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    A certain amount of perspective might be needed. It’s only a few weeks since we were signing anyone with boots who could kick a ball. We were getting humped 5-0 every week and preparing to join Bury in the wilderness. Its poor but we’re competitive in the main and improving. the new deduction looms and we are a club basically having the longest pre-season ever recorded ready for a Stroll to the League 2 title. This is all a marathon and we need to stay as loyal as we can.
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    six 1-0 wins are better than one 6-0.
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    “and the reason Boris Johnson's lies shouldn't be ignored, is that he's the Prime Minister, and his lies affect our lives” first you say it’s Boris lying and it will affect our lives, then it’s hes only been in a couple of months and they don’t have an immediate personal impact. Basically (though the majority on here know) you speak utter shit.
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    They all need hanging, the useless cunts....
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    Fantastic performance bossed it for 90 minutes, how good is the EFL feed when your out of the U.K., watch the game while scoffing a cracking Chinese. Happy Days. Wrong thread but who gives a fuck. 😂
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    Ha ha. Ok i will stay cracked. Parkinson made me hate going to the game. Yes i will give you the players he had were poor but you dont seem to be prepared to give Hill the same consideration. And as for that Forest game it was ALF who saved us. The same ALF who was benched and marginalised by the genius that was Parkinson. He will be shit at Sunderland. Hills not won in 6 games Fuck off youre the crack pot look at the circumstances. Utterly deluded . Last word to sunlun fan on yesterday 'absolutely disgusting tactics' rolfcopter
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    Making the journey up for this tomorrow. 2-0.
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    ‘As the population grows’ why is it growing so fast? Looks like the ‘I’ word needs discussing
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    Fourth. 1st, Voting for the referendum in Cameron's 2015 manifesto. 2nd, the referendum itself 3rd, 2017 election 4th, 2019 election. As you say, the message couldn't be clearer.
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    Most of the kids , of a certain generation, must have been taught to swim by Beryl Stone in there badge for swimming in your pyjamas and being able swim down for the rubber brick
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    Completely the opposite for me
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    All day long. Bolton > England We chose BWFC, our nationality is foisted upon us.
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    Any of the bingo ones, all shite and aimed at the types who go to the local shop in their fucking dressing gown for a scratch card and a pouch of baccie.
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    12k home fans Cant think we have had that many on whenever we have been this far down the league
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    stick them in above Atherton Colls i say....too many folk backing that wigan offspring these days and forgetting their club
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    That's fine mate but just stop making stuff up please
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    Jason Chlamydiate
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    How about the EU changing their mind? You know when they said, time and time again, that the original 'deal' with the Backstop wouldn't be changed? We know the EU well - they've been full of bullshit for decades.
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    I am beginning to believe that remainers have become 'institutionalised' like long term prisoners. Just can't cut it in the outside world where you have to plough your own furrow and, given the chance, would reoffend in an instant to get back into the institution. Prefer to have their lives planned out for them with a rigid set of rules - breakfast at 6am, shitting at 7am, exercise at 9am, lunch at noon.............you get the drift. From the referendum result, it seems that leavers have more confidence in the innate ingenuity, inventiveness and industry of the British people which is where the confidence comes from that we will thrive and prosper after an initial and inevitable short term disruption. Just get it done Boris. You'll romp the next election if you do and many of the spineless plotters in Parliament will have been dealt with as they deserve by the long suffering British electorate.
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    He’s actually gone quiet as he now hastily deletes his tweets where he states he’s contributing to Steve Bray Screenshots are magic ace cards though aren’t they ?
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    ...and so, because of snivelling, duplicitous cunts in the HoC, the purgatory continues. Can't wait for a GE now. Seeing some of these utter shithouses, who have worked tirelessly to deny democracy, lose their positions of power as the will of the people is expressed will be heartwarming. That is unless of course they find a way to circumvent the will of the people.
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    Going off recent results and the games we have in hand, it’s not going down to the last match of the season, I reckon we can be in in the mix by March and relatively safe mid April. Our team have only played about eight games together, they’re just about getting used to each other, once we get that proper consistency we’ll be fine. I love the picture of Sharon celebrating our win on Saturday
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    And both users and suppliers taking the piss
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    And like clockwork here’s ten men
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    There's conflation going on here. Economically, there could well be benefits for a weakened EU: an opportunity perhaps for Russia to enlarge it's economy. Strangely, though that could give them more to invest militarily, it could also create more wealth for the population away from Moscow and big cities that creates a more stable and happy public less engaged with the concept of invading other places. Who knows. Militarily, they currently haven't a chance. Additionally, things may well change once Putin has gone, which brings Russia back in from the cold somewhat.
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    Ok So, why are they chucking money at brexit and the Tories? In your opinion Maybe it's because they like Dominic Cummings Do we know what he was up to when he spent 3 years over there Do we know why Johnson stood his security down when he met with the grey cardinal of the Kremlin This is all very dirty And if it wasn't, bozo wouldn't be sitting on the report If it paints him in a good light while us cynics think it's likely it calls him a cnut, surely he'd be getting it out there I know i would
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    No comparison? Really. Its exactly the same. The fact that you are ensconsed in Tory party and Brexit central angles on things shines through again.. I've no doubt Labour will have a very poor GE. They've lost many votes including my own. But the extremes are in swing for both parties. You just happen to like the extreme in the Tory party. When the likes of Ken Clarke, Nicky Morgan, Ruth Davidson - people I like and dyed in the wool Tories - are leaving in their droves it highlights exactly what the party has shifted to. Both parties are miles and miles away from the centre left and centre right broad churches they were just a short 5 years ago.
