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    If you had lustrous Anglo Saxon flaxen locks like mine, you wouldn't be worrying. I bet you've got them horrid, pube-like black hairs that clog everything up haven't you? Especially now you're shedding like a flock of pigeons fighting over a chip.
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    The Special Gone.
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    I agree - I recommend myself
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    Did I really just read that? Seriously? Did a grown adult write that? Reet. I'm off to Tesco tomorrow to stock up on Bovril and Cream Crackers. Batten down the hatches and get on the phone to my Mum to get her started on baking the emergency Apple Crumble
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    Hope Owen Coyle gets the job.
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    Don't be in any doubt about where I stand on this. Only a no deal Brexit honours the democratic decision IMO. I have read, watched, listened to probably a million items on Brexit and the one who sums up my position best of all is a gentleman called Brendan O'Neill from Spiked Online. Imbeciles who wanted to take no deal out of our negotiating hand from day one are just that - fucking imbeciles. It was/is our one trump card. Get out without a deal, get the short term pain over with and the EU will be chasing us for some sort of deal in a few years time.
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    When my flowing mane begins to thin, I'm just going to let myself go bald gracefully.
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    Mine started to clog the plug hole at bastard 14!!! It did help getting shit cider though. Nobody bats an eyelid at a baldy, every fucker in the world points and laughs at a baldy doing his upmost to cling on to whatever is left though. Embrace it and start putting your shampoo money to one side.
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    The Great Lever lothario. Sauntering along Green Lane, leather jacket held casually over the shoulder,can of Breaker in the other hand. Winking at the ladies in their tight, marl grey leggings.
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    ask em if we can have their massive parachute payments thatd sort it
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    I'm ITK and it's 75% APR Bloke in the pub told me as he lent it to KA And all the tellys round the ground are from Brighthouse who want paying I'm off to put that on Twitter. Sad thing is people will believe it
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    Unfortunately it seems not...
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    Thought he was Portuguese?
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    I'd put discounting and mild weather ahead way ahead of consumer confidence/brexit for ASOS worked with a few fast fashion ecommerce retailers and this has been coming for ages - a few are already on the brink due to not being able to shift stock - and that's due to a saturated market that is in a perpetual state of discounting their stock, people expect black friday prices all year round, and if they aren't the cheapest (as they all sell similar stuff), then they are going to be affected
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    I don’t think you get it why 17.4 million voted to leave. I’ll itemize it just so you have a better understanding. creeping federalizations including an EU army. over bearing rules and regulations (that the UK abide by to the letter of the law while other countries don’t) Ridiculous amount of financial contributions resulting in a fat cat gravy train. The opening of the door to millions of people from across the globe resulting in riots, murders , rapes and a rapid change in our society, resulting in immigrant ghetto enclaves right across Europe. The EU allowing countries into the EU who fail the proper tests resulting in the few nett contributors having to shell out more. I could go on and on but In short it has nothing to do with the EU being made a scapegoat for our problems and everything to do with not liking the direction of travel of the EU.
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    I use Nicholas Leeson. A Watford fan unfortunately but won’t sting you.
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    I really do wish Tony Blair would piss right off, his stupidity has lost the life n limbs of so many servicemen and ladies through his sheer incompetence and trust of the labour support. when is he going to go back under his bolder and leave it to the professionals? We’ve even got Gordon Brown rearing his ugly fat gold selling head , spouting off now, that party really is shite.
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    Only if Diane Abbott counted them.
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    Aye And we all support the same club all this getting at each other’s throats is one of the worst parts of all of this It’s not like there’s loads of us; we need as many together and united behind the club as possible. I know we all want best for BWFC but this division cannot help in any way
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