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    You’re part of the cesspit you cock. Posting pointless fucking articles having a go at our only senior goalkeeper (why he gives you the time of day is another matter) is to absolutely nobody’s benefit. You’re only in it to get a few likes off some 14 year olds but then give it the big one on here.
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    The bloke pedaling the generator bicycle has been blown off it.
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    I can't see anywhere that her suspension from Twitter has increased her following by 100k. But your mate must be right ey? I don't use the shite- but it seems pretty obvious that following someone doesn't mean that you support them. It's not like the lass is part of some minority of idiots who we can easily just sweep under the carpet. Before the video was even made she had over one million followers. There's plenty of people with views as vile as hers and we need to call them out when it happens. Now this video isn't the solution- but the idea that it has done damage just doesn't add up for me. Finnish govn. have started teaching digital literacy to combat fake news and bigots in the media. Seems to be having a lot of success. I would like to see more of this here to combat the bullshit from people like KH.
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    Correct. I’ve no issue at all with Matthews. Sure his distribution and command of the area could improve but I’m sure that will come with time and experience. Hes a relatively young lad, moved miles away from home, been through the shit with us and went months without getting paid. The lad deserves a new contract for the next couple of seasons imo. Let him enjoy a holiday in summer without pay worries and see how he develops
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    Fair do’s. Crack on. Hope you’re keeping score? Wee lap of honour in the kitchen?
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    Our issues are bigger than one man and his assistant these days
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    Just watch the bastards call out game off now
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    I’d suggest it’s you talking through your arse the basic rules of defending are non existent at times pure schoolboy errors which aren’t improving
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    Is that you Keith?
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    Every player that Hillcroft have brought to the club so far has been better than previous. People who say they can’t organise the defence are talking through there arses, how do you ‘organise’ a defence, per se, 11 players play as team if they are good players they score more goals than their opponents and win Hillcroft are vastly experienced football men who know the game inside out, are local and know what it means to us, they are giving everything to the cause, we need to back them and give them a chance
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    Hope Doncaster don’t mind city game being called off
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    Cunts. Gutted we didn't take a point. Their goals were soft as shit as per. Does your fucking head in.
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