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    My uncle lost his battle to this in Royal Bolton this morning, so he will be one of today’s numbers. last rites over the phone held by a nurse with no family there. made an exception yesterday evening and allowed my Aunt in for a short while to say goodbye , she was so covered up and him in such a way will never know if he knew, but my aunt said he did and took comfort from it. None of his kids have seen him since last Thursday and can’t even be with their mum now. Not writing this for sympathy, very few know me and I know most on here are decent enough without needing to say anything. writing this to firstly echo how brilliant the staff Bolton are, cannot express how fantastic and hard working they are while remaining compassionate and patient. Special breed of person . Thank you to all posters on here who work there, for all I know you were the one that sat and held his hand in the absence of his family secondly, from reading not many do, but, if you think the virus doesn’t kill but rather underlying conditions do, be in no doubt this virus killed him, he wasn’t going to die if he got flu or a cold. thirdly, if you can’t imagine what we are going through, if you go out and ignore the rules you’ll be risking putting someone else through this and maybe even your own family will experience it or yourself and believe me, it’s fucking grim so stay home. Its also a better place for me to just write this than Facebook etc so thanks for obliging me in that.
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    That was one of the loveliest things to ever happen. Stood in my garden sobbing like a baby! Proud to work for the NHS 👏👏👏👏❤️
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    I’ve sat with my mum who is slipping away, literally breathing her last today. She idolises the Queen, and whilst she didn’t in all likelihood hear that, I know she would have loved every single word. When she said ‘we’ll meet again’ I lost it and don’t think I’ll recover for a long time. Lost.
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    Give it a fucking rest eh ‘somebody’s moral expectations of someone are very different to the legal obligations you know that and I know that. So why don’t you lay off patronising folk Chris and keep this beeno chat to another forum or chats with your mates. Folk are suffering cos the club they love is dying and between you and your patronising and fanny5 and his bleating his incorrect opinions almost rhythmically it’s getting on folks nerves. Some folk have no idea about legal obligations either. You do as do I but ask me to change a plug I’ve no idea doesn’t give anyone the right to patronise me a treat me like an idiot rant over but please just wind your neck in
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    Been on the beers since finishing work. Get home and the mrs has flaked out. Sat searching YouTube vids with a few gins trying to reminisce but where do you go Okocha running Keane about the park, scoring that free kick against Villa or against bora, or sending West Ham down, or any showboating. Pedersen scoring goals from ridiculous angles. Sasa and Pollock running rings. Vaz Te miss hitting some worldies. Djorkaef and Hierro gracing the pitch in a white shirt. Anelka scoring for fun in his peak. Stelios playing football with a smile. Nolan and Ricketts smashing United. Davies equalising in Munich. Campo winning free kicks and that strike against Spurs. Chris Fairclough doing his same warmup routine. Paul Warhurst with his 60’s mop. Making a song out of Mixxu Paatalainen. Playing Zenit in europa, a game only fit for Mark Fish. Fabien De Freitas being lighting quick getting to his feet to score against reading. Branagan’s penalty save. That rivaldo fax. Ricardo Gardener and Jermaine Johnson given us both barrels or flair. Morais delivering. Alfie being a striker, a poor mans Klasnic. Freddie Bobic’s hatrick. Bob Taylor! Praying for Fabrice. Praying for Stuart Holden’s knees. Chungy at brum. Liking Scotland a little bit with McGinlay, Walker and Colin Hendry. McGinlay’s goals, McGinlay’s pubs. Listening to Arsene and Benitez moaning. The Icelandic lads, Gudni and Eidur. Dave ding dong do. Nicky Hunt playing upfront. The little guys Michael Johanson, Stig Tofting, Jay Spearing and Stelios. Wembley against Tranmere, liverpool and Reading. Zenden’s double kick, Stoke and Villa in the Semis. Deano as a player. David Reeve’s teeth. Jussi’s double save at Rovers. Felgate being my childhood hero. Beardsley, Shilton, Sir Les and Sir Emile donning a white shirt. Ian Marshall never having a shirt big enough. Ariza too. Jardel losing his golden boot in his shorts. Owen Coyle when you’re winning. Diouf being our wanker. Bo Hansen scoring anything. Elmander’s 10 million pound goal against wolves. Bruno’s military haircut. Crying to my dad that I’m too cold in the lever end. A footballing legend, Gary Speed. Nakata and Nishizawa bringing tears to japs eyes. Jlloyd not conceding a penalty to ronaldo. Aguero getting sent off. Tony Kelly actually playing football, well. Per leaving, Per coming back. Medo’s potential. Standing at Burnden. Alan Smith crying, Joe Cole crying Big Sam making the good times. Eddie throwing good money after bad and now Bassini’s white shirt I’m certain I’ve missed many, I can definitely keep adding to this. I’m still paying a credit card I maxed out following the whites in Europe, I would do it all again tomorrow I can’t wait for this period in our history to be over. I’m sick of reading about all the shite. one miserable bastard. COYWM
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    I spent the night of the Manchester bombing treating life threatening shrapnel wounds and consoling patients and families who had lost loved ones. That's my fluffy, coffee coloured, candy floss world.
