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    Well maybe if Iles had just tweeted once that with Burnden Leisure being a limited company that it was NOT the responsibility of Anderson to pay the wages from his own pocket. Maybe then this bigger representation of Bolton fans on Twitter might have been a little better informed and not as angry against the owner as so many of them now are. Maybe if he hadn't tweeted 'likes' on his twitter account to people implying Anderson was a crook in some way, then maybe some of those many on twitter might not be thinking the same way as they are now. Maybe if he hadn't deliberately put out on twitter extracts from the accounts about payments to Anderson company for 'consultation' services and joined in the unfounded belief that he was paying himself over half a million in year in wages, then all his twitter followers wouldn't have taken it as gospel that Anderson (and his son) were! It's not about Iles being asked to toe some party line or other it is about Iles being professional and impartial in what he is reporting on. If he left it at writing his articles rather than become the self proclaimed voice of the people on twitter (based on opinions and personal bias rather than facts) then maybe people would have been better informed and not out forming lynch parties to get the Anderson's out as many seem to want now thanks to Iles. Marc Iles may not be the problem at the club but there's no doubt he's added considerably to them recently over his personal agenda with Andersons and how he's gone out of his way to shit stir the twitter gormless to start to turn things toxic against them on the terraces.
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    I've no doubt that somewhere amongst the lurkers on here will be a certain BN journo called Mark Iles. Well get this Mr Iles, you aren't speaking for me! You may well be the preferred journalist of the Supporters' Trust but they're yet another group who claim to be speaking for the fans. Well they aren't speaking for me either.
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    Effort can't be questioned again, hard work restricted them to not a lot after first 15 mins, but when we did break it up and try to go forward our efforts were, again, embarrassingly bad. They were nothing special at the back and, against better teams than us would have conceded through trying to be City when they're not. Do we ever do any work in training on one touch play in tight areas, or is it just every other team we play that does more of it than us? Buckley was horrendous today, cost us the goal and his other efforts were pathetic. As has been said, constantly knocked off ball, constantly overran it, a winger with no pace and no tricks. Wildschut no better, what the hell is he? Nil contribution again. Pace but f**k all else. Lowe and Vela both good, Lowe especially, loads of good blocks, interceptions and clearances. Could stand days like today (an honest effort and narrow loss against a much better team), it's the approach and performance against the ones we should be targeting for points that are killing us. Ok if PP sets out in 'stay in the game's mode against the top six but in the ones we should be getting points from he has to give us something to cling to and get behind by setting out to win. Otherwise it's an admission we are the worst team in the league. If we're going to go down, which is inevitable at the moment, I'd sooner go with a few performances, efforts and goals I can recall. Supporting BWFC, which I've done unbroken for 47 years, is a thoroughly depressing experience. It has been a good few times before down the decades but this has a hopeless air of inevitability about it
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    47 years I've been watching the wanderers through thick and thin. This is as bad as it gets, it's mind numbingly boring, frustrating, dire I could go on. There is no sign of any change, if you want to drag yourself down in that weather watching that shit then fair play to you. You deserve a medal. I'll keep paying for my season ticket, I won't be following man City any time soon but at the moment I've just bloody well had enough of parky and his dinosaur brand of football.
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    The guy is a fucking idiot and got what he deserved. In a world where social media plays such a part you can be dismissed from work for gross misconduct ‘liking’ idiotic posts is only going to antagonise Ken further more. No need, childish, pathetic and bordering on unprofessional. Particularly in the last few days yes he has a job to do but part of that job is providing a balanced, impartial view on the going’s on. He has provided neither recently and when the club is the sole purpose of your employment you’d hope he’d have enough between his ears to realise time is up playing the martyr for the bwfc Twitter M0ng brigade. If he was a landlord of a boozer and some Dick head slagged him off then came in every weekend for a pint he’d do exactly the same thing so why KA should do any different is beyond me. The guys a fucking clown who should’ve been banned long ago for his incompetence alone. Well done Ken
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    If you go in your local Tesco, you'll probably notice they're asking people to spare a few extra coins on their shop and buy a few extra items to dump into the big donation bins. They're for homeless shelters, food banks, elderly etc. The thing is most people are proper skint themselves at the minute, and as much as you'd like to help, you can't spare the few extra quid. But I know who can... Tesco. With their £450+ million PROFIT last tax year. So if you want to help, put some UHT milk, tinned meats/veg and bog rolls in a separate basket as you go round, and dump it in the donation box before you go to pay for your stuff. It's not stealing because it hasn't left the store. No one checks. You can feel like Robin Hood and you might just help someone out.
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    I used to wear a Bolton shirt for years when I was younger going abroad, met some decent folk, and got loads of info about good pubs before tinernet on my away jaunts. Some Derby lads stayed over when we played them in the 80s who we met. Took them in the Griffin after the match and one had to get smelling salts out he was so shocked with the folk in the pubs behavior. The Derby lot never got in touch again.
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    Anyone blaming Buckley for their goal can fuck off. Yes he's shit and his falling over yet again was pathetic. However he lost the ball on the edge of their area. The other 10 players still have to do their job and stop the goal.
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    Doesn't help that every caller on GMR says 'I wasn't at the game but i listened on the radio and it didn't sound great, we need to spend money in January'. The club might have some money if the supporters actually went to the fucking games.
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    That fucking cunt of a cunt Buckley. I'm as angry as I've been since Burton away. That fucking twat had the cheek to cup his ear when he scored against the pie eaters when he's the laziest fucker to ever play for us. He's a fucking joke & if Parky can't see that then he's a fucking joke too. The goal came when he gave it up and he was trotting back - he just doesn't give a toss & he should never play for us again....(Danny Dyer pause)...Twat.
