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    Jake Wright was the defensive organiser (very aware of what’s going on, always talking, shouting, pointing) in our league one promotion year and is actually bit of a legend at Bramall Lane after his run of over 30 games without defeat I cannot think of a better player for you to bring in under the circumstances - well liked modest and sensible professional who you could build a defence around and I expect would also bring on your younger players Wish him success, hearty thanks and I hope he is as good for you as he was for the Blades
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    I've been lucky enough in my life to travel round parts of the World, experience different places, cultures & civilisations, seen some amazing sights & had some life changing adventures. But nothing, NOTHING! ever comes close to the Euphoria, the pure joy of the terraces with the White Army, cracking day out with cracking people again. To think we came so close to never having it again. BTID COYFWM
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    Just think All this mither with Iran was down to Trump tearing up an agreement made in good faith because it was a ‘bad deal’ Complete cretin
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    For those that questioned why I didn’t attend the game last Saturday, this was why. My daughter asked me to go to the Pride parade with her, have a few drinks, a meal, and generally have a catch up on her life and her website project. She doesn’t live with me so I don’t see her that often so face to face time is very valuable I’ve highlighted one particular part of her social media post from today. That is a nod to WWays. She was stunned by the response from here. I thank all of you that contributed feedback once again for your support....... As some of you may remember, a year ago I set up a website that allows people to submit and share their personal stories regarding mental health, encouraging people to use their voice and realise that they're not going through this alone. The response I received was absolutely insane. That insane in fact, that I shut it down after a few months as I couldn't cope with managing the website alongside my own mental health. But now I'm back 💥 I'm in a better place with my mental health, I'm currently in the process of purchasing my first home, and next week I start my dream job as a Teaching Assistant in a special educational needs school. So I've decided to relaunch my project. A website where you can anonymously submit your mental health story, in the form of poetry, short stories, song lyrics, or simply anything that expresses you. www.mindofourown.co.uk
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    Eldest son priced up train tickets from Carnforth yesterday. “Dad ... it’s 240 for the three of us or only 180 if we leave my brother at home.”
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    Another great away day following our team. Today's a reality check, we're going down so stop stressing about formations, how shit certain players are, the manager chewing spiggy, etc, etc.... Just be thankful that we've got games to go to. That we can get pissed watching the Wanderers, have a crack with other supporters and each other. Those who left at 3 or 4 down don't bother coming again. You obviously don't get it. Coywm
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    Normally I'd say "7pm KO, get f*cked!" and "B-team Trophy, get f*cked!" But on this occasion, junior & I Are in.
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    Thanks. Anderson walks away with £240k for selling the club to FV and what ever he took out in the three years that he was there. I've seen that to be estimated at around £2m - seems a reasonable estimate to me. Before anyone kicks off, there's been two separate Administration companies and at least ten forensic auditors going through the books all this time so, it's unlikely that he's raped and pillaged the club as some still believe, nor have been doing dodgy deals and loaning the club money - as been strongly suggested by Howard at one time (there's no one on the Administrators list of unsecured debtors to suggest that had happened). Is £2m for three years in charge outrageous? Well it compares to what Gartside was receiving until his passing. As for this £7.5m. Bridging loans from Eddie to Anderson secured on Ken's personal wealth. Anderson certainly put £5m into the club, secured it against assets, then paid off the utterly bizarre BluMarble loan (paid to Holdsworth company, secured on the clubs assets, and apparently not known about by Anderson when he became joint owner?). When the club went into Administration, Anderson needed the £5m back in order to pay off Eddie (Eddies Trustees by now). As EDT was the first in line for the assets at the club (Warburton second) and PBP first at the hotel, it meant the probable sale of the assets would pay off all those in front of Anderson in the two queues but wouldn't stretch to cover his £5m as well. Anderson then set about creating an artificial market to get the bids up for the hotel (and in doing so prevented FV doing the deal to by the club weeks ago). Finally when that failed he seems to have asked EDT if they would waive the loan to which they must have said - no. He then played the nuclear