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    Example: I pay £150 to go and see U2, Bono spouts politics inbetween songs. No thanks, i have come to watch U2 playing their songs. I haven't said they can't have an opinion, i just dont want to hear rich sports stars and musicians spouting off their politics, whichever side of the political fence they are on, i want to see them play and compete.
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    Blimey 😮 - the footage of the incident on the thread. Protesting on the highway at night, in black. One tweeter referred to her as 'non brainery'
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    An Irish once told me the following joke which i found most amusing What's the difference between Bono and God? God doesn't swan around Dublin thinking he's Bono
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    Doesn’t vary with you. You’re consistently consistent in your wrongness 😀
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    You might have seen them anyway if you've already done a couple but there's a Hal Higdon plan for people going for a PB and there's other ones there as well - www.halhigdon.com.
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    We weren't supposed to drive half way across the country because we were bored of looking after our kids, but the people who came up with the rules were amongst the first to break them, so it became a free for all. It is what it is
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    Mini goals hit. Background music is a tune also.
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    I know that Big E has smoked a few sausages in his time
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    8 year olds dude.
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    Yeh Bono just play the songs.. apart from Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Years Day, Pride, Please and Bullet in the Blue Sky.
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    That is not Bono.
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    Wandered down Howfen market st yesterday afternoon ( saturday ). White Lion - in and out doors . Few young ones outside. Vic - normal scroats are uz faggin it. Spoons - Queing to get in. The Brewery Tap. Walked in settled for a perch in left hand window.The Dog arrived. Landlord walked over with 2 pints of Blonde . Waved my bank card at some sort of device. Excellent pint quickly knocked back. Promptly replenished. No standing at bar allowed , but if you have a seat you can wander over and order. All very civilized. No mither. Moved onto The Beer School . Very similer experience , 30p more for a pint though. As usual had a four legged friend sniffing at my bag of nuts . But thats part of the charm of The Beer School . They have also managed to get the council to let them clear off the rubble between them and the Wheatsheaf to create a large beer garden. Will be spot on when the sun returns. 3 pints later i grabbed a curry from Balti Taste and went home. No mither. Today went to check on Uncle Col in the flats. Sat outside his back door had 3 bottles of various ales and put the world to rights . And discussed the merits of older gentlemen sporting mohican hair cuts . All n All not a bad weekend.
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    Maybe he shouldn't take money from companies who made parts for gas Chambers & who made uniforms for the SS whilst endorsing the pulling down of statues in this country ( the country he contributes sweet fa to in taxes)? Its just my personal opinion.
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    I honeslty couldnt give a fuck about em. Annoying set of clowns that have tried to attack us from every angle for 20 odd years. Never been a proper club and never will be. Fuck em.
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    Shocking shit bag policing because they was scared to wade in just like the first weekend of protests in London
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    I am pointing out the inconsistency as you well fucking know.
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    A very famous one - who remembers this !
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    Quality. ’We’ve got this prune, now.’
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