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    Still a season ticket holder & long retired but would never have wasted time on nobodies like Preston anyway.
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    One imagines that the flower growers are similarly shitting themselves And German car makers etc At a time recession is looming The bureaucrats need to sort themseles out
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    We're not even competitive in the championship And if you are you're trying to get out of it And if we do there's no reason we can't compete in the PL again like we once did Like Burnley last season And even if you're down the bottom you're competing to stay in it Sorry, I just don't get this mentality that you'd rather plod along in this league than get promoted and have another crack at the PL
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    They can see we are on a major downer and are taking advantage, but we'll be back and it'll be carnage I tell thee!!
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    I missed that! Fooking brilliant.
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    Start of the season there was general agreement this squad was better than last seaons. Its the tactics that are all wrong.
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    Sweep can be my minister of health.
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    Cheese is a dick Fan5 is too He can insert the banana When we leave the EU
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    Tomatoes are red, Grapes are blue, and we can import them from the U.S. too
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    Yes mate, Dave owns it....just mention my name and you’re a Nazi right winger and he’ll give you huge discounts
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    Here you go R http://www.sootysplants.co.uk/index.html
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    Quite. In response to cheese's typically stupid comment, I wonder if he'd contribute to a crowd funding scheme so I could buy them and employ folk. Perhaps even out of work migrants that lose their jobs by the hundreds of thousands after brexit. Throughout this whole process not a single person has said there wouldn't be difficulties and changes. Manc's story and comments highlight this very well. Opportunities will arise as well as difficulties; the important thing is being prepared to grab them. Just dismayed by the sheer negativity and loathing towards anything other than the status quo of the EU.
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    Getting some jobs going locally by growing food. What a shit idea. Of course it won't meet demand (irrespective of demand being artificially created, and unnecessary), but possibly reducing carbon footprint of food imports. Nah total wank. BBC headline news that a no deal may mean there's a shortness in supply for a short while. Whoopy fucking do; nevertheless remoaners all over it. World's ending. A suggestion as to how previous industry might be given a bit of a boost by seeing a niche in a market. Nah fuck it- we can't survive without the EU. Doom impending, brexit about to bring the country down. Don't do anything about it, cause we need to run around waving our arms, screaming and flagellating ourselves with sticks until we bleed gold stars. Soft cunts.
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    Never - because it isn't.
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    I think having a swipe at your Mum is perfectly justified given her apparent lack of interest in your education. There's an anger about you that suggests she wasn't there at crucial landmarks in your life, with the obvious exception of your first wank.
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    Christ alive. This is what we're dealing with. I don't know how O'Brien does it - contend with such utter inaccuracies without just telling people to fuck off....
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    Obviously we are missing a trick from our esteemed neighbours who plan a day out at an away match wearing stupid fucking hats I nominate QPR away as Kentry day. We all wear tanktops (casino will have a pink shirt on in remembrance of his last trip to London) Sell out guaranteed
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    If this means the Dutch cunt not blocking Quay St with his tulip delivery every day then I'm all over it.
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    I meant calendar year, September 2020 Doubt we would drop to League Two but they have a solid chance of getting to League One I imagine Either way it’s would be a shit show
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    Nederlands!! You sound like Steve McLaren.
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    HMRC issue a winder (sorry, Cas) pretty much every month. We're due a monthly payment on the 3rd of the month and we've never got it after cobbling the ages together 4 days earlier. Past transgressions mean an instant winder on the 4th, which we generally pay mid-month before setting about cobbling the next set of wages together. A pitiful existence, but a non-story.
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    Were you not around from 2003-2007?
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    Ah that's a shame. Google Dr David Unwin low carb diet - it's really effective for people with type 2 diabetes, especially if it's diet controlled only.....
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    It was the EU who insisted that elections to the EU parliament could no longer be first past the post* and had to be some form of proportional representation. This in turn gave Farage a foothold in the first place, which EU performance over the next 15 years led to his UKIP becoming the major party in the UK's representation. Although Farage was (rightly) cut out from a front-line position in the referendum campaign this gave a momentum to the leave vote. This whole leaving process has proved that the surreptitious progression of the EU towards being a federal super-state was far more advanced than most people realised. * Apart from, erm, Belgium!

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