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    That works both ways though. Nobody knows what good or bad will come out of leaving or staying until one or the other goes ahead. It's ok all these "experts" forecasting what will happen but they are, at best, a bit of a guess.
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    What he does going forward is the main thing couldn’t give a Rats arse about his past
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    And so the curtain has finally come down - after seemingly endless encores - on Sweaty Ken’s reign at BWFC. It goes without saying that it will be remembered with all the fondness of an unshakeable sexual infection. The last 18 months of his reign - a constant outpouring of increasingly narcissistic and occasionally bizarre Chairman’s Notes, along with regular court appearances - will almost certainly be his legacy. His shadowy past and even more shadowy entourage consistently bringing his methods and objectives into question. There can be no doubt that both BWFC and Ken Anderson are better off without each other. But - and it’s a big but - we have to acknowledge that as things stand on April 17th 2019, Ken has done precisely what he said he would from day one. He painted himself as a temporary custodian of our proud and famous club. He went to great lengths to assure the fans that he wasn’t here for a long time (and certainly not a good one), but merely a stepping stone to a wealthier and more capable owner that the club deserves. He was also honest in that he wanted to make some money. He’s a businessman, not some batshit-mental supporter with a carefree attitude to his personal fortune. In the end, it’s likely that Ken made a few quid. A couple of million perhaps. For what it’s worth, that’s too much, but we must acknowledge an undeniable and for many uncomfortable truth - without his slimy, self-absorbed intervention we may not have a club to support today. No-one else stepped in last time, and the man that did has now delivered on the promise he made. The new chap seems to be making bigger promises and let’s hope to Lofthouse that he’s as good as his word. For now, it’s a slight doff of the flat cap to Ken Anderson. A bit of a cunt, but mission complete.
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    All very well Kent but the fact is, when you drill right down, I suspect most of us are on the same side here. The planet has to survive. You only have to look at marine life choking on plastic to know that we are at crisis point. Believe me, this nazi, thick, white, racist (according to some mental midgets) does his bit with recycling, water preservation, solar power etc., etc. Admittedly I let the side down a bit with the American V8 and four 2 stroke scooters but I only ride the latter on Sundays and the Mustang will be gone 2 years from now and it will be some small eco friendly (cheap to run) hatchback from then onwards. Probably electric when they come up with a buy back scheme. My problem is I hate the Greens with a passion (communists masquerading as environmentalists who would have us living in mud huts in candlelight if they had their way). I also hate scruffy fucking protestors who obstruct people from going about their everyday lawful business. The last thing I would want is to be associated in any way, shape or form with utter cunts like that. Baton charges, water cannon and Guantanamo Bay cross my mind every time my eyes are offended by the mere sight of the odious fuckers.
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    This place was buzzing 3 or 4 weeks ago when Howard was posting and there was talks of a big money buyer. Once that turned out to be hot air, our options were running out and the longer this dragged on i honestly feared the worst for us - ie Liquidation. If Bassini is our only hope - i'll take it. I still believe there might be a twist in the tale yet, but let's wait and see.
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    To be fair, it was never about money. We were told we would be worse off right from the start. I've heard many reasons for people voting leave, and getting rich wasn't one of them.
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    The only purgatory will come when the federalists get their way and we are completely controlled by faceless Brussels bureaucrats. Some people need a crutch to lean of in every facet of their lives. Others have the spirit on which a huge empire was built and have no problem striking out alone with faith in their own abilities. Little Englanders they call us. We call them muppets.
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    If still like City to win the league, Spurs for CL though I don't want Liverpool to win anything, for me their fans are worse than Man Utd fans
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    The silence following the madness of celebrating the goal was fabulous. Kinda wanted citeh to get all 4 just to piss off manyoo but that was fantastic entertainment.
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    Our undersoil heating got us a late MotD appearance. Brighton in the 4th round of the FA cup in 1992 when all their chosen games were frozen off.
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    Rather than the brainwashing of 40 years of the E.U.?
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    You're deluded.
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    A party that has been formed only a couple of weeks are already polling more than labour and the Tories, Chuck in UKIP and you’ve got a 1/3rd of voters backing anti EU parties, it might get even worse for the 2 main parties as Brexiteers defect and join the Brexit party. As a comparison pro remain chukka and his friends are polling 7% 😂😂
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    Brexit was a non party issue. This vote will be along party lines. Assuming labour will fall into no brexit category and Tory into leave, then the figures suggest a roughly 50:50 split. Quite similar to the referendum result?
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    It was built to replace the pelican crossing to ease traffic flow during the Commonwealth games, they changed the plans before it was finished and the council wouldn't let them move the crossing. My ex boss worked for the steel people and he also said that they had considered moving it over De Haviland way instead of the even more dangerous pelican crossing we have now that the office folk use.
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    In my view it's the Brexiteers who have the positive outlook for the UK. The Remainers want more of the same as the last four decades - toeing the Federal line; taking instructions and guidance from Brussels and paying for the 'privilege'. Remainers have peddled nothing but negativity since the referendum. "We are all doomed. Doomed I tell ye".
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    Just listened to his sky sports interview If he hasn’t got any money after all this then he is some crackpot
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    "Here we go again"? Believe it or not, I have it somewhere. My send off when emigrating was at the Strawbury Duck and it was on the jukebox. I played it over and over again so the lads persuaded the landlord to take it out of the Wurlitzer and give it to me! Secretly, I think they just wanted me to stop playing the fucking thing.
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    What doea millionaire dress like, Ken Anderson? Only the rich can dress poor.
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    You or him?
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    A remainer referring to brexiteers as negative. Wow.
