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    I was in bed at 9pm last night. Felt as shagged as those young heroes must have done. Think I kicked and head every ball with them like has been said the best bit yesterday was looking round me in the stand, ESL social club, the hotel and around the ground and being with comrades who wanted to be there. Folk that will be there till the moment they lock the doors for good. The same faces I saw in Plovdiv and the same I saw at Ipswich away on a Sunday afternoon and every mundane shit home game in the past decade. Loved every single second of yesterday, sat there with my wife, kids, pete and my old fella who hasn’t got many seasons left in him.. We’re not going anyway and either is the club. In it together till the very end 🙌🏻
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    We,ll I spent Friday night knocking a shed down in the back garden and was too knackered to turn out for a pint. I walks to my local at 12 bells today and got saturated, I thought bollocks to it, go home. Anyhow, got off the train at Horwich Parkway and the Heavens opened up again. Gets in Harvesters to meet the family members only to be told they’re staying in Barnstormers, so I trundles up there, so not a great start to the day. Walking down to the ground we had a laugh with some Coventry lads, high spirits considering what both clubs are experiencing, even shook hands with them as I thought we’re on a hiding to nothing. This is where everything changed. Brilliant to see so many old skool in the East stand, lads I thought had retired, great catch up. Anyhow, there’s a feel good factor underneath, everyone seemed rather jolly considering the last few months. The match is something I’ll never forget, like Gonzo was saying, being with family and all kicking every ball all the way though it, singing our bloody hearts out at our age, and appreciating what them lads in the white shirts was doing. When the first disallowed goal went it I was more disappointed for the lads in white effort than my own personal feelings, glad the decisions when their way for them. Them lads bust a gut today, they must of been breathing out their arses doing the lap of honour, the young striker I thought was going to burn himself out he was that focused on closing down earlier on in the game. The buzz when the whistle went was immense, but i was more happy for the team than myself with the result and I’ve never ever felt that at a match before. Glad I never bottled it, really enjoyed today, everybody at the ground contributed to that.
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    You’ve evidently never managed a team of people with that comment
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    When Bassini says he loves this club, he should be made to read through this thread so he can see just how much of a vacuous cunt he looks letting those words spew from his trap. We are the club of Lofthouse, 1958, the barmy 70’s, the bleak 80’s, Rioch, Wembley, Branagan’s save, White Hot, Wrexham, Higson, the King Bill, McGinlay and drawing in Munich. And now, I have to say, the Coventry Kids. So he can fuck off. Right off.
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    I think it’s possible to be a fan of Parky the bloke and not his football
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    Be careful what you wish for, do you think we’d easily attract a replacement with the experience and contacts to deal with this shit? Do you think it would of been wise to blood 17-18 year olds last season with all that was going on and at a higher level? No ones starting a Parky love in, if we had the cash to bring in a new experienced manager and had money to bring in some players then I’d be up for a change, as we’ve got no money we have to stick with what we have and support PP and the coaching team.
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    They’ve been paid as much as the situation has allowed. Theres also been an issue with the PFA loan repayment. Theyve also been paid a hell of a lot more than the lambs they put out to slaughter yesterday the massive shithouse wankers.
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    Great day and so proud. Every young man that contributed deserves the towns respect. I know the seniors have had it rough but it’s time for us to part ways. I can’t justify their decision even if it is to avoid injury they had no issues letting some other lads do it. For me they are worse than Magennis because they saw how much it meant last week. They don’t deserve a fuck off or any abuse because they are not worth it. I hope they all find new clubs and bore the tits off their supporters. COYFWK
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    Should have said he was 'Mixu Paatelainen from Bolton Coroner's Office' and told him his club had burnt down.
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    Ask Bassini what he thinks of Tranmere and if his answer isn't a stream of expletives then he clearly know fuck all.
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    Precisely. The list was the tip of the iceberg. You love a football club because you’ve lived the highs and lows, you’ve got too many tales to tell, you’ve committed emotionally for life. You don’t love a football club if you’ve watched every game on fucking sky at the pub, or if you want to make some money out of it.
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    Forget about football tactics, team selections, formations and substitutions. Parky deserves a medal of honour and our utmost respect and recognition for what he has had to deal with in the last 6 months. His professionalism, manner and commitment have been exemplary. A true leader. Sir, I doff my cap to you.