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    Fucking massive clear out coming on WW later, either way.
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    And all the other staff to be fair Thanks for everything
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    I really cannot wait for the day we don’t have to read the words moonshift, Inner fucking circle, blue bastard marble or any piece of shit word associated to this horrible draining 3 year bullshit saga.
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    I think an original Youri "tophat" sketch would cheer up the nation, or maybe the one of Nolan doing some pointing...
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    Jake Wright was the defensive organiser (very aware of what’s going on, always talking, shouting, pointing) in our league one promotion year and is actually bit of a legend at Bramall Lane after his run of over 30 games without defeat I cannot think of a better player for you to bring in under the circumstances - well liked modest and sensible professional who you could build a defence around and I expect would also bring on your younger players Wish him success, hearty thanks and I hope he is as good for you as he was for the Blades
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    Long time coming, but the final bit of the funds raised went towards part funding a standing frame, which Erin got to use for first time at school today (yes, some stuff really does take an age). Wanted to share to show you the joy you have brought to Erin, who loves working hard as you can see in this photo. Promised an update and want to thank each and every one of you who helped out, as a family we remain so grateful.
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    Right I usually hate it when people do this but I'm going to do it anyway. A quote from a bloke I like watching on YouTube. ' If we commemorate one thing, then that should presumably be the biggest human event that affects us today. The biggest event in human history was World War Two. It was the biggest war, the deadliest war, the most widespread war and the event that changed the world the most. At the start of the war, Russia was a sleeping bear, Britain was the most powerful nation on the planet, and Germany was a brutal dictatorship. At the end of the war, The USSR was a superpower that rivalled its arch enemy the USA, and the USA was tremendously wealthy. In the 1930s, the USA was in economic crisis. In the 1950s, the Russian and British precious metal reserves were in Fort Knox, and American teenagers had cars. The British economy was wrecked, and India was well along the road to independence. The political situation of the world had changed. Germany was a peace-loving democracy. Worldwide, there has been peace since WW2. Yes, there have been many localised wars, but nothing like the wars of old. When the people fought, they fought (in the main) for peace. That was the stated aim of the Allies. The British population consented to conscription. It was understood that this was a peace worth fighting for. Sixty million people died, and many more were wounded, bereaved, made homeless, but it was understood that there was some purpose behind the struggle. The war achieved a lasting peace. NATO was formed. For the first time, trials were held for 'crimes against humanity'. A war like this was not to happen again. So far, it hasn't. I grew up never fearing that the French were about to invade. Wars were things that happened far away. What has kept the peace for the last 75 years in Europe? Not nuclear weapons, not treaties, they may have helped, but in the main it was World War Two. At the start of the war, the RAF had Gloster Gladiator biplanes. At the end, it had Glostor Meteor jet fighters. The leap in technology was stupendous - greater than in any other period of the same length. If you want to understand the world as it is today, you have to know about World War Two. It explains the borders of nations, the technology, the political relationships. If you want people to understand the world, they have to remember what created it, and so it is important to remember World War Two. It is a little bit of a pity that VE Day is the day to do it, since VJ Day was still to come. One day to cover the whole war better would be ideal, but a day had to be picked, and it is VE Day, which is understandable. For the British, it was closer to home. Today, we have a one-day holiday to mark VE Day. And