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    You said we’re back to our “natural level”. We are historically a top flight team.73 seasons in fact. Whereas you’ve never even fucking been there once.
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    It’s implied that it will be spent on the NHS and they knew full well what they were doing with the message. Im not a sore loser, I accepted the result and accepted I bet on the wrong horse, my problem was and still is the tactics how both sides went about their campaign. If remain were to say hypothetically. “If we stay in the EU a shit load of money will be pumped into the NHS” I would have called bullshit as well.
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    Must’ve forgotten what happened at your place earlier in the season you whopper no one or any note turned out yesterday. No need. Let the kids have a play around But you should be embarrassed for the events at your shit hole
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    WTF 😂😂 forever the drama queen.
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    Completely agree pal. people are all to quick to throw the racism Or bigot card in When In reality all we both want is safer streets and people appropriately punished to fit with the severity of their crimes to humanity . Our departed ancestors will be turning in their graves at what has happened to the world and the snowflakes we share the planet with nowadays.
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    Yep. Not sure I could cope with the cold but would be some spectacle for sure. best be quick before we don’t have winters anymore
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    Very true. Their silence says it all, yet they piss their pants when Tommy Robinson breathes the word Islamist.
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    Said it about 18 months ago ST is like the Japanese soldier found in the jungle 30 years after the war had finished thinking it was still going on. He’s a lost cause.
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    Did anyone mention the IMF report the other week, putting the UK ahead of the Eurozone for the next couple of years ? Very shocked if ST hasn't posted it as he loves forecasts like that. Oh, hang on.....it's a positive report and relating to Post EU affairs so I understand the lack of spouting now 🤭🇬🇧
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    Winning football puts bums on seats. Next season we are winning the league - keep the top tiers open
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    Just say no, kids.
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    There's a clear desire on the part of the so called visionaries to see the eu collapse Really can't get my head round folk wanting that Moonmannery
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    Balls to Rivvy, they’ve enough up there, we’ll have it down Deepdale and a nursery slope down Garstang, with the Feathers being to top apres ski spot in Europe
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    The only worry there mate is if the taxi firm charges more than they normally would.
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    You're clinging on to any straw in the wind to justify yourself. The difference between you and most people is they (to greater and lesser degrees) feel loyal to a nation state as the natural unit of governance and economy. You have a completely unfathomable loyalty to a bureaucratic construct that is in the process of failing an entire continent. Bolton's answer to Guy Verhoefstadt. Nothing anybody ever says is going to persuade you otherwise and you will still be harping on in the 2030s irrespective of the evidence. Talking to you is an exercise in utter futility. I don't know why people bother and I shan't be from now on given that we are free of the EU and looking forward with optimism. You are Mr Yesterday. Remoan, remoan, remoan. We're all doomed Captain Mainwaring.
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    I'm asking Oxford if they can put the word 'Trampmere' in the dictionary next year. meaning: scruffy beings from scouseland, inclined to wear Lonsdale, Fila or Slazenger training shoes, pretend to live in Cheshire, generally don't have any teeth and smell like bin juice.
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    I’d prefer to label him Mr Correct.
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    Still at it I see. The hard-nosed rump of remoaners who even the vast majority of democratic remainers are now sick of hearing from. You're like a doomsday cult. First you proclaimed that the world as we know it in the Uk would crumble on a leave vote alone. Then it was the triggering of Article 50. Then it was deal struck with the EU for us to leave (the one you said Boris wouldn't get). Then it was us leaving - on Friday. You're now clinging on to the hope we'll all be in rags on Jan 1, 2021. You're like the bloke outside Burnden with the A-board claiming the end of the world is nigh. Your credibility is diminished each and every time you claim this and set the date only for nowt to happen. You've had nothing right since the start of this and Europhiles have had nothing right since Maastricht. In short you're a doomsday cultist. A laughing stock. But do keep it up. Happy to buy you a new shovel for that hole you keeping digging. It's mighty entertaining.
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    This. And he'd waited 19 years to do that post given it's the first time they've been in the same league as us in all that time. Talk about crawling out from under a stone.
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    Aargh, my eyes, my eyes.
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    They could relocate me anywhere even the away end I could'nt care less . But I respect freedom of choice just wonder about committment .My mate took a holiday from Megson & never came back.
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    A big housing estate would have a similar effect.
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    All you are doing by criticising is drawing attention to it and bringing it back into the mainstream media
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    I didn't see that. I did see your 'topboy' get a proper slap though. On more than one occasion too tbh.
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    They can’t can all the uppers. But one has to go and going off yesterday that would be lofthouse upper. Then you still have both views to choose from and keep the strange folk who choose to sit behind a goal happy.
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    I did wonder if I might not be seeing the full picture from where I'm sat, not that many empties from my view bit then I am right in the middle so guessing that the empty seats will be round the edges. West and East uppers looked really empty even in the central areas near the halfway line.
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    Just listened to the woman commentating on our game on EFL Goals, thinking Tranmere are the team nicknamed The Trotters. Do some homework housework you daft bitch!
