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    I spent the night of the Manchester bombing treating life threatening shrapnel wounds and consoling patients and families who had lost loved ones. That's my fluffy, coffee coloured, candy floss world.
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    Ok this is not the popular view 1)Parkinson came in when we were rock bottom & stopped the rot. 2) Despite all the embargo shite & players who had forgotten what winning felt like we got promoted , not pretty but effective management 3)Despite limited recruitment & further financial constraints we finished fourth from bottom a position most fans would have taken at the season start. 4) Further financial shenanagens have followed & our fans have become fed up with the attritional nature of the battle to stay up so they believe the time for manager change is overdue & many have stopped attending matches citing the playing style. Of course Parky has had his critics from day one & the fact he has been virtually unsackable due to finances has stoked the criticism Personally I think in the main he has done a decent job but the critical mass of support now seems to be against him the takeover will undoubtably see him gone ....I for one wont judge him too harshly.
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    He isn't a cunt though is he. Handled himself incredibly professionally throughout his time here. As a youngish lad who can remember the uefa cup but certainly did not appreciate it hes given me some of my best times watching us. Most of league one - port vale, southend, peterboro and forest last year are days ill never forget and he was the man in charge. His football is not great on the eye, especially when getting beat every week!! But if he was to go, he'd go with a massive thanks from me.
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    Mate your only ever a port vale or forest away from getting your chi back. Home matches aren’t tosh because of Ken Anderson or winding up orders. Folk aren’t staying because we owe front row sports management a few quid. Folk have had enough because the football is shit and the macron is the shittest place on planet earth when the football is shit. All this stuff just emphasises it. We all know or pretend to know too much. It’s compete overkill. That’s why every fucker is bored to tears with it all. It’s spoke and debated about every single day. Chairmans notes, Marc iles and the twitters m*ngs clamour to get every single piece of info they can to beat the Andersons with saturates everyone. We are all as guilty as charged here. It whips up a frenzy and every cunts in a bad mood going to the match, folk threatening to boycott and spray painting bed sheets. These fuckers have no idea what it actually is they are protesting about. The only thing that can change the mood imo is Parky going to reading and is getting a manager with a positive style of play. If that’s sees us relegated then fair do’s because as it stands we are fucked anyway and everyone’s just pissed off. Only on the pitch stuff can save this from us seeing the season out with no fucker in the ground.
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    Is it just me that’s reading this post with a “Bond-villain” voice in my head?
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    He’s looking down saying ”Oh no, no! KA he’s acting like, well, like a cunt, so to speak”
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    Aye they entered the high court hoping HMRC would file for admin. They said fuck off we want insolvency. The judge agreed and that was the only way it was heading. at the time ED had simply had enough. Fresh from the death of Gartside and his fortune already been pissed away, with the KA we were gone. ...and without KA we’d have been gonners 2-3 times since. There’s more to running a multi million business than simply putting cash in. Honeslty people are so naive. Weve all heard from the horses mouths what a state the accounts were in. We had forensic accountants going through the books, We were losing an absolute fortune in a daily basis and nobody in the land wanted the job to sort it out apart fro KA, in which he did. He fucked a lot of people over and upset plenty in doing so but he’s achieved his remit which was to stabilise the clubs cash flow and outgoings and make the business into a sellable or investable business. We weren’t but now we are. Simples really. forget the chairman’s notes and all the other circus generated in social media. He’s done or nearly done what he was asked to do. He never said he was going to do anything else. Fair fucks to the guy. If he wanted to screw us over and rinse us he could have easily done so. But he didn’t, he remained diligent in spite of all the bile he faced. Target achived ken. Well done i say.
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    Hi all; been a long time voyeur on the site and a few things I've seen have made me pants twitch. But as a Wanderer for over 50 years; reading a lot of the stuff on this thread and in the general press has prompted me to sign up and comment. For all you Ken haters, you won't like it. I suggest you tighten sphincters and bite hard on your leather tethers. For all his sweaty Ken persona, his dodgy dealings, his half truths, his late submission of accounts and general misgivings, without him there would be no Bolton Wanderers. He maybe a shyster, but he's our shyster. The man who saved our club when no other fkcer would come close to us. He is our Ken wrong 'un and we should be behind him and the players next monday when we play WBA. And if, against all odds, we do survive in this division, he'll be lauded as just a naughty boy and the best fkcn businessman in football. (Or not. We wait to see). He's our Ken Wrong Un, so lets get behind him and the club. Oh and that Keith Andrews can fuck right off.
