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    And all the other staff to be fair Thanks for everything
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    They've had plenty stick on here And plenty of it from me Fairs fair, if we come through this it will be, in part, because of those folk that kept things ticking over
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    SHIT post of the year award.
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    Totally agree with the sentiment. Coventry haven't had the best of times recently either. More the merrier. Anyone thinking of acting the cunt if a Coventry fan is close by needs to give their head a serious wobble.
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    Not a clue where im sat and I couldn't care less, going with the family
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    So glad this has got the go ahead. I hope there are a few wanted posters about with a picture of Bassini on. I know you lot will know what he looks like, but just in case he tries to hide in with the Cov fans! A bit of a ticket frenzy going on down here; hope we can still bring a fair few, given the timescales. Knowing our fans I'll be surprised if it's under a 1,000, but hopefully more will make the effort to help boost the £££s
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    I won’t knock any player who turned out last week until the full story (or no story) is available. Love a scapegoat don’t we ?
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    typical yorky, won't put a fiver in a bucket
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    True. The drop in gdp has been explained as stocks that were built up due to the earlier Brexit date had been used. It follows that they will be built up again as we approach end of October. The last time I posted on this thread was when the the pessimists were panicking because the FTSE dropped below 7000. Not a peep when it recovered to over 7600. I voted remain.
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    FFS I was hoping it'd be cancelled so I could go and watch Toy Story 4.
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    £20 and £10 - nothing but praise from me! now stop fucking moaning and get them bought you fuckers.
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    I reckon bassini would fuck casino up
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    It's genuinely awe inspiring how you're an expert on everything
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    What's the reason you don't go anymore, you never know these lot might pay attention. For me 20 quid or 24 quid doesn't make any difference, it's less than a decent pint. Less than the random shit I buy if I pop over the road for milk. Folk moaning about 4 quid will happily go out on a Saturday spend 40 quid on a shit gram, 3.50 a pop for a shit beer and 8 quid in a taxi to go to a shit pub. I'm not having 4 quid is the clincher. If it genuinely is then fair enough but I'm not having it. If you've not got 4 quid you certainly don't have 20. For me personally it's because it's shit. I had a season ticket from 91 until 04 when they fucked me over for a cup final ticket and in my rage I handed it back in at the window because it was "fucking pointless having one". We were still doing ok then but the reason I went every week really was habit. Purely and simply habit. The second that refund check came (I was hoping they'd sort me a ticket out) I no longer 'had' to go to the match. I personally go to the match for the day out, starting early, get to the town centre rammed with Bolton, walking down en masse to the ground, being surrounded by like minded people who want to stand shout, sing and claim every decision. I get absolutely none of that at a home game. I go for a couple in an empty put while I wait for the bus to silently drop me off. I sit in a cold empty silent stand where I'll get moaned at if I dare get excited and the little one will ask from the 7th minute when can we go home. It just simply isn't an enjoyable experience, it's incredibly boring. If I tell my 8 year old we're going to an away game he's excited as fuck and mithering every day for a fortnight. I can't drag him to a home game though, he'd rather play Fortnite. I'm not sure what the answer is, I don't think the FA want people clumped tightly bouncing around.
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    I’ll buy you and Mr G some gruel and mead.
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    Any senior player not playing should never wear the white shirt again. Good riddance, goodbye and fuck off.
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    Am I reading this right. Folk are concerned that they might get wet? Ffs, are you made of sugar?
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    Alan Nixon posted it in the sun about the senior players protesting, but is anyone even arsed about them not playing not one looked any better than the youth players against Wycombe last week
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    let's hear their side but yeah, that's where I'm at
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    Top man 👍🏻
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    When there's Bolton fans whinging it's too short notice, I'm saying full marks to all of theirs
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    It would be difficult to organise but getting as many staff as possible on the pitch at half time in a game would be the best way to give the fans a chance to say thanks.
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    Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice that 😀 The work that goes on behind the scenes really is above and beyond, every single person associated with the club over the last few years have my utmost respect for what they’ve had to put up with yet they still turn up to work, and with a smile on their face at that. I’m lucky enough to have recent first hand experience of seeing the staff at the coal face and, as long as the administrators and/or new owners utilise their experience and expertise, our club is in safe hands
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    Ticket office and club staff always been decent, never had an issue. Ticketmaster is a different story. Hopefully the new lot will take that into account, and give 'our own' a bit of a bonus. Can use JM's saved wages.
