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    I agree. I went too far with that analogy. I was attempting to make an extreme example of how far Tommy fans will go to defend/excuse his behaviour. It wasn't intended to be taken literally or personally. Apologies to @royal white
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    Mate of mine I watch England with is a big Brum fan, I was gutted at not getting an away day down there this season. Thanks Cov for changing that. I’ll be honest, up until a couple of years ago, I had a fuck em attitude to clubs going through the mill. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone now. Several relegations, yes but not the possibility of having no club
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    I'm sure it was Margate?! Done well for himself since
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    Not sure what kept me from joining before, but better late than never, eh? I did try to join when Howard Roarke was in full flow but no joy then. I have been a Wanderer for 55 years and have now wandered into retirement in Thailand. I have enjoyed exploring the site and was surprised to see myself from 13 years ago in a photo taken at the Besiktas game. Like everyone, I am hoping for better times ahead. We have been in worse straits before and come out better, so fingers crossed. Up The Whites!!
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    I hope you’ve read all the above and realised that not just your family is in the same boat and we’ve all suffered in some way or another. Now nobody is taking the piss so wind your neck in and share the humour and freedom our forefathers have afforded us.
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    He’ll be fine, he’s on the winning side. I hear Franny Lee is going back into business to supply you chaps on November 1st
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    A rough estimate would give a total of around 1200 points scored in the championship last season. As Norwich and Sheffield United earned an aggregate of less than 200 they clearly lost!!
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    Nothing will ever come close to the political con of the century performed by the leave campaign in 2016.
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    This post is brought to you by the resident Man Utd fan
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    Add desperate to that too! To add to a couple of other posts re potential vote rigging, bookies stopped taking bets on a bp win. Obviously no guarantee, but there's a whiff of fish about it.
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    Please forgive me if my replies seem to come across as being somewhat irritable, that certainly was not my intent. At the bottom of everything that has gone on from pre-Holdsworth take over - and the late team change as his 'business partner' from Michael Collins (you might find this link of interest)... https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/14900955.ex-business-associate-of-investment-firm-that-took-over-bolton-wanderers-jailed-for-part-in-loan-and-mortgage-fraud-racket/ ...to his replacement by Ken Anderson, and including why Davies ended up selling the club to them and from everything there on, all have sense/reasons to them (mainly financial I would strongly suspect) but we obviously aren't aware what most of it is. There is an old saying though that generally holds true and that is 'to follow the money'. Generally speaking most from day one have taken a stance of dislike/mistrust/hatred of Anderson - mainly engendered in particular by the ST, and Iles, who were/are close to Dean Holdsworth from the beginning. There is another saying that people 'live up to one's expectations' of them, meaning if you perceive people to be good you tend to see their behaviour and actions to be good also, but if you perceive them to be bad, you are just confirming your expectations of them. It is an emotional rather than judgement on what they are doing/behaving rather than an informed one. I've simply tried to take emotional judgement out of the equation and tried to understand in financial terms what has actually been going on. This has made me highly unpopular to a certain few on here and elsewhere for doing so. I've never claimed Anderson to be free of sin but I've never cast him as Satan either. If you take a view that Anderson is here on a mission to rape and pillage the club then I can see why people believe he is still trying to do 'one last fuck' by becoming owner of the hotel, however if you look at it from a financial view and follow the financial facts it become fairly obvious (at least in my opinion) that all he is doing is to recover his money from the secured loan on the hotel. (Having re-read the last accounts for the hotel it is valued at roughly £10.5m of which £5.5m is shown as an outstanding creditor to Michael James and £5m of capital assets. The BM loan was secured on Burnden Leisure assets - of which the hotel is). The charge was set against the hotel (indeed that was the reason BM were set to appoint an Administrator to take control of that specific asset) and once it was settled with presumably the money loaned by Eddie to Ken via his company - ICI Ltd. Once the debt was settled with BM, Ken put in £5m of his own money and secured it on the hotel assets to keep the club going, knowing full well that whatever happened he would always get it back. Fwiw I don't post what I do to be controversial or argumentative just for the sake of being so but simply to understand and follow through the logic and facts of what is more likely to have/or be, happening, and sharing them with anybody else who may find them of interest as well, than simply following the ignorance and anger of the crowd - which I guess is the way people are expected to behave and embrace as the 'norm' on social media?
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    Jeysus wept BB, i dislike Man U as much as anyone, but when Beckhams free kick hit the back of the net against Greece i jumped so high i almost had to be scraped off the ceiling! - one of the best England moments in my life. Some things are just bigger than any inter club rivalry.
