money from the Wigan game, a direct debit ST contribution is due, there are a number of home fixtures this month and that a major stage payment from the EFL of Sky money are all on the horizon and one assumes would keep us going into February at least. You could also chuck in maybe one or two sales in January - Beevers to Rangers, Vela to Leeds, for instance - to help keep us going (maybe even a loan back of Doidge to FGR perhaps!). It seems unlikely to me therefore that Administration would be entered into now, no matter how many of the Twitter uneducated demand it to be done as presumably in their naivety to get shut of the Andersons. Clearly we are not out of the woods yet - a long way from it I dare say - but I think money will be found to pay the players in the next week or so and Administration will be put off for a few more months and maybe by that time things may have changed for the better. I do think though that Iles and the ST had advanced notice of the cash flow issue and thought it might be terminal for KA and have made a coordinated and concentrated effort to stir up the shit to make things become toxic and have done quite a good job at it too, mainly due to the fact that most people responding to them on Twitter and the Bolton News (and no doubt other forms of media that I don't follow such as Facebook), haven't the foggiest themselves of what is going on - and more to the point why - and slavishly flock to Iles clearly anti-Anderson banner because all their mates presumably do too. The quicker Iles closes his Twitter account and keeps his personal opinions to himself and instead starts to report the news impartially in the paper that pays him to do so - the better for everyone including the club. That's my take on things anyway.
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