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    god imagine what a Bolton Wall of Fame would look like
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    Turns out they owe £3.1415926535
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    I’m not normally one for the conspiracy theories, but there's a new conspiracy documentary on BBC2 about the covid. 2 guys from the Wuhan research centre, where Trump suspects it was engineered, were due to get on MH370 that miraculously disappeared. Seems they were the guys behind the development of the new strain and intending to use it as a weapon, someone caught wind of their plans and purposefully downed the plane. Neither of them got on the flight though. Have a look it's really interesting, it's called two wongs don't make a flight.
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    Boris got this completely wrong, deflecting blame, poor poor comments and the unsung heroes of the virus are care home nurses. He needs to apologise quickly and mean it and accept the governments part in the care home shit show.
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    I honeslty couldnt give a fuck about em. Annoying set of clowns that have tried to attack us from every angle for 20 odd years. Never been a proper club and never will be. Fuck em.
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    You're opinion means jack shit you red fucker.
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    You'll be the only person I know who is smaller than their own telly.
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    No COVID deaths at Bolton hospital for 7 days and nobody in critical care with COVID. Remarkable considering where we were a few months back. Well done chaps - that lockdown has done its job....... Not quite time to go out dogging quite yet but it's getting closer.
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    Here you go BD. 6th of fucking May. Absolute clowns.
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    It’s sort of like a comfort blanket now for me. makes me realise no matter how shit a day I’ve had life could be much worse
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    It's the finest achievement for a man from Wythenshawe since Tony O'Neill led United's mob to victory over Leeds on the Holbeck Estate in 97.
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    They all showed their hands and only the staff at PNE can come out with any praise for what they did in our hour of need. I’m not a football fan, I’m Bolton Wanderers and England, it’s ‘dog eat dog’ out there, as we’ve learned in the last 12 months. Will I be losing sleep if any clubs go under, I’ll probably lose the same as a Bury FC fan does. Bollocks to them all, we all know the score now, love thy neighbour my arse.
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    And to think when we were in the lower reaches of the champ and in L1 some on here had us believe the Calibre of players we had were unable to play short sharp passing like this. yet you’ve got a club who have been non league for c.50 years doing it brilliantly so, yes you can coach!
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    I'm thinking long term but if Wigan crash and burn then then both our nearest rivals will have gone. Eventually those town fans in a generation 10-20 years will support their local team, Bolton Wanderers.
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    I felt sorry for the Bury fans even though they've had an axe to grind with us for years. I won't be feeling sorry for this shower of shit. They've been punching above their weight for years and now Whelan and his broken leg are history it's the slippery slope for the cunts. Bring it on. Sooner or later we will pass them on the way back up and there'll be a few reminders of the early 90s for them.
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    Hi Smithills gent
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    Offer em 10k for their training ground
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    Bolton fans going into BarrowWays to troll them is one of the most embarrassing things I've ever heard of. How small-time have we now become?
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    Did you know that Monte Carlo and Wigan are the only places in Europe where you can pay for sex using chips.
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    Food of champions all of them. Love black peas. black peas matter
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    I can't find any published data that shows the breakdown of cases in care homes - I've read a few articles that state the govmt don't want to publish the data. I also don't know how many folk die on average per week in care homes usualy, so the large % of covid deaths in care homes may actually be similar to the amount of natural deaths. The ONS have stated that from their random antibody test results, the downward trend in new cases is now flat, it's not going down or up substantially. Removing restrictions, ignoring the social distancing, protests etc, is going to make the case numbers go up, I've no doubt at all that we will see rises sometime in July and Aug, by how much is anyone's guess, but most think it will be a slower rise than we experienced at the beginning, which should enable us to slow it down regionally or by reintoducing restrictions when required. There's rising cases now in 30 European countries and obviously several US states. 10m antibody test results are showing 5% of the UK has had the disease, 3.3 million, some think its a bit higher, nearer 5 million. It's about 15% in London and 7-9% in the NW. Reagrdelss we are still at the begining of the pandemic, theres 60 odd million folk in the UK that havent been infected yet. The good news is that an indepth test in Austria (with the highst % of seroprevalnce ever shown in a study - which suggests it's as accurate as we have had so far) has shown that 85% of those who have the infection have no symptoms, or very mild symptoms, like a cold. They're tring to work out what makes the 85% not get ill. Treatment is getting better in the hospitals for the 5% that get seriously ill - a smaller % are dying. Vaccine trials are under way in Human populations, but not expected to be available for another year yet. UK week v week stats are available here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/slides-and-datasets-on-coronavirus-26-june-2020 it's the spreadsheet that shows the details. 7 day rolling average deaths has flattened this week too - last 4 days are 122 118 119 121 to give you an Idea, two weeks ago it was 218 202 198 176 So in summary - all the data I'm looking at makes me think we've had the lull in the last month or so, infections aren't going to drop susbatntialy for now, we'll see small rises soon, which may get worse depending on how we act and what the govmt do. School holiday will probably help a bit too hopefully.
