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    Bolton fans going into BarrowWays to troll them is one of the most embarrassing things I've ever heard of. How small-time have we now become?
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    can't be doing with pies, Pukka or not. Leigh White will be on in a bit to tell us how, back in 1989, he got the train there - down the Ivanhoe line - and ended up with a banning order from Pukka. He was caught being tossed off into the chicken balti mix by a Polish lass with a squint, from up the road in Sileby. It could have been worse had he not caught a glimpse of the irate security guard coming towards them, via the reflection in her glass eye. The resulting scuffle led to 2 weeks lost production and her getting deported; he's still got her eye.
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    Come on it's easy.... Basement Jaxx 'Where's your Ev-att' when we play Barrow* *an example not a suggestion
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    An absolute travesty/tragedy what happened to that lad, cut down in top form. He was shaping up to be some player.
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    See that's the fucking way to do it, Traf is the man for me from now on even though it might be a little while before we are looking to book again.
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    It took Hill a while to get his first win and folk were very patient with him. This chap deserves the same
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    Great minds n all that 😁
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    @Mr Grey will be delighted.
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    Rebekah Vardy?
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    I remember one comment from an oncologist I think saying that they got x many new cancer detections a week and that had plummeted, same with heart issues. The inference was some would potentially be dying at home having not wanted to go the hospital until it was too late. May take years to work out just what's gone on at the height of this
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    Aye, statistics an all that. The other odd one, is that not all the excess deaths are being attributed to c-19. Around 54000 I think they said were, which leaves another 11000 or so non covid. Non reported heart attacks, non treated cancer patients? Weird.
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    Jet2 cancelled us today. I had no idea. Traf rang me and offered the option of a full immediate refund or could he find us something else. 4 hours later with absolutely no effort on my behalf and I'm going to Rhodes. He's fucking ace Traf
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    Oh I agree, and I hope he is given that time. As always with things like this, the takeover, the days in court etc I take it for granted that everyone else in Bolton lives on here and social media. Was so taken aback when some of the blokes I go to home games with had no idea about what happened in the court appearances or who FV were literally weeks after the event. Its same with this, they'll not know about the podcast or even know what a podcast is 😆 and if we go 5 without a win, middle of winter and he says "Brand Evatt" in an interview they'll go mental.
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    I think we've got to go into this expecting to buy into it for a minimum of 3 years and taking the inevitable rough with the smooth. I'm looking on it as brave from FV on one hand and also the only thing they could really have done if they want to progress - they could have played it safe and we could have had some stable seasons in L2 with A N Other manager or we go for someone who might actually start from scratch and build summat. If it goes tits then at least it goes tits with us having a go at trying summat.
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    You have a point about that it may not click straight away, Wilder at Sheff Utd lost his first 3 or 4 games, still romped the league, sometimes a managers methods take time to bed in, patience maybe needed. If he gets us anywhere near Wilders Sheffield United, we will be going in the right direction.
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    Bob fucking on this ✊
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    10 day break in the Lake District booked, camping at the foot of Blencathra nr Keswick. Thats me and the missus walking and climbing and completing a few Wainwright's aound the North and Nort Western fells. It was hard work, everywhere filling up, restricted numbers on site, bring your own bog to reduce access, although WC and shower facilities are open 24/7.
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    I'm struggling to care what some folk we've never crossed paths with in our lives think about us. I'm not passing comment on how successful or otherwise Dundee United are. It'd be completely and utterly uninformed and irrelevant to anyone.
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    Steejay may not be the oldest Bolton fan But he looks the oldest
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    They asked who this steejay character was I said he’s too old for that😀
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    Th'East Midlands Whites are heading down to Leicester city centre for a right good sesh. Looking forward to it.
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    .............................................................................................. (ttthhheee dddoootttttteeeddd llliiinnneee)
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    The salary cap applies to everyone in the league. The embargo applies only to us. The salary cap might be good for us because it might bring the rest of the league in line woth what we can spend, but then the embargo might restrict us even further.
