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    No-one should have to feel they must justify not going to a football match, for whatever reason, at whatever time and under whatever circumstances. Especially these days and especially not ones who've put time, effort and money in all over the country down the years. I used to be self righteous about all that, then I grew up.
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    Agree with both but I don’t see him changing it in the league. Even though we all know he should in league 1 and instances like today he backs the team to be better than the opposition. Gives them the freedom to go and play. Take the shackles off really in this league he’s basically telling everyone by how he sets up we’re better than no one and anything we get we’ve pinched. He just needs to be braver in his selections, the formation and our approach to games. We’re going down with the current approach but I’d rather go down fighting with a bloody nose than curling up and rolling over
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    Imagine a Venn diagram. One side is folk moaning at the state of our club (outside of the shit on the pitch) One side is folk who didn't turn up today. If you are in the cross section then you are an utter cunt for my money, and neither your opinion nor your money are welcome.
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    I get the theory that if it is going to happen now, then it may as well have happened 3 years ago and we’d have started the rebuilding process, but I don’t think there is any chance that it will happen now. There is still value in the club as we are now and that will IMO mean that we will get a new owner. We still own the ground, we own the training ground and most importantly we are still only 1 promotion away from the promised land (although I appreciate we currently seem miles away). Ken knows that the only way he makes some money is if he sells the club. I believe that he’s been holding out for a certain amount which he feels the club is worth, for one reason or another interested parties haven’t decided it’s worth that much. He is well within his rights to hold out for his asking price, if you have a house that you think is worth a certain amount and you are still currently managing to pay the mortgage, albeit the roof is leaking, the oven is broken and you’ve had to sell the tv, then in theory you can try to hold out until you get offered your asking price. If however you then start to struggle to pay the mortgage then you will start listening to lower offers to get some value out of the house rather than lose it all together. I think that’s where Ken is getting to, his levers that he has available to pull are getting fewer and fewer, all of a sudden £20m (which let’s say gives him £2m profit after paying the debts off) might be an offer that is tempting, rather than £25m (which would therefore give him £7m profit) which he thought he could hold out for 6-12 months ago. Once the asking price drops there will be more potential investors. People might say “If the new guy can’t pay an extra £5m then we may as well not bother” but people with this amount of money haven’t got it because they go paying 25% extra for an asset, it might be more out of principle rather than monetary. Hopefully this allows Ken to sell up and sail off into the sunset.
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    At which point, I'd become a rich man, cos I'm sure as hell not wasting my time on that crap
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    We might just about be playing Bamber Bridge by now and fuck knows where we’d be playing our home games. I get it that it seems shit at the moment but in the last 2 seasons we have had a promotion and a last day survival with a pitch invasion. Some were saying it’s the best day seen at the Reebok/Macron/Uni of. It was only 4 months ago that we had started the season brilliantly and there was plenty of optimism around the place. Of course it’s very very shit at the moment and it does seem like Ken’s starting to lose his battle and we need a new owner now more than ever, but to make suggestions like “we should have started again” is such an over exaggeration.
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    It’s football not a prison sentence. Go if you fancy it. If you’ve got something else on, don’t. Generally, I’m done with cup games. And if my some miracle we get a Wembley trip out of all this shite I’ll still be waving my season ticket about to get myself a ticket. And I wouldn’t give a shiny shite what any self proclaimed uber fan on here thought.
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    Vela curled up in the corner with a kebab and Wildschut checking train times to Sheffield.
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    Totally agree plus 2 up top Why start a game against a team who are 15th in a lower division with 1 man up top,come on party if we are going down then let's give it a go attacking
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    Mad turnaround between first half and second. Can’t believe how dangerous we looked coming forward and Magennis took his goals really well. Their second was a bit soft but even the defence was a big improvement on the second half. Murphy was excellent and Buckley probably had his best ever game for us with Noone not far behind. Part of me wants Gillingham/Accrington/Wimbledon at home and a chance of progression, but it wouldn’t be unfair if we were delighted with an away game at Chelsea/Liverpool/Tottenham/Arsenal/Man Utd. A couple of draws would be real killers though, Swansea away or anything like that. Forgot to check on the half time odds, glad I didn’t miss the boat on that one. I did however have £50 on us to win at pretty much evens (had £40 at 17/20 when the draw came out and a tenner this morning at 11/10) so that’s 50 quid towards the 4th round for me. Also had a tenner on Walsall to win at 10/3. Managed to win the fastest finger first contest with SkyBet and cashed out as our equalised hit the net for £16 profit. A successful day!