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    I think you are completely missing the point. Anderson is not looking to own the hotel. He simply wants his secured £5m back and the hotel his where he has his charge. He wants the Administrator to sell the hotel and from the sale settle his £5m loan. That's his objective. It's the job of the Administrator to maximise the return on the sale of the assets for the creditors, so if he gets £5m or more for it (and James is happy with what he gets out of it - maybe turning his equity into ownership in the new company owning the hotel) then Anderson is paid in full and walks away and the new owners seek to turn the hotel in to a profitable business for themselves. It's nothing to do with Anderson wanting ownership of the hotel or 'one last fuck you'. The Administrator selling the club clearly stated that the £25m of funds he was seeking proof of included purchase of the hotel - it isn't his or anyone else's fault if non of the bidders wanted/could not afford to buy the hotel as a package with the club. Personally I wonder if the £25m proof was for the club and an additional unstated amount of proof of say £8.5m could have secured the hotel too, as I had great trouble trying to contain a breakdown of costs/charges/needs required to balance to a £25m amount and a more realistic overall amount without the hotel would have been £25m (KA's secured charge of £5m would have not been contained within that amount for a start) and the hotel proof of funds and let's say £8.5m (where KA's and James charges) would have been contained. If so it seems that nobody wanted to have £33.5m available to buy the club and hotel, whereas six consortiums seem to have the £25m for the club. It seems reasonable to now assume that separate buyers will purchases the hotel from those who buy the club and that it is extremely unlikely that Mr Anderson's intent is take ownership of the hotel for himself (as some form of Machiavellian ongoing scheme to, in your words, do 'one last fuck'). As far as I'm aware the club is not reliant on the hotel, nor the hotel reliant on the club, to trade successfully. I don't even think the original plans for the stadium even included a hotel but was added later as part of the planning consent terms(?). There is no reason why separate owners for the club and hotel could not work together for their mutual benefit for both businesses in the future.
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    When I used to follow England I wouldnt jump up if a DMB scored, it would of been two-faced if i did so i didnt. I even had words with a mate that did when Beckham scored against Greece and he apologised
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    Nice to see they’ve changed the Bank Holiday next year so we can all celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.
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    How much of an issue could it be if the owners of the club were not the owners of the hotel? I guess it depends on who owns the hotel, if not the new club owners. But if you own the hotel how much power does that give someone? Does it include access to the stadium or anything like that? Don’t want some Coventry style situation where we’re not allowed in our own stadium.
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    Football ventures features Pink Floyd shirley.
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    1)Texan Billionaire 2) Xiang Nyeng Corp. 3) Football Ventures featuring Jess Glynne 4) Some old tramp from stoke 5) Mrs Dixon from Darcy Lever 6) Dave Whelan, Mike Ashley, Shania Twain, Laurence Bassini and Crusty the Clown consortium
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    This is the one argument of Brexiters that I can understand. There is definitely a slow shift to a more 'unified' EU. How quickly this is happening is up for debate and whether it is something good or bad is also not always clear cut.
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    Bollocks.... No way there was a Private Road Runner in WW2 I don't think anyone has been taking the piss on this thread mate, it's WWays mark of respect in the weird world in which we live
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    I know he struggled post September last season but I think he should be looking at a higher level than the Northern Irish league. Also you'd like to think he'd have enough put away for a couple of months without wages leaving him in a position where he can fit all of his worldly belongings in a Transit Van.
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    That certainly was not my intention in starting the topic, think the reasoning is pretty clear in the first post, you do appear to acknowledge this to be fair. Nobody has posted anything offensive. You've been around here much longer than me, so certainly long enough to remember when Behind The Stands was more than the current relentless grind of political bickering. To provide some context, my grandad, who I am named after, was killed in Burma in March 1944. My mum was 4 and has no recollection of him. So I don't think the war is funny either. I did think something like this, on which we are all on the same side, might provide a bit of light relief from the Brexit, Trump, Politics and Tommy Robinson threads.
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    683 votes difference in a safe labour seat with the Tory’s 3rd on top of BP winning the EU, the Tories dumping May because of the fear of losing seats to the BP, and it’s me that’s deluded. 😂
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    Because even if you did fulfil your side of the agreement the other side would not necessarily agree that you have and could continue taking your money. Your answer explains a lot about you. I’ll leave it there I’m wasting my time with you, as I’ve always suspected. Cheerio.
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    What did the lad say? I thought Tommy's big thing was "Free Speech"?
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    We know this already, Malcolm.
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    So good they paid him twice?
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    I want our last game in the Prem against Stoke replaying. It was the wrong result and I'm going to cry and stamp my feet until I get me own way Ffs when will the bedwetters in this country accept a result that they don't like??
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