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    Apollo 13 tried that but hit a snag and reported back: "Euxton, we've got a problem"
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    I'd wait for sluffy''s 62 page summary
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    🤞 Hey Chris, welcome back! Everybody was hoping that you'd fucked off for good...
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    Presumably you've not heard what they sang about Muamba nor what they sang about Sir Nat? Did you not see the flag hung over the bridge on the M66? The vast majority of them are United or City fans AND Bury fans. When they say they're going into town they don't even mean Bury. They're a worthless turd. It's a town that doesn't deserve its own football team. Fuck them.
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    Tbh, if they stuck em on sale Monday, I'd buy one in a heartbeat They need my 700 quid more than I do
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    And they’re the ones who don’t bother half the time. The hangers on. There in the prem days and when beating Peterborough etc but not there any other time. Them and their opinions can fuck off as far as I’m concerned the issue now is, the every weekers (made up of the majority on here) when some of those begin to lose interest, which many clearly are then there’s a fundamental problem. Were putting up with being skint. Nearly ceasing existence, the club being dragged through the mud, 3rd division football, -12 points. We’re all willing to look past those issues. But not the type of dross that is served up. That in itself tells the story working men and women from working class backgrounds from a working class town want to be excited. Looking forward to a Saturday. Graft all week, a bit of escapism for a couple of hours. We’ve not had that and I don’t see it changing if PP remains that’s not moaning for moaning sake. That’s being sick to fuck with being bored shitless and the one bit of hope and enjoyment being turned in to a miserable chore. And paying hard earned money for the privilege
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    Sluffy you are right, we have been running at a shortfall for many years, long before Ken came a long. however we had an owner willing to put his own cash in to prop it up for most of those years In rolls Ken, pissing and moaning about all the legacy contracts he inherited and a plan to balance the books. Three years later we have a wage bill (all signed by Ken) of £800k a month crippling us but this time with no owner willing to put his own money in Given Ken didn’t want to put the money in (which is fair enough), he shouldn’t have signed the playing contracts that he did as he had no way to pay for it Rank bad management, end of story
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    Ah, just can't resist shooting my hand up... Teacher, teacher, what does 'pompous, patronising twat' mean?
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    A fish called wanderer?
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    Folk want too much. Sorry but they do. This is a failing business in administration. And a complex administration at that. There may be a undertone of football matters but unfortunately, and quite frankly they dont need to say shit. I'll wait for the email about season tickets but until then, I'll get on with the rest of my life. Folk just being negative and second guessing everything need to chill the fuck out. It's utterly pointless.
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    You're missing the point. When he "bought" the business for £1 - he talked about cutting costs and reducing the losses to "manageable" amounts. Instead what he did was rely on ED to plug losses, stop paying anyone he possibly could, take out his consultancy fees, tell everyone "its fine we have low debt and are better placed than most other championship clubs" all whilst not paying the pasty bill. Then threw a hissy fit when supporters complained as the scale of the disaster began to become public knowledge. I'm not accusing him of legality. But there is absolutely no grounds whatsoever to say he was anything other than a desperately poor owner of a football club at absolute best. Investing nothing and looking to make a quick buck in a sale. The man did nothing but run the club's name further into the ground whilst leaving local businesses short.
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    Congratulations on the most ridiculous post ever seen on here. That's some going!
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    Get Nolan in. I don’t give a fuck about what his record is compared to Parky’s. I just want to get excited about going to a football match again and that will do it. New owners, new players, Nolan in charge, we’ll have more fans at Tranmere than Tranmere.
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    It’s a sign of intent. Same old shit or a bit of hope. I vote for a bit of hope.
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    Jesus, just catching up and I'm glad I was offline yesterday. FV will own the club. Whoever they appoint as manager needs to be backed by the fans, no excuses, they're going to need us early doors. Get behind the boys and COYFWM.
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    Megsons million’s are still missing. I’m not a Parky fan at all but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to stop watching just because of 1 man who will be long gone by the time I retire from going
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    And then it did come, the club's darkest day, The players and bills, we could no longer pay. For a new owner, the admin's did hunt, To finally dismiss, the club's biggest cunt.
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    I definitely think the BBC are missing a trick here. Have Leigh White take on the role of Michael Portillo on his Great British Railway Journeys role, but instead devoted to him recounting escapades of supping, shagging and fighting across the county - as he travels around in an old orange SELNEC bus, pinging a clippercard in at the start of each episode, before recounting tales of debauchery and complete random drivel. It's a fucking BAFTA winner I'm telling you 😄
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    You remind of the smug kid that didn't realise the back of his blazer was covered in gob
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    Can't believe some folk saying they wouldn't go if we sold the ground and rented it back or if Fawaz bought the hotel etc etc. Just admit you can't be arsed going any more. Stop looking for excuses - it happens. I'd rather be there with 3000 hardcore than a bunch of moaning bastards. I just hope there's a club for the 3000 of us to support. I'm sure there will be in some form or another - maybe even a league 2 team in 12 months time but I've been to the 4th before and will again if needs be. FWIW, I think many of these "you'll never see me again" are spouting hot air out of frustration. I feel their pain, we're all sick to the back teeth of it
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    For all the stick custard and fluffy get, at least they base their opinion on some facts Folk saying it's dragging on, it's taking too long, what the fcuk is that based on Nothing, that's what Just frustration Like kids waiting for Christmas
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    Casino unable to get his head round clockwise and anti-clockwise on the M60:
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    Running up Rivi with a rucksack of bricks .
