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    Here we go Snows in the south and it's the lead story on BBC Just fcuk off
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    On track to be worse than 2015 / 2016 this I honestly didn’t think we would see a complete disgrace of a season like that again If we are lucky we might just scrape the same amount of points but will be well behind on goals scored. That’s saying something when you compare it to the weak as piss attacking optionswe had back then Parky has to go at some point, no way back for him here
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    I have had a season ticket since the seventies if Parkinson is here next season I ain't
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    We set up from the first minute to nick a 0-0. Players tying shoelaces in the first 10 minutes. Sheffield Utd haven't been all that. Have a go at losing 4-3, 3-2 or even fucking 3-0 having a go rather than surrender 2-0 before a ball is kicked.
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    They are probably ones who voted for Brexit. Conned by the elite into voting for something that will ultimately hurt them. Whilst the Moggs, Farages, Johnson’s of this world sun off into the sunset even richer.
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    And they're always started by KA Speaking of which No word on the talks that kept him away from the west Brom game Probably just another rumour
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    To be perfectly truthful at such short notice in either scenario I’d have had to take my lad with me and I wouldn't have been keen on that prospect with some of the fucktards likely to be going.
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    what saying sorry to Ratcliffe I mean Radcliffe White?
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    Thumb headed news nonce
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    Leaving the EU is a positive.
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    No English voices or full English brekky. Ceuta is perfect for you
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    Blackpool have stopped going home matches because of Oyston. Many Bolton (and im talking current Season Ticket holders) have stopped going because of Anderson/Parkinson. Seems cant have one without the other. There may be a difference but result is the same, for me anyway. Blackpool type frustration, anger, boycotts and then apathy toward the club is already setting in.
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    Albeit you wouldn’t have the residual value of a property at the end of it.
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    Jesus Christ, we’re at such a low point in our history. Our chairman is literally blaming, once again, the lack of transfer funds on the clubs supporters. Protests charge this much, and 20,000 crowds could give us this much yada yada yada. Focus on your own fucking job of finding us investment, which you’ve been working tiredlessly for 3 years now, you absolute tool. You keep asking more and more from the fans, buy these shirts, buy this £36 tickets for a bottom of the table match, with a manager that showcases by far, the worst, negative football in the league. ENOUGH, you can’t ask any more from the fans, they’ve given the club everything over the past few years, and have been the ones that have suffered from those above. It’s amazing, that considering the complete shitstorm we’ve been under, we still average bigger attendances than Blackburn, Preston etc. Yes the protests, have caused some financial implications, but considering the amount of time, money, and dedication the majority of our hardcore fans have bled for this club, you can stick your 20k up your arse. Also, just saying, 20k would have bought us nobody, and I’m sure it wouldn’t even be enough for your rent on your Monaco palace for 2 months. It’s not the supporters fault, that 20k is such a big fucking financial problem for the club, as you’ve mentioned, as even a League 2 team could afford more than that for a player.
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    Blackpool are at their level for me, mid table third division club the oystons got them to the Premier league punching way above their weight don't really know what they want their support has been shit for years way before the oystons came along.
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    You can go on a shit load of holidays for the cost of buying somewhere and you chose where you go rather than having to go back to the same place. This is easily my preferred option
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    Dry Jan over !!!! Ready for this. Getting a mini buzzzz from The Albion . Proper back to the future day out. In KEN we trust ( just flog it ). Stale 0-1 last gasp winner. Blades , shots on goal 17. BWFC , shots on goal 1. See ya all there.
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    I reckon he actually thinks he has a chance
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    Ok, so, just make sure any future protests are carried out at games that will require a police presence like Preston Look on the bright side, we've saved more than 20k on several players who turned us down yet still have a squad capable of staying up Swings and roundabouts Be reet Got me thinking though, how many chairman's notes have their been where he didn't make a point of making someone else look to be a cunt
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    Nice of him not to mention our current form. Who gives a flying fuck how much the policing cost. I want to know what he thinks of that shithouse who manages us and if he thinks the football being played is acceptable.
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    Preordered the new Ian Brown album from Piccadilly Records and got a wristband to go to the signing session with IB on 1st Feb, brilliant as I am already off work that day.

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