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    If he isn't good enough for Blackpool, he isn't good enough for us.
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    Saturday, as a case in point, 3 defenders signed in last few weeks and a right back who cant defend Again, tonight, 2 of those 3, hobbs who hasnt played with them and a right back who cant defend Its frustrating, very, but hes had 25 games? And in that time, tried to build 2 teams pretty much from scratch, while under all sorts of constraints Our best footballer, barring politic, is crawford, and we just cant replace that quality Im not saying hes right for the job, but fucking hell, you cant just keep sacking managers
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    Despite my Scottish heritage, I prefer bourbon. Don’t mind a single malt, like, but I’ve developed a real taste for the American stuff. Question for the class - what’s the difference between straight bourbon and rye? Is it worth me spending £30 for rye?
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    2.5 ton I think it said aye . Blew my mind watching it. Phenomenal really.
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    Hooch for me 😂😂. In the tavern. Awful awful state.
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    Going to have to drink more pre game then !, every cloud
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    Looking at the standard of the division and a number of the teams we have played, we should be expecting a few wins and certainly some points on the road. Not expecting to stay up, but certainly something to keep us enthused.
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    One thing I don’t get is that a centre midfield of Lowe and Murphy who have both played higher should be bossing games at this level but it just never happens against anyone. They can both go for me at the end of the season as nothing tells me they will do it against L2 opposition.
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    When did Bridcutt and Crawford start missing They were our midfield Ripped out
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    Most of them are Keith's signings. Why bother if they're that bad? Why bother with a manager at all if it makes no difference? Yet other teams seem to be able to play half decent football with a load of players we've not heard of. No one expected miracles, but some semblance of development and hope for next season wouldn't go amiss. Oh, and someone talking coherently before and after games would be appreciated.
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    Rudy, you're a twat!
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    Fuck me, what a nob you truly are. "Don't want to live in England"? Never wanted or intended to leave it but when an offer too good to refuse came along, like most, I had to think of my children first. Without a shadow of a doubt, they are both way, way ahead of where they were likely to be had I stayed in Bolton so the decision was vindicated. Cost me a very large proportion of the great BWFC years but them's the breaks. Family comes first. Nowt to do with thee but I have recently arranged to live in Bolton for a period each year for the rest of my natural (travelling ability allowing of course) so, Mr. Choc Ice - fuck you.
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    Sorry but how the fuck is he proud of that performance? Lads gave him everything, narrow defeats to top teams, Doncaster were shit, this man is amateurish at best, and winging it from week to week.
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    Both cunts for sure, tedious pair of bastards. Bit like Casino. 😂
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    Why give him 10 games? It ain't just 10 games is it - it's the whole pre-season including shipping players in and out. We did this with Freedman and it was a fucking disaster. If he ain't the man now, he ain't the man 10 games into next season.
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    Aye I’ll be annoyed by a politician I agree with. FFS. 😂
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    Annoying = disagree Clearly
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    Im not really arsed, FV will do what they think is best But in the last 3 games, we have beaten tranmere, comfortably, and lost to 2 promotion chasers by a goal Did anybody exoect better from those 3 games Except the usual idiots?
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    Your boyfriend
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    Hill and Flickcroft have had long enough time to get the defence better than this - for that reason only he should be potted
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    Can everyone just stop being offended?
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    Still obsessed with me I see. Enjoy.
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    In your dreams old man.
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