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    I wouldn’t trust the greasy haired cockney gypo with my transit van never mind a football club. He ruined our only chance of an FA cup final then proceeded to gamble the sheer existence of our football club with a 147393% wonga loan. I was in corporate the day we played Preston and saw him and his mob of cockney flat cap wearing gypos exactly for that they were. He gained the trust of certain sections of our support and some total whoppers in the local media on big pile of complete bollocks and lies. He very nearly sent the club under. KA came in with some kind of business acumen and saw through a process to rectify the shit state of affairs with a model of austerity. Something a lot of folk are keen to forget. The bloke can fuck off. The shit bastard.
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    That’s grim. If we win on Tuesday I expect you to start oinking at them - you’re getting truffled off the trotters
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    this game is a chance for the club to earn some money why would anyone not want to support the club ? it's up to you mother fuckers
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    You got a like for that sweet cheeks.
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    Who is Leigh White or Juncker ? To be fair, Mick is in miles better nick than the old Spunker.
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    He’s only 64!! Fucking hell hard life.
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    Sounds like a great night...
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    Just had a look online to buy my ST seat but only a couple of sections for sale and those are only about a quarter sold.
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    Six each according to the Ticket Office.
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    Aye. Probably preferred the informer, but her character was tremendous.
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    Heard 2 independent reviews, one from a Stokie (sons Uni mate) and my FE correspondent (Bolton fan). Both said the same, 2 awful teams and an awful game. The Stokie expected a win and my FE guy was happy with a point. 2 unbeaten but now 2 aways, both of which we can get something from.
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    De de de de de de Aaron Wilbraham.
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    Interesting question I’d certainly draw parallels with the Leeds game and yesterday. However, the stats do show clear differences - v Leeds we had 4 shots and 0 on target. Yesterday we had 13 with 5 on target (more than Stoke). We also had possession 30% more yesterday than v Leeds. (Despite still conceding the majority), which certainty relieves pressure and makes it look like we defend better. Perhaps the difference yesterday was a result of confidence from the Rotherham win?, perhaps it was a result of the difference in confidence of the opposition? (there’s nothing really between the Leeds and Stoke players’ individual ability), or maybe it’s something else or a combination. For me having one or two that look to get on the front foot more makes the key difference; irrespective of it being a 4-4-2 like Rothetham or a 4-2-3-1 like yesterday. if the opposition have a modicum of worry about you, it makes life a hell of a lot easier for us at the back. Well done to PP for yesterday but I can’t help but think he should have done it way before now and needs to continue. It’s not about being polar and suddenly playing open and expansive football where we get tonked 6-2 every week, but being incrementally braver
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    Crikey...the left have given up.......not even a counter argument from them.... 6...7....8...9......it’s all over..... Close the thread HW
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    and not least because suckers from every club throw money at them every week.
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    Borrows off the Mafia to buy the club, misses his first payment, sleeps with the fishes
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