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    You are an oxygen thief correct Kent is sound and spider is spider and I wasn’t referring to people who disagree with me more Some societal undesirables. but without wanting to spend too much time on it people like yourself who have a burning desire to see the country fail post brexit are sad,no mark and worthless and should be ashamed.
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    You won’t get many who will disagree With the highlighted points. the rest is pretty much the usual shite you come out with. Consistent as always 😉
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    I just like the way some players play, it doesnt mean they are international material, I'm prepared to take their faults and enjoy the ride. Emmanuel is one of those. Plays the game the right way, just goes for it, makes mistakes, gets up and accepts his imperfections. We've had some dreadful right backs in the last 10 years and I prefer him to most of those. Strong as an ox, takes the game to the opposition, if he was better he wouldnt be here. Part of our medium term future hopefully, he'll be supported by me.
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    So they can disagree but give no alternative for a bit of balance?
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    My view is will be fine and we will prosper, I’m never leaving UK full time and will hopefully have property here until I die. I want the UK to be one of the strongest economies in Europe and while we have done ok I believe we are the best nation on earth and can do even better.
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    😂😂 coming from the forum drunk 🤦‍♂️
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    What a smashing day all round. My lad was mascot, brilliant job of that they do. He loved it, nearly as much as me haha. Met super John and Tony jelly, good chats with them and David Flitcroft. They gave us tickets in West stand, amazing how much more civilised it is over that way, under the stand especially. Decent service, jalapeños and cheese pasties on tap and a nice clean area. A far cry from the dog kennel over the other side ... speaking of which looked ace from where we were. Looked packed and was bubbling all game. Great to see it bouncing with that new song we’ve nicked of Rangers. I was quite surprised with the atmosphere from the north stand too. On the pitch that’s the best I’ve seen us in a long time. Loving the ball retention and the comitimnet was there all game. O’grady looks a unit and half, never stopped all game him. Politic is a different gravy. They looked fucked but you can only deal with what’s in front of you and it should’ve been 5-0. Onwards and upwards. We might not get out of trouble but at least it’ll be fun along the way if we can carry that on. Nice to those feral bastards getting legged from Scott’s as well, Total embarrassment they are.
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    Fair play gents, you were good and we were horrendous. We'll both be getting relegated this season barring an absolute miracle. See you next season
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    I'm curious as to how you intend on holding folk to account if it goes tits up ? Are you going to put their names on social media, line them up against a wall or maybe make them write 500 lines saying they've been silly ? Rather Draconian isn't it ? What will you do if it doesn't go tits up and we thrive ? Will you be having the same childish tantrum against folk like Merkel, Juncker and Barnier etc ? Those folk have already admitted the EU is in decline, faces challenges and is in need of urgent reform. The latest figures aren't exactly encouraging in the Eurozone are they ? I'll admit, France's sluggish performance of late surprised me, the EU is not the land of milk and honey. Bookies already taking bets on the next to have a Brexit style referendum. Take your pick from France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Poland and Hungary for the favourite. Folk have had enough. I've said it on here consistently, the EU in its present form will not be in existence within a decade or two. It will be a much smaller community and under a different guise.
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    I’m not fussed if it’s worse, better or same. Just wanted to leave. And I’ll still stick my neck out and say it’ll work out fine and dandy.
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    The deal with the EU will be similar to where we are now, the opportunity to create new deals with rest of the world will be where we should gain, even if the overall picture remains no different to where we currently are, I’ll be pleased we have left.
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    I voted to remain. If it goes tits up the finger shouldn’t be pointed at Dave And Barbara from Barnsley, it should be pointed at the spineless politicians who didn’t think this through and gave us two frigging options for the most important vote in our life. If you give the vote to the people you have to accept that in amongst the people there are idiots who don’t have a clue what exactly they are voting for stay or leave. I don’t want it all to go tits up just to have a smugness about me and say I told you so. I want the country to thrive.
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    I'm tired of arguing with folk who can't see that euro zone is a complete sham you crack on with your believe that Europe has bought prosperity tell that the the near 50% youth unemployment in many European countries and the Greek teachers who are trying to survive on less than 800 euros a month. It's over it's gone and yes there will be pain but to carry on this unsustainable charade wasn't an option. I was stating an opinion based on facts, no where did I say I want it to fail.
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    What was I saying about people who should be lined up and shot. Pathetic creature
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    Lowes work rate and effort is top quality. His footballing ability not so good.
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    I was hoping the hysterics would stop. same as always it’s upto us all as a society to work hard and deliver the best for us and our families. That’s it for me. Nothing more nothing less. people are already starting to point the finger and we’ve been out less than 12 hours. It’s mind blowing I’m not saying you are one of them before you think this is aimed at you it’s not. but there will be an awful lot of people who want this to go horribly wrong just so they can say we told you so. It’s farcical and these folk should be lined up and shot for me as they’re of no use to society
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    I’d like to think I’m a good judge of youth when it comes to footballers, Zouma just has it, he reads the game well, is calm he can go on to be a top player for us, needs the right coaches around him but the fundamentals are there.
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