why should the British in particular remember this day? Because Britain risked it all, and damn near lost it all. In 1940, France fell in a couple of weeks, and the French surrendered and swapped sides. The French navy refused to carry on the fight and join the British, and went to war with Britain. The Germans held massive victory parades because the war was over and they had won. Russia was allied to Germany - one brutal dictatorship hand-in-hand with another. Britain was surrounded. To the east, France was ruled from Vichy with an Axis government, and the Netherlands and Belgium were conquered. To the north, Norway and Denmark were conquered too, with Quisling ruling Norway on the Axis side, and German battleships pouncing from the fjords, and airbases in range of Blighty. To the south was Spain, ruled by Franco and his Axis dictatorship. To the west was the wide cold Atlantic across which the Americans refused to join the war, completely convinced that if the British fought on, they would last but a few days. A US Gallop poll showed that the American public was evenly split over which side in the war was in the right. It was over. The world had lost, and even Britain had for a while thrown in the towel. But then the nation changed direction, and made a decision that the whole world, including much of Britain at the time, thought was completely bonkers. Britain would honour her treaty with Poland and fight on, alone if need be, and at that time, she was completely alone. So be it. Fuck Hitler, and fuck everybody else who was doing nothing. For the next two years, Britain limped from one defeat to the next, but kept going. Commonwealth nations answered the call and joined in. The British Indian army eventually became the biggest volunteer army of all time. Troops gathered, to fight against fascists and Nazis, from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Caribbean, and beyond. The tiny fortresses of Gibraltar (expected to last two days) and Malta held out for the entire war, despite horrendous suffering. All this effort was worth it, right? Tell me it wasn't for nothing. Tell me that the young women parachuted into France at night to organise the French resistance, many of whom were caught and shot but never betrayed their contacts - tell me that they weren't just silly girls having an adventure. Tell me that the stupendous loss of life in Stalingrad had some purpose to it. If not, then think about what this means - that you presumably don't think it important whether we are ruled by Nazis or not, or that perhaps you prefer non-Nazi regimes on the whole, but are unwilling to show the tiniest bit of gratitude for the astounding generation that fought World War Two and against the odds and all expectations managed to win it for us. We are rich because of World War Two, we are safe because of World War Two, we are free and British because of World War Two. I get to be a YouTuber because of World War Two (I doubt the Nazi Party would have approved of user-generated content). Why am I writing this? Not because it is VE Day, but because I last week heard actual British adults saying that commemorating VE Day was a stupid waste of time, since everyone who fought in the war is now dead. Well, some of them are not dead, actually, but even if they were, that is no excuse.'
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    So pleased that I willed you to survive and flourish Ladies & Gentlemen of the Wanderers ..... We doff our flagons Of Cider too you 👏👏💪 😃 Wanderers ..... Wanderers .... Hope your excellent travelling numbers survive their trip to the tented swamp without the need for a tetanus Nice one , now climb that table !
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    Any fan who turns their back on us in our very darkest hour can fuck off forever. The premier league will welcome your plastic, happy clapping shithousery with open arms. get a grip.
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    Morning chaps, Haven’t posted for eons, but see there’s some survivors from when I did. Anyway, you’re all going through a shit storm at the moment, wouldn’t wish it on anyone, even ‘wall. Hopefully you get your club back and come back to where a club with as rich a history as you have belong. All the best, Yossi, WHU supporter.
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    god imagine what a Bolton Wall of Fame would look like
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    So is your username meant to be "Jim"?