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    Me too mate...just loathe the EU like we all do on here
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    You wigan cunt😀
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    Fully agree. The staff have shown themselves to be as big a part of the club as the fans. Their loyalty is incredible.
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    Of course football clubs need money but without these staff working the hours they have, not knowing whether there’s any pay for them, the club would be nothing
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    Stupid boy! 😊
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    Marc Iles A certain someone's legal representatives have been told by a certain club's administrators that their client will not be welcome at the #bwfc v #ccfc game tomorrow.
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    Excellent Feeling a whole lot better today Just need the loon to pop off
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    im not expecting owt tomorrow id happily move my seat if it meant they could have more seats its all about survival for bwfc, tribal shit is currently out of the window and they have been tossed about this week nothing we couldve done to avoid it, but even so, they are even more innocent
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    Nice smiley face for bad news in response to good news. It takes all sorts.
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    Heaving now fucked it off will come back later
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    Just been up to buy mine. i asked to be sat next to Bassini . hes put me in west stand, so there's a fair chance,,,,
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    SBHarry is a Coventry fan mate, they have been given an initial allocation of 1800 so getting close to selling them all. Good effort from them, particularly at this late notice 👏
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    One of my pals booked the accommodation for Bolton v Middlesborough at the Millenium Stadium League Cup Final, gets to the counter at the Holiday Inn and he'd only booked Lockerby Holiday Inn by mistake instead of Cardiff the fcuking loon
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    Interesting Chris, thank you. It now makes some sense of a line I picked out of his report that we had at one time land interests in and around Birmingham (page 1 of Appendix 5). I did think that was somewhat strange when I read it!
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    Right, it seems like it might be busy on line. I'll set off to the stadium around 11.30 If anyone would like one collecting whilst I'm going pm me. Can arrange to meet up for distribution before the game.
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    Laurence Bassini is plainly a loose cannon but he seems to have hit Mr Appleton with a bazooka. I seem to recall Bassini making this threat weeks ago. Could Mr Appleton have done nothing to head it off? I can’t honestly say that I’ve spent much of my life reading the reports of company administrators but as one of 6,000 shareholders in Burnden Leisure, I thought that I should at least make some attempt to read Mr Appleton's report on BL. Most of its taken up on how much Rubin's charge for their services but it begins by telling us that BL was formed in 1938 as a 'special purpose vehicle' to hold shares in BWFC. Now that surprised me a bit because, like many of the other 6,000 shareholders, I knew that it was actually formed as an engineering company in Birmingham called Press Tools in 1938 and didn't have any interest in BWFC until its ill-fated reverse takeover of BWFC 59 years later. I say ill-fated because, in next to no time, its cash reserves disappeared down the plug hole just like Eddie's millions did after he rode into town in 1999 to help rescue the club from the financial crisis it faced on that occasion. A certain Dean Holdsworth was on the payroll at the time, but that's another story. In Section 3 Appleton fails to disclose the trading results for 2017/18. Although these have not been signed off by the auditors, who seem to be unpaid for past services, they almost certainly will have been filed with the EFL and are plainly relevant to any understanding of the group’s recent financial history. In Section 4, Appleton explains the background to his appointment and describes Ken Anderson’s attempt to sell the shares between 15 March and 8 May as being ‘overly protracted’. He surely could not have expected it to have been like shelling peas. From 1999 until his death in 2018, Eddie Davies spent an average of nearly £10m p.a. on ‘his hobby’. Most of it was eventually written off but Fildraw/Moonshift/EDT are, according to para10.1, claiming they are owed circa £17m with Ken Anderson claiming he is owed circa £7.5m. Fildraw were responsible for Rubin’s appointment but Mr Appleton has provided no satisfactory explanation as to why he has reduced their claim to £10,050,000 and Anderson’s to £1,578,042. Let’s see what Quantuma have to say today.
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    He might not have fooled you but he did a judge!
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    Ain’t gonna happen. Bolty’s filed an injunction against mick’s shed as revenge for a spat on another thread ITK fact
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    Hilarious how Bassini thinks there will be a game on Saturday.....
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    Or perphaps he's even more of a fruitcake than we all thought.
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    In. Newton to Lime St, couple of pints then train to Rock Ferry. £3.50 return with a Railcard. Bargain.
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    Who's going? Just booked my rattler. A few ales in Liverpool then over to the darkside
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