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    Bruce Thompson I think Floral dance, mid 70s
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    And that’s exactly how people who like right wing populism would respond. That’s how it works. People believe it. It wouldn’t work if you argued it wasn’t true would it? The fact people think it was politically motivated simply proves the messaging. That the whole establishment is working against people. Thats what Boris and Brexit campaigners have effectively pushed for 5 years plus. The who argument that there is a liberal elite establishment working against the normal man is the very very definition of a right wing populist movement. And millions believe it. It’s one of the reasons Hitler, Mussolini, Trump and many others all won elections. It works. People believe it. Doesn’t mean it’s not populism.
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    They could use the upper tiers. Already looks like an isolation zone.
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    Hobbs was on the bench. Our run of poor results coincided with Hobbs getting injured. He's no worldie, but plenty good enough at this level and was playing well.
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    I were right about that saddle though
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    Get some Chinese labourers over and it'll be built by the time we play at weekend.
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    this shows the timeline https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_2019–20_Wuhan_coronavirus_outbreak_in_February_2020 note - The first cases were actually reported in china on the 12th Dec. Up to 16th Jan (35 days later) China reported only 45 confirmed cases If you compare this with the spread outside of China (1st case 17th Jan), despite the quarantines, travel limitations etc, the confirmed cases has grown from 1 to 452 in 22 days. This could lead you to assume the actual infected number in china is massively higher than the confirmed cases. The only good news is that outside of china, the deaths are still at 2 out of 452, mortality rate 0.4%. Of the patients who are being treated in hospital, the typical severe cases require oxygen support for a few days to enable recovery. The fear is that if the hospitals become overwhelmed with severe cases, there will be a shortage of oxygen.
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    Yep, Ste W. Grand lad, BWFC daft. Don't know why I didn't spot this question earlier. Exchanged the odd e-mail with him more recently but the last time I saw him in person was at Tranmere when Nevin scored and that nobhead Aldridge ran up the touchline to goad. Ste had his LA Whites stars and stripes flag on display.
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    You’re part of the cesspit you cock. Posting pointless fucking articles having a go at our only senior goalkeeper (why he gives you the time of day is another matter) is to absolutely nobody’s benefit. You’re only in it to get a few likes off some 14 year olds but then give it the big one on here.
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