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    not what it looks like from here Posted Nov, 2017 "For the record, Meghan made anti Trump broadcasts too in support of electing crooked Hillary. In a much more constructive and convincing way than that utter guttersnipe Ashley Judd." Posted May, 2018 "Great bloke Harry and she is a bit of a looker. Hope they have many happy years together and I really hope an African American woman either walks her down the aisle or delivers a speech." "Huge boost to the economy. UK and US brought closer together. Winning all round." Posted August, 2019: "With Markle, it's the anti Trump and pro US Democrats stance plus a few other things she's regularly on the soapbox about which I have a problem with." Posted October, 2019: "Not for the first time our opinions differ. I think she's a scheming, over opinionated and selfish bitch who will end up sending the former peoples favourite Harry either to a psychiatrist or the divorce court. We shall see. " Last Thursday: "Always liked Harry. Knockabout sports fan with a sparkle in his eye/bit of mischief. Refreshing amongst what some would see as the somewhat starchy Royals. Then this flatdick comes along imposing her hypocritical stance on a number of issues and he's what we have all seen before - a cunt struck changed man. Adios amigo - you were fun until this opinionated bitch got her talons into you." 😁 😘
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    Jim "Right we've two lads from Bolton here. They've done really well for themselves. They've won a comfortable lifestyle, the fifth biggest economy in the world, freedom of movement across an entire continent, increased international relevance given your relatively small population and peace in Europe for the entirety of their lifetime. Lads are you going to stick with what you've got or are you going to gamble for tonight's star prize. Last week - a couple from Leeds won some blue passports so have a good think. You've got the time it takes the board to revolve to give us your answer. Give them some help audience come on." 52% of the audience. "Gamble, Go on gamble, Gamble" 48% of the audience. "Don't be a set of dicks. You've done great" Miami and Mounts "Well Jim. We've had a cracking day and we know we're shit at darts but we reckon all those people who said we can't get 101 between us are negative moaning bastards. So we're going to go for it" Jim "OK boys here we go. None darts player to throw first that's you Miami. Up to the oche and listen to Tony. Tony "Right take your time Miami, calm down and take your time. Just relax and take your time...... 5....... 1....... and double 1 that's 8 Jim "Right Mounts the pressure is on a bit now you need 93 from 3 darts" Tony "Just relax Mounts you can do it. Just picture that full English in Benidorm. Focus on the board, calm down, that's it....... 1........ Ooh that one's bent the wire treble 5..... And it's bounced out..... 16 so that's 24 all together - unlucky lads. Jim "What a shame unlucky lads, ey but you were brave to have a go but you've lost your prizes. But you'll still keep your Bully's tankards and your BFH. Well done lads. Great sports. Have you had a good day? Miami "I'll fight you outside the club shop you cunt" Jim "I can see you're disappointed lads. But let's have a look what you could have won....... It's some blue passports and a chance to feel smug and superior when you meet German people on a holiday that you can no longer afford. What a shame. Anyway we'll see you next week and see if Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can do any better as they try to leave a union that's served them well for hundreds of years. Until next week, goodnight, godbless, and don't forget. You can't beat a bit of bully. Goodnight!" PS - I love you both really!
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    I’ve proper had enough of it all now. Its a complete circus and total embarrassment. Not that we should care, but folk on the outside have had enough too and and sympathy is vanishing fast as our actions are beginning to affect them. Im bored to fuckin death of it all, every day and night there’s another event or some bullshit side show making us look even more fucked up than we already are. Weve currently got the thickest sounding möngs the town can offer stood on the club car park asking some coked up wally with a megaphone questions about putting ken Anderson in prison and can he get Big sam back. It’s fuckin draining the life out of me. FV, Boohoo or whoever sort this shit out for fucks sake so we can all just be normal for a bastard Day or two. It’s a fuckin shambles.
