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    so, this is where we are at: Point A - that is where i parked last week hoping to see her waking round the path Point B - that is the entrance to the path, where I was hanging around stretching last week, and roughly where I hung about last night at the start Purple Line - that's her, she got there about 4.45, then walked up the path slowly - I tailed her, making on I was warming down or something. She cut through the park rather than follow the path all the way round, which is why I didn't see her last week probably Yellow Line - that's me running, all over the place, trying to keep my distance, but keep my eye on her - I ended up having to run right by her a couple of times (I had that snood thing on covering my face). I had to basically do stop start sprints to make on I was interval training or something. I lost her at one point and went back down the car park path towards B, but then came back, and when I got to point C I could see she was walking back out towards point D, where she stood waiting. So I want to get closer but running out of options, as I must look suspicious that I keep popping up - so then have to do a series of sprints between C and E to keep up the interval training theme Then, on that road just opposite point D, a white van pulls up, and a minute later she gets in - it then turns left and starts driving towards point C - I try to tail that and get a glimpse of the number plate, but by now, I'm fucked from all the sprinting and couldn't keep up, but am pretty certain they went back down the road to point B and fucked off so final time next week, I'm going to park up on that road where she got picked up to see if I can get the reg number of the van, then it's job done
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    i suppose poor defending is what you should expect at this level like you should expect not having dino fcuking zoff in your nets
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    You’re part of the cesspit you cock. Posting pointless fucking articles having a go at our only senior goalkeeper (why he gives you the time of day is another matter) is to absolutely nobody’s benefit. You’re only in it to get a few likes off some 14 year olds but then give it the big one on here.
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    You need to get this idea they make be looking for a quick profit right out of your head Sharron brittan is comfortably wealthy She doesn't need to own a football club But, she wants to This ain't a cash cow for her, it's a life experience A challenge
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    The only bit I don't accept is the 10 point turn. 9 or 11 yes, but not 10.
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    It amazes me that you are able to make any thread into a contrarian at work 'cheese show'. Were not talking about anyone we actually know here. No opinions stated so far have been too left field. I suggest we all have a 24 hour moratorium on commenting on any current news just in case we offend cheese.
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    Social media is wank. Get rid.
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    My ex missus threw a bedside lamp at me once when I told her I was off out in the piss. It just came at me at about 100mph and I had no time to react. Then, suddenly, it stopped dead in mid air right in front of me. It was like those bullets in the matrix. turned out it was still plugged into the wall. i was divorced shortly after.
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    Must have been a wake up call for you both 😁
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    ITV appearing to cherry pick who’s welfare is worth protecting. McPartlin, Schofield, etc
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    He could just start talking sense.
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    Don't worry, you commies have options too. Why not try the Greater Manchester Dystopian Ramble? Start your day at Farnworth Market. Stroll amongst the stalls offering cut price Crocs, Fruit n Veg grown on an allotment in Kearsley, or nylon clothing sold by the kilo. After that, catch a bus down to Little Hulton, where you can shuffle around the sprawling estates, treading in dog dirt and rummaging through burnt out skips for socialist treasures. Finish your walk by getting another bus into Walkden. Rest up on a metal bench and take in the local sights of spice addicts sliding down the windows of pound shops; Fat, teenage mothers of 4 arguing with each other about which delightful partner had the best tasting jizz, or just amble into a nearby alley and lie face down in a puddle hoping you die before the binmen take you away. There's something for everyone in Boris's Britain.
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    Can everyone just stop being offended?
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    Not into this. Almost inevitable I suppose, but every win brings a touch of hope. Rather just go along for the ride an see what happens.
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    You said we’re back to our “natural level”. We are historically a top flight team.73 seasons in fact. Whereas you’ve never even fucking been there once.
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    I was hoping the hysterics would stop. same as always it’s upto us all as a society to work hard and deliver the best for us and our families. That’s it for me. Nothing more nothing less. people are already starting to point the finger and we’ve been out less than 12 hours. It’s mind blowing I’m not saying you are one of them before you think this is aimed at you it’s not. but there will be an awful lot of people who want this to go horribly wrong just so they can say we told you so. It’s farcical and these folk should be lined up and shot for me as they’re of no use to society
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    And if you're out on the streets at 11pm on a Friday night waving a flag and letting fireworks off, there's a good chance you've got disturbing images on your hard drive
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    Lucky bastards not having any snowflakes. We are inundated with the fuckers
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    Pretty sure my son went through more than that to work in Australia. He’s been there 5 years now and has permanent residency. I’m also sure that nothing has changed yet in CZ and won’t until the end of 2020. Im pissed off that that the freedom of movement may affect me and my future plans but that’s where we are and you have to work around it. Just like I did when my old company moved over to CZ for the cheap labour (80p an hour for skilled engineers) and financial incentives given by the EU. (What did the EU ever do for me, eh?) Life doesn’t always go according to the way you planned it. It’s how you react that matters. As a remainer, I won’t be celebrating tonight but I am confident that we will emerge from this stronger. 🇬🇧🇨🇿🇦🇺
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    Our current recruitment policy looks shit, so put someone in charge who knows what they are doing. Our team organisation looks shit, so put someone in charge who knows what they're doing. I suspect the above is a 2-man job and neither of them will be called Hill or Flitcroft. FV should be actively looking for suitable candidates to be in place by July1st.
