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    Been on the beers since finishing work. Get home and the mrs has flaked out. Sat searching YouTube vids with a few gins trying to reminisce but where do you go Okocha running Keane about the park, scoring that free kick against Villa or against bora, or sending West Ham down, or any showboating. Pedersen scoring goals from ridiculous angles. Sasa and Pollock running rings. Vaz Te miss hitting some worldies. Djorkaef and Hierro gracing the pitch in a white shirt. Anelka scoring for fun in his peak. Stelios playing football with a smile. Nolan and Ricketts smashing United. Davies equalising in Munich. Campo winning free kicks and that strike against Spurs. Chris Fairclough doing his same warmup routine. Paul Warhurst with his 60’s mop. Making a song out of Mixxu Paatalainen. Playing Zenit in europa, a game only fit for Mark Fish. Fabien De Freitas being lighting quick getting to his feet to score against reading. Branagan’s penalty save. That rivaldo fax. Ricardo Gardener and Jermaine Johnson given us both barrels or flair. Morais delivering. Alfie being a striker, a poor mans Klasnic. Freddie Bobic’s hatrick. Bob Taylor! Praying for Fabrice. Praying for Stuart Holden’s knees. Chungy at brum. Liking Scotland a little bit with McGinlay, Walker and Colin Hendry. McGinlay’s goals, McGinlay’s pubs. Listening to Arsene and Benitez moaning. The Icelandic lads, Gudni and Eidur. Dave ding dong do. Nicky Hunt playing upfront. The little guys Michael Johanson, Stig Tofting, Jay Spearing and Stelios. Wembley against Tranmere, liverpool and Reading. Zenden’s double kick, Stoke and Villa in the Semis. Deano as a player. David Reeve’s teeth. Jussi’s double save at Rovers. Felgate being my childhood hero. Beardsley, Shilton, Sir Les and Sir Emile donning a white shirt. Ian Marshall never having a shirt big enough. Ariza too. Jardel losing his golden boot in his shorts. Owen Coyle when you’re winning. Diouf being our wanker. Bo Hansen scoring anything. Elmander’s 10 million pound goal against wolves. Bruno’s military haircut. Crying to my dad that I’m too cold in the lever end. A footballing legend, Gary Speed. Nakata and Nishizawa bringing tears to japs eyes. Jlloyd not conceding a penalty to ronaldo. Aguero getting sent off. Tony Kelly actually playing football, well. Per leaving, Per coming back. Medo’s potential. Standing at Burnden. Alan Smith crying, Joe Cole crying Big Sam making the good times. Eddie throwing good money after bad and now Bassini’s white shirt I’m certain I’ve missed many, I can definitely keep adding to this. I’m still paying a credit card I maxed out following the whites in Europe, I would do it all again tomorrow I can’t wait for this period in our history to be over. I’m sick of reading about all the shite. one miserable bastard. COYWM
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    Long time coming, but the final bit of the funds raised went towards part funding a standing frame, which Erin got to use for first time at school today (yes, some stuff really does take an age). Wanted to share to show you the joy you have brought to Erin, who loves working hard as you can see in this photo. Promised an update and want to thank each and every one of you who helped out, as a family we remain so grateful.
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    Morning chaps, Haven’t posted for eons, but see there’s some survivors from when I did. Anyway, you’re all going through a shit storm at the moment, wouldn’t wish it on anyone, even ‘wall. Hopefully you get your club back and come back to where a club with as rich a history as you have belong. All the best, Yossi, WHU supporter.