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    That cunt has about as much credibility as Cheese in the whole Brexit debate Anyone on here worried about the supply of prescription medicines, medical devices, or products for woundcare, please don't concern yourselves. The companies involved have robust plans in place for whatever the outcome. Regulations are so strict, in terms of licensing, supply chain, etc, that they are geared up for whatever happens As an aside, and you can link it to the whole debate if you want to, but some blood pressure medications have just been withdrawn due to ingredients manufactured in China. Also some woundcare dressings, manufactured in India, as a cheap replacement for a UK product, were found to be substandard, and withdrawn. From my discussions from those ITK and involved it raises a couple of points Holy shit - we leave the EU and have to rely on substandard products manufactured in countries on the outside and people's health/wellbeing suffers Companies looked outside the EU due to "additional costs" associated with being in the EU Now, I'm no expert in the area of product sourcing in the healthcare industry, however, those that I work with that do that work in that area, see Brexit as an opportunity to push forward "British" standards and free themselves from the shackles of the EU I shall refrain from donning my British Bulldog waistcoat, and espousing the quality of the British manufacturing industry..............however, if you want quality, look no further than this country.....but you have to pay for it Quality is one thing and trade is another. It's why I always find Spider's musings on this thread extremely interesting Anyway. Enough of the boring shit. The jug-eared cunt should keep to trying, and failing, to be funny on MOTD
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    And rather than slowing the game down getting all the big lads up and lumping it in, Murphy played a quick free kick to Noone, whipped in ball and goal. Their defensive life caught completely off guard. Does beg the question of what Murphy had done to warrant a clear freezing out? Or was it the standard PP approach of removing someone for no reason whatsoever when it is clear they could help the side...
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    Some people have other commitments. Today I got far more enjoyment from watching my son and daughter compete in the Lancs XC @ Witton Park. Theres a fine line between being a top fan and someone with nothing else going on in their life. We all know plenty of these types of people in life. Hopefully this result will breed some confidence.
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    Manc likes your idea Mrs Manc wondered where the vitamins/minerals would come from Manc was told to fuck off with his suggestion
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    Did anyone see my float bob under the water a little bit then?
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    I take full credit for the turnaround
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    Murphy motm Magennis and noone mot second half Poor effort from the no shows
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    Another £135k in the pot for winning.
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    That'll be Holdsworth. Also in the FA Cup in January 2001.
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    Granted we don’t play this calibre every week but, 2 men up top, higher tempo and balls in the box as I’ve said countless times it really isn’t fucking rocket science this game
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    Lawton was the top scorer in Div 1 immediately before WWII. He was still 19 when war broke out. He really missed out on his likely best years. Nat did not pull up trees during his teenage appearances (straight from a shift down the pit!) but things fell into place once normal football resumed. As they were only 6 years apart, and both from the same school, it is hardly surprising that he viewed TL as a hero. Difficult to see them being picked together in view of both being centre forwards when there was no flexibility in formations until Don Revie played a deep-lying CF in 1954. By then Lawton's career was all but over.
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    Forget Ken, Parky, even the players, its all about the club. If you really care about the club you should be at the Unibol this afternoon to SUPPORT YOUR CLUB.
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    I'll drive if it swings it?
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    I haven't mate Not even sure there's a video But I'm pretty sure it won't be as professional as that And it'll be filmed in Burnley Which I assume is the point
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    Safeguard the club in the short term, retain its current standing in the football pyramid, protect what has already been built over the last 100 years plus and hope a little bit further down the line you can fix it well enough to sell on or, knock the club down to its very foundations, rebuild and hope you don’t fall in to the abyss i know which one I prefer
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    Haha, you’re spot on mate, he’s worse than that drunken dildo Steve Bray. He bleats like fuck doesn’t he (the Feminazi one, not Gonzo)
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    I can’t read Bonnars tweets or reports and he might be a great bloke but he comes over as a twat and that he’s a gloating city fan working for a Bolton newspaper just amplifies it even more.
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    That just irresponsible. Everyone wants shut of Ken in favour of someone with deeper pockets (including Ken) but how is losing and missing out on £175000 prize money going to help anyone - least of all the club and it’s employees
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    Everton can get to fuck. Spent tons and gone backwards.
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    Is that not we are currently stuck with? Agree he was our only option, and without him at the moment we're fucked, but at some point this as got to end. I'm stopping reading stuff about us cos it's depressing and hurts. Had a two our meeting in Manc yesterday with two of our clients, one Everton, one Man City, most of it was football talk, you can imagine how that went. I felt sick to the stomach when I came out.....
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    I'd say folk dont buy cos they see the club in admin as being better value This is why in my heart i want Ken to get something cos I'd see a purchaser of us in admin as an opportunist wanker
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    Oh hello still with us are we last seen glorying after forest game
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    Yeah, Ken spelt his name wrong on the cheque
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    I voted stay and my vote lost, just let us get on with getting out now as planned.
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    It was a joke you woman I don’t think he’s creating the mess, just running out of luck and ideas on how to handle it. The ship is sinking but nobody else wants to steer it.
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    Spider- obvious question, why not just keep to EU standards; at least for the time being. I thought EU law had been transferred into UK law, such that when all the discussions are done, the bits that aren't required can be changed accordingly.
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