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    Is it just me that’s reading this post with a “Bond-villain” voice in my head?
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    I don't trust people who take a username from literary works
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    I honestly have no fucking clue whose who anymore Howard could send me a vid of himself sucking Basran off and I’d swear it was Spazzy Daz
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    Whilst stroking a big fuck off fat cat
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    Mounts its just short term pain for long term gain. so people are being fucked financially at the minute, who cares? They just need to look at the bigger picture and explain the philosophy to their mortgage companies.
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    he might have the cash under his floorboards
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    Christ. I give zero fucks which side he's on or if he has one. He give educated guesses on the information we know. If I'm honest I feel educated by him. Chill.
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    What a nobhead he's coming across as on Social Media. "When you have to bring your own drink in". I have to take my own fucking drink to work you fucking cretin. Window shopping for trainers because he hasn't been paid. If you've had a 20 year career as a footballer and cant afford a pair of trainers you're the issue. I know its a shit situation but in what way does he think he's helping? It also doesnt help that hes fucking dreadful, the shit cunt. To paraphrase, get to fuck you shit 50p footed useless bastard.
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    But we own the Reebok - Coventry are tenants
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    In Hannibal Lechter mode now...
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    Iles would be better shutting the fcuk up
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    Come on John FFS, it's been half an hour since you posted. Give us a biscuit...
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    so looks like this basrom fucker as nearly come over the line.Well we will back you,ya curry munching fuckpig.but do not turn us over like that cockney cunt or we will be cumming for ya.fuckme and goodnuite
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    If Casino says he’s ok, then he will be
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    For the record Ken not paying the wages when he said he would is a cunts trick and he's lost everyone now. However, I'm just hopeful that his shithousing is the one quality he has that might just see him pull of a decent deal.
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    The questions I'm left with after reading this all day is who is Ayn Rand and HBAHT?
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    Today’s diary: 08:00 - continue dialogue with current owner to complete purchase of football club 20:00 - create profile on WWays 22:00 - bed
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    6-1 McGinlay hatrick
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    Ken not gonna pay coz he’s scared he’s gonna get squeezed out?
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    Ok Howard steady on, no one asked for your life story.
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    Tell you what I'm sick of seeing the fucking word "breaking" from so many people on twitter talking about shit that has been talked about for the previous 2 hours. Even when they retweet something they put breaking, even Dearden is at it, put breaking when you have something new to tell us you fucking loons
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    Yep fair play to Bruce for keeping going under those circumstances.
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    What the fuck did they expect? It's only down to the professionalism of the playing staff that there is a game tomorrow.
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    Have you ever had an original thought, or have you always just repeated meaningless slogans invented by people who say things you like to hear?
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    Just back from a brilliant long weekend in Perpignan watching Salford RD. Absolutely stunning victory for the Les Diables Rouges and got to see some of the city too. £58 return from Manchester though Carcasonne airport is no bigger than Barton
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    He’s digging his heels in because he doesn’t think they have the money, he won’t shell out for wages if he doesn’t think he’s getting it back. Also have to remember that Moonshift have to be paid BEFORE the completion for KA to be legally allowed to sell his shares. He wants Basran to pay him so then he can pay Moonshift but Basran want him to pay that himself first as it’s an obligation of Inner Circle.
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    Vote against any deal, even with the backstop fully removed. Nothing to lose gambling on No Deal Let's go WTO 👍
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    I'm going mergersandacquisitionsways and talk about reacharounds, rough council estates, and maybe some football... see how they like it
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    This stuff https://www.amazon.co.uk/Simple-Solution-Extreme-Stain-Remover/dp/B0002I9OA2 Works on kid's puke on carpets so I imagine will work on milk. Summat fancy to do with enzymes and shit.
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    I'd throw his wages at him from about 25 yards, the blind fucker would never find it.
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    The only head that wants cracking is hers....and hard.....
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    and the poor School dinnerladies thought you were saying it was Custard you didn't like....
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    Desperation from remainers, the EU flag is slipping slowly from their hands. Freedom is nigh, it’s never tasted so good. I can almost smell my blue leather bound UK passport.
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    I reckon Howard is actually Malc with an iOS upgrade.
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    Are you saying not true ? Concern for most will available cash to pay bills till money lands.
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    How did you know we were in a band?
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    Sluffy, Chriscustodiet and HowardRourk AKA lemonparty
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    Doesn't make it at all sinister in my book. When the Bank of Eddie Davies stopped dishing out money, Brett came in with £2.5million to help out. It wasn't a gift, it was a secured loan but not a loan that he would have made if he hadn't been a Wanderers supporter. I expect he'd like his money back at some stage .I expect he also would like to see the club get through its present turmoil. I'd be 100% behind him on both counts.
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    I suspect that you are Clint, given the Royal Marine connection.
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    This Howard fella doesn't seem all that different to old George Bower...not saying they are one and the same but the level of authority over what appears to be informed guesswork - is a bit of a red flag to me. They start off simply relaying facts with qualifications then stray more into opinion all the while being more and more determined to present everything as "fact". It is like a mask slowly slips... I'm not doubting the information - but the way it is gradually being presented screams agenda to me.
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    Seems to be this Howard is trying to do the same on here
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    I am simply happy with the win and hoping for more of them.
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    You could always try Jeremy Kyle.
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    I agree, the only way to guarantee it, take over the club.
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    Warburtons owe us fuck all. just because they’re local, why should they bail us out? theyre good at making bread, not chucking money down the grid.
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    Think that's fair comment. Because of his injury problems I think it's at the back of his mind. He's a much better player than we have seen to date but it remains to be seen whether he will ever get back to previous performance levels at other clubs.
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