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    I’d rather we stop spunking Money on Saturday night drunks, alcoholcis, fat cunts and foreign folk. re ivf, giving birth is the most natural, amazing phenomenon in the world as we know it. Any woman denied this deserves every chance to fix it imo.
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    This topic's been done before. Cant happen, it means putting a game on at a loss. You have to pay the EFL 20% and the away team 40%. So if 8k S/T holders turn up in a crowd of 10k paying £10 a head, we'd have to send £60k to others whilst taking £20k at the turnstile. And pay all the costs of opening the stadium and any players appearances of win bonuses. We're skint enough already.
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    Well it’s obvious I’m going to interpret it as spineless brown nosing fuckers feathering their own nests. Oh, and it’s going to go to shit, I’m pretty certain of that.
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    Correct. Although the Massives have a big festering boil on their cheek Fuck em. JCL wankers who have to sell cheap tickets to try to fill their ground for CL games. They screech louder than fucking scousers Cant wait to see the fucknuggets round here who give me shit for supporting BWFC Haha. Hafuckingha Made my fucking day
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    You forgot the bit about foreign folk?
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    I just pointed that out to the Liverpool fan who came taking the piss. Apparently he's disappointed with me for bring it up.
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    I remember kids getting permission to finish early because their dad's were taking them to Elland Rd. Unfortunately I wasn't one of them. That 3-3 was my first FA Cup match. Remember being dead excited knowing we were playing Newcastle and that we were on tele, and seeing the big rigs in the carpark got me even more excited. Watching that coverage again brings back feelings and senses from that period.
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    Leeds had never been so gridlocked that night, luckily our coach got to Elland Rd just in time for KO.
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    The majority of the top clubs in Europe break FFP, UEFA probably hate Citeh more because their fans turn their backs on the so called Chamions League national anthem. I fucking hate UEFA, just look at the ticket prices for their championships this summer, fucking extortionate and pure greed. They think that they bring the game to the fans, the working classes, that's bollox! They are no different than the corrupt FIFA, and they hate the fucking English, bar those scouse cunts, and they probably hate the Premier League. ...rant over 😁
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    You can't negotiate with a virus!
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    Absolute desperation from absolute muppets.
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    Some, if not all of those FBPE lot commenting on the original post should be on some kind of watch list. They’re not all there.
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    One way of clearing the hospitals. Cunts would be jumping out of windows after a few minutes of his droning
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    It’s fake news innit.
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    I would like to see early round (home) cup games included as a bonus.
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    The scaremongering will be along soon they're just finishing their documentaries about Eastern European hooligan gangs planning to conquer England first.
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    I’m a grown man. I don’t need an excuse. If I don’t want to go I won’t go. Tell you what, I’ve a plan to increase revenue and improve atmosphere. Close the lower tiers, move everybody upstairs and charge them all £400. You in? Or will you be, in your own words, ‘a cunt’?
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    Hmmm https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/gimp-man-still-loose-sleepy-21474146
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    We cannot possibly afford to languish in League 2, it's absolutely necessary for us to hit the ground running and go up automatically. Anything less than that is a failure and would see us hit some serious financial problems in terms of cash flow I'd imagine, a stadium and infrastructure like ours isn't sustainable at that level.
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    But you clearly do care as you have commented apparently 😂
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    Haven't reshuffles like this gone on since time immemorial?
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    Baffled? You’re not really. Typical brain spaff of the dick from down under.
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    If you like JD, Amazon are selling JD Single barrel barrel proof for £55. Good price and it's possibly the best full proof bourbon/TW I've had. I drink about 60% Scotch and the rest Irish, rye and bourbon. I find bourbon to be the harshest (alcohol wise) actually but it suits the style. I particularly like Wild Turkey 101 or Rare Breed, which are also good deals. Ive got a Redbreast 12 cask strength in the go at the minute. What a drop that is ... A Glenfarclas 25 and Flaming Heart from Compass Box await my 40th at end o'month. Canny wait ...
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    Or you listen to the reported line that Boris wanted someone who was a bit more willing to loosen the purse strings? Javid regarded as a more old fashioned type of chancellor. A strange way of going about things, and no doubt plenty going on behind the scenes, but by the fuck shouldn't you be pleased at a government more willing to spend? But of course, anything to inflate the situation into some poke about democracy. Any party leader/pm has to make tough decisions. It's what they bring about that matters.
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    I see it as another game less the end can’t come quick enough
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    I know a lass who's become a lad. It's cost the NHS a huge, fucking HUGE amount of money. Personally, I don't think the taxpayer should foot the bill. They won't pay for me a hair implant, or fancy new chompers or a bigger nob, no matter how much I beg and claim it's ruining my life. You're born a lass, you either stay that way or pay for it yourself. I've no problem or moral objection to anyone wanting to have a swap, live and let live, I don't care and all power to you etc. But I ain't paying. It's bullshit.
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