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    Great support the whole game and I thought some of your youngsters played very well. Edwards was a stand out at centre back with Zouma not far behind. Best wishes for the season and beyond
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    Morning all Regularly read your forum to try and work out what is actually happening for you boys n girls. Boy you’ve had some s*** the last few seasons As Bristol City Fan middling years I have fond memories of various tussles with yourselves , and games over the years at all levels , including Wembley Great set of ‘proper’ football fans in all my experiences Also met many lads , and the odd lass, who were Wanderers , trapping the World following England All sound as a pound Wanted to say I have everything crossed for you , you fans , and that some light begins to emerge As for the rest of ‘The League laughing’ ....or indeed the Football World My advice is there will always be ***** , especially on Social Media who will laugh and goad - The Football World And Supporters of all sorts I’ve spoken to , or read are in fact extremely sympathetic , and hopeful that things will turn around , or at least stop sliding Please remember that - I know at this **** time it won’t help much , you want to see some sign of future , but please don’t concern yourselves with ***** who follow other Clubs The massive majority don’t laugh , they sympathise.... And the few who gloat ****** ******* Many Of you won’t recall , but we nigh on went to the wall in 1982 , I went to what was to be our final game at Newport, we survived , just but slid from Div 1 - 4 , ended up playing 16/17 year olds and a few freebies and fell to the bottom of Div Four Looking back the slow survival and then growth back (Ironically the Wembley game v you was probably a significant point) was one of the best and happiest periods of my 50 years of support, the hardcore fan base sticking by them and seeing a slow rebirth Hang in there Boys n Girls, everything crossed for you ’Wanderers Till You Die’ Always
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    Apollo 13 tried that but hit a snag and reported back: "Euxton, we've got a problem"
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    I've been pretty quiet on here over the last few seasons. Mostly due to the sheer fucking despair at our situation and the tailspin we have ended up in. But also because I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer about 18 months ago. It was shock. I was pretty young to get it (55 at the time). I'd been to Dr's about summat else and he sent me for a blood test and they picked it up. At first it was 'low grade, low risk'. I had regular blood tests and a biopsy. That was bloody horrible. Anyway, I went for more tests and they said that it had got worse and they needed to act before it spread. I had my Prostate gland removed in August last year. It was a pretty miserable time. I was off work 6 weeks. I had a catheter fitted, could hardly walk. Just shit really. But - when I got the results back following the op they said that there were clear margins around the gland so it hadn't spread. I will be having 3 monthly blood tests and consultations for the foreseeable but so far it's all looking good. I have been very lucky. Some of you will know that I do a bit of running, I used to try to encourage folk off here to do Parkrun. As I had some warning before the operation I figured my best hope of a faster recovery was to get as fit as I could beforehand and hopefully retain some of it. I did my first ever marathon, Bolton hill marathon (a bit embarrassing as I've been running 20 years!) and that went ok so I did my first ever Ultra marathon a fortnight later (5 Passes ultra in Lakes, 33 miles). That was a long day out - 10 hours! - but I went round with 2 lasses from our running club and we had a great day. I have gradually got fitness back starting with low goals and building up and up. Although I don't think I will ever really be how I was before I am in not bad shape now, physically. I wanted a goal to aim for both as part of my recovery and also as a big Fuck You to cancer. I decided to do the Joss Naylor Challenge. It's not a race, you can do it whenever you like. It appealed because it is aimed at over 50's and you get longer to complete it the older you are. It's 48 miles across the Lakes and 17,000' ascent. I have 15 hours to do it in. It also appealed because part of it is to raise money for a charity of your choice. I have chosen Prostate Cancer UK. I've been training hard over the last months since recovering from the op. Been up to Lakes virtually every weekend and getting the miles in recceing the route. Can I do it? I honestly don't know, I'll find out next month. I'll give it a bloody good shot though. https://www.gofar.org.uk/jossnaylorlc.html If anyone can spare a quid or so then it would be very gratefully received. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/simon-fox24 Also if anyone wants to talk about any Prostate Cancer concerns then PM me. Cheers.
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    Read the comments about wages. Players have come here cos no one else wanted them at this level. Add in shit storm that the club has become no manager would have had much chance of keeping us up. Parky has made some strange and some just bad calls but the idea it is all his fault is honestly bollocks. I do think he has to go but I won’t join in this hatred that people seem to have to him.