option and said something like 'in that case I'll take my chances and see what I can get from liquidation'. Cunt's trick - yes. Within his rights to do so - also yes. Would I have done the same if I was in the hole for £7.5m - probably. Wouldn't you in the same position - ? EDT waived the debt. That means he isn't walking away with a further £7.5m in his back pocket though. The irony to all this though is that most people always believed that Eddie had put the £5m in to pay off BluMarble and Ken hadn't put in a penny - and seemed to accept that as ok? Well with EDT waiving the debt, then in effect that's exactly what happened yet social media seems to be in meltdown over it? Anyway as the take over has now happened (and I'd like to add my personal thanks and gratitude to all those who saved us in the end) that I doubt I'll be posting much from now on. My aim in posting so much recently has purely been trying to help others understand what's actually going on rather than the twitter world view of it, which unfortunately is taken as gospel by so many these days. Unless I'm banned in the cull I won't be leaving the forum and will add bits when I feel I can add to a thread but as my age and health preclude me from going to games anymore and my career's been mainly to do with how companies function and operate within the law (and that I'm now greatly optimistic that FV will be more transparent and open in their endeavours), I simply don't believe I have a great deal to add otherwise. I'd like to thank Benny, Escobarp, Danny, Howard and the much maligned (in my opinion anyway) Chris Custard in particular for their fantastic and compelling insights into what's actually been going on based on their professional expertise and knowledge - and sharing such with the rest of us. I appreciate and thank you for it. As for Kenneth Anderson, let me leave you with a rhetorical question to contemplate - Who ultimately did the most damage to the club? 1 - Gartside for his colossal financial mismanagement? 2 - Eddie for selling the club to Holdsworth (plus one other to be named later) when Deano clearly had no money? Presumably knew about him going to take out the Blumarble loan (but was he aware of his intent to secure it on the clubs assets(???) and who was seen frequently in the company of undesirables 3 - Holdsworth for being an utter chancer, taking out the disastrous BluMarble loan, taking over £1.5m out of the club within a year and bringing Ken on board, and having mates such as Michael Collins - and photographed with Johnathon Disley? https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/14900955.ex-business-associate-of-investment-firm-that-took-over-bolton-wanderers-jailed-for-part-in-loan-and-mortgage-fraud-racket/ or 4 -Anderson for being unscrupulous and probably/almost certainly being morally repugnant? Have a nice day everyone!
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    Totally agree. I know loads of Wigan fans and none of them would want us, or any club, to go bust. All those genuine people who happen to be Bury fans that have been on radio and TV, can you really have hate for them just because some 14 year olds have chanted anti-BW songs or posted stuff? Get a grip and stop listening to kids and nasty people who are a stain on our national game. And yes, we have our fair share of not rights. Just think about genuine employees, fans, old folk and young kids having a club to support for generations to come, not the idiots who tarnish society never mind football.
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    Gives me a warm glow reading how much they hate us , fuck right off you woman glassing irrelevant shithouses
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    Harsh, but probably true. Football is over for me if we cease to exist. I know a few people who've switched from Liverpool to Manchester United or vice versa over the last 20 years, and every single one of them is a grade A cunt. Not a chance in hell I can ever support any team other than Bolton Wanderers.
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    My facts as always chaps
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    Without a doubt the most on point, accurate and perfect post I’ve seen. modern football can go fuck itself. It has surely never been so detached from the people it supposedly exists for. i hope it implodes.
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    The thing that gets me about Anderson is that everybody and their dog could see that the club was losing money hand over fist - except him apparently. It doesn't take a genius to work out that if you continue to lose money year on year the only possible outcome is bankruptcy. Sure he made some minor cutbacks, sold our better young players and spent half his life begging us to buy more shirts but where was the business plan to bring the club to sustainability? Bottom line - he didn't have one. Add to that the rumours that he passed the opportunity to sell us on to wealthier owners two years ago because they wouldn't give him the golden handshake and to me he comes across as a self-serving egotistical incompetent who I wouldn't trust to run a bath let alone a football club. The rumours of the potential sale may be disputable but the failure to get off the tracks when we could all see the train coming from miles away is not.
