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    No-one should have to feel they must justify not going to a football match, for whatever reason, at whatever time and under whatever circumstances. Especially these days and especially not ones who've put time, effort and money in all over the country down the years. I used to be self righteous about all that, then I grew up.
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    In the ealy nighties I was working in the North East & visited a pub in Bishop Auckland .The landlord who served me asked me where I was from , he then asked me if I followed the Wanderers to which I concurred .He then told me used to play professionaly for Middlesboro & Hartlepool & that he was part of the team under Jack Charlton that only lost four games all season when they won the then second div title.One of the two games they lost was at Bolton & he played in the game at rightback up against Peter Thompson .The game was played on easter monday the second of two away games .The landlords name was Peter Creamer & he told me that the first choice full back John Craggs hated playing against Thompson & he had a good idea that Craggs would cry off after the Saturday game which is what happened subsequently he got a skinning & Bolton won 2-1.He refused payment for my pint out of respect for the great Peter Thompson.
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    Look, the thing is, I don't have to explain anything to you as I'm not the one rattling off hysterical nonsense. If you have something to add to the conversation, that is fine - we are all allowed opinions. What bothers me is the way you portray things as factual or even dismiss previous discussion that is directly addressing your points and explaining the reasoning as to why they wrong. Take the last paragraph for instance. It has already been succinctly explained that the CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT lies between the parent club (EMPLOYER) and the player (EMPLOYEE). The LOAN CONTRACT is between the parent club (LENDER) and BWFC (LOANEE). You are talking about separate contracts and separate issues. I'll make your life a little easier this morning by letting you in on a little fact. A verbal agreement under English law is LEGALLY BINDING. There are complication to verbal agreements, such as difficulty in legal settlement due to the ambiguity that may arise if the parties disagree. Now I would presume that Ken is more than aware of this, being the slippery fella that he is. But that is his prerogative. Whether he is acting illegally time will tell. Immorally, well that depends where you stand - most would agree it is immoral BUT perhaps, just perhaps, this is the only hand he has to play with. By the way, I'd personally suggest the figure of success is much higher than you anticipate given the hundreds of years of development on English contract law that enshrine the legality of verbal agreements. Whether they hit court or there is an out of court settlement is another matter. May be Ken has hit a brick wall with this £100 millionaire swampy who will call his bluff? No one knows yet. Now the factual part is out of the way, which I fully anticipate you will ignore - at the end of the day Kenneth MAY or MAY NOT be bang to rights. We've heard one side of the story on one particular issue which inevitably will be used to further one sides cause. I suspect FGR will quieten down a bit sooner or later as it seems to me that he is treading a fine line on what he is saying about Ken Andersen. As far as Norwich goes, we have had a statement from a journalist with a very sketchy track record saying we owe money to Norwich City for loaned players. Factually correct that may be. At a guess, I'm sure plenty of people on here owe "substantial six figure sums" to lenders for their mortgages. Personally, I prefer to know a little more before I bundle plenty of complex issues together and start spouting hysterical misinformed statements. Just ask yourself one question though. In these past three years, how many times has Ken passed the threshold with one of these suppliers in a legal context? He is sailing very close to the wind, granted, but that is - rightly or wrongly - his style. That may well change in the coming weeks / months but to say he hasn't done anything for the Club or moved us on from the liquidation hearing, to my mind, is baffling. To say he is in it for personal gain, to me, is so obvious that is needn't be written down. Of course he is in it for himself, you would have to be a basket case to take on BWFC for charitable purposes. (Apologies to the WW faithful for a post of Sluffyesque proportion and rant over)
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    Not that it’s definite by any stretch of the imagination but NB confirmed to me yesterday KA bought the club for around £150k and so far as of yesterday had invested circa £2m of his own money. Outside of the money lent then secured against the club so when he refers to “his money” you could strongly say it is this. As said above by someone else, I’ve backed him. Not backed him personally but whichever unfortunate fucker was responsible for trying to navigate us out of this shit and avoid admin at all costs had my support. In spite of his dodgy ness, upsetting all and sundry, antagonising any one he came in contact with. Because for me, it was A means to an end. Safeguarding my club. However he went about it didn’t matter. I bought in to his words, his statements about doing what was best for the club. But, slowly but surely it’s started to unravel and today demonstrates everything about how he actually feels. I was wrong. Not wrong for backing someone who was trying to save the club. Wrong for believeing that Cnut was the man to do it. Do I want admin like these other clowns? No. I also know I don’t want him. What’s the solution? I have no fucking idea
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    People talking about going watching their game against Bury, their chairman offering free pints and t-shirts supporting the ST. Fuck right off! Another example of people going over the top and being offended by everything. I feel sorry for Doidge and I’m pissed off the that club has been made to look bad again but other than that I couldn’t give a shit, never mind considering travelling to the fucking Cotswolds to get a vegan pie off a fella that is old enough to know better than to not have that shit haircut.