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    Like a proud parent this morning. Them boys done good. Those that did not attend (for whatever reason) missed a 17 year old keeper (think the film Kes) have a blinder. The linesman have a belter and a team of boys average 19 play their hearts out. I looked at them shaking hands with the CCFC players at kick off and gulped, and said to my mate - they're fucking babies........ -11 It's a start
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    James Weir. 24. Not one of the kids. There are a number who could play quite a few games this season. But let’s not kid ourselves they need some senior players signing to form the backbone of a team. Brockbank, Zouma, Edwards, Politic wouldn’t look out of place and some of the others can contribute for sure. But a few senior players will help them out. Hopefully. New ones. Not the striking wankers...
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    New born baby last Friday, my first.
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    Couldn’t just give him the credit, then? He’s shown passion in abundance just by sticking with it through our most difficult period since the early 80s. He’s a hero for me.
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    Didn’t post this last night as rightly it was all about those young men that played But, I’m going to play devil’s advocate Think it’s odd that the seniors ALL refused to play yesterday yet last week it was only Magennis. Lowe has been heralded for weeks. i wonder if there’s more than meets the eye to them not playing yesterday. I don’t mean an event that’s not connected to the current saga, but a specific part of it that’s led to the action. just seems a spectacular u-turn relative to last week...Parky avoided any questions on them in his interview so that didn’t give any clues. I dunno, but I’d like to see if we find out before we decide we don’t want to see any of them again. Also, as amazing as yesterday was, even if it’s not “the strikers”, let’s not kid ourselves that yesterday’s squad can compete in this league for a full season To give context; you’d normally have 2-3 players from an age group have “any” career in football; never mind this...
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    Yes. She's sensational
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    Was in the Shed end when Graeme Rowe missed, in the cup. A Chelsea fan tried to set my mates coat on fire. We scarpered pronto. And no. it wasn't a blazer, or even a smoking jacket.
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    My sarcasm or your sarcasm besedes us 😀
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    I need a bigger shed tmgj kindly gave me a lawnmower. It’s an absolute beast Deserves it’s own place
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    s Somebody mention sheds?
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    If you're going down the challenge/review route. One per half is more than enough
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    Our legal advisor suggests favourite is still wednesday but could get a hearing tomorrow if they want one
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    And all the other staff to be fair Thanks for everything
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    Anyone saying the seniors can get stuffed for not playing...how can you say that when you don't have a clue why they didn't play? 100% of senior players either chose to, or were prevented from playing. So you are suggesting we just happen to have the weakest, morally corrupt players in the entire country. That's unlucky on Parkys part to have signed them. Let's only sign players in future that guarantee to play when the club is in admin, when not receiving wages correctly for upto a year. So that's maybe 2% of professional players we can look at as potential signings? Whilst our competitors are free to go for anyone that's any good? That's going to work.
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    There's a merseyrail strike next Saturday. Will that affect us ? Do Mersey ferries run sail on Saturdays ?... can't find it Are tickets on sale anywhere ? Have we got an away kit ? Be reet.
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    i dont want to get into deatils as its unfair on yesterdays heroes, but yes they would.
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    I have a lot of respect for Parkinson considering what he's had to endure, but I don't want him coaching these young kids with his anti football philosophy, he could ruin some of these young lads careers and they'll get little chance of first team football under his management.
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    Still buzzing after yesterday. I need to echo the importance of Weir; he seemed to really come into his own in the second half at Wycombe, and his composure on the ball in the middle of the park made a massive difference to all the kids yesterday. Not to mention his charging over to the linesman after the first disallowed goal 😂 I sat behind the benches yesterday for a change as I’ve had a ST in NSL for every season, bar a season as a ball boy. Does Parky usually head straight down the tunnel at the final whistle? Every credit for his words on GMR and taking a backseat. I’m just confused by his stance at the end of both games so far. I have the utmost respect for him and everything he’s done, and personally would be happy for him to stay. Who was the poster on here the other day, who was making a point that he was working on his shed instead of going to the game? I’m embarrassed and gutted for him after that.
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    I'm not wishing for anything, just triying to put some perspective on if. The emotion felt by all of us after yesterday game was fantastic. My opinion is based on his last 2 seasons and I'm not going to change it because of yesterdays game and emotions. The PP lovers on here are jumping on this emotion from yesterdays game and are trying to justify hes the right man for our club. I don't think he isn't,... I know he isn't.
