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    Ok this is not the popular view 1)Parkinson came in when we were rock bottom & stopped the rot. 2) Despite all the embargo shite & players who had forgotten what winning felt like we got promoted , not pretty but effective management 3)Despite limited recruitment & further financial constraints we finished fourth from bottom a position most fans would have taken at the season start. 4) Further financial shenanagens have followed & our fans have become fed up with the attritional nature of the battle to stay up so they believe the time for manager change is overdue & many have stopped attending matches citing the playing style. Of course Parky has had his critics from day one & the fact he has been virtually unsackable due to finances has stoked the criticism Personally I think in the main he has done a decent job but the critical mass of support now seems to be against him the takeover will undoubtably see him gone ....I for one wont judge him too harshly.
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    He isn't a cunt though is he. Handled himself incredibly professionally throughout his time here. As a youngish lad who can remember the uefa cup but certainly did not appreciate it hes given me some of my best times watching us. Most of league one - port vale, southend, peterboro and forest last year are days ill never forget and he was the man in charge. His football is not great on the eye, especially when getting beat every week!! But if he was to go, he'd go with a massive thanks from me.
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    Is it just me that’s reading this post with a “Bond-villain” voice in my head?
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    He’s looking down saying ”Oh no, no! KA he’s acting like, well, like a cunt, so to speak”
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    Aye they entered the high court hoping HMRC would file for admin. They said fuck off we want insolvency. The judge agreed and that was the only way it was heading. at the time ED had simply had enough. Fresh from the death of Gartside and his fortune already been pissed away, with the KA we were gone. ...and without KA we’d have been gonners 2-3 times since. There’s more to running a multi million business than simply putting cash in. Honeslty people are so naive. Weve all heard from the horses mouths what a state the accounts were in. We had forensic accountants going through the books, We were losing an absolute fortune in a daily basis and nobody in the land wanted the job to sort it out apart fro KA, in which he did. He fucked a lot of people over and upset plenty in doing so but he’s achieved his remit which was to stabilise the clubs cash flow and outgoings and make the business into a sellable or investable business. We weren’t but now we are. Simples really. forget the chairman’s notes and all the other circus generated in social media. He’s done or nearly done what he was asked to do. He never said he was going to do anything else. Fair fucks to the guy. If he wanted to screw us over and rinse us he could have easily done so. But he didn’t, he remained diligent in spite of all the bile he faced. Target achived ken. Well done i say.
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    In 2 weeks time we will be a new club a new ownership, hopefully a new manager who wants to play football, build a team around young connell. It's to late for this season but hopefully it will be the start of the long road back. One positive from a horrible day was the incredible support that we have and we can still be a bit feisty as well. In a few years time we will be back at Wigan and revenge will be ours. All the lancashire teams will be laughing at our demise and who can blame them they've felt the wrath of the white army over the years but enjoy it you cunts cos we'll be back!!
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    If you need a label for these people : murderers will suffice. Not right/left Not Muslim/Christian Not Black/White Just fucking murderers.
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    And here we get to the heart of the sheer remoaner arrogance. Let's cut to the chase. You'd go to a court of law to stop Brexit because you disagree with the outcome of a referendum in which 17.4m voted the opposite way to you. Now let me think ... what might it be that undemocratic people like you like about the undemocratic EU? If you cannot see the corrosive effects that casually disregarding the outcome of such a momentous vote would have then I really do think there is a place for you somewhere in Brussels technocracy. You are tailor made. If people like you got your way many if not most of those 17.4m would never vote in any type of election every again, such would be their anger. You clearly don't care about that. Instead you continue to do what you've done for two years - label people thick and brand arguments made with which you disagree as "lies". It is almost Stalinist in its haughty intolerance of opinions other than your own. I strongly suggest you google the phrase "liberal bigot".
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    What a nobhead he's coming across as on Social Media. "When you have to bring your own drink in". I have to take my own fucking drink to work you fucking cretin. Window shopping for trainers because he hasn't been paid. If you've had a 20 year career as a footballer and cant afford a pair of trainers you're the issue. I know its a shit situation but in what way does he think he's helping? It also doesnt help that hes fucking dreadful, the shit cunt. To paraphrase, get to fuck you shit 50p footed useless bastard.
