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    A clip there of 'Tommy' banking on the hope that working class folk can't understand nuance or context or will be so blinkered as to ignore it. Patronising tw*t. Is he on something on the 'furtive' clip BTW? I'm not looking to defame him for it if he is, hopes he keeps any bad habits under wraps tbh...
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    As a film maker / journalist he’s a cracking plumber.
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    Correct,that was his Scientology rant years ago. The one now released and the cannibal comments from Sweeney regarding the white working class is typical of a clown like him. He has to go and in my role as immigration minister,I’ve just booted the cunt onto a plane heading for the jungles of Papua New Guinea to meet real cannibals. Nice chaps, said they’ll have him round for dinner
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    Sounding more like this every day
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    Nothwithstanding your view on our democracy, it has happened and it seems you are not accepting it. I'd suggest that it would be best to get on with your life. You have the choice of whether to or not, but if you can find a way of doing this, it might be less painful for you. It isn't in my nature to be patronising, just trying to help a little. I'm sure some of the 17.4m are sensible, rational citizens who feel that this was the best course of action or their country.
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    You know, this is what I don' get. The referendum has been proven to be a campaign of lies (both sides), illegal funding (both sides, but way more on the leave side) and data manipulation (leave side), yet you still call it Democratic ? In a Democracy you are allowed to have a different opinion and you are allowed to change your mind. There is nothing Democratic about saying "tough shit, you lost". This is why the Country is so fucked up. Let's say for example you live in a Street and some loud mouthed fucker decides he doesn't like Cats. The Street decides to have a vote to get rid of Cats. 52% of the Street vote to get rid of Cats. 48% vote to allow Cats. You have a Cat. Would you simply accept it ? Until what is happening directly affects you, you cannot say. Unless you are an EU Citizen in the UK, or vice versa, or a business owner who trades with Europe, how can you understand what effect this will have on those people. It's a shame that the standard answer is "52% blah, blah, blah". If you have kids or grand kids, I hope they accept that reasoning for having their chances of working and living in Europe massively reduced. Anyway, rant over. It's time for Brekkie.
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    I'll help him He can label me an anti extreme Islam bigot any time he wants. As is well known, I have no time for any religion but that lot deserve a special place Donald Tusk apparently knows about. I would happily accept more Indian and West Indian immigration into the UK. Proven rich contributors to our way of life rather than wanting to destroy it.
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    You've gone from being a reasonable poster in my book to a fucking lowlife. I wouldn't wish that on the children of an ISIS leader you sick bastard.
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    Well said. But think about if we had played a non league team, would we have looked as superior as PNE did today? No chance. When we played at Macclesfield as a prem team with pratley, Wheater, Riley etc we were so average in both games. Ditto against Eastleigh, never once looked superior. I just don't recall us playing football like PNE have in 2 successive years here, against anyone.
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    Felt for Wheater today, what more can a centre half do? He must think he could slot into any team in the top 20 of the championship and appear to be a decent player instead of looking like a non league player with us,
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    Why doesn’t the useless cunt at least instill some sort of siege mentality? an “us against the fucking world” stance? even the most mediocre of talents will lay his bollocks on the line and give the opposition something to think about if he’s charging around with a fucking chip on his shoulder. just give a shit for the shirt look at the daft twats in the stand who’ve turned up for you Anything. just don’t admit defeat before you’ve set foot on the pitch
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    When we say not been great, i'd say their performance today was better than any of ours in the last 10 years. Properly ripped us apart countless times and I really can't remember us doing that to anyone with real football. Yes we thrashed Gillingham and port vale, with individual goals or headers from corners, but I've not seen us out class anyone for football like they did today. Embarrassing.
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    He's ok but in danger of getting Deep Vein Thrombosis.
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    No but it's Anderson that won't act on Parkinson's shitness.
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    While you are correct that it can't get worse, hall is the great white hope and there's nowt to suggest he improves us
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    Very weird, so for all he has done in the past you just thought he was a cunt, but now after a 12 month clip saying he has exposed the BBC you now know he’s a cunt. Do you have some kind of soft spot for the BBC?
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    I had to stop after a couple of sentences. Completely missing the point. Government fucking up the UK? They're enacting a referendum vote which parliament voted to go with. Just another remain rant. No one knows how it will pan out, but continually moaning and sulking won't help in the slightest.
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    FFS!!!! YOU'RE NOT YOUR!!!!
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    Hi Eavesy First I've heard of it And though I am esteemed, my remit is to focus on football matters Love Marc thumbead
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    I’ll ignore Manchester figures as long as you ignore the London figures...it works both ways squire. When I have or Bolty ever posted a racist comment ? Go on son,name one, mine are just facts,simple as....like you.....enjoy your Malbec with your all white friends,unlike Bolty and myself who will gladly socialise any day of the day with DECENT folk of any colour or race.....
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    Quite. In response to cheese's typically stupid comment, I wonder if he'd contribute to a crowd funding scheme so I could buy them and employ folk. Perhaps even out of work migrants that lose their jobs by the hundreds of thousands after brexit. Throughout this whole process not a single person has said there wouldn't be difficulties and changes. Manc's story and comments highlight this very well. Opportunities will arise as well as difficulties; the important thing is being prepared to grab them. Just dismayed by the sheer negativity and loathing towards anything other than the status quo of the EU.
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    Getting some jobs going locally by growing food. What a shit idea. Of course it won't meet demand (irrespective of demand being artificially created, and unnecessary), but possibly reducing carbon footprint of food imports. Nah total wank. BBC headline news that a no deal may mean there's a shortness in supply for a short while. Whoopy fucking do; nevertheless remoaners all over it. World's ending. A suggestion as to how previous industry might be given a bit of a boost by seeing a niche in a market. Nah fuck it- we can't survive without the EU. Doom impending, brexit about to bring the country down. Don't do anything about it, cause we need to run around waving our arms, screaming and flagellating ourselves with sticks until we bleed gold stars. Soft cunts.
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    Course the ‘major opposition’ to the deal came from Brexiteers because the current deal on offer is not leaving The solution for TM is obvious, get some phoney promise from our ‘friends’ in the EU that the Backstop is not permanent tweak some workers rights plans to appease thick Labour MP’s like Nandy, Long Bailey etc, and hey presto the ERG have been bypassed, it will get through Parliament but it won’t be Brexit, and then the fun will begin

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