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    If we hadn’t seen such riches we could live with being poor... The Preston fella is talking absolute fuckin shite. Their entire support would chew thier left bollock off to see what we’ve seen. Winning at old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, Ethiad etc etc. Its the pinnacle of club football and the biggest league in the world. A few seasons in there or spending your whole life watching a club in obscurity? Aye bet that Cunt on the other thread can’t wait to tell his grandkids about the time Preston drew at home to gillingham on a Tuesday night once. Fuck off and do me a favour. It’s like having a fat cunt of an ugly wife and pretending you would fancy ten minutes with a glamour model. What a fuckin pillock.
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    As Ian Greaves once said, “Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling, aim for the ceiling and you’ll fall flat on you face” or end up like Preston.
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    Galloway’s pies were the only bright spot of when I used to work in Wigan.
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    Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to my uncle - Bob Battersby - a former MEP Growing up I remember how anti-EEC my dad was and how he would row with my uncle about the creation of a federal republic. If WWays had been around then he would have been the miamiwhite of the forum He used to rail against my uncle for becoming an MEP and helping promote a European Parliament. Although my memories are sketchy, my Uncle Bob was massively anti-Soviet and could only see that the creation of the EU was the way to protect against the Kremlin. Even in those days though, he became MEP for Humberside because he saw very early how the EEC could potentially decimate our fishing industry My current views on the EU are partially based on the flawed introduction of the EEC and the views of my dad and my uncle https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/1409786/Bob-Battersby.html For those of a certain age and with an interest in political history, you may note where my uncle was at certain times as mentioned in his obituary. And why, during the late 50’s a black Zill limousine would be parked near my mum and dads house and follow them when they’d been to my uncle’s house
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    I’ll drop you a couple if you’re that way out our kid
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    Bit strong that.
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    He had a cousin who was also a boxer, but wasn't very good. Diabolical
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    No mate.....Cheese is a Tesco wearing trainers cunt...full stop
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    surely the problem here is that all these clubs who went into admin and are now in the PL just make folk think that admin is a good option now still it's clubs like that which give me hope that as shit as it is now, it won't be forever
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    It was the EU who insisted that elections to the EU parliament could no longer be first past the post* and had to be some form of proportional representation. This in turn gave Farage a foothold in the first place, which EU performance over the next 15 years led to his UKIP becoming the major party in the UK's representation. Although Farage was (rightly) cut out from a front-line position in the referendum campaign this gave a momentum to the leave vote. This whole leaving process has proved that the surreptitious progression of the EU towards being a federal super-state was far more advanced than most people realised. * Apart from, erm, Belgium!
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    Aye 1938 so he was at least being generous Preston last won the league in 1890 so I'm guessing out of most fans living memory so a pointless stat to use in bragging rights. Wanderers and Royal Engineers won a trophy or two around the same time Bit like how Huddersfield put a couple of gold stars on their badge to remind people of something they can't remember
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    Aye totally agree. If you take away Real Madrid’s European Domination and La Liga titles I reckon they’d have a similar fan base to us.
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    Germs are resourceful fuckers.
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    Anyone remember WHUJohn?
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    Nob End :lol: the last time they coukd gloat over us was the 1880"s. Been a nothing club for a hundred years and just started giviing it large in last 3 years. Now when was the last time they won a play off game agsin?
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    I must be an exception. I’ve obviously not abused him enough. And he’s made a very kind offer to fix my mums roof without calling her any bad names even though though the obstinate old goat still hasn’t taken him up on his offer. Come on S you need to up your game I’m feeling left out here ......you cunt
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    You're quite right Youri. To be honest, I've never had a problem with anyone voting remain. Wasn't an easy decision. What fucks me off is patronising cunts with no knowledge greater than anyone else insisting those that voted different to them are thick, racist... You know the score. A decision was made and I find it hugely disappointing that (MPs in particular) aren't leading by example in working together to achieve the best possible outcome in light of the vote. I suppose it's me being a scientist. If you want to prove/disprove something then you have to undertake the task the task rigourously and not half arsed to be able to make an accurate assessment subsequently. If we don't do it right, then remainers will say it was never on, leavers will blame remainers for undermining the process. No way of proving either way. Worries me somewhat the hugely negative culture around Twitter etc that might filter into everyday thinking. I'm no longer prepared to discuss rationally this subject, with the couple concerned on here, so adopted the give em some shit back approach. I've also been laid up for weeks with some twatting chest infection that's pissing me off and I'm bored! In all fairness pal, your post is one of the most observant, rational and accurate things on here for ages, and I congratulate you for it. Now where's them Roma Gyppos...
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    Leo Varadkar's true colours coming out at the end of that same press conference. What a couple of wankers
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    pretty sure we signed Gowling during the season we went up
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    I wouldn’t trust the greasy haired cockney gypo with my transit van never mind a football club. He ruined our only chance of an FA cup final then proceeded to gamble the sheer existence of our football club with a 147393% wonga loan. I was in corporate the day we played Preston and saw him and his mob of cockney flat cap wearing gypos exactly for that they were. He gained the trust of certain sections of our support and some total whoppers in the local media on big pile of complete bollocks and lies. He very nearly sent the club under. KA came in with some kind of business acumen and saw through a process to rectify the shit state of affairs with a model of austerity. Something a lot of folk are keen to forget. The bloke can fuck off. The shit bastard.

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