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    Britain was totally alone after France fell in June 1940, right up until the Germans invaded Russia in June 1941 forcing the Russians onto the Allied side after being in a cosy pact with Nazi Germany beforehand. Hitler said he didn't have any problem with Britain, regarded us as a basically Aryan country, and would let us keep our Empire if we stayed out of things in Europe (though how long that would remain the case is anyone's guess). Churchill told him to GTF. Then winning the Battle of Britain and sending bomber raids to Germany not only kept an Allied 'foothold' in Europe, but also showed the Germans for the first time that they were not invincible and not invulnerable. Despite being isolated Britain opened up other fronts against the Nazis - not just the bombing raids (with an appalling 50% attrition rate), but also Norway, North Africa, Greece, raids on German submarine bases in France and SEO operatives behind enemy lines, supporting local residents resistance. And let's not forget the importance of breakng the Enigma codes. Britain massively supported Russia by not only depleting the Luftwaffe through the Battle of Britain, but also the German war machine and it's people's morale with large bomber raids, and by keeping a second front open so Germany couldn't throw all its resources against Russia. We also helped the USSR massively with the Baltic conveys sending material over to them at constant peril. America only effectively got involved in the European / North Africa theatre well into 1942. Russia had been an ally of Germany until the latter invaded them in June 1941. We could have taken the easy option right from the outset and let the Nazis just carry on. We didn't. And that's why I love my country and its people, and that's why all the nay sayers and people who just love to bring my country down can just FUCK OFF.
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    Hancock calls briefing, says we've created world-saving vaccine... BBC: Will you apologise for not creating it sooner? ITV: Isn't it true that it contains dead kittens? C4: Why didn't you join an EU vaccination scheme? Sky: You said creating a vaccine would be difficult, do you now accept that you weren't telling the truth? Buzzfeed: 37 reasons why the UK is still a shit country Independent: Isn't it true that austerity stopped the vaccine being made sooner? Guardian: Vaccines are racist
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    I'm much more a lurker than a poster on WWs, reading everyone's input and opinions with genuine interest and open mindedness. With that in mind I must say that I've come to the considered conclusion that you are an utter plumb.
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    I’m about to go to sleep with the most peaceful, relaxed mind I reckon I’ve had in 3 years. Every day and night seems to have been spent arguing the toss about the club, worrying about the club and head getting completely frazzled with the daily sagas. Literally every single day something happened, a twist in the tale, a note from the chairman, a winding up order, a journalist banned, on and on and on...hour after hour pacing up and down my kitchen on my phone, sat at kids swimming on my phone, sat in the van at work during a storm on my fucking phone. Now its all over. Hardly seems real but what a fucking nightmare it’s been for us all. Not just the past few worrying days, weeks or months in admin. The whole sorry saga from the moment Eddie signed the club over. It’s been a fucking trauma and a journey unlike anything else I’ve seen in football, from the bizarre to the down right ridiculous. But we are still fucking here folks. We made it. We lived to tell the tale. And what a bloody tale it will be. Goodnight folks... it’s been emotional. Xx
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    I'd wait for sluffy''s 62 page summary
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    I would suggest the £1m is an ‘initial’ amount not the total fuck me some people know how to turn good news in to negative misery
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    Came on here to drop info so KA would react. Didn’t work then was fronting money for a man who was providing security against property. He rented a house slid in to Trafs DM’s and called him a cunt then likened Traf to a wife beater on an open forum if that’s what a PR company gives you these days I’ll stick to putting fucking adverts up on traffic lights if I ever want some business absolute lunatic
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    Ok this is not the popular view 1)Parkinson came in when we were rock bottom & stopped the rot. 2) Despite all the embargo shite & players who had forgotten what winning felt like we got promoted , not pretty but effective management 3)Despite limited recruitment & further financial constraints we finished fourth from bottom a position most fans would have taken at the season start. 4) Further financial shenanagens have followed & our fans have become fed up with the attritional nature of the battle to stay up so they believe the time for manager change is overdue & many have stopped attending matches citing the playing style. Of course Parky has had his critics from day one & the fact he has been virtually unsackable due to finances has stoked the criticism Personally I think in the main he has done a decent job but the critical mass of support now seems to be against him the takeover will undoubtably see him gone ....I for one wont judge him too harshly.