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    Not sure there was any need to go in with two feet pal I’m a bit sceptical of some of Howard’s assumptions but still, as Mounts has pointed out, it’s a forum for discussion Personally I’d rather have Howard’s contribution than not have it
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    They put stuff out on social media but kept it low key Maybe it’s “reverse snobbery” from me but happy with no wailing or gnashing of teeth, no “celebratory” clocks, gates, monuments or owt and no big media circus. A simple plaque and book. Those that know....know...and grieve and remember in their own way Over the years BWFC and the fans have dealt with this disaster in a class way. No finger-pointing. No demands for action or media campaigns asking for everyone to remember it. Just a quiet remembrance of our own in our own way. Hope it stays like that tbh. Horrible day that doesn’t need highlighting, simply remembered
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    He was jealous of Judas's chariot
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    I'm pretty sure that when my great grandfather was killed in the war - he died in the hope that one day - you'd be able to say that Parminder Basran smelt of curry.
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    And what about the biggest lie of all? Massive, immediate recession should a leave vote occur. Despite any evidence to prove it. But, as it couldn't be 100% proven (no parallel universe) as bollocks, it became project fucking disaster. Yet folk still chose to ignore it- wonder fucking why? Intelligentsia 0-1 plebs.
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    The facts are that two chancers took over BWFC three years ago for a quid. One was a useless lump after a fast buck and with nothing to offer. The other was a hardened and experienced operator who was willing to work at trying to manage a tough situation, stem the haemorrhaging of money, reduce the losses and, then the hardest bit, earn something for his time and trouble.by handing it over in bettter shape to someone with deeper pockets. It ain't over yet but if you prefer journalism laced with prejudice and half-truth, its the Beeno for you.
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    Another lecture from the superior fact checkers and truth tellers of Project Fear. Same old drivel. The problem is of course there's all kinds of empirical evidence about the EU and its malign influence on the prosperity of the people who live within the 28 nations and the health of democracy in the same nations. Would you like to debate in detail the failures of the Euro since it was imposed? Shall we talk about how the Eurozone is now effectively a zombie economy full of debt-entrapped Governments? Shall we discuss the very real and grinding impoverishment of southern Europe? How about the fact that the EU area has been the slowest growing area of the world this last 30 years? How about crony capitalism - with the EU and large multinationals holding each other in a tight embrace. Special interests, cozy behind closed doors deals. Drowning regulation that only multinationals can afford to pay - but willingly do so because they know it keeps new entrants out of their markets. Stagnant, stale, stitched up. Airbus being found by the WTO to have received $22bn of illegal subsidies by the EU. Of course they bellyache about supply chains and all the rest of it - they'd do anything to preserve the status quo from which they benefit but from which the middle and working class people's of Europe do not. Meanwhile the EU itself never gets its accounts signed off and Jean Claude Juncker swans back from lunch every day barely able to walk in a straight line. Democratically the gap is too large between the people and this gravy train of unelected people taking key decisions and consistently getting them wrong. That's why it is refreshing to see bottom up democracy like that being exercised by the Conservative Association of Stamford and Grantham. A PPE student from Magdalen College, Oxford, formerly of Westminster City Council suddenly rocks up in Lincolnshire and knows better than the local people who voted 61/39 to leave the EU. Except of course it is him and his ilk who've had everything wrong about the EU since Margaret Thatcher left office. His cadre have misread the politics and the economics at every juncture. Bill Cash, Nicholas Budgen, Tony Benn, Graham Stringer, Kate Hoey - even Lord Owen are the ones whose warnings about the EU have come to pass. So save the sanctimonious lectures my friend. We've got all the evidence we need. We've got the facts. We've also got your number. we've got Nick Boles's number and we've voted to leave this mess behind us. Your Project Fear has been utterly seen through.
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    You're just thick. Period.
