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    Thing is, does it really matter if these white women do their bit and forget about the problem for a while afterwards? At least they've done something, helped to raise a shit load of money. I dare say we've all done something or other for charity, but don't necessarily get involved on a daily basis. Really don't understand this at all. Bloke is a cunt.
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    Do you really think that he would make the same point about Lenny Henry ? No chance.........because he's a racist.
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    Spoke to 3 people at the club today. No one has a clue what’s going on. No communication whatsoever. They, still, maybe paid today they may not. It’s not pleasant and it’s not right. Whatever is going on behind the scenes, at least have the decency to tell the staff what is going on.
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    Just fuck off. Tosser.
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    He was jealous of Judas's chariot
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    Iles really pissing me off this morning. He knew full well that with due diligence under way and a takeover potentially close that wages were not being paid. He knows there is nothing in the coffers and that nobody in their right mind is forking out of their own pockets to pay wages for a business they might have no stake in within a week or two. What an absolute cockend he is. Making out like this is some massive story to cover. I feel sorry for the staff who might not get paid, I really do. But Iles really needs to stop dramatising everything for clicks. He's a local news reporter acting like he's reporting national emergencies for ITN.....
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    And it’s fashionable to hate Liverpool more these days DMB’s - always #1 cunts
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    Gave me a backie one day - "get thee behind me Satan" he said
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    Has JulesDarby done anything for the homeless since his sponsored night out camping? Has he fuck, the white cunt
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    It does yeah, I'll take the fucker back
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    Slight difference this time not one statement from BWFC, Anderson, Aldridge or club spokesman.
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    How do people know so many facts? amazing!
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    Absolutely correct. How the fuck do you make a baby smile and then is the fact the kids not smiling more reflective of how it actually really feels living in squalor. Worlds gone it really has gone and giving people like this any acknowledgement just fuels the fire.
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    No, but because the majority of your posts refer to drugs and ale. Seemed a decent skill set. Oh, and you don't have to be a bigot to think Lammy is a cunt. That's the kind of befuddled thinking that's fueling the far right.
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    I’m not sure he can look for any assurances from them. If they weren’t a thing then it’s still his business that needs to find the cash from somewhere, whether that’s an injection from him or there is money to be received in the near future I’m not sure but one way or the other it has to be sorted regardless of whether there is a transaction taking place, otherwise he loses his business.
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    Poverty in Africa nothing to do with corrupt politicians, officials, and military/terrorist groups. As usual the western world much whip itself until it bleeds. No doubt some exploitation, however this often goes on with cooperation of officials locally and nationally. None of which justifies his comments. He'll soon be back moaning if donation levels drop. Wanker.
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    Why Health Secretary? If I was the dad of the starving African in the centre of this picture I'd be buying one of those cheapo DNA kits from 'Pundalanda'...
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    Not when you've got tax and expenses to find and you've spent £472K paying off Holdsworth and keeping Blumarble at bay until Eddie came to the rescue.
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    Im hoping this is a big drama about fuck all. Surely they haven't been going through all these talks and then suddenly thought "fuck, forgot we have to pay everyone at the end of Feb" Surely they will have been worded up about it and told to be quiet about it because it will all be sorted with the sale. Problem will only be a real one if it falls through. Its give Iles something to get all worked up about and in turn all his twitter drones. Half of them reacting with more venom and anger than I think would be acceptable if their own wages were gonna be a bit late.
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    “The good name of this proud football club dragged through the mud yet again” Jesus Christ Id sell my soul to never see that in the written word ever again. Dramatic bastards.
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    Certainly beats hiding behind sticking folk on ignore, ‘fishing trips’ and ‘typos’ you colossal whopper.
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    probably but if for whatever reason the takeover doesn't happen, or drags on a few weeks, should it be his responsbility to pay them? I'd say so, it's still his club It wouldn't surprise me if the next stumbling block comes because he's told the new buyers to pay this month's wages the sooner this fucking saga ends, the better
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    Yep, seems that ok that mounts. I know BD feels strongly that we should go further, and with his expertise in finance etc I can accept wholly his reasoning. Indeed wto per se doesn't concern me as much as many others. However, (the Preston effect) so much bad news about it and the total disaster predictions, mean that it would almost certainly be worse than it need be. A compromise, get the fuck out and start again will do for me.
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    It's too presumptuous to say this or that isn't what people voted for. For the large part brexiteers have been accused of not knowing what they voted for. So which is it? Industry broadly gave acceptance to the deal, and whilst there may be a number of issues with it, it's not an unworkable starting point. Nothing to say at some point in years to come, it couldn't be modified if necessary. After all it is an act of law and not an absolute for ever.
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    It's the fault of all of them. The mitigating factor for the erg is that their view still upholds the referendum result. Not convinced of their position personally, but there'll always be different views on the leave methods. Hence the need for a compromise. Certain remainers have clearly attempted to subvert the process. I've heard on a couple of occasions an MP openly admit, during debates that the wouldn't vote for any deal. Well at least they were honest I suppose, but they should not be taking that position within the ranks of a political party that stood on a leave manifesto.
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    Went viewing a house in Sharples recently- agent said 'here we have the washing machine and a sofa, now when we enter the house...'
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    You can fuck right off if you think we'll think that was a typo.
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    Pfft!! This place is full of council house peasants Some of us grew up in the leafy suburb of Sharples, had a bath every Sunday, and flushed fresh water after doing our business I was warned about this place you know. I may have to flounce out of here.....
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    It’s becoming utterly ridiculous the position of hardline remainers, they slag of the ERG but are harder line the opposite way, yet the ERG are on the right side of democracy while these remain fuckwits want to trash the referendum and want to dangerously disregard democracy.
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    What has going well got to do with anything? And because it’s become more difficult than it should be does that mean we throw the towel in? The majority of the British public want the referendum upheld, my preference is not to have a second vote, because it’ll be even more divisive than the first and will solve nothing. We cannot allow the EU to influence and bully us in an attempt to subjugate the will of the British public and our democracy, like they have with every other country who has attempted to leave, we as a country must see this through. My preference is for the government to get TM WA deal through parliament, all be it with a tweak on the backstop.
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    I saw a bit of a programme on BBC 2 earlier. About Thailand, and the efforts of a few individuals undertaking conservation work. Elephants were amazing with their relationship with a lady who saved them from abuse. Wonderful people doing stuff purely from a deep rooted respect and humanity. Then you get these Muppets. World's a weird place.
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    I'd be delighted if he was their anager next season
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    As I've said before, I was raised on a rough Farnworth council estate and my parents had fuck all. Bills got paid when the black letter arrived, not the red warning one. Or my mum took doorstep loans to pay bills in the hope things would improve in time. The bailiffs came regularly, but we survived. My mum and dad aren't struggling now, me and my brothers have all done well enough for ourselves etc etc Ken's the poor council tenant juggling the finances to stay afloat, part of me likes the approach and I think had he not been such a hard-nosed cunt, we might have gone under. There's no doubt that's where we were heading 3 yrs ago.
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    Holdsworth's thick is he? You might try taking a look at the filed balance sheets of Sports Shield Ltd and Sports Shield Investments Ltd and ask yourself how someone thick could amass so much, for so little in such a short time. As for vague recollections about some bar room chatter, sorry but I'd need a bit more to go on than that.
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