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    He isn't a cunt though is he. Handled himself incredibly professionally throughout his time here. As a youngish lad who can remember the uefa cup but certainly did not appreciate it hes given me some of my best times watching us. Most of league one - port vale, southend, peterboro and forest last year are days ill never forget and he was the man in charge. His football is not great on the eye, especially when getting beat every week!! But if he was to go, he'd go with a massive thanks from me.
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    Disappointed a few I know but how would you be on a day like today? Brilliant sunshine in mid Winter - at 9am received just over $6K as my share of a football punters club kitty which we decided to shut down for the season after last nights results. At 11:48 I acquired my fourth grandson - Oliver. My daughters first child. At 12:12 I was informed that the worlds second biggest miner had decided to award me/us a 2 year service contract worth 7 digits. Walking football to look forward to tonight. Then I find out some bitter and twisted, intellectually challenged no mark from my home town thinks it funny to try to impersonate me and make out I am of the opposite sexuality to reality. Big fucking deal. If it gave a few of you a smile I am actually pleased about that. Today is not a day for frowning. Tra-la-la............................................................
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    My dad was kept in overnight but being allowed home today, no signs of COVID, thanks for well wishes folks.
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    Frequent lurker, very seldom post but just to add a personal touch to this. My dad currently resides at the woodlands in Little Hulton. He is 80 and suffers from Alzheimer’s hence where he is. Massive Wanderer in his day and brought my brother and I up that way, not quite sure we thank him for that. Anyhow, received a call on Tuesday advising dad had symptoms along with the news others on his ward had tested positive. On Thursday we were told dad had tested positive. We haven’t seen dad for 6 weeks as the home locked down early. the staff in the home have been amazing , keeping us informed at all times including a WhatsApp call yesterday but due to dad’s condition he didn’t take to it and the call was very brief but just the opportunity to talk to dad for such a short time was a blessing. He is poorly but comfortable and receiving an unbelievable level of care from people who aren’t all trained for this but care deeply. We don’t blame anyone for this, we don’t hold anyone accountable, it’s a global crisis playing out in many different ways in many different families. we hope dad remains comfortable and salute those that care for him whilst putting themselves at great risk.
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    Right end of week NHS update. We're now basically on a war footing. Amazing how such a big organisation has managed to mobilise so quickly. Focus has immediately turned to CV in place of non urgent care. People from all quarters volunteering to help where they can - including non clinicians being trained up to perform some safe clinical procedures (like blood pressure for example), to free up staff with other skills to use them more effectively. Amazing to see it all come together. Just hoping we can cope with demand from the critically ill as things progress.
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    so loads of people watch us on dodgy tv instead of going to the game especially home games, no wonder we are fucked. anyone who moans but doesn't go FUCK OFF, you are as much to blame as benny hill
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    Development squad played Thursday Friday night / Saturday morning, our senior pros decide they won't play v Brentford BWFC make plans for the Dev Squad to play Brentford EFL block this on the ground of "Youth Protection" Game not rearranged for 3/4 days later, EFL say to play it a few days after season ends. Brentford can't fulfill that order and are awarded the game. Roll forward to Donny and by the above sequence of events, our Dev Squad can't fulfill a fixture. No case to answer. Maybe a fine for not letting doncaster know sooner, but the EFL created this loophole when they stopped the brentford game.
