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    Back by popular demand... Or more accurately, bullied into giving my 2 penneth worth again. For someone that tips up all the time through blind faith, or more accurately in the modern world, now mental health problems. That was/is a disgrace. No if's no buts. Forgetting history or nostalgia, forgetting all sense nor rhyme nor reason, how is this man still in a job? I'm not going to listen anymore, & I would encourage any sane person to think towards the same, all the excuses, all the mess behind the scenes, all the debacle we are have put up with now for years. Finally, hopefully finally, after many, many times normally any club would expect to see a change, hopefully now we shall finally get rid?
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    In theory, at 1down at half time, chucking on a creative midfielder for a defensive m/f is sensible enough.......in practice it was disastrous.
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    Get planning your meals, especially defrosting chicken etc in the fridge in a morning before work and you’ll be more likely to stick to it rather than chucking food out. Once you do a few days then you get in to a rhythm and feel better for it. Remove the temptation of the cheese (unless you’re doing low carb in which case it comes in handy) and rather than having a bar of chocolate in the evening, have a Cadbury Highlights hot chocolate to get your fix. I’m at the stage where I can’t wait to be eating better. Got a KFC when I got back from Hull and just didn’t enjoy it at all. Looking forward to a decent stir fry tomorrow night to kick things on. I don’t drink at all at home but then end up getting lashed on an away day every couple of weeks. Better than boozing every night, I suppose.
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    Your probably correct, whatever the official away support, they dont fucking deserve us.
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    Only messing mate
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    It’s not just 3kg of fat loss though, you could diet that out in a decent 6-8 weeks without doing any exercise I want to be doing weight training twice a week to build muscle at the same time, 3kg NET loss isn’t as easy as it sounds I need to get my body fat % measured again, that will be the key indicator to track
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    Phil will bemoan the attacking change. No Phil from 1 to 11 the team we were wank. Oztumers influence on this defeat? No more than anyone elses. He will never try an attacking sub again. Well done everyone at the club from top to bottom a real team effort today. They were there for the taking again in the first twenty but I'm glad we didn't have a go as according to Phil it would of been 12-0.
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    He needs to explain Oz for Wilson at half time. That change handed them the game.
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    Odd thing was; the bingo machine wasn’t present for the starting line up today. just when you’d expect a bit of rotation after games in a short period. KA, PP, the players....they ALL need to be held accountable
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    I was angry at 4 and 5. By 6 they weren’t even worth the anger. If they can’t be arsed then why should I. Parky was great in League One (from January onwards), performed wonders last year (by the skin of his teeth) and it’s a minor miracle that we aren’t cast adrift at the bottom this season, but there really isn’t a way back for him after today. More worrying is who on Earth comes in or more to the point who would want to?
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    Joy division and soft cell on the fun bus home fuck Parkinson hardcore will always turn out
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    Where are you parky fans now? budget, unpaid wages fuck off disgrace of a man just walk you cunt
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    Been lovely today 18c went for walk down the beach to blow off last nights cobwebs. I’ll be back for the Walsall game. Think it’ll be under new temporary manager.
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    How about the fuckers who went
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    No he took that responsibility himself when he made the statement. Doing whatever it takes isn’t sitting around allowing this to happen in my book.
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    We may as well break all shitness records on the way down
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    ''Donaldson side-foots wide from eight yards out. That was a massive chance.'' How did he get another start?
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    HNY.2018 was ok in fairness, here’s to 2019. Fuck Brexit, hope everyone on here is still healthy enough to still be here in 12 months time if you so chose
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    It is mate, especially when it’s on our doorstep again. I’ll get the candles and prayers sorted.....worked a treat last time didn’t it ......
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    Mumford & Sons - utter pissfroth
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    Very sad news One of the finest players to wear a Bolton shirt in the 1970s Remember finding myself on holiday in the early 1980s in a cottage in a small south Lakeland village called Bowland Bridge with a pub next door but two called the Hare and Hounds Spent most of the week in there when we found out Peter was the Landlord Great player and a true Gentleman
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    That testmonial game Liverpool brought the European cup and made our second division trophy look like an egg cup.
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