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    I've been pretty quiet on here over the last few seasons. Mostly due to the sheer fucking despair at our situation and the tailspin we have ended up in. But also because I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer about 18 months ago. It was shock. I was pretty young to get it (55 at the time). I'd been to Dr's about summat else and he sent me for a blood test and they picked it up. At first it was 'low grade, low risk'. I had regular blood tests and a biopsy. That was bloody horrible. Anyway, I went for more tests and they said that it had got worse and they needed to act before it spread. I had my Prostate gland removed in August last year. It was a pretty miserable time. I was off work 6 weeks. I had a catheter fitted, could hardly walk. Just shit really. But - when I got the results back following the op they said that there were clear margins around the gland so it hadn't spread. I will be having 3 monthly blood tests and consultations for the foreseeable but so far it's all looking good. I have been very lucky. Some of you will know that I do a bit of running, I used to try to encourage folk off here to do Parkrun. As I had some warning before the operation I figured my best hope of a faster recovery was to get as fit as I could beforehand and hopefully retain some of it. I did my first ever marathon, Bolton hill marathon (a bit embarrassing as I've been running 20 years!) and that went ok so I did my first ever Ultra marathon a fortnight later (5 Passes ultra in Lakes, 33 miles). That was a long day out - 10 hours! - but I went round with 2 lasses from our running club and we had a great day. I have gradually got fitness back starting with low goals and building up and up. Although I don't think I will ever really be how I was before I am in not bad shape now, physically. I wanted a goal to aim for both as part of my recovery and also as a big Fuck You to cancer. I decided to do the Joss Naylor Challenge. It's not a race, you can do it whenever you like. It appealed because it is aimed at over 50's and you get longer to complete it the older you are. It's 48 miles across the Lakes and 17,000' ascent. I have 15 hours to do it in. It also appealed because part of it is to raise money for a charity of your choice. I have chosen Prostate Cancer UK. I've been training hard over the last months since recovering from the op. Been up to Lakes virtually every weekend and getting the miles in recceing the route. Can I do it? I honestly don't know, I'll find out next month. I'll give it a bloody good shot though. https://www.gofar.org.uk/jossnaylorlc.html If anyone can spare a quid or so then it would be very gratefully received. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/simon-fox24 Also if anyone wants to talk about any Prostate Cancer concerns then PM me. Cheers.
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    Came on here to drop info so KA would react. Didn’t work then was fronting money for a man who was providing security against property. He rented a house slid in to Trafs DM’s and called him a cunt then likened Traf to a wife beater on an open forum if that’s what a PR company gives you these days I’ll stick to putting fucking adverts up on traffic lights if I ever want some business absolute lunatic
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    That's reasonable. I'd argue making a rational assessment of his ability to manage in the championship is difficult given the conditions he's operated under, the likelihood is that no-one here has a full picture of how bad they've been until perhaps he writes a book about it. Time may tell a different story, if he goes on to success elsewhere then some of the people pointing the finger at him may feel differently. However the last point you make is a valid one. He's lost too much support and he's too associated with the misery of the last season in particular for any new owner to continue with him if they want the bounce from a fresh start. My guess is he's probably happy to go as well, the club has been a basket case for a long time now and isn't helping anyone's career prospects including his. What still gets me and one reason why I'm on this thread wanting to talk about the finances and not this subject which doesn't belong here, is that there's several of you that are happy to abuse the man on a personal level because you've not enjoyed the football on offer. Here's a fucking newsflash, no-one has enjoyed the style of football on offer, but some don't use that as an excuse to call a guy trying his best in very difficult circumstances, a cunt. This when you have the very definition of the word owning the club and making the decisions that undermined PP and everyone else in the process? The fact you're doing this as he's giving his time to go in and help the administrators and the club despite he and his staff not being paid since February is one more reason why he deserves at least a basic level of respect, whatever your opinions of him as a tactician. He's conducted himself well throughout despite being under immense pressure. I'm grateful for his efforts for the club during his time here and I wish him well in his next role.
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    Some strange comments on here. I wont be there as live away but applaud the support of the staff who have kept the club going in recent months.
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    Korean manager - Park In Son
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    When the dust settles on this rancid affair a fair bit of hatchet burying needs to take place . I am the first to admit I gave Anderson too much credit (only game in town etc) but its become clear that he is a tank top wearing cunt of the lowest calibre . The derision the 'Anderson out' brigade got on here was shall we say in hindsight a bit arrogant.Just because you are eighteen years old & calling him out doesnt make you wrong .Similarly the local journo sometimes with justification getting dogs abuse but not everytime he commits to print. The ST have been a huge disapointment to us all but do we stand back chucking bricks into their yard or try to mitigate the lack of transparency by getting a few real heads in there to shake them up a bit & help limit their unwarranted ambition. Going down a division means less of us to keep the faith a bit more tolerance to fellow whites might help. Taking the piss aside obviously. Mea culpa
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    Any player that’s not turned out today out of choice can get fucked Utter shithouses Glad they won’t wear our club badge again
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    Agreed. A show of compassion and solidarity that football needs. It’s not just a PR move for them, it was an act of kindness. We’re all northerners at the end of the day. When we support the national team we’re all English. Why feel embarrassment or hatred because of another club just because you’re a few miles apart? Whilst the tribal mentality of English football makes for great atmospheres and passion, supporters are far too invested in “hating” other clubs. We’re all fans just born in different places, there’s dickheads and there’s sound people. On varying levels - Preston help out the Bolton staff during a horrible time. Bayern bailed out Dortmund when they endured financial plight, the English and the Germans played football in no mans land - That’s the true beauty of football, not having bragging rights over a team down the road. The exception is Wigan. Fuck Wigan.
