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    I'm thinking long term but if Wigan crash and burn then then both our nearest rivals will have gone. Eventually those town fans in a generation 10-20 years will support their local team, Bolton Wanderers.
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    You'll be the only person I know who is smaller than their own telly.
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    Not your story mate, I was meaning Wigans demise
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    And to think when we were in the lower reaches of the champ and in L1 some on here had us believe the Calibre of players we had were unable to play short sharp passing like this. yet you’ve got a club who have been non league for c.50 years doing it brilliantly so, yes you can coach!
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    I'd love to be involved in his training sessions..👍
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    Merci, fromage.
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    Think it applies to the first 19 league games rather than cup.
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    Sorry, I might not have explain it properly. The 19 game one is because they would ordinarily have 19 home games in a season, so it is still equivalent to a ‘full’ season ticket but effectively a better value option from the fans’ point of view as you know exactly how many games you’re getting. Rather than being limited to the 2020/21 season and tough shit if the first 4 games are closed doors as would be the case if the season tickets are just the same as usual and for one season only, it applies for the first 19 games that are ‘open’, whether that’s all of 2020/21 (unlikely) or extends in to part of 2021/22. So if we were to do it then it would be a 23 game ticket based on how many league games we would normally have covered by a season ticket if all was well Hope that makes better sense.
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    It’s what you voted for 👍
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    What a ringing endorsement
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    He’s tied up with work mate. He’s incredibly busy in a new role. And funnily enough they’ve just launched a new major bread brand believe it or not. I will message him and get his expert opinion on the warbies situation. And as we all know if there is a case to be made to link anything to brexit He along with spider will find it.
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    Will folk please stop mentioning Brexit in any thread other than the Brexit thread It makes Spider come all unnecessary and it’s not good for his health
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    Well, my dad supports skem United so there was no way I was following him. Next door neighbours dad was bwfc, as were his two sons, they basically made me support. Took me to matches when I was young and impressionable, that was it.
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    Put your rod away.
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    I was once bollocked at work because during a conversation at Wigan fire Station, a scouser pointed out that Bolton was full of (his words) Pakis. It was then pointed out that Wigan was full of scousers (like that was a better option) I just looked up and said maybe Bolton were given first pick. The bollocking came from another scouser on the watch who happened to be the gaffer.
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    I didn't say you did, BD said Sturgeon hated England. She might, I just wondered what specifically she'd said to bring this on. Criticising Boris or the Tories isn't anti-English. Cancelling your holiday because one political party said something negative about another political party must rank fairly high on the snowflake scale though.
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    They’ve been waiting to fuck that senile owd twat over since he called em chingalings. every credit to them
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    Anyway..and back to the point...it seems the Yanks are also being hijacked by the rabid left Casino will be knocking one off over this being the Nazi he is
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    Wigan itself is enough of a Scouse overspill. Fucking loads of them on Worsley Hall and Marsh Green.
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    Oh yes, I agree, loads use it. But it doesn't mean they're all far right. Personally, I use a family pic of my ancestors from 1914, three brothers on that pic all died with 24 hours of each other at Gallipoli..I do believe Leigh White is lurking in the foreground of it.....he was only 7 then.
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    Washington Foreskins it will be then
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    Away season tickets
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    I’m getting a ST soon as on sale. First one in many a year
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    There’s not so many copper mines in Britain. But mostly we buy British. As I said, I’m really not all that arsed, but a massive emphasis about leaving the EU was the boon it would be to British farmers and that. Things like this don’t help.
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    Correct. Sold out away ends everywhere and over 10k average gates comfortably in the bottom division. We’re on our way back. We’re Bolton wanderers, we’re on our way back 👍🏼
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    Cracking start to the rebuild
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    No note of why, of course
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    Sometimes it's not always solely on price point but also on supply chains. If you put all your eggs, well flour, in one basket then that supply chain (i.e. UK wheat) has a poor year or event that effects flour production, well you're screwed for a bit. Diversify your supply chains mitigates such risks
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    Well, what a fuckin great week! Evatt. Crawford. Wigan. I love football, me.