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    Prostitutes won't kill themselves
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    I know it’s a bit rough round where I live but the local Tesco sells Fathers Day cards in packs of five
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    Feel like I’m pushing a piece of string. Ok, you’re all correct, after all that has happened this season no manager could have saved us from relegation. Realistically we were down before KH came, in a few days he brought in a load of outcasts/unwanted/unknown players who weren’t match fit and most of us had never heard off. At Rotherham you could see the promise in some of the players and we started well, you could feel the optimism in the crowd but as the game went on the big problem that would surface in every game and eventually kill us was evident, fitness and organisation, things that within the time scale we had could not be rectified this season. Leading up to the Accy game things were settling down, we were looking ok, we’d won three in a row and we were getting a bit giddy, KH was under a lot of pressure to win this game, I didn’t go but the sending off and the collapse obviously was a massive slap for fans and management. Tempers boiled over and things were said and your right that left KH out on a limb but FV are not blameless in this situation. If the owners had been more experienced they would have circled the wagons and tried to keep the problems in house and steady the ship When FV involved Kenyon they undermined Hill and Flitcrofts power and they obviously knew they had no future here. Kenyon had convinced FV to move in a different direction and KH was thrown under the bus, since lockdown we’ve heard nothing, no leadership, just little digs in the Bolton News from the poisoned dwarf, Iles, who’s influence is greater than it should be. You can slag KH off for his rants, his dress sense or anything else but if he was on the current list of managers and coming in for the first time at this level he would be a favourite for the job. He’s not my dad or my son but I don’t agree with the disrespect and shit on here about someone who did his best under the circumstances, at another time he could have been a very good appointment
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    Sod the councils deciding, the statues are part of our history, be it good or bad. If we go down that route the war memorials will be next on the agenda. I notice last night all the Premier league footballers wore black lives matter on their shirts but wearing the poppy was seen to be a political statement by eufa. Time to stop pandering to the perpetually offended.
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    Fair play to Marcus Rashford, by the way, for what he's doing with the school meals thing. The filthy fucking red cunt.
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    I was in Manchester yesterday, saw the aftermath and it was nothing to do with Bolton whatsoever. It was a 20 a side from Oldham and a few of their mates round the back of the Wetherspoons next to St Peter's Square. Wasnt prearranged, as both sides were drinking but drank too much. The majority of the Wrexham lads are as bemused by it as anyone. The lad who did the original video, did another after to explain he'd been given false info re the first one. Like I say, fuck all to do with our lot and nothing to do with the cenotaph where 150 ve6s and paras were all day, and behaved perfectly.....that's in the MEN by the way.
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    Pretty much agree with this .Its easy with hindsight to pick holes in his chairmanship but essentially his early decision making got us into the Prem Wont be remembered positively by everyone but then again who is ? (Even if they build a statue of you) Good luck to his son
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    Missus has an apprentice training agency (ATA) in the east mainly for construction apprenticeships and the model is to interview applicants with potential employers and if they like someone the missus employs them (not the construction company) and effectively does a contract with the "host company", does the PAYE, pastoral care, arranges college for day release or block training etc so the employer only has to train them, sign off timesheets and pay a monthly bill based on hours worked. If the contract is for e.g. a year, and the employer wants rid after that time, missus keeps paying them, keeps sending them to college and places them with another employer so they are guaranteed to complete.The reason for this is that colleges will fill classes with kids who have no job who then get their NVQs and have to sign on or employers lay off their apprentices half way through their training when work goes quiet so the missus ensures they complete and get on the job training. In the NW there isn't a similar scheme so I reckon your lad needs to get a job with an employer who is happy for him to get his qualifications. What he shouldn't do is go to college without having secured a job first - I've seen how that works out.
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    Sorry Mounts Irwin was a Tony Dunne type player.
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    Yep seen them. All Their trainers are utterly honking. see that’s where this is wrong. It should be these cunts who die of covid not innocent old folk.
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