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    My apologies to any lefties on here regarding my post. It was nowt to do with your lot. My commie pal went to show solidarity against Tommy and soon departed. It was pure white trash vs brown trash nowt else Having seen the videos posted on local Facebook groups and spoken to people round here it was a racial confrontation and nothing else. Asians coming in from Bradford, Huddersfield, Bolton, Blackburn, etc, etc. Utter scum That said, Tommy couldn’t have chosen a more provocative place than Limeside. Right next door to Hathershaw and Copster Hill. There may as well be a big fucking wall dividing two communities of trash. Much as I’m annoyed that my car got booted and scratched by a group of brown racists (fuck off you white cunt is what was shouted at me) the bell that is Tommy is to blame. No need to be there. No need at all. That is why he will never ever be taken seriously. Politician my fucking arse
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    Yes - Providing Keir Gordon does his stuff tomorrow and puts us into Administration He works as Eddie Davies Trustee and he now really does determine our future https://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/en/people/k/keir-gordon-/ I would urge everyone on here ( and pass this on to Wanderers fans elsewhere ) to get an email to him - reminding him of the responsibility and the hopes and the aspirations of all Wanderers fans that he holds in his hands . He is the one person that by putting us into administration can effectively guarantee our survival - [email protected] What he does tomorrow off the pitch is more important than anything that any player in our history has ever done on it
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    Meanwhile, whilst all this is going on, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain is complaining that there are not enough mansions in Cheshire for footballers to buy. I wonder where the core problem in football is.
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    I'm glad your kid got looked after, I really am, but what about the hundreds, maybe thousands of other kids who've been denied that game? I've said it earlier and someone else has picked up on it, but the season has perfect symmetry with the players refusing to play at St Mirren at short notice at the start of the season. They showed their contempt for the fans that day and barring the odd decent performance have continued to let us down throughout the season. Yes, they should have got paid, they're one of about 6 or 7 squads in the EFL awaiting wages, but so far only one team has had to forfeit a game due to players refusing to play. As if the ongoing pantomime with Anderson / creditors / potential owners etc wasn't a big enough embarrassment, the players have added to the fans' woes this week and that is unforgivable. They can get to fuck as far as I'm concerned. Wheater says that most of the squad are fantastic lads, but couldn't get them to play one last home game? They're complicit in the shitshow, I'm afraid. Off-field isn't their responsibility, but they've taken us down with their spineless, couldn't give a shit performances, yet want us to feel sorry for them? Their wages are late, but they know they'll get them. They'll all be fine next season when they get fixed up elsewhere, of course.
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    & the new owner of Bolton Wanderers is...... Sharia Twain
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    Wrong Last week a line was drawn in the sand and the club went into administration The administrator is simply seeking to protect the clubs assets going forward The administrator will pay these players from the day he was appointed like he will pay all the clubs other staff that he has retained from the day he was appointed There is nothing dodgy at all
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    I'm not a religious man in the slightest but from reading that massive praise has to go to Phil Mason the club chaplain. If all religious bods acted like him the world would be a much better place. Hope when all this dies down he gets the recognition he deserves.
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    Well I am thick but fuck me can the personal, petty, bullshit squabbles go elsewhere please This thread is bad enough with Howard and his disciples as it is Sluffy, relax man
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    It’s been a hell of an effort, but you’ve hands down won Most Tedious Cunt of the Season.
