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    Felt ten foot tall coming out. Lad was more into a game than I've ever seen him. He said he didn't think he could cope with his blood pressure! Was that worked up he rubbed a sore spot on his hand with the other one. When we came out, I told him to be aware as we past the away end, anticipating a few of their balloons, given what had gone on. Sure enough, a small number of black clad, well 'ards appeared giving it 'you fuckin cunts'. Quiet enough so as not to get noticed by the police. For the first time ever at a match, I had the sincere desire to chin someone. Perhaps being protective of my lad, but fortunately, he told me not to bother! Glad to, because it's been a long, long time since I've walked back to the car, with a spring in my step and that warm glow that you've just shared something really good and positive. Want some more now.
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    There's a crack up in the ceiling And the Stretford End is leaking Georgie Best has got no money He only plays because hes funny What are we waiting To see you yooonited in division 4 No money coming in Sir Matt Busby's gonna pack it in REMEMBER THAT ONE :lol:
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    Thanks to the power of Wanderersways (and 'Cheese) another brilliant outcome
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    I paid £250 to a Sri Lankan disaster fund and you question me? 259 people lost their lives that day, thousands of people lost loved ones and millions more around the world expressed sympathy with Sri Lanka. So because there was a Sri Lankan community grieving for their own in my parish who were raising funds to help those left behind to rebuild their lives I wanted my £250 to add to their funds. I said to you what I was doing and you accepted it as our bet could have taken 10 years or more to settle and I felt that cause was far more worthy. You are such a low life to try and question my integrity and those that know me off here know how I would help anyone if I could. So if you are so desperate for the money then I can gift you £100 no questions asked. Let Miami know where you want it sending.. Blocked
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    Plenty folk had Thatcher down as evil She did some stuff that caused real hardship for folk But I reckon whatever she did, she did cos she thought it was a price that needed paying These tossers are in it for themselves....Some for money and some for ego I don't actually hate Johnson, I think for all his education, he's not the brightest The likes of Mogg, I'd not bat an eyelid if they jossed it overnight
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    He asked a question. I answered. Why you sticking your beak in? And you can do whatever the fuck you like sunshine. No skin off my nose if you’re smoking/drinking/snorting yourself to death. Fill your boots
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    Watching Bolton over the years have made my stress levels high, but these last two home games have boosted me up no end.
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    I think you know the answer; blind loyalty to stupid, anti-business, anti-patient care and high taxes.
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    I thought that at was Vera Lynn... Whale meat again
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    I thought he got caught under the flight of the ball and his iffy header led to the opportunity for their lad, which he took well to be fair. Otherwise though, he came through another tough test pretty well. As you say Mounts, if he can gradually iron out those odd little issues, he could be a real player, good if not better than his brother, who hasn't done bad for himself O'Grady has been one of the best in the lower leagues for years at holding the ball up and bringing others into play, as well as being a tidy finished with either foot. Trusted by Hill to do the job he was given today and did it really well. Still a solid performer at this level
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    Yep have to agree looking forward to every game, forgot how that felt.
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    Above all else - the great performance, the team looking like a team, fitness levels back - I just really really enjoyed being at the match again. Its been a chore, a steaming pile of shitty dross for so long that I’d forgotten what it felt like for the football to be an integral part of going to the match. Honestly feels like we’ve got the club back and there’s nowt better. Nowt.
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    I'd be saving mine, so I could put it in a bag and post it to Joey Barton.
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    I speak with authority on this... FUCK WIGAN
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    Stop just stop, you’ve listened to too much momentum and leftist shit, it’s embarrassing, selling off the NHS FFS it don’t make money its big black hole, but one we will never ever give up.
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    "Socialism is evil" says person using NHS.
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    I was talking to a Wigan fan the other day and he said our 9k season ticket sales was "Poor" They scraped 9k at home today in the Championship and we got nearly 13k in Div1 with a shit away following. So how many ST's have Wigan shifted? Can't wait to bump into him again.
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    Yeah i thought that when i saw KD at ht it was a proper workman goal chasing everything and knicking the ball to score. Jason lowe and murphy up front with a sweet goal that he almost walked into the net leaving me having palpitations that he would get tackled.
