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    Boro and Coventry are 2 different scenarios You either want a club or you don't If you do, you turn up against coventry
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    I would have thought that was blindingly obvious to everyone - clearly not by Road Runner's reaction and your question? It's because James and EDT have been putting in the hard hours and millions of pounds trying to save BWFC from oblivion and the thanklessness and total lack of respect they get for doing so by a few self obsessed ultra fans is proclaim at public meetings that they are doing fuck all about saving the club and now wanting them cast aside for someone who hasn't even stated he's at all interested in the club and is only linked to it by esteemed journalist such as Alan (Bassini has bought the club) Nixon and Marc (Anderson holds first claim on the hotel) Iles. If I was James or EDT I'd seriously be wondering why I am even bothering to save the club at all for such supporters as these.
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    It does beggar belief that some of our fellow supporters can threaten to throw the towel in on the club their, kids, brothers, fathers and grandparents support. I’m sorry, but I think we have a duty to fight on if we are fortunate enough to kick another football. When the HMS Sheffield and Sir Galahad got sunk in The Falklands our troops didn’t throw white flags up in the air, they fought on and got the job done. It’s not anybody’s fault who’s negotiating contracts at the club, so let’s have a bit of patience whilst there’s still lights on. Chill out, it’s not in our hands, but time will tell.
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    I think you know where you stand with me chief. In that I think your content is factual, unbiased and accurate but your delivery lacks incision and an appreciation that most folk dont do finance for a living. It's one o clock on a Sunday morning mate. For all the Forest fans say about Fawaz, he kept the lights on and spent some money. Whatever you think of him that would be progress from where we are now. Venkys made massive mistakes at Rovers but I'd take them tomorrow as per posts above. Don't mock your fellow supporters for caring mate, it's not a good look.
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    Mr Andrson who was a teacher said Widnes lets have a line, went into a bog with him and he put a full bag of chan on the cubile 'What do I do next' Widnes, 'you havent done this before have you' next thing he's being arrested for selling class A's to school children
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    Morning all Regularly read your forum to try and work out what is actually happening for you boys n girls. Boy you’ve had some s*** the last few seasons As Bristol City Fan middling years I have fond memories of various tussles with yourselves , and games over the years at all levels , including Wembley Great set of ‘proper’ football fans in all my experiences Also met many lads , and the odd lass, who were Wanderers , trapping the World following England All sound as a pound Wanted to say I have everything crossed for you , you fans , and that some light begins to emerge As for the rest of ‘The League laughing’ ....or indeed the Football World My advice is there will always be ***** , especially on Social Media who will laugh and goad - The Football World And Supporters of all sorts I’ve spoken to , or read are in fact extremely sympathetic , and hopeful that things will turn around , or at least stop sliding Please remember that - I know at this **** time it won’t help much , you want to see some sign of future , but please don’t concern yourselves with ***** who follow other Clubs The massive majority don’t laugh , they sympathise.... And the few who gloat ****** ******* Many Of you won’t recall , but we nigh on went to the wall in 1982 , I went to what was to be our final game at Newport, we survived , just but slid from Div 1 - 4 , ended up playing 16/17 year olds and a few freebies and fell to the bottom of Div Four Looking back the slow survival and then growth back (Ironically the Wembley game v you was probably a significant point) was one of the best and happiest periods of my 50 years of support, the hardcore fan base sticking by them and seeing a slow rebirth Hang in there Boys n Girls, everything crossed for you ’Wanderers Till You Die’ Always
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    Probably a proud American that had knocked it up and thought that was the national anthem.
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    I apologise, it was that tosser down under
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    There are plenty of Lads I used to go to the match with in the early 90's who have given up going. It's a shit situation. A lot of them stopped going even when we were still in the Premier League. It comes down to money for a lot of people, and like I say, they can watch it for nothing on the internet or even down the pub on a dodgy box. I live in Germany and watch the games on iFollow, and I have never seen such crap football as we had last season. Even years ago in the old third and fourth division it was nothing like as bad as it has been recently. I support the club as best I can from over here. I still buy BWFC stuff from the Store and I got my Grandson who is half German a BWFC Kit. I imagine I would still have a Season Ticket if I still lived in Bolton, but I can see why many have had enough, and the youngsters, they don't want to see us playing shit football against Rotherham or Oxford etc when they can see City banging in 5 goals against Arsenal or whoever just down the road.
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    If we put a team out against Coventry and you can attend but choose not to, you really are pushing it if you claim to be a fan of bwfc
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    Whether he chooses to answer your questions or not has no bearing on whether Sluffy's post lack incision. They either do or don't.
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    I doubt very much it will happen but would love many of our stay aways to realise how close to folding the club is - no more once in a blue moon glory away days, and do something about it like turn up at a few home games. Most clubs who have gone through this kind of shit come back with a galvanised fan base. We’ll have a majorly apathetic fan base
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    I don't think that would be to anybody's benefit because at this stage he knows as many of the facts as you, Sluffy and everyone else do - i.e. none whatsoever.