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    Meanwhile, back in cloud cuckoo land
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    My optimistic belief or hope is that he is backed by some people with serious money, who know he has contacts in the football world. They are using him as an entry into it and are happy for him to take all the publicity and he is happy with this arrangement, as if it comes of and we do end up back in the premiership he comes out as a hero, clears his name and his backers make some of the money back and use things like sponsorship in the most watched league in the world to further their own business interests.
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    aye, I don't think we're done with this yet, based on the club's offical statement saying all debts will be wiped on completion, whilst Bassini says hasn't had time to do due diligence and doesn't know what the debt is
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    Dont be silly! 😂
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    aye Watford for the cup and I wouldn't be arsed if Liverpool won the league, really it's funny that they can't seem to win the PL but, I take equal pleasure from seeing City's quadruple go up in smoke basically, either way, it's funny, especially today, and how VAR fucked them, twice
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    The ONLY fucking thing that matters.
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    Isn’t it in the EUs interest to give us a good trade deal? I think you’ll find they are desperate for us to agree a deal, unfortunately they want to stitch us up so that we cannot control our own trade policies. To leave without the EU controlling our destiny is the key and we will then get a good trade deal. You fear us leaving without any deal, I don’t as that is the best way to get the best trade deal and that is the major difference between you and I. Your prefer to cow tow to the EU for fear of change. I would choose to call their bluff drop out on WTO if necessary and then start to negotiate properly from that starting point. Faint heart never won fair lady.
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    Yet every time a consequence of leave is mentioned you accuse people of project fear.
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    I was thinking the same. Hope I'm wrong. But it's difficult to turn a blind eye to what an absolute bloon he comes across.
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    I predicted this many months ago and reiterated it since andersons rhetoric during his first 12-18 months was - I will also do what was in the best interests of the club. Hence the reason why he claimed he’d rejected numerous tyre kickers after that period, the fans turned on him. He slowly but surely backed away and stopped the very minimal financial support he was providing and wanted to sell to anyone. So the best interests of the club went out of the window the majority of idiots now being negative about Bassini were also the ones who slung shit at Anderson. Campaigned for him to go, marched round the fucking stadium now this could be a fantastic journey or a fucking train crash but the fans above may now start to reap what they sowed and the rest of us just have to go along with the ride
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    Sadly we're between the devil and the deep blue sea and so any port in a storm etc. If he's a front for someone else then at least we can hope they're loaded. I don't like to think of the reasons why someone would choose this individual, who on past performance may be in the global top 5 of the people you don't want near your club as their public face. The alternative may be worse still, he's not a front for anyone and he's here to loot whatever value is left in the land assets. Of course there's a third option. He's a genius at making money from the land market and he's also a massive football fan who has decided to pour all his money into a club he has no prior connection or affinity with.
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    When Bassini was asked if he was really going to pay off all the debt and responded "we'll have to look at it as I haven't had the time to do the due diligence" it set off alarm bells but I'm not sure if he's stupid and loaded or just loaded. Or just stupid. I mean who wouldn't check out anything being sold by Anderson with a fine tooth comb? Can't wait to see what happens, especially if they publish the accounts early to baseline the purchase - and despite what Stuffy and Custard said, page 8 of the 2016 Burnden Leisure filed accounts shows us what Anderson inherited after becoming a Director in March 2016 and I suspect there's not much of it left for Bassini to buy into, so I'm skeptical but hopeful. However, maybe Howard is as good as his word and his consortium have backed him. Or at least someone has with an agreement to take the shares when they're ready. Did Bassini promise us Premiership in 3 years before Howard said that? If so, there must be other backers. I can't remember and can't be arsed to check the timeline. I just hope we can stop worrying about the stability of our club TBH - something that never crossed my mind in the previous 60 years since my first match at Burnden and I hope I don't have to deal with again in the time I've got left.
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    God there’s some drama queens on here. Here we go on our little trip what is being a Bolton Wanderers supporter, we live to fight another day, it may be bumpy, it may be good, but this is us and this is what we have to live. We are still here, buzzing myself 🙂
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    Now, I don't get this in the world of club chairman. El HajDiouff fit right into that bracket. Horrible bloke, but our horrible bloke. Club chairmen are just not there to be liked in the way players are.
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    Wait til he sells the ground....
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    You already have done, in 2016. An establishment stitch up has disregarded your vote though
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    Nice one I loved Arillas, just been unable to get the accomodation we wanted Cant beat the Corfu beer
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    UKIP will be obliterated, brexiteers know who to vote for and who will do most damage.
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    The prem promise I don't give a shit about , having a club to support until the day I meet my maker is what I care about
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    Fuck it. Same as Ken. Starts with a blank slate for me until he proves himself one way or another.
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    As long as the first number isn’t a zero.😂
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    The nation is waking We will still be called racists despite over 30% of all BAME voters voting leave, plus Sweep and Mrs Sweep voting UKIP.
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    Project fear being proven right ? Are you wrapped right ? Where’s the deep economic shock, where’s the 500k job losses promised immediately after the referendum ? Those myths have been proven to be utter bullshit, Britain is booming, remind me please of the amount of people in work again as announced in the last day or so .....highest ever aren’t they ? Your fallacy of being proven right is utter crap as we’ve not yet left,so the case is in the balance and as yet unproven....whereas the predictions re the aftermath have proven to be total and utter nonsense.
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    Until it comes out if ken has filled his pockets or not, in the grand scheme of things he hasn’t done a bad job wouldn’t like to do business with him myself like
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    Where in Corfu? We are staying in Skala for a change
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    Watched that Attenborough thing on Netflix the other day. It most certainly is.
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