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    I'll chip in for a tv licence for you, it'll save a lot of explaining
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    Some decent crowds at Burnden in Div 3 in 72/73.
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    And accidentally discover a cannabis farm https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/rooftop-weed-farm-accidentally-busted-by-helicopter-filming-bike-race-a4229861.html
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    Anyone who thinks Boris Farage and JRM have the interests of working northerners at the heart of anything they do is totally deluded.
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    Be incontinence pads next Varifocals my arse
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    I can understand all that, agree to an extent. However when you have a government machine coming out with hugely outlandish statements, is that not similar behaviour? Who is looking at that and saying stop abusing your privilege of position? Were folk frightened by it and convinced voting out would lead to catastrophic economic developments? It became a dirty fight no doubt, not sure about the impact on either side; would imagine most had already decided. For those left, perhaps the dark side, led by Lord Analytica was more attractive.
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    Only been to two games this season but at Gillingham I though Brockbank was all over the place and nowhere near ready; Cant remember much about the other game mind
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    Unless it's a referendum
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    Yes it means you can scan your phone at the turnstile with no need to print anything.
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    Keith Hill and Dave Flitcroft Keith And David
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    I was in Riyadh last year working and there was a music event on with western artists. (David Guetta, Black Eyed Peas etc.) Mixed crowd too no segregation. Burkas were off and being waved around their head helicopter style. Pretty mad to watch.
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    There are exactly 6 Wanderers fans in my small rural town. Last night I went to the Friday night rock do in the pub only to find it was "folk weekend" - not that I mind folk but this was proper finger in the ear medieval hey nonny no chanting of the worst sort. My mate and I were about to leave when two of the aforementioned Bolton 6 walked in and when they saw me at the bar practically ran across the pub yelling KHSWA, gave me several (manly) hugs and we stayed until 1 o'clock talking Wanderers and getting hammered until I crawled back home to get dog's abuse from the missus. Great night - although I never did find out what happened to the maiden who was forsaken by her true love. Died of grief presumably.
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    That Endsleigh music sounds like it should be on Escape To The Country or something! This is the standard by which all midweek football highlights shows should be judged: http://youtu.be/Cu21kEn7UWY GONZOOOOOOO!!!!
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