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    Great squad when Sam took over?, Bolton were half way in the second tier having lost a play off to Watford the previous season and had never avoided relegation from the Premier League Eddie Davies provided bugger all of a transfer warchest compared to Fulham and Blackburn who had far more expensive and talented squads than Sam got Bolton promoted with.Sam was a genius who spotted a future England striker in the Walsall side for 400k, the signing of Ricketts got us promoted.The previous summer "nearly man" Gudjohnsen was sold for £4 million, Ricketts came in and scored more goals for 1/10th the fee I really don't think you were following Bolton very closely at the turn of the century if you think we had a great squad and Eddie Davies threw millions at the team buying a place in the Premier League.Blackburn and Fulham's owners did but not ours
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    No offence but your point is bollocks... Most of us have seen quite a few relegation seasons but never such a feeble, negative, clueless, aimless excuse for a football TEAM. That team was PPs team, no excuses, buck firmly stops. Most of us realise that it will be a herculean achievement to stay up next season but even if we don't we want to see a team out there fighting & God forbid attacking occasionally! If one or two players don't treat the ball like a live hand grenade then we will be in dreamland. No matter what excuses are used last season crossed the line of acceptability ( Bury & Macc showed some grit in similar circumstances). Take a look at our away followings in the old 4th division days, we were there because even though we were shit it was still BWFC, the players put a shift in most weeks & tried to win the odd game not to roll over & have their bellies tickled & surrender quicker than an Italian pacifist! Rant over.
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    “I just want us to have a club to support” “I’m Bolton ‘til I die, me” “The minute Anderson is gone, I’m back with a vengeance” FV - “there you go, we’ve saved the day. Long road ahead but we were told the fan base is the best in the country so they’ll understand things may take time and get behind us” “You don’t know what yer doing. FV out!!!” Pathetic. Absolutely ridiculous
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    It's taught me Anderson was a vulture who came to scavenge what he could before we went under, a situation he was happy to lead is into as long as we could afford to pay his fees Not asset stripping, just milking us dry I have a hat which I will eat if it's ever proven that was not the case
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    Sluffy says someone is over complicating something ?
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    This thread should be renamed - “Mud-slingers, Shit-flickers and essays of doom”
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    Please can we just wait and stop making shit up?
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    If we still have a club I'll be getting a season ticket again. Anyone calling themselves a Bolton fan for the last few years who could attend and can afford to buy tickets but doesn't (and doesn't contribute financially in some other way) can kiss my arse.
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    Thousands involved indeed, don't you think a lot more would have come forward. None mooners are as batty as flat earthers IMO.
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    He should be back posting on here in 7 or 8 months.
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    You do realise this is a website for all Bolton fans? Whether they be folk who left school at 16 with no qualifications or others who went onto Oxford uni People don't always understand the on a and outs. It's not that they are slow on the uptake, they just don't know that side of things. I bet there's plenty who could explain what they do for a living in a way that would make you seem slow on the uptake as well Though they wouldn't probably use childish terms like the beeno constantly either
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    Second time he’s fucked off and come back when he realised nobody else wanted him.
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    An interesting comment on the aforementioned rent-a-gob(shite) Hopkins by Sir Mick Davis... https://www.thejc.com/comment/comment/sir-mick-davis-katie-hopkins-homelands-screening-1.486303 As a somewhat related aside, I googled that ex-copper who made the 'grooming cover up' speech. The fourth or so result was the Twitter account of the 'Family Defence League' about the fourth tweet or retweet or whatever on the feed (probably authored by a 'Baron' or 'Viscount' something or other) read something like (paraphrasing)... 'The Muslim and the Jew have always viewed the infidel and goy as ripe for sexual enslavement...' Before going on to embellish and explain the statement further with more anti-muslim and antisemitic drivel. Totally unchallenged. Scratch the surface of any of these weeping sores on the 'net and you'll find unqualified hatred towards all minorities - despite their 'we're only after the muzzies - honest, guv...' facades.
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    24 hours on the Brexit thread should be enough punishment.
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    I think there is an issue. I do see how people get offended by the actions of a small minority. This increases the likelihood of the majority getting shit. It is ok saying do not go there then. But that attitude again fuels the haters. ‘If a heterosexual couple were so extreme it would not be tolerated’. And they are probably right. Public decency is the same no matter who is watching or how is acting out.
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    First game 1976 season ticket since 80's dont have to prove my credentials to anyone. You can think what the fuck u like
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    He woke up today and is contracted for 365 days. He wakes up tomorrow and still has a contract for 365 days. So on and so forth not sure what’s difficult to understand
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    Only having 7 players,, let's call it 5 as two are goalies and Oz won't play, means PP will be responsible for building a whole new squad. Fuck. That. It'd take a week, two tops, to bring in a new manager and his assistants. If you'd rather let Parkinson build a squad full of shite for the sake of a couple of weeks you're a mentalist.
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    Always think i might be coming round to remain point of view then i come on here and read Cheese. Best recruiter for Brexit bar none.
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    Tommy... Also plays right wing...
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    Absolutely. Was so desperate for her to score that penalty. But in the scheme of things she’s got far more important things to be worrying about right now. Given what she’s been dealing with, her performances this tournament have been all the more impressive. Anyone who’s sceptical about the women’s game should have seen my daughter this evening. Regardless of the quality, she cared about what happened in that match 1000 times more than any men’s match she has seen. And there will be 1000s of girls taking up football thanks to this World Cup which is a brillIant thing.
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    people need to stop trying to excuse them. he wanted to leave BWFC. fuck him and fuck wheater. we need a complete change. these players are part of the old culture and we need a completely fresh start.
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    Legal position is as follows The administrator is an officer of the court Bassini may have made biggest bid but he could only challenge on a point of law Even if he did make the biggest bid, he isn't deemed fit and proper by the EFL so his bid is voided Any further delay would put the future of the club at risk so the administrator has no case to answer Bassini is full of shit
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    😁 a bit like that explanation.
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    Reminds me of this classic!
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