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    Fair play to Marcus Rashford, by the way, for what he's doing with the school meals thing. The filthy fucking red cunt.
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    Darcy signed till 2022
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    He is called Turnip.
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    Enjoyed watching this about Evatt.
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    What a load of shit. I'd imagine a cumulative league table of all the clube in England over the last five seasons would have us bottom by a mile. We've been going at barely 1ppg for a decade. The backing all of our managers have had at matches post-Megson has been staggering. And far more than most have deserved.
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    London Wanderer I wasn't meaning Black gangs or criminality. I was relating to the aggressive language - ranting does not persuade. We are not the US our police do not routinely shoot or suffocate people There is wealth privilege in the UK, but not all white people are privileged. The lack of economic success of black people is not all due to racism. Most white people in the UK are not racist.
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    Isn’t he about 6 foot 5 or something with a bit of pace it’s league 2 a gangly quick forward might cause team’s problems even if its coming off the bench . Darcy back on board anyway good news
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    Steven Reid is an interesting one. Got coaching experience and looks like he'd have a presence that nobody would feck with him. No lower league experience though as a player or manager. Ex Rovers doesnt bother me though and surprised it does others
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    im hoping FV already have an idea who will fit their model and will get their target. Personally id much rather have a younger manager who has proven himself in the lower leagues , be able to spot decent available talent to get us back on track. Much rather have guys like Evatt, Lowe or even the Rangers guy than the usual merry go round league regulars or someone who just happens to have played for us in past.
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    Certainly waiting till he knew who it wasn't!
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    Also doesn’t mean he can’t be the one who plays upfront. We’ve no idea how good this lad is. He’s lightening quick which I imagine when you see that kayne woolery scored a fair few in this league that if faal has some ability (which he looked to have in the videos that went around) then he could well score a good few we are doing what we always do as a fan base and writing a player off before he’s even got started.
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    Hoping we can hang on to Zouma, a new manager with any idea might get a tune out of him.
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    Steven Reid is ex Blackburn, he can fuck right off.
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    Great news that, well chuffed. And a very positive message to send to a new manager too, here's one of your main assets and he wont be leaving without a fight from us for a while.
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    That’s a positive
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    Of all names mentioned I think Evatt would be the best choice given the route FV are favouring.
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    Has someone edited this ? 😂😂
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    Interesting stuff that. Would massively need the players to buy into it. Which goes back to him being allowed to pick his own players and not necessarily have to use players given to him by a director of football. Sounds like he knows how to set up a team and has a plan, for me that's key. I feel like we havent had a manager who's got a clue since Allardyce. Does anyone know if his budget at Barrow is a major reason for finishing top? If he's paying the highest wages it does put his achievement in perspective, if not he's obviously a good manager.
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    East Lancs trust is the same, masks must be worn all the time from today. Seems 3 months late to me!
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    I wouldn’t bother, folk jumping through hoops to justify an anger that’s difficult to articulate without ending up in a place they didn’t really want to be. I suppose it is a progression of sorts. Very positive poll today on a longitudinal study into the public’s feeling regarding race and there is a marked improvement on 2009. Something to hold onto, that behind the headlines we want to do better. Some folk might be minded to read https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Why_I'm_No_Longer_Talking_to_White_People_About_Race if they are so minded. It’s a really accessible read, and although certainly not without flaws in its polemic, I found it really enlightening about aspects of the British BAME experience I’d never been able to consider before. (I wonder who will be first to say the title is racist 😂🙄)
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    What time did you start queuing😀
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    I said a few weeks back there'd be riots, but I assumed it would be because of general restlessness caused by lockdown. The likes of Cummings and co. will be delighted by what's going on "We need a distraction, Boris, and quickly"
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    It has everything to do with taking the knee, we have a police force that in its efforts to be politically correct sometimes loses sight of its purpose. Explain to me for instance how Police & the Mayor of Manchester can be dancing in the streets on gay pride whilst there are people bungee jumping naked nearby? Not wishing to be a killjoy but if it was hetros bungee jumping in the buff I'm sure the Police would view it very differently. It's simple really... POLICE WHAT YOU SEE, NOT WHO YOU SEE DOING IT.
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    3 weeks ago...very little racial tension in this country. Fair enough, the elephant in the room regarding the handing of the Muslim grooming gangs was an issue but it wasn’t causing a unsurmountable problem. Antifa hijack the BLM cause and we’re on the edge of race wars/civil war! The vast, decent and silent majority of this country are not racist. I would say that this country is one of the most tolerant countries in the world. I’m saying this from a white, working class males perspective. I’m sure folks from a BAME background may see it different and I’ve no problem with that. I’ve got family and mates from the BAME background. Some doing well, very well. Some struggling but getting by. Some in and out of prison. Just like all sections of society. These ultra left nut jobs are cynically exploiting the BLM cause to bring down the government and cause division. There’s an agenda behind this. They’re clever and puppet masters, playing one against the other. Unfortunately, there’s a minority of brain dead, racist twats who are biting and playing into their hands. They've got the confidence that with the woke media, universities, most politicians and higher elechons police on board (either from virtue signalling or fear of being branded politically incorrect) that the time is right for a coup. Hopefully, the vast, decent, silent majority can see through their cynical bullshit!
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    You've missed a point, a very big one at that, the police are there to police, prevent crime, not to decide which crimes are worthy of their efforts nor are they there to dance on minority pride marches or to take the knee. They are meant to be impartial, to serve people of all race, age or sexual preference & they are there to uphold the law no matter who is breaking it.
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    Yeah but there was positivities
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    I was in Manchester yesterday, saw the aftermath and it was nothing to do with Bolton whatsoever. It was a 20 a side from Oldham and a few of their mates round the back of the Wetherspoons next to St Peter's Square. Wasnt prearranged, as both sides were drinking but drank too much. The majority of the Wrexham lads are as bemused by it as anyone. The lad who did the original video, did another after to explain he'd been given false info re the first one. Like I say, fuck all to do with our lot and nothing to do with the cenotaph where 150 ve6s and paras were all day, and behaved perfectly.....that's in the MEN by the way.
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    Is this the answer to “what 2 items did all the Lonsdale sporting fuckwits make sure they had for their protest yesterday?”
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