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    Sat at Wigan in our end but next to where where some of the pie eaters good congregate giving it large a young lad sat next to me and was going mentle at them, I was pissing my sides at him and asked why he was so worked up, he explained he was from Leigh and his grandad was a pit mon and fucking hated Wiganers because of the strike breakers.
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    So they've always been c*nts then?
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    Senior tories getting their holidays booked before they tell the rest of us the list of countries not requiring quarantine on return?
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    "Why is he called Boris The Bullet Dodger?" "Because he... dodges... bullets, Avi."
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    Yes it comes from the general strike in 1926, I think. The Wigan workers were amongst the first to break the strike and return to work. They were said to be eating humble pie, hence, pie eaters.
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    Still don't know how they're expected to police away fans travelling. If transport is running (not even considering private coaches/vans) and pubs are open, then people will travel for certain, and this will happen up and down the country. Then it becomes an issue of whether police think its safer to have away fans spread about all over towns all afternoon or at least have them in one place in an away end. Can see this becoming a real issue in coming weeks.
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    knocked my Scotland holiday on the head myself, the women is unbearable and is only interested in her independence bid, its like its her only vocation in life. Some people down here think she's fucking great, she's fucking useless. Imagine If Boris spoke about Scotland like she does about England.
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    Listening to Sturgeon, I might change my mind about going to Scotland. Her whole being is about hating England.
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    Very few Latics fans in these parts. And long may it continue. I always took great pride that newsagents always had BEN signs outside rather than Wigan Evening Post.
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    Chickens, swans, a partridge.
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    De Niro warned them
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    In an ideal world I'd agree, but money will talk. 60% capacity being allowed at French Open in September, 5k crowds being allowed into German stadiums from start of their next season with a view to increasing it. Our sports will take those examples to government and say oi, what about us.
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    Rick Parry > Den Perry 🔥
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    Minutes silence incoming
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    Cheese - yes Cake - yes Cheesecake - yes Cheese on cake - fuck off.
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    We spent the last 10 days of October 2019 in Halkidiki and it was glorious. I'd expect it to be even better further south. You'll need SPF40 on those chippy tits. Cheers, mate.
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    Get back in your box
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    That's a good shout for a way to pay players' salaries. I wonder if Sky can screen more lower division games than they would normally, as the KO times can be as wierd as they want them to be, presumably. So no need to clash with Prem or Championship games. I really want us to be playing at traditional 3pm/7.45 times but if income can be generated by playing at 5pm on a Thursday so be it.
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    Brim full of ashes that
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    Not been on much. The whole world is depressing enough at the moment without get embroiled on here. Clearly backing an organisation like BLM is a major fuck up for large organisations without checking their larger agenda and at that level the distinction between BLM and blm is IMO not relevant. However I do think at an individual level there is a distinction between people backing a ‘movement’ that says black lives matter and backing the total agenda of the BLM. Certainly the people I know who attended the marches were focussed solely on the blm message. I honestly think people were backing the specific message black lives matter and I am not going to slag anyone off for that. Should the EPL have used ‘kick it Out’ ? I can see why but that is a very UK based organisation and I think the idea was to get a message to a global audience. Clearly if they did this to back BLM they have dropped a bollock. The whole message and meaning of blm is still important and relevant. The name is provocative and the debate ‘what about white lives’ has been more useful than the simple kick it out message. As it has made people think about the message and why it is relevant. On the deleted thread I tried to explain why BLM had an anti capitalism message and the closing prison message, but at the same time said that if you are getting rid of something you need to explain what the replacement would be. The biggest irony of all this is that the EPL has promoted an anti capitalism organisation with a BLM message at the same time as rushing football back for purely financial reasons and at the same time increasing the risk of infection to the many black players in the game.
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