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    Next tuesday ( against Oxford United ) sees us play our first home league match since we came out of administration . New Owners , a new managerial team and new players will all be there to take the applause of the supporters. One man who wont be there is the man who , even in death , ensured via his family and his trustees that we would have a club to support worthy of his legacy . Today ( the 11th of september ) is the first anniversary of the death of Eddie Davies . Looking back on the words of Paul Appleton as we came out of administration "I would like to pay particular tribute to the Eddie Davies Trust and their legal team who, throughout this whole process, have been willing to do everything in their power to ensure Eddie's incredible legacy was maintained and not sullied. "Even at the 11th hour when other parties were content to renege on their agreements, the Trust realised the very existence of Bolton Wanderers was at stake and were willing to find a compromise to save the club. It is a testament to their unflinching determination to do what was best for Bolton that we are able to complete the deal today. "The Trust were forced to constantly compromise their position in the face of circumstances and demands which were wholly unreasonable. This says much about their determination not to allow Eddie's beloved Bolton Wanderers to suffer any longer at the hands of Ken Anderson. I cannot help but think that to mark both the anniversary of his death and in respect to his family and his trustees it would be fitting if at this match we as supporters showed our appreciation of what was done and what might have been lost Eddie would have been 73 today , and the best I can come up with is a 73rd minute lighting up the stadium with our mobiles as a thank you Whatever we do , we should not do nothing
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    Just rang to sort mine and tickets for next two home games. Mentioned to woman in ticket office how good staff have been over last few months. Her reply......’Well we all love the club.’
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    Nice freebie mate
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    However you slice it without Eddie Davies there would have been no Munich Madrid or even Bourgas . Thankyou Eddie , you deserved more respect than you received .I agree a more permanent tribute should be made maybe naming the West stand after him.
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    5 posts in and the thread is turned into a way to have a go at the Trust and who can write the longest post and pat themselves on the back. It’s predictable and boring! Top man was Eddie Davies, without him we wouldn’t have seen the amazing highs that have made the last 5-7 years seem so shit. There won’t be another like him.
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    Do you really have to be a cunt #? best shut the fuck up and and let people think youre a cock than post and prove us all right , you massive fuckin thruster.
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    Seems like the SupportersTrust has forgotten and so has Iles. Not suprised in the least by either of them but for those who missed my earlier posting, here's a memoriam published in IOM Today. EDDIE DAVIES 11th September 2018 One year has sadly passed. With treasured memories of a dearly loved husband. You are in my thoughts every day and I miss the love and laughter we shared for 32 years. With all my love, Sue.
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    Oh I forgot. In right wing extremist land where Cummings controls the messaging its all going well and we shouldn't be alarmed that our government is now questioning the impartiality of our legal system. Nothing sinister or worrying at all....
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    Sharon doesn’t want Mancs
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    Made me smile! Not quite; they’d be sat with you, but sending messages to the other side to highlight any weaknesses and negotiating a poor surrender agreement.
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    I take a dim view of fans who get upset by a player cupping their ears. FFS. Fans sit there screaming abuse at a player for weeks on end. He scores and cups his ears at the fans. What sort of snowflakes can't just accept that the player is probably a bit frustrated and letting off steam?
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    I popped down to the Stadium yesterday to ask about Hospitality and I was directed to Main Reception from a very busy Ticket Office. Main Reception rang through for me and a couple of minutes later a lady joined me in the reception area. She informed me that she had a prior appointment in 20 mins but would go through all the options with me. I decided to go Platinum in the end and interestingly she was unable to accept payment from my Debit Card at that time. Bank Transfer however was acceptable and I should be receiving details today via email to complete the transaction. When I asked her how busy they were she replied that they’ve been “snowed under”. She also informed me when asked that the new owners were like a “breath of fresh air”.
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    lager on tap? id rather drink from the piss stones.
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    I will not have anything bad said about miamiwhite. He dealt with the biggest know-it-all, opinionated, Yarkshire battleaxe of all time today. My mother. She loves him. He’s ace. End of. No other opinion counts. According to her. So it’s true
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    I agree but we don’t know the outcome or what the destination looks like yet. Would you turn around from a journey half way there and head back home cos someone told you it was going to be shit or would you carry on and see for yourself ?
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    Whichever has fewest people trying to stop you getting there.
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    Imagine what I was like on the phone 😢😢
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    Not so sure about doing stuff to specifically target one ethnic group or another. Tackling racism; yes, obviously. But apart from that, we're here to watch the football, to bring unity behind a single cause. No religion, prayer rooms or any such other than the game itself. I've seen a couple of Asian lads near me before, I've seen others outside the ground, and Tuesday met the owner of our local home brew shop. We're doing fine.
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    Just picking up on your comment about I am Kloot, as they grew as a band the live performances did seem to deteriorate where as when they first started performing in small venues like band on the wall ect they were brilliant.
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