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    There's plenty of evidence to suggest the deal was genuinely about to be done, irrespective of what Nixon is currently saying. Ken is playing brinksmanship again and the EFL are trying to call his bluff. Meanwhile FV remain silent.... which I've mixed feelings about. It leaves an information vacuum for us fans but could also be seen as the responsible way forward in a complex deal. The EFL are trying to bring matters to a head. I've not enough knowledge to judge whether them going through with the threat to expel us from the league would lead to Anderson being out of pocket. If so - then they are doing the right thing by giving him the threat. Ken Anderson is interested in Ken Anderson's bank balance. By midweek we will know the extent of how much of a lowlife he is. My overall aim as a Bolton Wanderers fan remains to start next season as a normal football club in League 2, looking forward to Saturday afternoons and a future with some excitement as we climb back up the ladder - a la 1987-1995.
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    My facts as always chaps
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    Give it a rest or open a thread where you can all argue like little bitches.
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    Along with being unable to stop any shots from outside the area, that would confirm to me that his eyes are fecked.
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    Every term you can think of for Anderson we already knew. He acted like that since the minute he walked through the door the big difference was he was doing it for the benefit of the club. To keep it on life support. He pissed everyone off but ultimately got what he wanted. But he was our Cnut so we got on with it now he’s pitting himself against us people are surprised at how he’s acting. It’s what he was, is and always will be & I will quite happily dance on his grave when the day arrives
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    I’m just fuming at KA refusing to sign and thinking wouldn’t it be fantastic if he ended up empty handed, of course I want the deal to go through and don’t want liquidaton at the same time I want KA to feel the pain he’s caused thousands of Bolton fans. I’m flying home today, that’s not helped my mood. 😂
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    You hate Anderson more than you love Bolton? I think of all your posts, this may be the one with which I most disagree (and that’s saying a lot). Liquidation - this one is officially a Mounts prediction.
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    If you didnt go today out of choice because you couldn't be arsed, Fucking stay away.
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    Enough of the doom and gloom When and not if we get sorted which of the young lads have impressed you For me Edwards has stood out he looks confident on the ball and not afraid to put his foot in were it hurts think hes got a very good future in the game
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    Am sure Crausby (Citeh fan if bothered at all about football) and Yasmin will do same for us. Not
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    Alistair Campbell
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    Sluffy, have you caught crabs from 'Ken' yet?
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    Wonder if Ken caught crabs off Kathy Lloyd, who got them off Lee Anderson?
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    Been out climbing hills in Scotland. Glorious weather, crickets put a smile on my face along with the England rugby result yesterday. Steak and beer coming up.
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    Had it 3 times all of them amazing. First time I went into work at argos at about 10am thinking I was fine and sat laughing my head off at the kids toys in the stock room. Other time was watching the avalanches at the warehouse project. Dancing with people and they were turning to goblins and back normal with every breath I took in and out. Came home with £280 in fivers too. Amazing! As baz said. 10/10 would do again!
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    Wasted review not looking so clever now - another Joel Wilson special there
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    If Ken got a problem with EDT then I’m hoping he’s bit of more than he can chew and they fucking incinerate the cunt.
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    His day will come, I’ve no doubt whatsoever about that.
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    Cunt. The family of the bloke who funded him in his cause, and he can't stop himself. Wanker.
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    Another opportunity for stokes to guide his team home here, a bit like the world cup final.
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    Never liked Branston
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    This is correct. Notice was served immediately upon entering admin and then suspected immediately. Tuesday starts the 14 day clock.
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    Fuck me it’s like that fight scene in Bridget Jones Diary in here
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    This 👍🏻 Absolutely spot on!
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    Kens got crabs .... end of!
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    They aren’t punishing us at all. They are trying to help.
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    We all are feeling it. I'm a believer in what goes around, comes around. He'll get fucked over sooner or later.
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    He’s a parasite. Slowly be extracted from the host.
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    Having just seen the statement, it seems more of stern warning to the protagonists. Perhaps Tuesday seems a bit short notice given a bank holiday, but maybe they also know Anderson is a cunt. Mounts: hope you've not been on the gin mate, you seem really down! I don't want us to fold, even if it means Anderson gets his pot of gold. Just get the fucker away from the club forever. Hire a few buses later to visit the restaurant and have an opinionated debate after it's all sorted; might make a few feel better, but for now let's keep our club.
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    I understand he’s frustrated mate. We are all pissed off and bored to death with this whole crap situation and KA seems to be acting like an absolute ****. I want it to be over. However, I just can’t understand some people who want liquidation for our club, let alone those who would let the club die, just to spite someone else. Would I be happy if KA walked away with millions from this deal? Not at all. Would I hand over his cheque myself if it meant I could catch up with you for some beers at the football in Walsall next season - absolutely.
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    Anyone think the problem may be personal between KA n MJ? Im thinking they’re so entrenched in their positions n neither will budge that It might need someone to bang their heads together to get it sorted! I propose Mounts do it 😊
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    He’s angry mate. I get it
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    Yes, and I think Nixon’s tweets allude to this. Administrator went to court to get legal protection for accepting a ‘lower’ bid. KA potentially agreed to FV deal until he discovered the value of the Kamani bid, at which point he (maybe even rightly) reneged.
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    Embarrassing. There are teenagers who'll take criticism of Harry Styles better than you take criticism of a former football agent you have no connection with. Anyway, that's now twice in two weeks we've been a signature away until something drastic happened (first the injunction, now Ken's reverse Christmas Carol act). Hopefully the EFL hace cottoned on that giving these arseholes endless rope does nothing but keep the club tied up. This ultimatum should've come before the Wycombe game.
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    Strange thing, the mind and the collective mind Root should acknowledge that some of the shots yesterday were really poor But, if criticism spurs him on, then he can count on me to remind him of his predilection for sheep
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    He was sat in front of us calling the ref a cunt!
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    Rough with the smooth, I agree totally, but we must be the envy of all the leagues supporting our team through this. Our young lads are fantastic, our fans are too and I’m so bloody proud of everyone who was there today. Fuck em, we’re Bolton Wanderers and we’re still here.
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    Unless Bury get dinged for 3pts for every game postponed I'd have to agree.
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