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    Hold on!! We are now all of a sudden back to a Parky love in. It's a bit like Brexit and you are a Leaver, to scared to say anything in case the remoaner parky faithful abuse you. Ffs! Those young lads were trained all week by Mcann & Spooner, if PP and Parkin were involved, we wouldn't have got that performance. Yes Parky showed some emotion and passion on the radio post-match, but a medal of honour, fuck off! He's handled himself with dignity throughout all this shit, i get that, but were else is he gonna be? I don't see many takers? At the end of the day Phil Parkinson as football manager of BWFC is not what we need right now, those kids won't benefit in the long run from his management. 3 or 4 of them kids should have been given a chance in the 2nd half of last season when we had fuck all to lose, it never happened. Yesterdays game and result in many respects was a novelty, it won't carry on like that, these kids need senior pro's to bring them on, and I'm afraid PP is not the answer, I wouldn't trust him to bring the right personnel in based on past recruitment. Some of you might say "it's not the time" , no other club gives a fuck about our situation, I remember Pompey and Leeds going through the wringer, and I for one didn't give a flying fuck, although wouldn't wish them to extinction. Sluffy, your record word count is still intact!
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    I agree. At a time when everyone has been turning their backs on the club - he's been stoic and resolute. Personally - I think he should still go once (if) the takeover happens. Primarily because we need to be seen to be having a fresh start. But I won't hear a bad word spoken about his character.
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    City centre shitholes with decent beer is what I’ll aim for
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    ET and pens will take our lads past their bedtime
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    Think we only made 1 sub yesterday and that was to bring a 16 year old on. The kids can not play 2 games a week. We need some old heads back. We also need to know why they did not play yesterday after playing at Wycombe. What changed ? Need the full story before lynching anyone.
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    Lineker made the point last night, if you're going to try to be so accurate, how do you decide when the ball was played? For a few frames the ball is on the player's foot, so it it when it first contacts the foot of when it leaves it? During that time the runner can have gone from being on to off. It's spoiling the game.
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    It is getting silly now Most lying about crying to, grow up, load of puffs
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    This weekend, all I am bothered about is enjoying that performance. As a fan I want a team committed to playing for the Bolton badge and they did that by the bucketful. I’m not interested in people who did not turn up or players who did not play. It was their loss. People who was there had a day they will never forget. One of my favourite ever game. Up there with united away, Munich, Hull away etc. We will forget the players who could not be arsed but we will remember the commitment of the young Bolton team forever. Like other posters have said, some decent older pro’s added to that team we will head in the right direction. COYWM
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    Today VAR (spit) came to the Premier League (spit). Now I'm not a fan of VAR and we have had Shearer floating around saying it's a good thing and will only be used for clear & obvious errors. OK, but is this the thin end of the wedge? Is being offside by a toenail a clear and obvious error? Or is it valid because it's just upholding the laws of the game? We're never going to get a perfect game. But do we want to get as close as we can and erode the Wilbraham moments? #luddite?
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    Thanks mate, can't wait to brainwash her and bring her to matches.
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    Echo your sentiments, however, let's not be negative and point fingers. Encourage and be positive. Get a good feeling going rather than "you're a shitfan if you don't attend". Not aimed at you specifically. It's just summat that's creeping into WWays generally We need support both home and away. Home for the money obviously but away as well to keep giving this group of players a lift and show them how much we appreciate them for pulling on the shirt and playing for us
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    I said this months ago but I get the impression that parkie is the only person keeping this whole shit together. He's come unstuck this season and at the back end of last season too. His tactics last season don't need bringing up again but I reckon he's the reason we only missed one game and not more last season. Not saying he should be staying but he shouldn't be hounded out of town on a par with lennon /freedman
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    Put Steejay in the lower, he might be able to focus on the game from there - or H more likely could
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    North upper is family stand but it’s been sparse for years put them near casino in west lower i would say keep one upper tier open for steejay & Mick brown job done
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    Aye, great that; could tell he was so frustrated with him
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    Don’t think ever felt as proud to be a Bolton fan. 2 kids, the wife, peteski and my old man kicking and heading every ball at the end like it was the World Cup final. We are in it together folks, right to the motherfuckin end. I love this club.
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    Ladies and gentlemen. THAT is why I go to the football. Not for millionaires of watching the glory teams. For THAT - guts, passion, determination and 11 young lads living the dream. Honestly was holding back tears at the full time whistle. And anybody who was there today - you were fucking brilliant. Didn't hear one negative comment - one whinge or one bit of bullshit. Absolute 100% rock solid backing. Thank you! Fucking love Bolton me!
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