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    That was one of the loveliest things to ever happen. Stood in my garden sobbing like a baby! Proud to work for the NHS 👏👏👏👏❤️
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    I think an original Youri "tophat" sketch would cheer up the nation, or maybe the one of Nolan doing some pointing...
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    I’ve sat with my mum who is slipping away, literally breathing her last today. She idolises the Queen, and whilst she didn’t in all likelihood hear that, I know she would have loved every single word. When she said ‘we’ll meet again’ I lost it and don’t think I’ll recover for a long time. Lost.
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    So is your username meant to be "Jim"?
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    He looks like a shit world cup
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    Right end of week NHS update. We're now basically on a war footing. Amazing how such a big organisation has managed to mobilise so quickly. Focus has immediately turned to CV in place of non urgent care. People from all quarters volunteering to help where they can - including non clinicians being trained up to perform some safe clinical procedures (like blood pressure for example), to free up staff with other skills to use them more effectively. Amazing to see it all come together. Just hoping we can cope with demand from the critically ill as things progress.
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    The bullying of fanny5 really doesn’t sit right with me Hes become the punch bag and scape goat for voicing his opinion Theres banter and then theres just calling him out and having a go for no reason. His opinion is no different to mine , Spiders , Casino or Boltys (variety) but yet he get abuse thrown at him Lay off it’s not the time for name calling and this kinda shit we need to go rally together It’s opinion and I’m drunk so lay off
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    From what I can see, and I know fuck all about dealing with pandemics, the only mistake the govt. have made is the lack of decent PPE. Beyond that, they are dealing with a nightmare. They have managed to pay half the population a decent wage, whilst asking for fuck all in return apart from watching box sets and drinking. Theyve built a 4,000 bed hospital in a week or so. They did that in China and people were wanking themselves to the salt. They are being transparent about their strategy, and it seems to be doing ok in comparison to most other countries. All whilst having to field daily questions off Robert fucking Peston. I’ll stick with team Boris for now.
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    Thanks Casino - I really appreciate that - but my absolute faith in humanity and the people of Bolton has been restored. Went to a garage (which shall remain nameless) and told them what had happened. They printed out some new ones and told me they were on the house and to keep up the good work. I'm absolutely chuffed to bits - the worst and the best in people - all in one shift! 🙂 👍👍👍
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    Top top guy Milner. Little story he had hamstring problems at City, niggly ones, so we spent a lot of time together, on the physio and rehab sessions. Vincent Kompany is the player I’ve spent the most time with, but with Milner he had these injuries and we developed a friendship out of work because of the graft we put in together. He was one of the few players that came to my wedding doo back in the UK, when he went to Liverpool I was gutted he said he’d stay in touch but you hear that with everyone, when our sprog came along, we got A visit and present from him and his other half, every year he sends a present to her for Christmas and her birthday. He’s a top top guy and someone I have a hell of a lot of time for.
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    We’ve taken the decision to pull my mum out of the care home and isolate her at my sisters place. She’s only weeks left to live anyway so we may as well let her feel like a free human being for what remains.
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    Blackpool and Cleveleys prom will be packed today. I’ll get some pictures on here and shame the fuckers when I’m up there with the family later.
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    I'm much more a lurker than a poster on WWs, reading everyone's input and opinions with genuine interest and open mindedness. With that in mind I must say that I've come to the considered conclusion that you are an utter plumb.
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    Blimey, seems one of our neighbours was taken to hospital in the night with suspected Covid. I hear he’s been put on one of the new Dyson ventilators and is now picking up nicely.
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    My old man just rang to tell me his doctor wouldn’t shake his hand earlier but 5 minutes later stuck fingers up his arse.
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    Decided not to listen to government advice or 111, because some woman on Facebook who lives near me turns out to be microbiologist, national economical expert, housing advisor, mortgage guru, GP and national pandemic specialist .... who’d have thought? Only last week she was a full time mummy selling bath bombs on Facebook! ... goes to show, never judge a book by its cover
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    Right - an update for you. In answer to someone's question from earlier in the week - it takes 2 hours to get a result back - but there's a 48 hour lead time at the moment as they're being analysed in a lab in North Manchester and in batches. As of yet there's no Coronavirus 19 specific swab - so it's having to be done the old fashioned way. If a specific swab is developed it should speed up the process, and might not require lab access - but it's likely to be expensive. There will be a drive through coronavirus testing station by appointment only at Waters Meeting from tomorrow. There will also be a home visiting service. In addition to the pod up at A&E. Loads of NHS staff have volunteered to be part of the testing effort. Still no panic - everyone is just keen to do what they can to help.
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    This seems like a good place to thank Wanderers and particularly Jack who called my elderly parents who are season ticket holders to check they were ok and ask if they could help in any way. I think the club have linked with a charity who can help if folk in isolation are struggling to get food etc. Anyway, it was a lovely gesture and much appreciated by both them and our family. Well done BWFC and thanks Jack.
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    MiamiWhite is Madge from Benidorm
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    So what you're saying is there's no getting through to him? 😁
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    You seem to hate the Labour Party If I remember correctly you didn’t really let up on Gordon Brown et al following the 2008 financial crash that came from the US sub prime housing market collapse For the record, I didn’t blame Labour for the crash and I won’t blame the Conservatives for Corona Virus You may have had concerns with the way Labour dealt with 2008, just as many now have concerns with the Conservative governments approach - they are just opinions at the end of the day, we are all entitled to them
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    You are increasingly appearing stupid. They have said several times materials are short. You can choose to believe them or not, your choice, but as usual you've no evidence of the contrary. Just being argumentative as ever. Fucking do one.