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    I don’t even want to know what that is and I’m damn sure not clicking play
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    Sadly, I have to agree with that. We all know he's not got much to work with, injuries have been very unfortunate etc. However, what he should be capable of, at a bare minimum, is being able to set us up so we don't look like conceding every single time the opposition attack. I'd forgive him for boring us to death of it meant we could see a plan was in place, even if that plan solely meant he was making us hard to beat. Alternatively, I'd forgive him if he set us up to attempt to play attacking carefree football which, in turn, meant we left ourselves exposed at the back. What I can't forgive is that we're doing neither of these. We can't defend and we can't attack. It's poor and it feels like we're sleepwalking into another relegation whereas we should be building towards starting next season with an identity and a way of playing.
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    I think we all know what will happen over the coming months, and has happened for the last 3 years. Anything positive = “That’s because of BREXIT” Anything negative = “Thats because we're in the EU” Same happens in America, anything good that happens is down to Trump, anything bad....blame Obama
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    Have people forgotten how the takeover was partly funded? And that the money they put in iirc was via loan notes and is repayable I’m 30months as such any club owner would be prudent to be looking forward and taking that into account plus we never believed well I didn’t that there was pots of cash available so I’m not sure what anyone’s getting uptight about. folk need to chill the fuck out and let them do what they are doing. They’ve done a wonderful job so far so why don’t we just let them get on with it instead of the hysteria starting again
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    What did your missus and her boss say they were doing while you’re off the scene tonight? 🤔
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    I've got a post box fancy dress and some binoculars. You can borrow them if you like, or for a small fee I will stake out the side of the car
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    Here you go fellas. No need to clog up all the other topics now. Cheers.
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    Only time I look at UFC is when McGregor is fighting. Mainly because I’m hoping he gets his filthy irish face beaten to a pulp.
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    I have a hunch that you'll spend a decade desperately googling for any evidence of negative economic news you can unearth to carry on your dismal fearmongering. Of course you'll have to concentrate on the fearmongering now that the democracy denying is a channel no longer available for you to pursue. Perhaps even you've now realised that. And you've still yet to answer. How is that shift in momentum to remain you detected after the EU elections in May going? How did your prediction re the EU not needing to deal with Boris go? You've got a very, very big authenticity and accuracy problem. The reason for that is that you never ever get anything right. Never. The pressure is actually on you ..... to actually get something right for the very first time on this forum. Come on Nostradamus - get your fucking act together.
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    Poor little Lawrence didn't like being call privileged did he? Touched a nerve I reckon, cos he sure as shit wouldn't be earning a living acting if it wasn't for his dad and uncle. the wooden fucker.
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    The Eddie the eagle effect. Shit people get remembered too.
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    Add to that list Pikeys Asylum seekers Professional tea leaves Illegal immigrants. Anarchists - protest at anything types. Seriously though, there a loads of lads who were tagged "working class" and told they would "never amount to anything" by teachers, who through hard graft and a bit of nous have really done well for themselves and have fantastic lifestyles.There are millions of people in the UK who can only ever dream of being “working class”
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    In days gone by the working class folk were seen as fairly low class. These days there are at least 3 "classes" below working class. Scrotes Smackrats The unfortunate homeless. Working lads can hold their heads even higher these days imo - much higher than those upper class tvvats who inherit family money,then do fcuk all with their lives.
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    Clearly a accident, no point getting all emulsional about it
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    Fuck Madine. Fuck Blackpool
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    tell that to the ebras at the local oo
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    I was disappointed there wasn't a minecraft "straightener" going on between Mick Brown and Bolty outside the club shop
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    That’s like saying nobody kills them selves because of bullying. That’s possibly the most stupid comment I’ve read on here. Get a grip
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    I just pointed that out to the Liverpool fan who came taking the piss. Apparently he's disappointed with me for bring it up.
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    I’d rather we stop spunking Money on Saturday night drunks, alcoholcis, fat cunts and foreign folk. re ivf, giving birth is the most natural, amazing phenomenon in the world as we know it. Any woman denied this deserves every chance to fix it imo.
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    Traf offers that in his deals
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    I reckon he’s playing the long con with Holly, acts gay so he can see her tits in the dressing room.
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    Aye Populist, knee jerk reaction to satisfy the mail 3rd time in recent months the tories have had to rush stuff through the day after something happens Suppose theyve only had 10 years
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    All not guilty, it’s the thug with the iron bar they need to question even more, even though he got zapped the big raving hooligan. The law abiding citizens sampling the local cuisine deserve a better thanks I’d say, doing their bit for the local economy.
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    The only reason to close upper tiers is financial. If that is not the case keep them open. Have sat in upper tiers twice and did not like it. But people who sit there clearly do. Atmosphere comes when we play well nothing else. We are getting over 10k home tickets sold per game we will lose plenty next year and even more if we fuck fans off.
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    That's how they make Bourbons isn't it?
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    Mr Hill has more layers than an onion. "I'm sending all these loanees back, because this club has to stop taking a short-term approach to recruitment and exciting things are about to happen on that front." Cue Will fucking Buckley. The epitome of the soft cunts who capitulated last season. For those unsure of my position, I'm not a fan of WB.
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    He goes through his bins on Friday to find Saturday's team selection
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    Which end would you go in?
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