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    Please God dont be smoking Custard out!
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    Turns out they owe £3.1415926535
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    You'll be the only person I know who is smaller than their own telly.
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    Because the American movement has a political motive Their own agenda for years has been the kick it out campaign, why not just stick with that?
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    he should have double the goals he has got, he misses the easier chances. Probably over thinks it.
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    It could happen and would be brilliant 😁
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    Chap who does the releasing has died of covid.
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    I did that with Rotherhams new ground. Not only were we in same league within 12 months but we were also getting trounced in every visit. I also did the same with Halifax but theres no chance we'll... I'll stop there.
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    If its Steejay its more like Jimmy Saville
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    Yep, complex issue. It might be too much for some to appreciate (no names but #orange lives matter).
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    At the end of the day these are Professional Footballers, they should be comfortable with the ball at their feet, extra coaching, hard graft and confidence is the key to these players wanting to buy in to Evatts 'Brand' of football, obviously confidence comes from the manager and winning games. Our club has had a losing mentality for to long, i am sure Evatt will change that, in fact after his interview yesterday I'm positive he will change that. The days of that negative wet wipe Parkinson are hopefully well behined us.
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    A very famous one - who remembers this !
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    Old lives matter.
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    If they go bust and a phoenix team springs up down in the bowels of the football pyramid, then they will have returned to their natural state. We were saved because we have pedigree and huge potential. They caught Man City on a bad day, it doesn't make them football royalty. Byeeee
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    I hope he keeps and develops Zouma. A young lad who doesn't shy away from the ball. One thing is apparent- this new mon won't be slagging him off publicly.
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    Think your missing the point here. Evatt "wants" a certain type of player, he tells TP, who does the spade work, whilst Evatt coaches and does his job
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    Decent Wigan fans wished you lot the best, others did not. Decent Bolton fans have already done this to me face to face. I understand bravado on here it is the same on all clubs forum. At the time of your troubles I wished you well as it served only the weak of mind to revel in those situations. Ask not for who the bell tolls....have a good life. My wife said it's only a game, my first instinct was to head butt her.
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    https://energysecurewindows.com Bolton fan. Good lad
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    10 potential investors shown interest but until people show money it means jack
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    Couldn’t wait. Turned over 11m 2019. Wages north of 19m will look more in-depth tomorrow adios you pie eating cunts 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
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    Since hearing this news I've given this some serious thought. Do I laugh and take the piss? Or, given what we all went through, and it was no fun, have some empathy for the decent Wiganer who is now going to go though them dark days that I went through. Well, after considering everything I'm finding very difficult not to jump in my car and go to Wigan, drop my trolleys, in front of Whelans statue, and wave my wanger around while singing Walking Down The Manny Rd. Balls to 'em.
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    It didnt help that he blasted them for losing v liverpool fucking up his big chance to impress
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    Another thread, another lemon party.
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    Everyone has choices
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    You wanna try living with somebody who has to deal with the shit they're dealt Might get you out of the cosy little conservativewoman bubble
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    I felt sorry for the Bury fans even though they've had an axe to grind with us for years. I won't be feeling sorry for this shower of shit. They've been punching above their weight for years and now Whelan and his broken leg are history it's the slippery slope for the cunts. Bring it on. Sooner or later we will pass them on the way back up and there'll be a few reminders of the early 90s for them.
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    Considering his previous job, you'd have thought he would have been all over it with a fine tooth comb, but no, just go with the sheep on a bent knee. Don't worry guys, London Wanderer will be on his way saving the day for BLM fans......like I told him the other week, he needed to wake up........seems like that was a factual call....... He will no doubt say some of their policies are ok.........yes, Peter Sutcliffe was a decent lorry driver,....BUT...
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    Kier Starmer was on his knees last week for photo opportunities, several dats later he's on BBC disavowing BLM's policies, should have bothered to look into this before you surrendered you spineless fucker. Along with the Premier League, why they are getting involved with Potitical Groups is beyond me. Especially ones as mentle as BLM
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    Bring Southport back I say, should never of lost their league place.
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    Food of champions all of them. Love black peas. black peas matter
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