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    Hi all; been a long time voyeur on the site and a few things I've seen have made me pants twitch. But as a Wanderer for over 50 years; reading a lot of the stuff on this thread and in the general press has prompted me to sign up and comment. For all you Ken haters, you won't like it. I suggest you tighten sphincters and bite hard on your leather tethers. For all his sweaty Ken persona, his dodgy dealings, his half truths, his late submission of accounts and general misgivings, without him there would be no Bolton Wanderers. He maybe a shyster, but he's our shyster. The man who saved our club when no other fkcer would come close to us. He is our Ken wrong 'un and we should be behind him and the players next monday when we play WBA. And if, against all odds, we do survive in this division, he'll be lauded as just a naughty boy and the best fkcn businessman in football. (Or not. We wait to see). He's our Ken Wrong Un, so lets get behind him and the club. Oh and that Keith Andrews can fuck right off.
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    A bit unfair on shithouses. Keith Andrews was one of worst players I've seen play for us and I've seen some bad un's. At the end he mentioned that he was a pundit for WBA game. Lets hope he gets some stick form the crowd for his comments.
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    Surely a circus would be the right environment for a clown like him.
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    Absolutely gutted. I mentioned on here previously how she personally took the time to help us as a family when my lad was around 6. He'd developed a fear of rain and flooding that was so severe he would get panic attacks. It was getting really difficult as a parent to know what to do. To cut a long story short, one fantastic letter from her sorted him out. We got the opportunity to thank her personally at the Tatton flower show last summer, something I always be grateful for. A bit crushed this morning, and tearful. RIP
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    Ken and Lee should do the golden gamble draw.
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    Another bizarre aspect of twitter is that fans who got rather giddy when LA liked or retweeted them are now boasting when he blocks them. Brave new world.
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    Fuck mop it's tough being us at the mo.......we'll be back - fcuk 'em.
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    Where's the legal position on this though. If, and it's a big if, a company owner doesn't pay his employees what he contractually should, then gives himself a large wedge, is that legal? Forget the morals, there must be a legal position that stops owners basically getting a company, taking money out of it and not paying wages/bonuses. As for the morals, each to their own, but I'd like my club owner to behave in a way more becoming of a long standing, well respected team that we are. Nat will be turning in his grave.
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    Evening Kenneth
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    Nah That's bollocks And you know it. I'll refrain from saying it's just tough shit
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    Well, hello there.....
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    Yeah but the price of Tank Tops have risen and he's gotta fund a lavish lifestyle in Monaco or Switzerland or wherever he lives
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    A lot less than 525k, think he’s close to the top of owners pay and that includes premier league.
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    No Nobody has. If he's paid himself the same again or less, i have no issue with that. Do you work for fuck all?
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    Back on December 11, 1982, Wanderers hosted Charlton Athletic at Burnden Park and were in a serious financial state. John McGovern’s side won the game 4-1 to move up into 19th place in the old Division Two but it was what happened at the half-time interval that supporters still talk about to this very day. Lofthouse strode on to the pitch to make an impassioned speech to the terraces, asking for people to dig deep and prevent the club from going under. He also marched out on to the car park on the Sunday morning to rally the troops before and after the game.
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    This is totally predicated on whether you think promotion and staying up were things we should have done. We shouldn't IMO have managed either in the state the club was in and with the circumstances that transpired. The problem in my view is that many Bolton fans don't seem to have adjusted to where the club is at, and instead see "staying up in the championship" as being not really good enough. The club was sinking when Parky came in. And as it turns out off-field wise is still sinking. God only knows where we'd be had Deano had his way and appointed Nolan and Brown!
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    He nearly fucked up the promotion and we stayed up with the skin of our teeth This season he really has been awful as a manager; brought in garbage players and his tactics are useless Really believe I could manage them better We need a new manager as much or even more than new owners
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    Being serious are you related to him?
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    “Idealogically, leaving the EU is a great idea” and you and others on here want to accept as a fact that the UK, a Sovereign country with its own Parliament, cannot leave the EU, a political organisation that is an undemocratic, self serving, protectionist club run by and for the benefit of Europe’s Elite and Multinational Businesses, where businesses can move freely around Europe looking for the cheapest workforce and taking advantage of any local financial incentives. An organisation that expects the UK to pay £36mill a WEEK (less rebate) to keep stum. Large Multi National companies like Jaguar/ Landrover always move thousands of jobs around the world when it suits them, if you are one of those workers, yes, short term the future looks shit but other large groups of workers, miners, steel workers, clog makers have had to deal with change, a country can’t move forward without causing problems for some sections of the public. When/if we leave the EU and we are free of EU restrictions what’s stopping us making our country more attractive for Businesses to move here, that’s what the EU are terrified of us achieving.
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    Parky is part of the problem, he's drove more people away this season with the dross he's put out. Let's not make him out to be some kind of genius all of a sudden because what's gone on this week.
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    I voted for Brexit, so am culpable. I dislike the EU and it's obvious plans for a mega-state. Unfortunately, it's all been done on the back of a fag packet. A step back and a rethink is needed. There's no harm in putting your hands up and just admitting it's not working out. Fuck me, most people do it every day of their lives. Half the problem is that sides have been taken and it's turned into a battle of wills so that one "side" can claim victory. There is no victory to be had with Brexit because there will be winners and losers. Idealogically, leaving the EU is a great idea. As you say, the practicalities need more time. I see no issue with taking as long as we need to make it work for as many people as possible.
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    Its a bit pointless. We have no money. Whatever compensation we get for Parky will simply cover other losses. And therefore we'll have nothing to replace him with. He's doing an absolutely remarkable job. You have to be incredibly naive to think changing the manager will not make things considerably worse given the circumstances.
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    95% of that piece shows why its only a dick laying our problems at the feet of Anderson if Iles had written a piece acknowledging that, Im sure Andersons attitude wouldve been softened
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    Its the way forward being proposed by some of our knowledgable fans, no owner, no manager, not many players. What could go wrong?
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    Well the last accounts were for the year ending 30th June 2017, so at the very least he sorted his bonus out first. On the 2nd of July that year Ken said he'd witheld paying the players bonuses on time (reported to be 500k) because of the ongoing dispute with Deano and BluMarble, and because of cash flow issues at that time of year. The retained players received their money a couple of days after that, while the 9+ players we released were told they'd have theirs by the 7th. That didn't happen, and maybe it never did - Moxey's wife said on Monday that he and many others are still owed money from that period.
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    Going over the Border to Yorkshire with Bolton is always a laugh. But smuggling pork pies with mint sauce on top is a step to far for me.
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    I'm allowing myself a day off every now and again. As many alcohol, bread and pastry related products as I can get my hands on whilst I'm out of the house #carbskendo protest at home games
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    1 I don't think there's a better option than him 2 I get pissed off when folk go off on a rant when they are quite clearly not grasping the limited facts that we have
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    The absolute original one was a forum member, cant remember his name but he had Celtic allegiances, and someone attempting to convince him to get Sky. May have been Traf doing his best at the reasoning. He didn't want broadband.
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