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    We’re all falling to bits. Hope it goes well mounts 👍🏼
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    He does but Hill encourages that, i know a lot of folk not keen on him but in my eyes once he irons out his decision making he could be very special.
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    I mentioned yesterday how many elections I’ve been through since I first voted in 1974 (12) In every one, Labour have accused the Tories of trying to privatise the NHS. It’s utter nonsense. There is no evidence to back up these claims yet it’s still churned out relentlessly by people who otherwise seem quite intelligent. Political brainwashing at its best.
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    Couldn't give a fook about the EFL and if we go down this season, we're in the right hands now and a manager that knows what he's doing, we'll be back regardless.
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    VAR is the worst thing that’s ever happened to professional football.
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    I know. I was agreeing with you.
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    With regards to the Tories and the NHS it is frustrating to read so much ill informed stuff. In 2010 Cameron ran on basis of not reorganising or restructuring the NHS as it was at the time performing very well. Less than a month after winning the election his government launched the biggest top down reorganisation ever. And it was of absolutely zero benefits to patients. The grand aim of it was to take millions of NHS staff eventually out of NHS employment and into the private sector. It completely fragmented the service and left GPs responsible for commissioning. A nonsensical decision. But beyond that we’ve all read Boris front bench views on the NHS. We’ve seen what they are trying to do in secret. They won’t openly admit to it just like Cameron didn’t but it’s the Tory way. Lie and then decimate the NHS by a thousand cuts. Anyone who has been involved with it knows this. Headline promises or even spending commitments aren’t worth the paper they are written on.
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    Thought our stewards were great today in the away end, they must have chucked half of the Cod army out and there wasn't lots of them anyway.
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    Another JC made up fact. Tory party to sell of the NHS. Utter codswallop. What does it matter if American companies have greater access to our market for medicines and supplies? Plenty of countries currently do and no body minds.
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    No, actually ahead of inflation https://fullfact.org/health/spending-english-nhs/
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    We have MK, Wimbledon and Southend the next 3 home games plus Accy away
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    Takes a bit of organisation we didn't know we were at home til 2 weeks ago. Anyway got a bit lucky that half if they could head a ball they'd have scored a couple not safe yet by any means. Having said that when we go forward we look threatening and it's ace.
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    Fucking hell - nose bleed time. Hell of a bugler by the way!
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    Beautiful and impeccable pre-match by the club . LWF
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    Course they won't. It would be suicide. It will continue to be death by a thousand cuts.
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    Be good to win this. Wanderers have just announced the departure of goalkeeper coach Lee Butler. Bet he's gone to the mackems.
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    Cracking goal from Josh King. Always good to see yoonited losing.
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    Traditionally the main opposition parties don't field a candidate in the Speaker's constituency.
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    Could get a good team off here with that qualifying criteria
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    Much bigger issues at Stoke than the manager. Understood when he took the chance, but they’re stuck in a spiral much like we were once we dropped out of the Prem.
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    Shame none of them know the words. It's THE Queen. Not our Queen.
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    If he’s a big lad then I would say a bigger shirt where down south roughly as I’m in Bolton next week and then down south the week after so as long as it’s not penzance south I could deliver it ? happy to help out
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    I dunno why you bother Anybody questioning your integrity needs to take a long hard look in a mirror Poor form, RW
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    More indiscretions than a Brian Rix farce.
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    Broad Sword to Danny Boy, come in, over.
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    Massive game this we must get 3 points, the injuries mean we’re not favourites, let’s back them to the hilt, the team will need us.
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    I’ve done so in my own particular style. If he wishes to meet up with me I would be glad to make time in my busy schedule to do so. But we know he won’t. One of life’s shitebags I’m afraid. And as I’ve said very possibly carrying a disability looking at his photo so There Itself is a reason for cautiousness
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    It's alright if you've got kids with you.
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    Have you had your crystal ball out again, Mystic Bruce? Don't you realise the practice of necromancy will see thee in hell? How the fuck do you deduce: A. I'm not a grafter. & B. The state of my finances? I'd guess it's because you're a C. A fucking arrogant C.
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    Not like you to be so negative I am confident that we can do it When did you turn back today?
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