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    I like him because of his passion of the club, and lets face it, he travels all this way to get served up a lot of shit. The people who sit around him seem to like him too and chat with him. Doing no harm, leave the lad alone.
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    1 I don't think there's a better option than him 2 I get pissed off when folk go off on a rant when they are quite clearly not grasping the limited facts that we have
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    Ken and Lee should do the golden gamble draw.
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    This FGR has made an absolute mug out of BWFC with this blatant PR stunt and the embarrassing thing is the amount of idiots who are lapping it up. Jesus Christ buying t shirts and going to another match? What the actual fuck are these people thinking.
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    This. People from both sides of the Irish border have been interviewed and said existing technology could be used (presumably with some modifications). Sort of adds to what I said earlier; hugely disappointing that stuff like this hasn't been explored at an early stage to be used in negotiations. Just seems easier to put up barriers and create obstacles rather than coming together and sorting everything out for the betterment of everyone.
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    Followed by there row winning the free pasties
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    The cheek of it! A chairman spinning a line to the fans...
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    then onto the zorb balls and then catch 3 footballs for a tray of carling black label
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    For fuck sake it was not last year it was the year before
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    Seems reasonable. Can debate amounts; but saying one thing initially, then saying something else now- just adds to the mistrust and gives more fire to the likes of the daily mail.
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    Parkys been on a bonus since October, the bonus being he's still got a job when he should have been on the dole
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    There's usually a mass walk out with 10 minutes left anyway.
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    Fuck me It doesn't matter what he did with the money he paid himself, the fact is he paid himself And the point is on more than one occasion he said he didn't pay himself a wage as if to make it clear he was not receiving any monetary reward for the job he was doing And now it turns out it's a fee which included a bonus! It's in the accounts for 2016/17, so it's a fee over the course of a year, because it spread over two years doesn't mean it's 260k a year, it's not 24 calendar months
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    What do you want him to do get a fucking delorean? They are different seasons
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    I hope its minus 3, pissing it down and the outer perimiter is bathed in dog shit.
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    Thanks KA for finally owning up to what the accounts already told us, at least now some folk might stop pretending consultancy fees might mean something other than payments made to KA
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    Super John is joining the demo....aghhh the irony of someone who’s been unable to pay small business’s in the past leading a demo about people not being paid. Kind of like Blair leading an anti war demo
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    Thank you. Don’t upset Not in Crawley,Jol and Kent though..they’re his drinking partners
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    Jones is a massive, massive bell end With you there
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    Won't be any knives to buy after brexit.
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    36 hour daily channel Amended for accuracy by Dianne Abbott
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    100% agree Micky. A sure way of saying to our players, we think you're shit. They might well be, but it's about supporting them during the game.
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    Ken reciting some readers wives emails he's received, Ken talking about Facts, then a copy and paste of the last Chairman's notes.
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    All bollocks isn’t it ? https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/mps-told-its-fine-to-use-the-word-b-in-the-brexit-debate-after-gove-mocks-labours-position-a4035736.html
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    Nah I've got skills. I've booked her in at 5.15pm after the scores, if we win I've promised her double bubble and a 3 courser at Alberts
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    Ah just fuck right off
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    The recurring question of what happens if Ken decides to do one , which is possible given his irrationality at the moment is NEVER addressed by the Anderson out brigade.The mouthpiece that is the ST dont have a plan unless they are keeping it well under wraps so the whole thing is risky ( given Kens equilibrium) Where are the high value individuals now?
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    I agree that a) you can't force an owner out and b) its not necessarily going to give you what you want. But are we in danger of death by 1000 cuts the longer this drags out? Its clear that the business cannot afford its way and eventually we'll end up in court without a get out of jail card. That will mean an unmanaged and forced admin process - potentially after assets have already been sold off and as a league one club with less potential for any buyer.
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    The NI problem is a red herring, it doesn’t exist and never has, and till the threat is removed by the EU, March 29th will arrive with both sides in a ‘no deal’ situation, and both sides don’t want that
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    people are forgetting, it's only half time, burton are still in this
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    To clarify the situation and with a bit of help from my Rothmans Best Marsh and Moore all played in the League game at Burnden - in fact Best scored for them Only Bobby Moore appeared in the League cup replay at Burnden which went to extra time All 3 played in the League game and in the Original League Cup tie at Craven Cottage And all 3 played in the League cup second replay at Birmingham - which I always remember as being a hostile atmosphere given the number of Birmingham fans that turned up on the night
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    Fuck off. We are the People's Front of Judea.
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    Yep. Congrats. Did you start right after the referendum with this "I think I'll take on the persona of Jacob Rees Mogg for a laugh" ?
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    Dont really watch his video's. Irritates the fuck out of me. Posh spoilt wanker!
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    Aye ken is really going to lose sleep give free tickets out to people who won’t come again and there stupid enough to buy drinks and food then fuck off at 58mins
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    Protesting at a game that nobody has paid money to see.
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    Bristol's too far, mate. It's almost 30 miles further than FGR...
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    What a well thought out protest. I for one will be having a beer at 7.15 and staying until the end unless we're getting trounced. Ken won't even be there - brilliant. Judging by his notes, he will be at Bristol - why don't we take 3000 down and give him both barrels there instead? Oh, that means going out of your way I suppose
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    Oh, and speaking to a few people last night, don't be surprised to meet some "counter resistance" on your lap of the stadium.
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    Utter fuckin cunts
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    The current shambles is due to the Brexit negotiations being run by a Remain PM, Remain majority in Parliament and a Remain Civil Service, this is not a democratic representation of the people who voted in the Referendum, you may be happy with that. What would be your solution to the current situation?
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    I bet none of the attention seeking pricks are going to Bristol on Saturday to protest directly to the sweaty one
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    Nobody told Boris Johnson. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-eu-referendum-single-market-brexit-a7104846.html%3famp In fact, Boris' view on Brexit now is entirely different to the one he had at the time of the vote. One of the most public Brexit figures / politicians can't even convince himself he knows what Brexit he voted for. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnson-claims-uk-voted-13823983.amp
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    Bercow showed his true colours today Independent my arse
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    That you’re starter? Taking it easy in the new year?
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    Some holier than thou folk on here, fuck me Upset cos he called Burnley a shithole, “size-shamed” someone or ripped him for working at McD’s....cos none of you have done worse to folk? Get a grip, this is this generation and what they do. It’s piss-taking, it’s banter.... Yeah it’s cringe to us, but that’s cos we’re not 15. His age group would cringe at supping mild and reminiscing about when we had hair. He was a dick for filming/publishing the Barnsley fracas, but come on - probably naivety and having a go at him because he sounds posh....really? give the lad a break
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