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    The very worst part of all this for me - and clearly there are endless amounts to choose from - is the pity. Everyone you meet who supports another club just looks at you like you’re about to switch off the life support of a close relative. Fuck that. I hate that. This needs sorting by the end of next week or we die with a whimper and we’re so much better than that. Take your pity elsewhere, patronising cunts. <drops wine glass>
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    About 2 weeks ago we effectively didn't have a club. Even though the staff have stuck by us through thin and thin, its logical to assume not every single one of them have sat there since April not necessarily getting paid, waiting for this day when they could sell tickets again. Hopefully for them some found alternative employment, and some will have been on temporary contracts anyway. I reckon a bit of patience is in order and lets 'enjoy' the queue because we've been waiting for one for long enough.
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    Can’t say I was happy when my lad came home from his normal non religious primary school telling me all about how god created the world. No way should any part of that nonsense be allowed in the curriculum.
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    whats even more irritatating is that the BN thought it would be a useful letter to publish. ejits.
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    Wow. What complete nonsense.
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    Thought Madine said to Lennon "Fookoff you Scottish Prick?"
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    What, me having a poo?
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    Well said, my mate 😁
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    Congratulations to Michael James and Sharron Brittan, most importantly for getting it over the line, but also for their impeccable conduct throughout the entire process and testing circumstances. They are an example to those who ought to know better. Lets hope the whingers, whiners and bellyachers will allow them at least a bit of time before resuming normal service.
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    I have a good feeling for Sharron Brittan. She is a mum of 4 and a succesful businesswoman who seems to graft and values integrity and loyalty. I think the more we get to know her the more we will appreciate her. I hope everyone gives her and Michael James the fullest of backing, just as they have the young guns out on the pitch. The season starts here.
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    One of my sons has schizophrenia and depression and in the last 15 years he's been sectioned twice (total 4 years on a ward) homeless 3 times until I got him off the streets - each time setting him up in a flat (but he didn't cope for long) and he's lived in supported accommodation. The last place he was in (Liverpool) was a shared supported house with support workers on site 24/7 and they were managing his money for him. He had some savings he inherited when my mum died and I found out they were disappearing at a rapid rate.Turns out they were giving him £50 a day and crack was being delivered to the supposedly sheltered accommodation and my lad was lapping it up. So I got him out of there as fast as I could and moved him to a flat just round the corner from us so I could keep an eye on him and tried to get support from the local mental health team. In brief, he's still struggling, eats nothing but crap and is now clinically obese and refuses to engage with the volunteer support worker who tries to help him. It's all come down on me now so I have to see him daily, make sure he showers and washes clothes occasionally, clean his (disgusting) flat, manage his money and on good days have him round for a meal or take him to the pub - but he won't go out for walks or anything that involves exercise despite wanting to lose weight and get fit again. Reckon he'll die before I do - he's in his 30s and I'm in my 60s - and it's nailed on he'll have diabetes before long. On the upside, he hasn't had any non-prescription drugs for 6 months bar CBD and has developed the basic social skills to smile and be polite to my mates who are tolerant enough to talk to him and try to encourage him to motivate himself to try to achieve what he wants. All in all it's a massive burden on my life. I'm retired but am fit and healthy, and have loads of interests and would love to fill my days doing the stuff I retired to do - which is a spectacularly long list. But I console myself with the thought that although it's obvious he'll never be able to live independently without me, every day he's not on a ward or in dodgy supported accommodation is a day with a reasonable quality of life - and an opportunity to try to turn things around. Mental health issues can be incredibly debilitating and if you don't want to lock people away in a broken, poorly regulated and hugely underfunded mental health support system, can be an enormous burden on the families. But for me, it's worth the sacrifice even though he's a fat inconsiderate lazy bastard.
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    Not really arsed one bit other fans laughing at us, it's all mostly kids trying to wind most fans up. All I care about us fans always caring about the club & us still being a club, fuck what the rest think!
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    I'm not worried about our attendances at this point, although would love to see more fans attend. I would say we have 8k hardcore at best, the rest are made up of fairweather boxing day type fans, that's the reality. £20 a ticket is decent compared to other clubs, unfortunately some of our fans wont pay that, and to be honest they wouldn't turn up if they were given free tickets, at the end of the day the atmosphere last night was better than when we've had 12 to 16k on. Gimme that anyday. Performances and Results on the pitch will determine future support.