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    Oh I know there’s a huge difference, my point was you can’t just give up and I honestly think most fans won’t, they’ll remember our last stay in this league and the days out and carry on supporting the club. The good and the bad have to be witnessed, they make the future glory days that much better and satisfying, that’s what I was putting over.
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    I think that thanks to this sorry affair we will be lucky to see 5k on for the first home game. People are just sick to the back teeth of it.
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    Well said mate. Don't bite though.....thats exactly what sluffy is looking for.
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    Putting aside the fact that it's the club's debt as opposed to his debt that he built up...opinion is divided as we still don't have access to the accounts or know what has gone on behind the scenes, but my view is that at best he was incompetent given that the club was losing money hand over fist so anyone with an ounce of intelligence should have seen the train coming from miles away - losing money year upon year can only lead to one possible outcome i.e.bankruptcy and he should have acted much, much earlier. Better still, he might not have got involved in the first place as the club would have gone into administration three years ago when it was a far better proposition to buy. It also looks likely that Anderson carefully avoided putting himself in front of the oncoming train as he remains a creditor so is likely to get away without much in the way of damage to his personal finances - certainly not compared to the damage to BWFC. And it's rumoured that in the early part of his tenure when things didn't look so bad, he turned down offers to buy the club because he wasn't getting enough personally out of the deal - remember all those "tyre - kickers" and billionaires who "couldn't provide proof of funds"? Too late now Ken. Obviously with his track record for asset-stripping companies, there could well be a more sinister side to all of this but as it stands we are all being kept in the dark so nobody knows for sure what he's done or what degree of responsibility - other than managerial incompetence - he has. And until the facts come out opinion will remain divided.
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    You need to be more specific in what you are asking. If you are asking has Anderson's personal debt (both secured and unsecured) he built up in the club, then you will need to look what would have happened if he hadn't. The secured money (irrespective of where it came from) paid off the BM debt. At the time they had a winder outstanding against us and were threatening to crystallise their debt and take ownership of the hotel. The unsecured debt was what I believe he put in to pay the wages one month to prevent a home game being cancelled (and whatever the penalty from the EFL would result in as a consequence). Seeing that the current Administrator is liquidising the company that owns the club when the FV sale comes fruition (or immediately if they walk away), then I suggest it was best for nearly all of us (obviously not the unsecured creditors), that this was done at the end of the season and not during it as we could have been thrown out of the league for being to all intents and purposes insolvent and having no time to achieve a sale to a 'newco' - look how long this sale to FV has been ongoing since we fell into Administration - the EFL certainly couldn't allow that to happen half way through a season with a club (officially) unable to financially itself to the end of the season and having to carry out an uncertain sale whilst the league was in progress. Ken Anderson may well have been able to turn a blind eye to the financial state of the club to get it to the end of the season but an official Administrator certainly could not. If you are asking if the clubs debts built up because of how Anderson ran the business (and had not caused it to fail by doing something illegal) then I refer you to the previous paragraph. Like it or not, whether Ken is the Devil or is not, the bottom line was that under Anderson's ownership the club managed just about to the end of the season (apart from the Brentford players strike that achieved nothing other than bring down possible additional and unwelcome sanctions against us that are still to be announced) before we collapsed and FV became the only purchaser to meet the Administrators conditions and they in effect managed to put us on life support pending a sale (which I believe will happen) before we died along with the company that owned us, Bolton Wanderers Football and Athletic Club, which will be liquidated once the club is sold on.
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    Saw Patrick Bateman on Sunday, Fengsui got married last week so congratulations, PB also shagged the maid of honour who'd flown in from the USA so congratuations to him too
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    Guimareas, Deciding we were going with Happy Wanderer, 12 of us, then getting a PM off Big Toe 'Can I come with with your lot as i've no friends' nothing like that but he came, turned out to be a nice lad, sold 10 beach balls to Jules Darby when he had hair, Met the Totty lads in Lisbon but thats another story. Turismo in Braga 'Have you got any beer left' Owner 'We've got stout with lime' just give me the fucking bottles
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    Great, let's all make supermarket puns in the midst of a dire plight awaiting a club like ours, and Bury's...
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    I was doubtful to buy a season ticket if Parky had been in charge for this coming season, but given our current perilous financial situation, this is now the time for us Bolton fans to show our support and back the club with purchasing season tickets, no time for jumping ship at this moment in time.
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    Are people really putting all what’s happing now solely down to Ken Anderson? fuck me sideways
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    Was with Smiffs in Portugal, Cheese got to much for him so he left, as did No Balls. Whitt is with her majesty in one of her hotels for his deviancy, he'll be back for Christmas
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