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    I once threw a kettle at Sir Francis Chichester, first solo navigator round the world, as he stood outside a pub. "Fuck off you cunt" he said (as I recall) ; "I didn't brave the roaring forties just so some twat like you can throw a kettle at me." "At least unplug it first". After that we got on like a house on fire; which was ironic, given that the pub burnt down after the kettle overheated.
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    That's what you think, they are actually just a good actor
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    This is the mentality I find frustrating. Do a basic google of the net worth of our owners. They have more the ED had. They aren’t smashing money out it would appear due to the embargo’s and restrictions on the club. Everyone assumes we have nothing. Last time I check we were just becoming sustainable which is what people wanted. If they find money when it’s needed I don’t see an issue
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    Dont know contract situation with their players but i believe most of them are based nearer Bolton than Barrow so Evatt if he is appointed might bring a few over with him. anyway id think hed be good at identifying decent available talent in lower leagues. Be a positive step for me and trust FV to be happy with any compo agreement so not a worry tbh
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    Unbelievable isn’t it
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    only Bolton could be paying to sign a manager that people want and still have fans moaning about it.
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    Yes it was reported as cost cutting in the Bolton news https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/18511912.bolton-ceo-emma-beaugeard-step-cost-cutting-measure/
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    I follow Robb Flynn on insta, there some new MH stuff out mainly about their support for BLM. not given it a listen yet but should be good.
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    I see the paying compo as a good thing and a real sign of intent from FV that they want the right bloke not the cheapest. All positive to me if this in fact the case.
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    My ex wife was a beauty therapist, and when we were young one of the bedrooms in the house was converted to her treatment room. The head end of the bed in the treatment room was up against the wall. The other side of the wall was the bog. I wasn't allowed to have a shit when a client was in. Came home from work one day proper dying for a shit. Heard the "treatment music" coming from upstairs. I had about 30 seconds to shit somewhere. Did it in the washing up bowl.
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    Lamb curry? Noodles? Crispy beef and duck? food looks bang on but you’re not looking at authentic Thai cuisine there that’s a fact. Suspect it’s Thai/Chinese fusion. but looks spot on tbf and if you give it good reviews @Mounts Kipper I will give it a bash next week when in Bolton
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    Extra week added to the France holiday in August / September, Ferry change for free Now to book me and the Mrs into a nice little Scottish Hilton for a couple of nights in July with my points near loch Lomand or the Cairngorms?
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    I think he’s a shining light in Times of darkness. Has brought a new level on intellect to the place. Breath of fresh air. welcome @leadfrog1 welcome to the club
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    I'd suggest you ring in with a cough
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    I thought Ronnie Corbett was dead
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    Just like I’m talking to myself this. 😁.
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    250k, fuck all, Just sell one of the training grounds 🙄
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    Well if Sharon put 10k on him when he was way out in the odds, she’ll have the compo covered. ITK
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    No problem with midges at esco towers. I’ve got two African gentlemen who swat them away for me. Best £20 I’ve ever spent
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    Fuck it, bars open A couple of right fruits, Henry and Katy have just popped round
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    Nope but heard good things
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    Which policies are you a fan of? “No to Muslims”. “No to Mexicans”. “No to Dreamers”. “No to the affordable care act”. “No to disclosing my tax returns”. “Yes to grabbing pussy”. “Yes to firing anyone investigating me”. “Yes to drinking bleach”. Any others?
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    Prime video So, its free if you or one of the kids has amazon prime
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    Very good. Some might miss that reference, but still very good
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    Which contender is the demented paedo?
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    God i hope FV arent the type to virtue signal
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    For FV , whether they have it as immediate cash or not it will be an interesting barometer to see if they are prepared to find it. It equates to less than 500 season ticket sales , and being unable to buy players because of the transfer embargo and to be potentially facing a wages cap there are not a lot of areas into which they can make such an Investment on the footballing side. It is their first opportunity to show the fans and the football world that they mean business The appointment of Evatt, who for me is the stand out candidate on the list, could well act as a catalyst to turn the mood around amongst supporters and give us at least a short term reason for optimism Not appointing him will have to be justified for good reason - other than money
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    Steejay should have left the 'r' out of the first word in the thread title.
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    David Lee ran our under 23s for years Don't want him as a manager either.
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    Beautiful evening, sat in the garden with a couple ales watching bats dart about. Beltin!!!
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    I'll take any comments about clockwise/anti-clockwise from you with a pinch of salt. You struggled with the M60 a while back....
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