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    Folk may not have the right to work, but they will have the right to apply to do so. Is it really such a disaster?
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    It's no good pretending we can compete with some teams in this division anymore and the premier League that we used to enjoy is light years away. All these clubs like city, utd, Liverpool etc are not what we are about, have you ever been? Unless it's BWFC is it even enjoyable? NO. It feels plastic, it feels like you don't belong, it feels like you've gone into your bosses house for a pi$$ and splashed a bit on the matching pedistal set. The first game I ever went to the Reebok we played Liverpool 1-1 felt like I was at an away game , No bring back the White we were, come from nothing upset everyone, rub there noses in it an have a damm good time along the way. We're obviously going back to start again, as we were when I got addicted circa 73 and for the rest of the 70s that set the tone. "Who's that coming up the hill boys?".
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    Yoda is about to train Luke, so I'll continue this later...
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    Can’t fault the effort today, they worked their nads off compared to some of the recent outings. Sadly nowhere near enough quality, but then again Leeds weren’t exactly streets ahead for a side chasing promotion.
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    I think Ken is doing the best he can atm but I'll be bloody glad when he's gone and hopefully someone will come in with a bit of money to help us compete.
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    I have been a supporter for 50 years and this self pitying cunt as had enough! Today's game was the usual garbage football served up by a negative manager who is completely out of his depth! And wtf does he see in Buckley and Noone tea.
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    Those possessions stats are bollocks. Most of it was in their own half. Great desire , hunger and workrate today. Could have easily have come away with a draw. Average players don't become worldbeaters overnight. Lack of quality was obvious but that's were we are right now. As long as we show that kind of committment every week then I'm not sure what folk can moan about . Just carry that on to the next game and we actually have a chance.
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    How many times do you what?
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    I still can’t feel my toes As long as I have a hole in my arse Will buckly wont be a footballer. we held our own but lack the strike force we could almost certainly have if we had any money at all. the stayaways can fuck off and watch Man City for me. Negative, self pitying cunts who have nothing to offer this football club.
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    It was a pen. Kicked his ankle
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    Regardless of the football served up by the man I cannot help but be impressed by him as a person. All kinds of nonsense at the club with him and colleagues not being paid. A club he is highly thought of are looking for a manager and he has maintained a professional approach. I have even heard stories that he doesn’t think bailing on The Wanderers and the staff at this time would be appropriate. All conjecture I know but whatever happens when he eventually leaves this club, unless something ridiculous happens, I will be proud he was once our manager.
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    I shave my bollocks nowadays. when I pull my sack straight it resembles a bats wing
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    Weather could be a leveler it’s windy bleak and cold, can see us going magennis up top and packing midfield. Not going to pretty but probably offers us best chance of a result.
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    It’s incredible people are having a dig at ken for none attendance at matches. There’s only Ruth and that doombar fella who have attended more than him over the last few years. And he’s not commuting from farnworth.
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    Most of the simpletons don't go to games - none of those on the BN comments seem to go - but as we've seen before, it only takes a handful of loudmouths waving a couple of bedsheets to get more publicity than their numbers merit, & under the present circumstances, the BN will give them plenty of coverage.
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    I know people have their own views on things but it's pretty clear that Iles did what he did today deliberately with his choice of breaking the news on twitter (rather than the paper and link to it) and accompany it with a picture of Scrooge (obviously we ALL know who that was aimed at) was a clear act of defiance on Iles part. I don't know if he thought he was bomb proof or something but clearly he had gone out of his way to deliberately stick two fingers up at the club owner which clearly isn't acting in a professional or impartial manner. Hate Ken or not - but he was put in a position where he was forced to act - which he did. I've wondered if Iles and the ST really though Anderson was vulnerable these last few weeks and that their 'attacks' could topple him? If so they badly miscalculated as the club was never going to go in Administration with the cash flow significantly improving for the next few months and the three main creditors (Moonshine, James and Warburton) clearly still happy with how KA is running the business. Clearly there is a long way to go before we are out of the woods financially but the non payment of players wages in November - (after just one home game due to the international break (ok we had the Wigan game receipts to come as well but I don't know how quickly they hit the bank in time for wages payment deadlines?) - with loads of money coming in, in December and January (several home games, third tranche of Season Ticket money, EFL's Sky staged payment) was never a good fight to win. So if Iles and the ST were indeed choosing a battle to fight they certainly picked the wrong one here. Iles has been a provocative and deliberately so - I can't see how KA could have turned a blind eye to this - if he had Iles would clearly have gone much further at pushing things at the very next opportunity he got. As I say hate Anderson as much as you want but what would you do in his shoes when the local papers club reporter clearly is against you and playing to an audience of his twitter mates, seemingly feeling free of all restraints to keep having a go at you? It's not as though he (and his management ) wasn't warned in advance.
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    Owen Jones is an utter fucking colon. as backward as Islam can be, I’d not lose any sleep if they threw him in the sea
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    Do we get more money ? I got told - by a man in the pub - that the TV money was divided equally by all the clubs in the league regardless of how many times you're actually televised, except for a little bit of compensation for the lower crowd.
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    Whatever the differences beteeen KA and Ilies, banning him takes it to a different, political level. I cannot see KA winning in this personal dispute. There used to be a time when people would communicate face to face but it all seems to be done by social media these days. Sad.
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