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    Money is tight - no room for sentiment and no places for passengers
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    Good lad. Think I remember that game. Got a bit tasty iirc.
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    with some fans its called being burnt so mant times, you can't blame them after the dross we have had to put up with for the last 12 years or so, some are going to be cautious and slightly more pessimistic. I'm more optimistic after listening to those podcasts.
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    Well you need a new PR man then because you always come across as glass half empty. You have already told us we are not going up, we picked the wrong manager and reminding us we were happy with Coyle. Why not just enjoy the moment and hope that for once a good appointment has been made.
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    Well at least you can spell it correctly.
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    Fair enough mate. We have completely opposing views of the time. I’ll leave it there. No reason to get into a row about it. I’ll disagree with you but respect your opinion
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    Every time I see that photo, I wonder why Casino is trying to finger MR58's arse.
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    As an engineer who worked through that period at a variety of large companies I have to say I don’t recognise your observations .It was always a two way street dealing with management & the union.Never been on strike usually got a grumpy compromise that’s how it was . Red Robbo & all that was very localised in Birmingham .There was an unsavoury battle between the unions themselves , see who could get the better deal .Very disruptive admittedly but not terminal by any means .BL at Leyland only ever had one strike in its history ,l know because it was about job security not pay & my old fella was out for quite a while , futile maybe but it was about jobs. As for rust buckets well can’t argue with that although Ford weren’t much better.Where you are incorrect is that the union somehow conspired to fit the wrong parts , that was the truly awful management which bears no resemblance at all to modern management technique.When the seventies narrative is trotted out about the big bad unions what is rarely mentioned is the inept & totally clueless management who could cause a fight in an empty room Germany had unions France had the most militant of the lot by a country mile but they still have manufacturing including indigenous car production .....They had the will to keep it whatever .Thatcher didn’t want it & sold us down the river for financial services .Europe played a big part in this .They were more than happy for us to give it up .Couple of sweeteners included Foreign owned assembly plants (Nissan & Toyota)
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    I want to put the smiles back on fans face masks!
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    Did Thatcher ever go to an away game in Max's van or on a coach from the Albion? Did she fuck!!! So why is the bitch being discussed at length on this thread?
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    Superb looking car but as Baked says it does echo a certain era of German history ironically And yes I had the JPS Lotus Scalextric car (Fittipaldi?) along with the blue Tyrrell (Stewart?)
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    Even though we have another thread degenerating into politics, this time from Lever End boot boys and how to polish your Docs to a high shine to make sure a scouser saw his face just before it connected with his hooter, it’s good to hear most from those that were there at the time Maggie might be seen as a cunt. If you were there at the time, then you’ll recognise the polarisation and entrenchment of views nowadays regarding politics. She was divisive. Massively. I completely and utterly respect anyone who was a miner, an engineer, a factory worker, etc, at the time, and suffered from her policies. But take a moment to reflect on the NUM, Red Robbo, and their ilk. They were power-crazed with an unstoppable determination to increase wages for the workers (fine by me) but a complete refusal to increase standards in parallel. I give you the rust-buckets that rolled off the production lines at British Leyland. Poor design, yes, but the unions allowed workers to fit the wrong parts badly and woe betide anyone who challenged them. Straight out on strike. My great uncle worked at Dobson & Barlow. He retired from a thriving company in the ‘60s and was heartbroken to see it destroyed from within. Not from the government but from the shop stewards and the unions The 70’s was an appalling time politically. Weak governments, strong trade unions, and lots of empire building. Our manufacturing base was destroyed and was never able to recover I’m no fan of Thatcher as such but she did what was needed based on the situation at the time. There are others who are far more culpable imo
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    Give over, I know we've no given right to promotion, but I'd say if not next season, then the season after for sure.
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    Just watching Glastonbury. Beyonce has come on. I bet she’s got a fanny like two slabs of trampled gammon
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