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    The guy is a fucking idiot and got what he deserved. In a world where social media plays such a part you can be dismissed from work for gross misconduct ‘liking’ idiotic posts is only going to antagonise Ken further more. No need, childish, pathetic and bordering on unprofessional. Particularly in the last few days yes he has a job to do but part of that job is providing a balanced, impartial view on the going’s on. He has provided neither recently and when the club is the sole purpose of your employment you’d hope he’d have enough between his ears to realise time is up playing the martyr for the bwfc Twitter M0ng brigade. If he was a landlord of a boozer and some Dick head slagged him off then came in every weekend for a pint he’d do exactly the same thing so why KA should do any different is beyond me. The guys a fucking clown who should’ve been banned long ago for his incompetence alone. Well done Ken
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    I saw the truth from the beginning ffs KA’s job was to balance the books and spin plates till investment came. He’s done that with success so far. It just can’t carry on, we don’t have a Gary Madine or ED now. We either get investment elsewhere or admin is a distinct possibility. KA has openly and repeatedly stated every fucking week we need more money. I really don’t know what people expect. To quote Traf, to me and you KA is an extremely rich man. In football club owner terms he’s a dosser. We just don’t have enough money to pay the bills. We are small club, on a small budget, paying for premier league facilities and trying to compete in a league with a bunch of giants. It just doesn’t compute. listen to what the former Wigan owner says above and just think of the job KA or any other owner coming in has on his hands. We need £10m just to switch the lights on ffs. Folk need to realise the size of club we are and shite revenue we actually create. We need a billionaire not a Ken Anderson to survive at this level. Unfortunately the market is already saturated and foreign billionaires won’t fancy buying a club ten miles away from biggest club in the world and Man City with 12k attendances.
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    In 2 weeks time we will be a new club a new ownership, hopefully a new manager who wants to play football, build a team around young connell. It's to late for this season but hopefully it will be the start of the long road back. One positive from a horrible day was the incredible support that we have and we can still be a bit feisty as well. In a few years time we will be back at Wigan and revenge will be ours. All the lancashire teams will be laughing at our demise and who can blame them they've felt the wrath of the white army over the years but enjoy it you cunts cos we'll be back!!
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    If you need a label for these people : murderers will suffice. Not right/left Not Muslim/Christian Not Black/White Just fucking murderers.
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    If there is one silver lining to come out of the current situation, it is that quite a lot of people are starting to realise just how much Eddie Davies actually did for this club, and how much he actually bankrolled us to eventually see the heights we saw. It wasn’t a tax fix, he didn’t “take loads out of the club”, there was nothing to see in the interest charged on the early debt and it wasn’t just clever accounting. We lost money just like we do now, just to a greater extent, but that man chucked money in every year to cover the shortfall and therefore let us carry on with top 8 premier league football and European adventures. The shit he got accused of, just because people didn’t take the time to understand what was actually happening, rather than just listening to the first thing they heard, was criminal. He should have a statue outside of the ground, instead his name got dragged through the mud and he ended his tenure on “bad terms”. If there is one lesson to be learnt it is that joe public shouldn’t be so quick to shout about the first theory that they hear, it’s often the wrong one.
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    Now for a bit of light relief (as pointed out by BTID over on Nuts) Sky Sports have only gone and quoted the parody Ken Anderson Twitter account on their report of the row with Vince. “Anderson hit back later in the day by announcing on Twitter fans could buy T-shirts on Bolton's website showing their appreciation for meat, adding proceeds would go towards paying Dodge's wages.” Even posted the picture too! Sky Sport story link - https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11672/11602930/bolton-chairmans-row-with-forest-greens-dale-vince-escalates Fake KA Twitter account - https://twitter.com/kenandersonbwfc
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    "I am being silenced!" says Tommy into a microphone, standing on a specially erected platform, outside the most famous court in London, as he addresses the gathered media. "Journalists are the enemy of the people!" cries the self-declared journalist.
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    Fucking hell, just get over it.
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    What a nobhead he's coming across as on Social Media. "When you have to bring your own drink in". I have to take my own fucking drink to work you fucking cretin. Window shopping for trainers because he hasn't been paid. If you've had a 20 year career as a footballer and cant afford a pair of trainers you're the issue. I know its a shit situation but in what way does he think he's helping? It also doesnt help that hes fucking dreadful, the shit cunt. To paraphrase, get to fuck you shit 50p footed useless bastard.
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    Not sure there was any need to go in with two feet pal I’m a bit sceptical of some of Howard’s assumptions but still, as Mounts has pointed out, it’s a forum for discussion Personally I’d rather have Howard’s contribution than not have it
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    They put stuff out on social media but kept it low key Maybe it’s “reverse snobbery” from me but happy with no wailing or gnashing of teeth, no “celebratory” clocks, gates, monuments or owt and no big media circus. A simple plaque and book. Those that know....know...and grieve and remember in their own way Over the years BWFC and the fans have dealt with this disaster in a class way. No finger-pointing. No demands for action or media campaigns asking for everyone to remember it. Just a quiet remembrance of our own in our own way. Hope it stays like that tbh. Horrible day that doesn’t need highlighting, simply remembered
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    Sending me to sleep, a team from our darkest hour Possession we can't keep at home or away Calls for David Lee cos Parkys football's dour Time for getting pissed, to hope & pray Lost a million games in a row, the ball never in control I believe he's lost the plot, it's time let him go
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    The problem faced is leaving the EU. Not a flawed negotiation process Not a PM who was quietly pro remain. Not remainers in government Not Brexiteers in government. Leaving the EU. That’s it, my ideologically intransigent friend.
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    The problem with this Grenfell thing is that it was put on social media. Back in the day when some major story hit the news we got hit with all the sick jokes that followed the event. The gas platform disaster in the north sea is a classic example. What's got 4 legs and goes woof? Piper Alpha. Sick jokes like that went around every workplace in the country. It was a sick world then, it's still a sick world now. Nowts changed. The problem is that now, with social media, more people can and want to be outraged. Scum and cretins will always exist. It's just the fooking stupid ones who get the publicity.
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