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    No the “big 6/7” are now so sanitised and media-driven that it’s more like a massive dick swinging contest between the main TV soap operas. You've got hundreds of ex pro’s all yapping drivel for hours on end via telly, radio, internet. All trying to gain the most air time with increasingly wanky opinions and predictions. There are a million cunts writing blogs or reports that no one reads or cares about. And in the main, all this dismal dog muck is being lapped up by people who have never stepped foot in a football ground, let alone traipsed around the country/Europe whilst pissing in skips and sitting in the stench of your mates rancid arse. Cant blame the clubs and players for mopping up, but I’d happily throw fucking Dave from Cambridge in the sea for being a MASSIVE Liverpool/ManU supporter when he could be following Cambridge and doing it the hard way the utter cunt. When I’m king, people like Dave from Cambridge will be first against the wall. With middle lane hoggers on motorways. I might write a blog about it.
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    The site would be nothing it if it wasn’t for fruit loops, oddballs and weirdos.
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    Don't worry, you commies have options too. Why not try the Greater Manchester Dystopian Ramble? Start your day at Farnworth Market. Stroll amongst the stalls offering cut price Crocs, Fruit n Veg grown on an allotment in Kearsley, or nylon clothing sold by the kilo. After that, catch a bus down to Little Hulton, where you can shuffle around the sprawling estates, treading in dog dirt and rummaging through burnt out skips for socialist treasures. Finish your walk by getting another bus into Walkden. Rest up on a metal bench and take in the local sights of spice addicts sliding down the windows of pound shops; Fat, teenage mothers of 4 arguing with each other about which delightful partner had the best tasting jizz, or just amble into a nearby alley and lie face down in a puddle hoping you die before the binmen take you away. There's something for everyone in Boris's Britain.
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    Kappa, 90's italian classic 😁 Leather gloves are for life, not just for the odd game 😜
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    Hopefully a win for us but after that I wish Wycombe well in their quest for promotion. To echo others they were spot on when we went down to them.
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    Wycombe was my favourite away day so far this season, nice little club + their fans were great with us. Wanderers support was incredible on that hot sunny day back in August - it's been incredible at away games all season tbh.
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    Plenty of lochs to do a bit of fishing. Similarly walking. Missus was having a look on line and supposedly castle Douglas is a bit of a "Foody" town now. Plenty of decent beaches too. When we were kids we went to a rather unusual place port William/Patrick way. It was a very small inlet of the sea where this chap had trained wild fish to come up and be fed. Doubt it exists now, but as a little un, it was ace seeing all manner of things appearing. Also once paid a visit to the Isle of whithorn. We were mooching about on the quay, when a bloke with Bolton-ish accent appeared off a trawler and gave us a load of fresh cod. He recognised our accent!
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    And there's the first. Democracy when it suits. And I knew it all along.
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    I think I might be wrong but I think they only get a few tries before they have to go private. I can’t imagine the torment people go through to then have to resort to IVF. I think a lot of procedures should be for the chop but not IVF for me.
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    He's going to Aus anyhow.
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    I see it as another game less the end can’t come quick enough
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    Isn't this a decision from a manager, Parkinson played him out wide so he didn't get the best out of him. Another one for you Kevin Davies under Blackburn done nothing & with us under Big Sam played to his strengths. Of course some manager's have a impact in a player's performance.
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    Be a while before he replies he’s advising the WHO in between his shifts with the eu and the British government today and then onto lostock to devise a plan for Saturday’s game. Mans in demand and why not with his depth of talents
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    Hey up! It's started. Maybe we will eventually see an electric Voltswagon Polo Hope it's got decent headlamps. Remind me, do you need a charge point at your Ohm?
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    Where’s your evidence it’s just a cold???? how many folk you know that are pushing up daisies because of a runny nose??
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    thats a normal day for me anyway pal
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    See, it is possible to post something sensible on the subject Id have more time for the sacking crew if they werent the same with every manager we have
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    And we might be limited to 2k a week, but that doesnt mean we are paying it Ive posted before that we offered a striker 600 a week after he had trained with us for a few weeks Hes now playing in division 4 I dunno if hill is any good or not, hes done some odd things, but we dont know the circumstances Id say anybody convinced he should be sacked doesnt really deserve listening to While the environment is easier to work in than last year, im pretty sure its very complicated and we dont know the hallf of it I would say, if edwards and zouma leave in the summer, i reserve the right to change my opinion And to the clowns who put our defensive woes down to our centre midfield, have you watched emmanuel fucking defend?
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    Not a loon whatsoever. Just came across different I grew up And lived 4 doors down from him for near 20 years One of the nicest lads you could wish to meet
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    It was Hill that decided Bridcutt was a centre half, whilst leaving L Murphy to be first midfielder on the team sheet every single week.
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    Sounds like the start of a Single Malt thread. 🙂
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    Free for under 12s with a paying adult fair play
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