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    I'd prefer to keep the King Ken title but with the addition of FUC as a prefix.
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    So, why doesn't the club shop start selling tennis balls? Fans buy them and throw them on the pitch. Club shop staff come and retrieve said balls, give them a wipedown and return them to the supplier as unsold for a refund.
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    He's done a job, and as time passes it looks far from amazing He essentially acquired the club at the club's cost then renegotiated some existing contracts, borrowed/took money from whoever he could to keep things going and seemingly just ignored other contracts in place in the name of cash flow and really got lucky that we had Clough and Madine to sell I'll give him credit if it ever turns out it's due but for now it looks like he's being found out for the bullshitting chancer he is But Wait and see what he's next column comes up with Or the accounts When are they due?
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    Some holier than thou folk on here, fuck me Upset cos he called Burnley a shithole, “size-shamed” someone or ripped him for working at McD’s....cos none of you have done worse to folk? Get a grip, this is this generation and what they do. It’s piss-taking, it’s banter.... Yeah it’s cringe to us, but that’s cos we’re not 15. His age group would cringe at supping mild and reminiscing about when we had hair. He was a dick for filming/publishing the Barnsley fracas, but come on - probably naivety and having a go at him because he sounds posh....really? give the lad a break
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    I wouldn’t trust the greasy haired cockney gypo with my transit van never mind a football club. He ruined our only chance of an FA cup final then proceeded to gamble the sheer existence of our football club with a 147393% wonga loan. I was in corporate the day we played Preston and saw him and his mob of cockney flat cap wearing gypos exactly for that they were. He gained the trust of certain sections of our support and some total whoppers in the local media on big pile of complete bollocks and lies. He very nearly sent the club under. KA came in with some kind of business acumen and saw through a process to rectify the shit state of affairs with a model of austerity. Something a lot of folk are keen to forget. The bloke can fuck off. The shit bastard.
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    this game is a chance for the club to earn some money why would anyone not want to support the club ? it's up to you mother fuckers
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    Hes just dropped a new rap on his youtube page over todays news, hes the new ODB Hey Ken you motherfucking ho You perma tanned slicked back mofo If you dont watch out ill click my glock And pistol whip you you orange cock I am the pimp daddy of the wanderers gang Im dropping down bars like a new Wu Tang Now I may be 14 with a bald nutsack But i can still provide you with a slap and a crack Biaaaatch Word to yer mother Etc
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    It's quite a long list of people you'd have to give him the benefit of the doubt over now, do they all have an axe to grind, or have been dishonest/incompetent/unfairly working against a poor fella just trying to do his best by Bolton Wanderers? The previous regime, Dean Holdsworth, Heathcotes, Moxey, Amos, Karl Henry, the players who went on strike in August, the players who rowed with him about unpaid wages in November, Marc Iles, the Supporters Trust, the football finance bloke who says we paid Ken and Lee hundreds of thousands last year, whoever leaked that the stock was being reclaimed from the club shop due to non-payments, the PFA, Remi Matthews, Christian Doidge, Forest Green Rovers, Norwich City. Are all those wrong, or is he indeed a dishonest chancer?
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    The time has come for Johnathon Disley to save us
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    Just followed you mate
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    We might just about be playing Bamber Bridge by now and fuck knows where we’d be playing our home games. I get it that it seems shit at the moment but in the last 2 seasons we have had a promotion and a last day survival with a pitch invasion. Some were saying it’s the best day seen at the Reebok/Macron/Uni of. It was only 4 months ago that we had started the season brilliantly and there was plenty of optimism around the place. Of course it’s very very shit at the moment and it does seem like Ken’s starting to lose his battle and we need a new owner now more than ever, but to make suggestions like “we should have started again” is such an over exaggeration.
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    Problem is if he leaves the club what happens next ? Administration would be diabolical John Wayne aint coming over the hill with the fifth cavalry yet folk want him out .He has my support until someone comes up with a credible plan B.
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    also, the current financial problems seem to be down to cashflow and not profitability - theres a massive difference.
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    great stuff i hear hes taken pugsley mcpugsleys record one does remain in dispute as its claimed the ball actually hit the pile of jumpers on the way in
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    Phil will bemoan the attacking change. No Phil from 1 to 11 the team we were wank. Oztumers influence on this defeat? No more than anyone elses. He will never try an attacking sub again. Well done everyone at the club from top to bottom a real team effort today. They were there for the taking again in the first twenty but I'm glad we didn't have a go as according to Phil it would of been 12-0.
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    That’s grim. If we win on Tuesday I expect you to start oinking at them - you’re getting truffled off the trotters
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    Second half was best we’ve played for a long time, Doige looking better every week. Good point. Great physchological boost being out of the bottom 3.
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    Made me laugh. Disappointed we're merely Bolton
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    About time, too A 2nd referendum, anyone? https://brexitcentral.com/remainers-demanding-another-referendum-arent-interested-legitimacy-just-reversing-democratic-decision-2016/

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