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    You're opinion means jack shit you red fucker.
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    I honeslty couldnt give a fuck about em. Annoying set of clowns that have tried to attack us from every angle for 20 odd years. Never been a proper club and never will be. Fuck em.
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    Every other urinal sealed off, but no other restrictions. Likewise, seemed like a normal day but with extra staff waiting on. Came home and carried on, woke up at 2am on the settee, empty cans everywhere. ☹️
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    They all showed their hands and only the staff at PNE can come out with any praise for what they did in our hour of need. I’m not a football fan, I’m Bolton Wanderers and England, it’s ‘dog eat dog’ out there, as we’ve learned in the last 12 months. Will I be losing sleep if any clubs go under, I’ll probably lose the same as a Bury FC fan does. Bollocks to them all, we all know the score now, love thy neighbour my arse.
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    I think it shows we’ve a bit of money to throw at this. Great stuff
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    Maybe he shouldn't take money from companies who made parts for gas Chambers & who made uniforms for the SS whilst endorsing the pulling down of statues in this country ( the country he contributes sweet fa to in taxes)? Its just my personal opinion.
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    thats it, anyway casino said he was going out last night
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    Looks like he has good movement off the ball, up to Darcy, Politic and Crawford to load the bullets.
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    You check, context and all that, as i stated he can have an opinion, just like everybody else, but how much will his opinion be worth.
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    Might be worth saving some for Lockdown 2
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    Sounds like it went as well as country could have hoped, nice to have good news, I'll prob give it a month and see how R rate and death figures work out from this but great to hear it went well.
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    Anyway After the suggestions on here about going private for my mum I’ve looked into it and we are going down that route so thanks all for your advice 👍🏼
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    It seems to me the key with Doyle is to play to his strengths. Do that and he'll deliver a good return.
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    Seems like we’re trying to get the attacking side of things sorted first - the expensive salaries and players who will get snapped up. Leave the cheaper boring defenders until last. we won’t need many defenders anyway when we steamroller everyone
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    Stick to talking about what you know. DMB’s and Eccles. Otherwise fuck off
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    😂😂 slazenger polo to go with the Donnay trackies and lonsdale trainers 😉
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    Firstly, that's nowt to do with fv. It was cunt who made administration inevitable. They just came in and kept us in existence. Secondly, we are under an embargo and have a wage cap. If Swindon can't match us whilst within that then that's their problem, not ours. Fwiw, I reckon the fact that he played alongside our manager previously will be a pull for him.
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    Sounded busy but nothing too crazy in Nottingham. Although a bloke did jump fully clothed into the filthy canal to celebrate Forest beating Derby, he left the pub on 95 mins 😆
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    They should of paid us to play him. I see I was beaten to it.
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    Amazed people are unhappy we are about to snag Doyle. Supposedly the management believe Doyle is tailored to Evatts style. Great news imo. Also spearing going to Sunderland is good news.
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    The club's been lost far up shit creek, So long with paddles none, It seemed like for a Wanderer, Perhaps our time had gone, Keith Hill tried his best it's true, But fans had come to feel, The football wasn't up to scratch, His comments too surreal, Now once more a new dawn has come, A new man at the helm, With order to bring back the gloss, Of the Whites Northern realm, On him it seems our hopes depend, Of a team strong and stable, Will he succeed the question then, Is Ian Evatt Able?
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    Some decent bikes there 😁
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    Trouble sleeping? No thats very good 👍
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    I always use Canadian flour when I make bread, it makes a better loaf, hth
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    Allan Johnston (albeit on loan from Sunderland) and Paul Ritchie both did well under SA as well.
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    You’ve never fished in Leigh canal.
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    The decent people among us know that black lives matter. Not sure if we can help those that think otherwise.
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    I'm feeling very positive about it, already said I didn't see how FV could appoint anyone else really and because we're still on the wedding night I wouldn't normally want to temper that in any way but... ...look at the comments about Crawford's signing and we're a couple more decent additions away from being in the same situation PP ended up in in the L1 promotion season where in the view of some on here "he should piss the league with that squad" and so he was in a lose/lose situation for those lot ...Barrow have got promoted for being 4 points above Harrogate, in a normal season they would have still had to play Harrogate at Harrogate and they got dicked 3-0 at home at the start of the season so they haven't romped away with it due to them being by far and away the best team in the league Evatt's got the chance to build something long term here with his own players and own style but it might not be an instant hit and we shouldn't expect it to be, ideal situation for me is him still here in 5 years with a core of players who buy in to what he is trying to do and with us getting results more weeks than not.
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    Saved the shampoo bit then...
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    Seeing more and more videos of police either running away or being PC. Why don’t they stop dancing at pride marches, stop taking a knee, stop giving jobs and promoting people because they have a certain skin colour or believe in a certain fictional character and start doing what they joined up to do.
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    It’s not really worth it if you only go to two games.
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    If the authorities consistently fail to due their duty then eventually the people will rebel.
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    Thing is we all knew this was going to happen. Same as the girl burning the Union Jack. I’m not sure she’s even been charged. It’s completely biased and inequitable. Yet these people are protesting for equality? Strange really
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    Ridiculous. Well let’s hope his name comes out, which it will. And somebody stoves his head in which will then be some sort of justice. Its then Tough shit. If police won’t police then leave it to folk to self police. No probs
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    Shocking shit bag policing because they was scared to wade in just like the first weekend of protests in London
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    Been struggling to shift my last stone before reaching my dream weight. Gave it a go at upping my calorie limit from 1,500 calories to 1,680 and ended up losing 4.6 pounds in 3 weeks. Been out walking for an hour most evenings but nowt much else and not been running in probably a couple of months for one reason or another. 4.8 pounds to go 🤞
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