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    Howard also said the Davies family were taking Ken's shares off him a month ago. #attentionseekingbullshittingfantasist
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    Kinell. Does the past really matter and who was right and who was wrong? We are where we are Everyone needs to give their heads a fucking wobble and think forwards and how we get out of this shit instead of trying to take the fucking high ground Move on. We did it in the 80’s and we can do it again.......hopefully
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    Let’s not reinvent history. No one loved Ken. He was seen by many as the ‘only show in town’. A necessary evil. I do not remember any clamour to put us into Admin 12 months ago. The impression given was that costs were being cut and although cash was short we were getting by. The ST took a public stance and rightly challenged on transparency and communication. However they have then failed to deliver on either of these. It is amazing following a post on the fans sticking together than it so quickly becomes people saying who was right and who was wrong.
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    I was very much in the KA kept us alive camp and was the only show in town for a long time. But the manner in which he has handled the last few months is some of the worst management of a company I’ve ever seen. Whilst we May never know the full story it’s been horrendously handled and it appears has been done with the sole aim of lining his own pockets at any cost. The man is a cunt of the highest order and should never be allowed near a business again simple as that
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    The original donation was £4.00, but after it was factorised, sent on holiday to the British Virgin Islands, spent a pleasant summer resting in a Cayman islands based unit trust and took in the sights of Jersey, the Isle of Man, Dubai and Qatar it found itself much slimmer when it finally came to rest in Bolton. Don't look for it however, it's already gone again now back to Monaco and been replaced by an IOU with an illegible signature.
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    I strongly believe we will survive. There will be numerous interested parties in the club from an admin perspective. A football club is no different than any other business in that a purchase from admin is often a necessary exercise I’ve been involved in placing a number of businesses into administration and liquidation/receivership from a lenders perspective and it’s a formal process that has a purpose and I’ve no doubt that we will go in and be bought out of admin with a cleaner slate and more stable. Isnt going to be pretty but let’s take a massive sense of comfort from all the other clubs that have done it and actually prospered it just takes time
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    This would you to work if you weren’t getting paid crap really does my head in. If 10,000 people turned up to my work week in week out and pay money to watch me work and cheer me on because they want me to do well, support me and achieve more regardless of who pays my wages, I’d gadly take the chance to visit them and do my job for 2 hours to at least say thank you for sticking with me even though I’ve been shite at my job and it’s all ended a bit crap with the people that pay me. Their beef is with the club not us working class suckers that have pumped all our hard earned money in to supporting the fuckers. They are privileged individuals that haven’t been for a month or so. Theres companies owe me fucking fortunes but I still carry on because I know one day I’ll get paid and can’t let the people who live the properties down. These lads need to get a grip and remember who it is they are turning their back on.
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    So basically the club and fans get punished and Ken swans of into sunset with his secured £5m. Nice one EFL.
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    I don’t for one minute think bassini and KA were in cahoots. I’m with spider in that KA entertained Bassini, called his bluff and saw it through to an end that was predicted from the start. He will now say I’ve tried and this is what you’re dealing with trying to sell a debt Laden football club. Admin tomorrow, paid for by probably him. Lets not forget the high court won’t have admin on the table with hmrc. It will be liquidation. So it’s admin before we go to that hearing.
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    shame his dad didnt
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    Liddle is, always has been and always will be a colossal bellend
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    I know it’s mentioned elsewhere but this good news deserves a thread if it’s own. Credit where it’s due Parkinson and David Lee must have played a big part in these lads staying. Were on our way back. 👍 https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17652781.bolton-wanderers-secure-rangers-spurs-norwich-target-to-longer-deal/
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    Piss off back to Old Trafford FFS
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    Fucking done it. 181.2 pounds so 5 stone 3.8 pounds gone in five years or to put it another way, 28.9% of my body weight. 1 stone 12 since Christmas, 7 pounds of which has been since Easter. All hail MyFitnessPal.
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    What, where you spend all day chatting shit on wanderers ways? We all get paid to do that
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    I have no knowledge of who H is but his posts over the past few weeks have guided many through the minefield of takeovers and administration with a deeper understanding than most on here. I can only second guess his motives for posting on here but the clarity of understanding of complex matters has helped many make sense out of a scenario shrouded in mystery and duplicity. H has on numerous occasions given info that has been proved correct even in rapidly changing circumstances that evolve and alter by the hour. I for one am grateful for his insights and perceptions as it has helped me understand the machinations of the murky world of ‘business’ a lot more. Whoever you are H and whatever your motives, your posts have been appreciated by many. Please don’t spoil it by being the ultimate WUM :lol:
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    Howard, You could have called me a cunt publicly on here, rather than sending me a private message. Rattled? xxx
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    I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to Baker but he is a decent listen. Baker isn't a racist. And because he isn't he never thought about the consequences of the picture. In the BBCs eyes they had to sack him because everyone could play the naivety card if and when it suites them. Maybe we need social media awareness courses like what we have with drivers when they do 33mph in a 30 zone. Folk shouldn't lose their jobs because of one stupid mistake.