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    He's not a lefty, righty, commie, hippie or anything, he's a fucking lunatic. Just the same as anyone who goes on a shooting spree. If it wasn't muslims he'd got worked up about, the chances are he'd have eventually shot someone. Same as all terrorists, they're utter crackpots who've just found a conduit for their mentalism.
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    The guy who stood at the despatch box and said Labour wouldn't vote for 'the deal' - despite the fact thay May & Juncker were still in discussions at the time ? The guy who went off-script and announced at conference that Remain would be on the second referendum, despite that this was against policy at the time ? thy guy who does what he wants to do, and fuck the rest ?
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    Sorry, with due respect to the honourable Gentleman He is just a liar We want a this, we want a that. He just wants to stay in the EU.
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    QPR could be riot weekend in London if the liars keep us in the EU beyond 29th. Let’s go and smash the star waving brigade all over the shop, after all, us leavers are all uneducated, racists buffoons who didn’t know what we were voting for
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    I don't trust people who take a username from literary works
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    Christ. I give zero fucks which side he's on or if he has one. He give educated guesses on the information we know. If I'm honest I feel educated by him. Chill.
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    Might ask the wife though, she seems to know everything else!
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    Because we're by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen..
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    Can't they just go with what he is and then deal with it in the hugely unlikely event that he 'decides' that he's actually a woman when he's gets a bit older? Always seems more about the egos of the parents than the welfare of the child to me.
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    No need, Leigh White will do it at 3am
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    Anyone who thinks admin or even worse liquidation is now maybe the best option and start it all again, wiping away nearly 150Yrs of history, expecting us to rise again like some fucking Phoenix from the flames is a bigger, more clueless cunt than both the current manager and the current owner End of
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    My understanding ( and I stand to be corrected ) of the position is as follows Moonshift Investments ( ie the Eddie Davies Family trustee ) would and do have total control of any administration process If an act of default was to occur I have mentioned previously on here the legal charge that Moonshift has over Inner Circle Investments ( Ken Anderson's Company ) which can be viewed on this link https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09782053/charges/fm5WZUnhZHCq-kA5LdXv1g9627M Most of it looks to be standard stuff but attached (if you scroll to the last 4 or so pages ) to that document are undated but signed Share transfer forms of all Kens shares in Burnden Leisure ( undated ) His directors resignation letter in respect of Burnden Leisure ( again undated ) So , If Eddie Family Trustee demands repayment from Ken of the loan due to Moonshift and he does not repay it on the due date they simply date and file his already signed resignation letter and appoint a director to replace him , and date and file his already signed share transfer form and put those shares into the a name of any person of their choosing. At that point Ken Anderson is history. It is true Ken still has a charge over nothing in particular - and it may be worthless as there is probably nothing for him to pin that charge on when the other charge holders and all the creditors will be lining up for satisfaction of their debts That begs the wider question as to why prospective investors are even still bothering to talk to Ken given the perilous financial position of the club. If his personal financial demands for his own exit are greater than the costs of putting the club into administration surely potential investors will start separate talks with those parties who in reality hold control - Eddies trustee , Brett Warburton and Michael James ( Prescot Business Parks ) to engineer taking Ken out of the discussions altogether.
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    Like clock work Bonnar is. Finish work at 5, few in the boozer on the way home. Picks up 8 pint cans and a bottle of wine just in case. Nails the fuckin lot, knocks one out over niche shit, sticks on a bit of simon and garfunkle and steams right in to twitter for some pissed up ramblings. Wife comes in from her 8 Pilates session with Denzil and finds him pissing in his own wardrobe.
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    Do you really think that he would make the same point about Lenny Henry ? No chance.........because he's a racist.
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    As I've said before, I was raised on a rough Farnworth council estate and my parents had fuck all. Bills got paid when the black letter arrived, not the red warning one. Or my mum took doorstep loans to pay bills in the hope things would improve in time. The bailiffs came regularly, but we survived. My mum and dad aren't struggling now, me and my brothers have all done well enough for ourselves etc etc Ken's the poor council tenant juggling the finances to stay afloat, part of me likes the approach and I think had he not been such a hard-nosed cunt, we might have gone under. There's no doubt that's where we were heading 3 yrs ago.
