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    i suppose poor defending is what you should expect at this level like you should expect not having dino fcuking zoff in your nets
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    So 44 were having a piss earlier
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    Traf offers that in his deals
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    Both cunts for sure, tedious pair of bastards. Bit like Casino. 😂
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    Aye I’ll be annoyed by a politician I agree with. FFS. 😂
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    A difference between genuine belief and hope! My biggest concern is no semblance of real development. Players, teams, ideas change constantly. Next year concerns me a bit as it appears we'll just be Rochdale old boys. Outdated and stale.
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    Garlic or Holy water is probably our best bet 😀
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    The problem is... he won't. He's not clever enough.
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    Nice one, be a good do that.
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    Wives or cards?
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    So that makes it a cold aye? Has aids killed as many as flu? I doubt it. Aids = cold ?
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    See this is what I don't understand- why is Farage's stance automatically right wing? I've listened to him, on more than one occasion, speak of how his stance came about. He worked in metals trading iirc, and was essentially scared by the change and subsequent direction of the bloc. So much so, he felt it was in the best interest of the UK not to follow the same path and form his own party. Typical the accusations of racism levelled at him and by association, right wing tendencies. No genuine evidence for it, but his desire to put Britain first, makes it an easy label. This whole political labelling actually emboldened people and was a serious own goal by those using it. Brexit wasn't a political issue, no left or right, just a view of what was a preferred pathway forward. Opinions split within all parties clearly evidenced this.
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    He’s persuaded nobody that I’m aware of that he’s the Anti establishment or anti elite. That really is codswallop. What he did was deliver what people voted for which was brexit. That’s what he persuade people a vote for him meant and it has proven right.
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