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    Again don’t let it bother you. Just geton with life. You can’t avoid this stuff in the build up to a GE but just crack on and let it pass you by
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    Being an old cynic doesn't stop you being right, mate. Chuck the fracking ban in this pile too.
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    Love that. My boy is only 4 so a bit early to be taking him week in and week out, especially when the weather is shit - not to mention the high chance of him ruining the Last Post pre-game with some high-pitched whine about Paw Patrol or summat. That said, going to the game has been elevated to a whole new level since he started coming with me, the attention-seeking, sweet-eating, fruit-shoot-popping, annoying loveable son of a gun.
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    Luke Murphy never been one of my favourites but starting to show something and had a good, solid game today. Worked hard alongside Lowe, took a bad whack 2nd half but got back up and stuck in again, played a couple of good forward balls that showed he does actually have an eye for a pass. Him and Lowe are looking better because they're being actively encouraged to play it forward, quickly, rather than sideways or backwards all afternoon
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    Beautiful relief.
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    Lies it’s all lies. Factually proven to be lies. But you carry on son. If it makes you feel better. you must be the offspring of boris with all these lies.
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    If You deserve a bigger house in the sticks, Jeremy will sort it for you
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    I’m off to Stuttgart next week. Will I need a visa anyone know? Hoping my blue passport arrives as well in time
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    Fire Service getting the shitty end of the stick, because "they made errors". Without these brave lads and lasses, I shudder to think what the end result would have been. But yes, let's put the blame at their door, instead of... Cutbacks Dodgy Cladding The stay-put order Shitty fire doors etc etc There's joint culpability everywhere, but let's go after those who actually risked their own lives to save others. It's no wonder the emergency services and NHS struggle to attract decent recruits, when they know the unfair scrutiny they'll face.
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    If it wasn’t you I apologise. Though I did think it was you who wanted to leave and then dripped like a whining bitch because leave wasn't what you thought it would be. Sorry if I got you mixed up with an utter wet wipe on the in and out page. I’ll put it down to a mistake and a not a lie on my behalf 😉
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    When did Mounts have clue about anything? 😂
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    Sounds like a top man your dad mate. Scootering, soul and ska. The holy trinity There's a few of us on here who were in our teens mid sixties to mid seventies-ish and the Mod scene down at The Wheel in particular but other places like the Bolton Palais, Worsley Civic, Big Apple were melting pots for different cultures with a passion for Afro American and Afro Caribbean music. Many of our mates were mixed race (we used a different term back then which is now apparently a no-no but back then we were fairly innocent and unaware of any insult factor) and it is indisputable that the arrival of West Indian immigrants had a huge (and positive) influence on our lives in musical, fashion and food areas. The Lever End was the other place we congregated and despite the unfortunate chants from brain dead morons (used mainly to put the other team off playing well rather than a heartfelt insult), we were there together and often sporting much Jamaican inspired fashion (two tone clothing; pork pie hats etc.). I am sure Zulu remembers a certain incident on Oldham railway station! The irony is that those on here forever spouting about skin colour are the ones clearly bothered by it. The rest of us don't differentiate. Speaks volumes.
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    Aye, me too. It was over Christmas I recall. We finished up at Crewe v Huddersfield (?). I got the bollocking of my life because I rang Mrs Fogarty to say the match was off but neglected too say we were finding another match. She had spent the afternoon watching the news for motorway piles up and was less than pleased when I arrived home starving and pissed wondering what was the problem.
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    George Osborne was the one trying to hoodwink. He failed. We voted leave because we actually wanted to leave. We voted leave because we don't share your view - and in a free country with free speech and freedom of thought was are entitled to do exactly that. People like you are disappearing in to a whirlpool of your own making. You cannot keep up this endless tantrum about a second referendum. 1. For anyone to even to think of a second referendum at some point in the future the result of the first needs implementing otherwise we do not live in a democracy. 2. If a second referendum happens then every future general and local election in this country is open to challenge by people on the losing side. I am confident leave would win - and more convincingly than last time. But so low is the barrier now in this country now in terms of the crucial democratic cornerstone of loser's consent that there'll be an immediate campaign for a third if remain win. Why not? You've set the example. This is what the likes of you have created over the last three years with your whining and squawking. You are a disgrace.
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    Your not getting it, the only option remain will allow is remain, 17.4 million don’t get the say the 16 million know better and herein lies the problem, democracy demands the losers to give consent and they won’t give consent. The only way out is a general election and the people giving a mandate to the winner of leave with a deal or without a deal (Tories) Revoke (liberals) labour (negotiate a labour deal then put that deal and remain to the people, but campaign against their own deal 😂🤣😂 (labour) we all know who will win and that’s why the opposition won’t give the people a GE.
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    For me, this season just needs to show a squad growing and developing. No team ever had a divine right to win anything, but we ought to be planning to go for it next year. It’s realistic.
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    Absolutely. Which is why it annoys me that people are so opposed to GM foods. It's one of the most effective tools we'll have once the full effects of climate change start to become apparent. I bet you a lot of the XR protesters pleading for governments to listen to the science on climate change aren't listening to the science on GM foods.
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    They're also targeting the greenest way for anyone to get around the capital. The fucking morons.
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    The lad goes to climb up and he stamps on his head? Fuck it, it's on. Well deserved shoeing.
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    That’s a meeting that I’d have gone too, was it publicised anywhere? Never saw any mention from the club, Bolton news or the BWSA, seems it was hardly publicised, it’s no wonder no one goes to these meetings when there’s hardly any publicity. Great news on the fanzine, but what and when will the new owners announce the exciting plans they mentioned at the time of the takeover? Just checked The BWSA sent 3/4 tweets yesterday but that’s about the sum of it no tweets from BWFC non from Marc Iles, surely every BWFC season ticket holder should have been emailed directly by the club about this event.
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