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    The very thought of anyone with a couple of quid to their name let alone this mob interested in taking us on fills me with scepticism, fear and basically a ‘will they bollocks’ attitude beaten down by all this I just can’t get excited about anything or anyone
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    Chairman’s notes - spends more time spouting bollocks about another clown and how his families reputation has been affected (oh poor Ken) than apologising for the shit storm and self gaining actions he has taken what a complete and utter rancid twat this fella is
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    Marc Iles‏ @MarcIles 37m37 minutes ago More Absolutely no indication of administration, or otherwise from #BWFC. There is a small window tomorrow morning but to be gambling like this with 145 years of football history is shameful.
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    KA could've at least gone down the training ground and explained to the players if there's no money in the bank, there's no money in the bank, and explained he doesn't have any obligation to pay them. He could've pointed out they will get paid at some point, and that they've only been paid late a couple of times. He could've tried guilt tripping them like he does with the non playing staff where he makes on if they give a shit they keep going till they get paid, if they love the club. He could've avoided the fact that pretty much his only line of communication with the playersopf late has been his column, which he uses to criticise them. He could've made the tough decisions required for the club to survive as he said he would. I don't appreciate the players doing what they did when they did because of the ramifications, but I don't blame them - it's all on KA and reactions to his actions which are running the club into the ground from every angle.
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    Those spineless cunts have contributed to the situation we find ourselves in today the club, not them will feel the impact of whatever the EFL chuck at us on top of the probable -12 for admin. They have all sat there and consciously made a decision because of the impact on them and them only. They have demonstrated they do not give 2 shiny fucks about the club, it’s other staff and the fans. As we are the ones who have to deal with the consequences of their actions whilst they fuck off somewhere else for another pay packet they can dress it up as much as they want as some moral mission but the fact is it was about them and their money and that only cunts to a man
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    Trouble is.... by not fulfilling our fixtures, it's opened us up to a whole new set of future sanctions from the EFL, ranging from points deductions ( if we survive ) to expulsion from the league. For what ?....the starving footballers were always going to get paid at some point, but most of the shithouses won't be here when we have to pay the price for their strike.
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    Yes. To be honest I'd be more interested in going and giving my backing to the kids than to the first team, such has been the levels of shite this season.
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    Oh aye fancy him wanting out of this shitfest after not being paid his wage. Supporters fault for marching round stadium and upsetting chairman Players fault for striking back in august and boycotting training and upsetting the chairman Supporters trust fault for basically being useless and saying bad things about chairman Local press fault for.not reporting properly and upsetting chairman McGinlays fault for being a bad businessman and caring about BWFC and upsetting chairman EFL fault for passing Holdsworth and Saviour Ken instead of letting us go bust and later for forwarding TV money so Jan/Feb wages could be paid Bolton Council fault coz they are to blame for everything and tried not to push club over edge for non payment of rates for last 2 years I hope Anderson is looking over his shoulder for rest of his.life for what HE has done to Bolton Wanderers Football.Club.
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    They can get to fuck n all And Shaun Harvey and the EFL And the Trust and their high net worth imaginary individuals And anyone who had a duty of care to BWFC They’ve ALL failed
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    If they wanted to make a point they should have played the game and on 90 mins before added time or similar they should have all sat down in the centre circle or something. Some poor kid was going to be mascot today. Some folk looked forward to today all week as (as sad as it sounds) it’s all they have in their life. Some Brentford fans had bought train tickets. Some even hotels I presume. Etc etc. For a total of about 3 hours on a Saturday that they were required, they could have gone about this a different way and still made a point. And I’d probably be more forgiving had the cunts not seemed like they’ve been on strike since September anyway. Of this club survives I hope they all fuck off
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