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    Liz Truss down here today for a meeting with her Australian counterpart Simon Birmingham. Just been listening to Birmingham on the radio. "Full steam ahead for an excellent trade deal with the UK now the restrictive shackles of the EU are being thrown off. Highly valuable and mutually beneficial deal that we will have closed off and in place within a few months. The public probably don't realise that the negotiations to this end started in 2016". Works for me.
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    Sluffy For your own sake and ours - and I speak as someone who has absolutely no problem with you and your input at all - just draw a line under the past and start from scratch. Youre going round in circles and being picked off just to relieve boredom at times. Its day one. Ground Zero. Genesis. look forward, not back. It’s unhealthy. Join the party lad
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    5 posts in and the thread is turned into a way to have a go at the Trust and who can write the longest post and pat themselves on the back. It’s predictable and boring! Top man was Eddie Davies, without him we wouldn’t have seen the amazing highs that have made the last 5-7 years seem so shit. There won’t be another like him.
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    I can not beleive how difficult the staff behind the kiosks make such a simple job. So just in case anybody of importance is reading this: You wouldnt need 10 people behind a kiosk if: 1. they didnt hover around doing nothing 2. it didnt need two (even three!) to operate a till 3. they are werent as thick as pigshit (i am very serious with this one!!)
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    Nephew lives in Spain Before his mun and dad moved out there he'd been picked up by Man U's academy then dropped like a stone. Picked up by Rochdale and did OK there but released because he's a short-arse. Skilful, but easily pushed off the ball, too lightweight for the English game, blah, blah, blah. He's now playing in the youth setup in and around the Valencia area. His only struggle at the moment is the language. Football-wise it's all about the skills and futsal is a key element. He's shining and people are taking notice
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    Really looking forward to this season more than the last 10 seasons or so. We've got rid of a couple of thousand moaners and the supporters who are still going seem more galvanised. I think because we came very close to losing our club, the remaining fans are appreciating having a team to support even more. It's going to be fun - up for it! COYWM.
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    Substantially smaller and far quieter Bolton football forum. Usually free of trolls such as the two posters above.
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    Alladyce wasn't lucky, he worked really very hard at it and was meticulous to the point of obsession Rioch jumped ship at the first opportunity and didn't see the job through Both great but it's not even close
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    you could become an apprentice anthill mobber, turn up at the harvester at least an hour before kickoff !!
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    As much as he’s a cunt. Fake bookings may put livelihoods of staff members on the line when real bookings can’t be taken. People who have had nothing to do with this and are just like the people in the club shop if you want to compare. Just lowering ourselves to his level
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    Aye, it’d mean leaving at 0630 in a cab costing me another £20, and getting back at midnight after another £20 cab. Add in Juniors fare, 2 match tickets, food and drink and it’s financially not viable for me this time. not going will probably save me the cost of my season ticket!
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    We will raise the money Can you sort the visa?
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    Fucking yes thank you Michael james I've literally just done a sex wee And to top it off grandsons just rang me buzzing hit little nads off the lad has got the bwfc bug Get in
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    I normally say 'ask your mum'
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    Did she have her tits out?
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    I’ve said this repeatedly. There is no one else And I was correct let’s hope I’m also correct in what I’m hearing that a deal will be done today and is now close. Don’t shoot the messenger
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    I don't want to play the intellect card but I once finished a jigsaw in 2 hours and it said 3 to 5 years on the box.
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    Not sure that's what she said. More along the lines of "It may take two years, maybe 30 days". Either way, conciliatory movement from a very key player. Bet Macron had to go and change his tampon after hearing this. Typical Gallic tantrum to come no doubt. If Johnson and his team had been in charge from the day after the referendum result, we'd be two years down the path of a much brighter future by now and lowlifes like Gina Miller would never have been heard of.
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    Ha ha fuck off, hes not as dandy and not as hard 😃
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    same as Big E then
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