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    I've been lucky enough in my life to travel round parts of the World, experience different places, cultures & civilisations, seen some amazing sights & had some life changing adventures. But nothing, NOTHING! ever comes close to the Euphoria, the pure joy of the terraces with the White Army, cracking day out with cracking people again. To think we came so close to never having it again. BTID COYFWM
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    What a load of over exaggerated shit. We’re still alive and we’re competitive. We’ve got 1 point from 3 which is more than some league teams. Yes the kids look knackered but if you’re telling me they’d rather go back to playing in front of their family and a few dogs on Saturday rather than 2,000 fans who will back then whether they win lose or draw them you’re mad. We’re in the shit; we all know we are. We’re holding things together by a thread, but we still had 2,200 fans in an away end backing the club for the afternoon. That’s all that matters. I want the takeover to happen, I want us to be competitive, but for as long as it doesn’t happen I will pay to watch these young lads play for Bolton. I don’t care if we lose, I will cheer a corner and free kicks like a goal and a point feels like we’ve won the league: If we’re in league 2 next season but have FV as owners then so be it: We’ll take thousands to Salford and show them what a proper club is all about. Just be patient and give the kids as much support as you can for now.
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    Don’t think ever felt as proud to be a Bolton fan. 2 kids, the wife, peteski and my old man kicking and heading every ball at the end like it was the World Cup final. We are in it together folks, right to the motherfuckin end. I love this club.
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    That was far and away the best atmosphere at Adams Park for an opening game. Your support was brilliant today and I really hope you go from strength to strength. It was a privilege to see your passion and commitment to your club in one of its darkest hours and I really hope it is rewarded and that you start to climb up again. All lower league club supporters empathise with you as we all understand we are a dodgy owner or two away from oblivion. You might not have many experienced players but your kids did you proud and if Zouma plays like that every week you have a real class defender for this level. Good luck
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    Almost certainly the ale, but I'm on a train back to Birmingham drinking on my tod and can't help but well up when I see some of the images from today You know, when we were safe and secure in Premier League taking nothing numbers away (and I include myself in that) I totally underestimated what it was all about. Stood amongst my brothers and sisters today, shouting until it hurt. And there was shit loads of us. This is what is means, we're alive. I fucking love you all.
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    That's reasonable. I'd argue making a rational assessment of his ability to manage in the championship is difficult given the conditions he's operated under, the likelihood is that no-one here has a full picture of how bad they've been until perhaps he writes a book about it. Time may tell a different story, if he goes on to success elsewhere then some of the people pointing the finger at him may feel differently. However the last point you make is a valid one. He's lost too much support and he's too associated with the misery of the last season in particular for any new owner to continue with him if they want the bounce from a fresh start. My guess is he's probably happy to go as well, the club has been a basket case for a long time now and isn't helping anyone's career prospects including his. What still gets me and one reason why I'm on this thread wanting to talk about the finances and not this subject which doesn't belong here, is that there's several of you that are happy to abuse the man on a personal level because you've not enjoyed the football on offer. Here's a fucking newsflash, no-one has enjoyed the style of football on offer, but some don't use that as an excuse to call a guy trying his best in very difficult circumstances, a cunt. This when you have the very definition of the word owning the club and making the decisions that undermined PP and everyone else in the process? The fact you're doing this as he's giving his time to go in and help the administrators and the club despite he and his staff not being paid since February is one more reason why he deserves at least a basic level of respect, whatever your opinions of him as a tactician. He's conducted himself well throughout despite being under immense pressure. I'm grateful for his efforts for the club during his time here and I wish him well in his next role.
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    Mate your only ever a port vale or forest away from getting your chi back. Home matches aren’t tosh because of Ken Anderson or winding up orders. Folk aren’t staying because we owe front row sports management a few quid. Folk have had enough because the football is shit and the macron is the shittest place on planet earth when the football is shit. All this stuff just emphasises it. We all know or pretend to know too much. It’s compete overkill. That’s why every fucker is bored to tears with it all. It’s spoke and debated about every single day. Chairmans notes, Marc iles and the twitters m*ngs clamour to get every single piece of info they can to beat the Andersons with saturates everyone. We are all as guilty as charged here. It whips up a frenzy and every cunts in a bad mood going to the match, folk threatening to boycott and spray painting bed sheets. These fuckers have no idea what it actually is they are protesting about. The only thing that can change the mood imo is Parky going to reading and is getting a manager with a positive style of play. If that’s sees us relegated then fair do’s because as it stands we are fucked anyway and everyone’s just pissed off. Only on the pitch stuff can save this from us seeing the season out with no fucker in the ground.
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