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    Someone’s gnoshing him off there police academy style
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    Gareth Ainsworth & Wycombe were great hosts when we visited first game last season. He'll do for me.... Sweet Caroline........ Hope they go up 👍
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    Soho? They love a spike round there.
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    582 to Bolton, every 12 mins or more.☺️
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    You’ve never fished in Leigh canal.
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    I've got a food erection thinking about that!
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    We buy all our sausages, burgers, chicken breasts and steak mince from our local butchers, for the extra £ it just isn't worthwhile compromising on quality.
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    I'm feeling very positive about it, already said I didn't see how FV could appoint anyone else really and because we're still on the wedding night I wouldn't normally want to temper that in any way but... ...look at the comments about Crawford's signing and we're a couple more decent additions away from being in the same situation PP ended up in in the L1 promotion season where in the view of some on here "he should piss the league with that squad" and so he was in a lose/lose situation for those lot ...Barrow have got promoted for being 4 points above Harrogate, in a normal season they would have still had to play Harrogate at Harrogate and they got dicked 3-0 at home at the start of the season so they haven't romped away with it due to them being by far and away the best team in the league Evatt's got the chance to build something long term here with his own players and own style but it might not be an instant hit and we shouldn't expect it to be, ideal situation for me is him still here in 5 years with a core of players who buy in to what he is trying to do and with us getting results more weeks than not.
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    Unless you’ve been a supplier to the big supermarkets, you’ve no idea what cunts they are. Milk, bread, produce, all of these suppliers are ground down to their knees. They don’t give a fuck about businesses going under, they just want to increase profits.
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    The police catch the criminals. They have no control over the judiciary.
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    Crowmans in Clitheroe have literally around 40 different flavour sausages. Everyone is fantastic.
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    They all showed their hands and only the staff at PNE can come out with any praise for what they did in our hour of need. I’m not a football fan, I’m Bolton Wanderers and England, it’s ‘dog eat dog’ out there, as we’ve learned in the last 12 months. Will I be losing sleep if any clubs go under, I’ll probably lose the same as a Bury FC fan does. Bollocks to them all, we all know the score now, love thy neighbour my arse.
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    like Father like son
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    I think this is where you're going wrong Get yourself to a butcher
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    Ridiculous. Well let’s hope his name comes out, which it will. And somebody stoves his head in which will then be some sort of justice. Its then Tough shit. If police won’t police then leave it to folk to self police. No probs
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    You’re just no well. We’ve already established that fact 😁
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    Look right way up when he looks down at it.
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    Marmite Parma violets Turkish delight Jeffrey Dahmer food.
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    Yes Lowe captain for material for me certainly like matthews to stay
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    theyve been buying there wheat from canada for years, apparently the wheat grown over there is of a better quality than here due to climate,soil etc. it is shen shipped here to be milled over here. this is maybe why they are the best selling bread in the country, i believe kingsmill and hovis are both owned by bigger companies but there both struggling with hovis having under 10% of the market share which means supermarkets will use them less and less. i can see 1 of eather kingsmill or hovis not lasting many more years as the big bread (800g) market has been in decline for many years.
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    😂😂 it’s a side effect of hydroxychloroquine
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    Funny you should mention that Michael. Our Maude bless, her nearly burnt the cunting kitchen down last week. She decided to rearrange the kitchen (don’t ask) and put the toaster under a cupboard, but doesn’t pull it out to use it, so last week she burned the cupboard and something fell in the toaster and the toaster was on fire. I said why don’t you pull it out, apparently that shakes the crumbs out. So when we’re living under a bridge because Ska Towers is smouldering rubble, at least we won’t have crumbs When but did they break a slice of toastie loaf? I think not my good man
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    I don’t want Wigan to go bust, I just want them to have a shit few years and drop a league or 2 like we have. I hate the fact that because we have struggled for a few years, purely due to off field issues, they are now 2 leagues above us and waving their cocks around like they’re massive. ”Bolton owe millions, we owe nothing at all” ”Bolton’s going down with a fiver in the bank” Let’s see how a shit few years fairs for them and how it goes when we’re back on an even playing field. If they beat us then then fair play, take the piss all you want, but at least we’ve had a fair chance at the rivalry. For what it’s worth I think we’ll be passing them in league 1 next season unless they can stay up by some miracle this year.
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    You were never going to get a love in. All this is karma at its best. You can not be suprised that some level headed folk have chosen to rejoice in this turning of tables. I dont think its an unusual reaction given the circumstance. I suggest you take the shit on the chin like we had to do. None of us are Mother Teresa. Not even you. For the record I think Wigan will probably get through this. But I'm not missing this opportunity to rub their noses in it.
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    Good shout, I'd have Cahill back in a heartbeat ☺️
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    Just close the nfl... no loss. 💣
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    Good shout, as long as he loses his red crayon
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    Exactly, there's a player in him & with the right coaching can only get better
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    Favvers that vicar off Emmerdale
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    He’s a good lad. You must be proud of him. Not just for that I add. He is a credit to you and the wife . You should get him that Xbox as a treat now 😁
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    I was once bollocked at work because during a conversation at Wigan fire Station, a scouser pointed out that Bolton was full of (his words) Pakis. It was then pointed out that Wigan was full of scousers (like that was a better option) I just looked up and said maybe Bolton were given first pick. The bollocking came from another scouser on the watch who happened to be the gaffer.
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    As well as the 3 Fisher Brothers who died at Gallipoli, i had an uncle on my dad's side who served in the same regiment and died in the same battle. Plus one on mum's side who died building The Bridge on the River Kwai, he's buried in Kanchaburi.
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    Fuckin ell I struggle keeping it a secret if I’ve had a cheeky key before I come home from the pub nevermind having an island full of lolitas getting Rodgered by presidents and billionaires on the side.
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    And to think when we were in the lower reaches of the champ and in L1 some on here had us believe the Calibre of players we had were unable to play short sharp passing like this. yet you’ve got a club who have been non league for c.50 years doing it brilliantly so, yes you can coach!
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    "Why is he called Boris The Bullet Dodger?" "Because he... dodges... bullets, Avi."
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    Ask him why he hates British farmers when you next speak. "You have big sheds, but nobody's allowed in. And inside these big sheds are twenty-foot-high chickens, because of all the chemicals you've put in 'em, and these chickens are scared! They don't know why they're so big! They go "Oh, why am I so massive?" And they're looking down at all the other little chickens and they think they're in an aeroplane because all the other chickens are so small."
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