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    Was you a bolton fan then?😀
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    Fucking hell TMGJ, let him go cold before you start slagging him off for fuck's sake.
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    Blocking cheese and fanny. Kin’ell we may as well close the board if we can’t have different opinions and debates. You buncha fairies
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    The origin of the Lever End ha, ha, ha ha song..........
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    You can’t just stop cashflow and expect a business to survive. Zero income for the next 3 months. Zero. Imagine that. he will be grabbing what he can while he’s ALLOWED to by the government. Any money we’ve taken has been correct change only and placed on floor while we stand 2 meters away. The rest have been urged to pay in the bank. I hope your window cleaner dude took the same measures. Whats they difference to window cleaner collecting money from a door step to a delivery driver? Postmen, yodel, take away drivers are all going to peoples doors making a living. Folk are swapping money in supermarkets all bloody day. I’m off out today carrying contract work where I won’t come in to contact with one single person. I’m stood 20ft away from the buildings at all times. I don’t want to go out, but I’ve got no choice. I’ve got a wife and two kids to feed and put a roof over their head. They come first before anyone I’m afraid. If I don’t complete this months contracts I can’t invoice and I won’t receive a penny to pay my bills or buy food. No cashflow kills a business like a heart attack.
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    Yep spot on. They want their cake and eat it in some cases but this puts two fingers up at those. if you’ve paid your taxes same as the rest of us you will be looked after. The message is crystal clear and very fair. Well done to the government
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    I’ve just ordered a Chinese. Chinese fella pulls up, and comes toward the door, I walked over to meet him he just started shouting “Isolate Isolate” I said calm down mate you’re not that late I only ordered it 20 minutes ago.
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    Tell you what’s, Little whitts in for a shock
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    Stop being cunts and stay at home Start Acting like you have a disease that will kill rather than thinking you are invincible.
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    Coronanation Street
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    Again there seems to be a strange polarisation taking place here. Same with global warming, Brexit, vegan etc etc On one side you’ve the Brexiteers, meat eating, coal burning climate change deniers saying it’s all a pile of shit and there fuck all to worry about. On the other side you’ve got the lefty leaning, vegan nonce brigade saying the worlds about to end and everybody should be wrapped in clingfilm sat in the basement. weird how it always ends up one side against the other and it’s always the same people either side. obvioulsy you’ve got sane people somewhere in the middle but those voices are never heard.
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    How the fuck can anyone not understand this?
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    You'd better keep them fella, everyone knows you're full of shit
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    Highlight of my day was bumping into Mick McCarthy on the platform at Stockport A genuinely nice guy who was happy to chat football whilst we waited for the train, he waa going to Charlton Boro to do the in game update thing for SKY Told us that when Coyle got sacked he had a two hour interview with Gartside and was absolutely certain he would get the job, thought it was nailed on but PG never got back to him and appointed DF instead Then every time he came back to Bolton with Ipswich PG would go out of his way to avoid him and not speak to him As we got on the train i said "do you not fancy getting back into management then?" and he gave me a funny look and said "i manage Ireland"
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    The Independent really is anything but, what a fucking stupid article So what they are saying is that Asians who make up approximately 4.5% of the population are responsible for 45% of torrorist arrests? Take out the chinese and other nationalaties lumped into Asian who don't commit terrorist offences and it looks horrendous so why they are trying to portray that it's white people carrying out all the offences is beyond me. It's no wonder people don't read newspapers anymore.
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    My Grandma died this summer. She was on oxygen support on G4. Getting brilliant care but she had no chance of waking back up bless her. The only thing that was keeping her going was the O2 they were giving her through a mask. I knew that she would die pretty quickly if they took it off - but had to practically persuade the medics that it was the right thing to do. Eventually they relented and she died peacefully within 15 minutes. She could have gone on for weeks if they'd kept that mask on. Slowly deteriorating. Sometimes letting somebody go peacefully is the most amazing and compassionate thing you can do for someone.
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    I saw the 1 surviving chuckle brother in Tesco earlier, I shouted “Oi 2 metre you”
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    Dont let it slow you down producing the vaccine Sorry, couldnt resist
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    Some way to go before it causes the kind of damage McGinlay did to them yet.
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    OK I'll say nothing more than this for now on how the death rates may or may not grow - everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and don't need to fall out, so this is it for while. I'm not using my opinion as a method to extrapolate how its going to pan out. I've looked at how our daily death figures have grown since we reached 10 deaths. I've compared this with how Italy, France Germany, US and Spain grew after 10 deaths - I'll call this 10D These deaths have already happened, they're in the past. The Facts are that our recorded daily death rate, based on the links I provided earlier, has grown at a similar but also slightly higher % rate from 10D up till today (7 days), when compared to the same period (10D - 7 days later) in the countries above - that is indisputable The projection that I'm making for the next 10 days is a guess But It's a guess based on the pattern that we and the countries above have had since 10D onwards. Its not my opinion. its just maths, and the maths may be wrong.
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    He's reet. The Earth is nearing capacity. Two words - Logan's Run. Start with the most profligate and damaging; extraction industry workers (except UK miners), folk with homes continents apart, anyone with more than three separate personal petrol conveyances, people who get trivial and easily locally obtained items, i.e. socks, shipped halfway across the world... Those types.
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    Did you consider I haven't actually ever died before and so was taking the piss?
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