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    Under 18s that attend the first 5 games have paid £50. Its only £57 for the last 17 games (and £42 for U12s). We are all grateful we played at all knowing what could have happened, let's just draw a line under the other 5 games, what would Bury fans be willing to pay to have some games to attend.
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    Can’t say I was happy when my lad came home from his normal non religious primary school telling me all about how god created the world. No way should any part of that nonsense be allowed in the curriculum.
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    Anyone seen the documentary on BBC2 tonight 'The Rise of the Nazis' ? Opening lines tonight 'its January 1933, Germany has a new chancellor, he refuses to engage in the boring detail of day to day running a country. He does not read his briefs and has no interest in the opinion of experts. Instead he tasks his team with a simple assignment "destroy democracy and make him dictator". Sound familiar?
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    Just sends you email confirmation mate , if you press it 3 times you get 3 mails
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    I can already predict the uproar when prices are £350 a season next year. "fucking outrage putting prices up" without any thought that we've got a 17 game season ticket this year and it's 24 games next year. I'll gladly be proved wrong but I reckon it will deffo be a comment on twitter or the BEN comments section.
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    Zoom in a bit more, says "miserable twat" on it 😁
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    Christ. See this is what happens when you take these characters on. There have no answers. Hartley-Brewer straight in with exactly the type of question the BBC never ask! I would have also asked her: * If you Lib Dems think there should be a second referendum what's to stop leavers campaigning immediately for a third in the event of a remain win? After all, you've set the precedent for such behaviour and lowered the bar. * If remain won such a "people's vote" (as you so pompously call it) how do you think leavers would behave in defeat given the graceless example of remainers since June 2016 in failing to recognise that democracy only works if there is consent from the losing side? * If remain won a "people's vote", do you really imagine that you'd get your status quo of pre-2016 back in any way? * What has happened to all of George Osborne's predictions, made very clearly in his 2016 leaflet to all UK homes? * Do you want us to join the Euro as well as stay in the EU? If not, why not? Given that the whole thrust and purpose is further centralisation and federalisation of precisely this kind? Surely you either believe in the EU and its "project" or you do not. You can't have it both ways. I might have expanded a little on Hartley-Brewer's question as follows. * When David Cameron, Hilary Benn and others said very clearly in the 2016 campaign that this was a once in a generation vote and that "leave" meant leaving the Customs Union, Single Market and all of the other cobblers, were you struggling with your deaf-aid? Absolute rabble. And Olney is a prime example.
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    Ex Millwall left back James Meredith, he still hasn't been fixed up yet, might be worth a punt.
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    Aye, seen it many times mate. They’re truly pathetic,
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    I think you’re missing the point fella, Malc was screaming regarding your mathematics. No wonder you think 48 is greater than 52
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    Ian Marshall did ok for us.
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    I originally thought he was taking the piss, I now actually think he's just struggling to take it all in, which is fair enough as it is quite complex in parts. It's a shame because its people like him and his sort who the HoC are really taking the piss out of.
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    Lines that get used once every 2 weeks won’t help either.
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    Our local comp out performed the two private schools for A level results and Oxbridge entrants. Raise the standard of comprehensives and it will benefit everyone not just the well off.
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    I'd have to disagree based on my own personal experience. My daughter goes to a grammar school here in Rossendale and as it's a school who chooses its intake purely on an academical basis, there seems to be far fewer "wasters" at the school. I'm not saying the teaching is better, but it has got to be a better place to learn at than at the local comp where half the class just want to piss about.
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    Having a choice - something Labour would like to take away from you.
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    Because it is perfectly reasonable for a parent to want the best education for their child. I certainly couldn't afford to send my kids to private school but I don't resent those that can.
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    Not yet last I heard we was down to the last 400
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    Should abolish religious schools. Utterly divisive.
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    Castle Eden, Tetleys, Boddingtons. Ales I don't miss: Greenhall Whitley, Lyon / Matthew Brown, Burtonwood.
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    Won’t happen and just a ploy to capture the anti-posh folk vote.
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    Carling premier on draught.
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    A clear-out is exactly what this is. Long overdue. Parliament v the people is not sustainable for ever.
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    Having spent two years demanding a general election on an almost daily basis, Jeremy Corbyn and the remain zealots who pull his strings have now voted to block one. The opposition parties that accuse Boris Johnson of mounting a coup refuse to let him seek a mandate. MPs are now in the bizarre position of propping up a Government they have calculatedly undermined for the sole purpose of overturning a referendum whose result they repeatedly promised to respect even if they disagreed with it. And then they have the hubris to portray themselves as the democrats. The contortions are incredible. What is happening now is a long overdue realignment in British politics. The Conservative party is at last becoming the party of nation and casting aside liberalism. It isn't "far right" in any economic sense - far right parties don't splurge billions on public services as announced by Sajid Javid last week. It is certainly right wing in a social sense - and the opinion polls increasingly show a very positive response to this. The current zombie parliament (the longest since 1640) with its remain majority is out of step with the nation and is at the end of its days, thrashing around like a drowning man. It is like a beleagured batsman trying to bat out the last day of a test, playing for time trying to stave off inevitability and using every bit of chicanery going. The Tory party will select leavers as parliamentary candidates (as I pointed out on here months and months ago). The only thing to stop a comfortable leave majority in the next parliament is the lack of a pact between the Brexit Party and the Conservatives. Reality is dawning on this - talks have taken place between the ERG and Nigel Farage. The Europhiles have been wrong about everything since the Exchange Rate Mechanism fiasco of the early 1990s and their confident predictions that the Euro was a wonderful thing to join. They're still wrong. They're still in denial. Inevitability is coming. Britain will leave the EU. It is a matter of when not if. And history will not be kind to the likes of Hammond, Swinson, Cooper, Gauke and Blackford.
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    Good riddance, get a proper Brexiteer on board instead. Get the gloves off and keep punching Boris.
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    There are exactly 6 Wanderers fans in my small rural town. Last night I went to the Friday night rock do in the pub only to find it was "folk weekend" - not that I mind folk but this was proper finger in the ear medieval hey nonny no chanting of the worst sort. My mate and I were about to leave when two of the aforementioned Bolton 6 walked in and when they saw me at the bar practically ran across the pub yelling KHSWA, gave me several (manly) hugs and we stayed until 1 o'clock talking Wanderers and getting hammered until I crawled back home to get dog's abuse from the missus. Great night - although I never did find out what happened to the maiden who was forsaken by her true love. Died of grief presumably.
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    Jehovah Vitness (German branch)
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