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    That sounds horrendous unless you have loads of money and can just get smashed. Nearly as bad as spending 10 hours on a coach from Bristol
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    Needless to say, you had the last laugh
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    Haha Ive skating in town with the kids....way more dangerous than any terror attack
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    I have a note on my iPhone with a list of stuff on it for her As and when she says ‘I’d like this or that’ through the year I write it down. When it comes to her Birthday and Xmas Bingo I’ve got a list rather than having a complete mind blank about what she’s hinted at through the year Saying that we’re clubbing together to treat ourselves to something for the new house this year so no need
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    Did I even mention the M word ? You mentioned it you silly boy... Mohammed is the most popular English name isn’t it ? My mate M is whiter than Frank Spencer. Hope that helps.
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    Anyone still lost for ideas? How about A King Dong ® and a kitten?
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    Mrs Tomski has been stocking up for Christmas.
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    She sounds like a big girl Mickey.
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    We just book to go away now instead of buying gifts that non of us need, we much prefer it
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    I don't see why not One of the presents I've got for Mrs Sweep is a new toilet brush, practical and stylish it is
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    that is really decent - considering the dross currently being served up and it being a few days before Christmas.
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    Delicious irony. Think we’d miss Sugar’s tax income more than your’s. Make sure the door doesn’t hit your arse on the way out.
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    I know, I know...I was trying to be sarky FFS!
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    Oh and mysogynist and sexist.
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    Maybe a few more travel club have 3 coaches and I know of 2 private ones then us piss pots on train
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    What’s this about the Lewis fella MP resigning from the Antisemite.....oooppss..I meant Labour Party ! It's all coming home to roost now.......Jew haters....project fear....EU corruptness.... It’s just too piss easy for the Visionaries
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    For once, I’ll agree with Mr Brown, Clegg is an utter wanker. Talking of which.....where’s that lying bastard Cheese ? What a whopper that plantpot is Talking of plantpots......am I the only one to notice bwfcfannyfingers5 divorce from Corbyn ? He loved him this time last year.......glad he saw the sense and FACTS in my AJCosts.......
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    What all 5 of them. Not a fucking chance.
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    thinking of buying a place in Zimbabwe
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