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    Both for me & junior
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    We'll piss on the Stouk cunts. Nervy 2-1 win
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    After being dispatched to the Fegg Heyes Estate in Burslem, I think they might be begging to go back.
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    We beat a very poor Rotherham side on Boxing Day, these are a much tougher test. Any points will be a bonus but balls to it, I’ll say another 2-1
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    No sign of a Minnie Mouse jumper though?
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    You can't really expect any more from dicks who pay their hard earned to watch a pub gamd
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    Don't need to improve, they are the best, just my opinion
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    And? Not you, but who first thought that needed filming and sharing What next, filming kids in church singing hymns
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    Agree, he’d have been superb in the team that got promoted in the late 70s.
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    Park End was jammed solid with Bolton, like the Stanley Park pub before the match.

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