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    He could always tell Facebook it was a typo. See if that works?
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    Releases a video catching the BBC bang to rights and the next day has his account removed? Can't just be me who finds it a bit fishy.
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    One thing Iv'e liked about this weather has been taking my mam around the lovely gardens at the hospice for a nice walk and seeing and hearing all the songbirds in full chirp.
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    Can we all agree what an embarrassing cock Marc Iles is?
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    he knew fuck all about the scouting even if he sits next to Lee
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    Howard why in the film toy story 1 does buzz lightyear pretend to be a toy when humans are around when he actually thinks he’s a space ranger?
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    Horrible fucking day. My worst along with tranmere at Wembley and black Sunday. Anyone else wished we’d never moved from burnden. Fuck me to smell those bogs again and that bovril. And see Darren chasing coins at bottom of terrace. what the fuck as happened. Remember the near misses under neal and those crazy huge away followings - Rotherham, Swansea etc. we are going down but we will return. Let little Wigan, Preston, Blackburn enjoy laughing at us. They are fuck all to Bolton. We have terrorised them for years and we will again. the club needs rebuilding from top to bottom. It is fucked. It will get sorted though. And what a ride it will be when it happens. Keep the faith. Keep supporting. Bolton wanderers is in our blood and will never die
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    By rights, we should now tick nicely towards a clean break on the 29th. We've known this right from the start, and was voted on in Parliament. No going back. Parliament are now going to worm out of this today and then, as you say, the fun will start. This has already become MPs versus the public and it's about to explode. Leave means Leave.
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    Aye Long term softarses who quit when it got a bit tough, taking pop's at everybody involved with the club as an excuse not to go Fcuk em
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    Sorry but there shouldn't be a need to call to arms. It has to be said... The cunts who use any excuse they can find to not go can fuck right off - they are the main cause of the problem. If 18-20K were turning up regularly and supporting the club with turnstile cash then the poor fuckers that haven't been paid on time may well have been. Cunts to a man.
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    Been trying to be positive at our house and hope things work out in the end but last night my lad who is almost 17 said "so second worst scenario is we end up watching a club called Bolton Town or summat and worst is that I have to pack in watching football", deffo gave me pause for thought. When finally KA, his son, and PP do leave (I've more sympathy for PP than a lot have) then it would be good to think Iles and Bonnar might fuck off as well but the amount of people sucking them off on social media makes me think otherwise. They could have come out of this looking brilliant but I'd piss on neither if I saw them on fire. This whole thing has been a bit of an eye opener in a lot of ways, this place has actually been more balanced on both sides than pretty much anywhere else and it's also shown up other folk in different lights altogether. From a distance people like Firth and Shortland and others in that circle have showed their true colours and me along with others have probably ended up at odds with some they've known for years. I know someone who has worked in football professionally all his life, who is BWFC through and through and whose opinion is as solid as it gets but turned out even he is friends with Firth et al and I'm having trouble processing it all. Any road let's hope we're still here next week, I need to go to and have a smoke and a sleep with it being a Tuesday night and it being bad enough staff not getting paid without me not getting paid for being pissed and ducking tomorrow.
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    I've backed Ken to the hilt? Really? I'd love to see examples/proof. More a case of being somewhat grateful he was just about managing to keep us afloat, having arrived on the day we were due to be liquidated when nobody else including the Trust would/could pull us back from the precipice. Has he got it all right? No. Has he got it all wrong? No. I just think the money has finally run out and he hasn't got the ability to keep the plates spinning any more.
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    Spoke to 3 people at the club today. No one has a clue what’s going on. No communication whatsoever. They, still, maybe paid today they may not. It’s not pleasant and it’s not right. Whatever is going on behind the scenes, at least have the decency to tell the staff what is going on.
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    Sure But, rather than crawling all over the matter when we have no idea what is happening, looking for negatives, perhaps it is just better to wait and see?
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