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    That’s like saying nobody kills them selves because of bullying. That’s possibly the most stupid comment I’ve read on here. Get a grip
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    It amazes me that you are able to make any thread into a contrarian at work 'cheese show'. Were not talking about anyone we actually know here. No opinions stated so far have been too left field. I suggest we all have a 24 hour moratorium on commenting on any current news just in case we offend cheese.
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    Social media is wank. Get rid.
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    Gotcha! Fuck off Wiganb.
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    My lad has certainly chosen a great time to get into football, character building and he loves it. He’s a proper wanderer, whatever happens this for the rest of the season I’ll always remember it for us Still having a club and my lad falling in love with Bolton. That certainly wasn't expected this season as he never really got into footy then all of a sudden he’s got the bug big time. Walks to school with me singing “walking down the manny road” it’s ace.
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    Why don’t we all start being nice to each other?
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    I think you mean Handsworth, worked on Star City 20 years ago in Netchells, but nearby Washwood Heath was a proper no go area when driving through.
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    Think you might mean Handsworth Micky 😊
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    Yeah I won’t lie it’s great, It’s got it’s downsides there’s a lot of travelling and I get paid a salary so I work long hours but don’t get paid for the extra and it took me years to get here, a lot of days of putting out cones balls and bibs in the pissing down rain. But it’s worth it plus these employers are happy to pay for extra studying they have paid for me to do my doctorate with no future debt. But I do love it, the good days outweigh the bad 10-1 and I miss my family when I’m away 3/4 days of the week. But days like the past few make up for it.
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    I'd have put big money on you not raising any eyebrows in Knotty Ash 😂
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    Every time Wycome fans chanted Wycome, I kept hearing Wigan. It was only when I looked towards the South stand that it became obvious that there were too many there to be Wigan fans
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    In Madrid with work. Contacted them a few weeks ago when the CL draw came out to try and get tickets for the game tonight. Incredibly hospitable people. Hospitality for the game, Went to the training session this morning had a tour of the stadium, met some former ex pros, and even the greatest player of all time in my opinion Zidane even though he just said hello. all very welcoming and friendly and are really looking forward to the CL game in a few weeks times. Stadium is incredible and just thinking of the players who have been here made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Saw the plans for the refurb of the Bernabeu and it’s going to be something else.
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    Yasmeen would give that stadium a good polish, while Geoff goes to the pub 😁
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    Absolutely tragic and such a waste of life. It can happen to any single one of us, no matter how strong minded you think you are. A series of events or just a lack of serotonin, whatever it may be, life is in on a knife edge... But there’s help out there folks...there’s always a way out. It never rains all day.
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    Sorry I see that was obviously a huge flaw in my defence
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    The once gleaming white steelwork is literally now green with algae. Shame still a belting stadium from a far and one we should be proud of.
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    I’ve said before, put the shout out to fans who do this sort of thing for a living. Yes, pay for the materials but put them up in the hotel, dinner and a seat for 2 in LOV as payment. Clubs and fan feels good about themselves.
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    While they are at it and seen as we can’t pay players anymore, a couple of cherry pickers and jet washers on hire for a week wouldn’t go a miss. The whole place is looking tired and in desperate need of some tlc.
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    Only you got cheeses dick in your mouth. Laughable as the mans a prick.
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    Just remembered Getting dripped on ain't no fun #fixtheroof
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    Fuckin hell, there’s some shit there.
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    It's a website where people talk about current events (and that thing we go to on a Saturday when you go to the pictures. This is a current event that we have varying opinions on. Stop being a fadge.
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    I think Ken stopped them. But i was great to see them today. A couple of BWFC and a few St Georges . Another step in the right direction
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    There’s usually a big giant white flag carried by the defence
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    leave us to it then
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    It does nothing, much as the same as just throwing it forward and it coming back does the same. Both scenarios suggest midfield
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    He's not going to rip up trees, we know he's a decent player but he's not a Politic type who will show up on the highlights with 20 yard shots etc. He couldnt find a club in the summer and he's had a long term injury, its not a good look on his CV. I'm optimistic he doesnt get a better offer.
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    Cheeky cunt, that's from 1988.
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    Aye, think that's what I'm trying to say Its all reality tv, gossip pages, tabloid shit It made her and it maybe killed her
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    The people reading the gutter press and creating the market for it all need a good fucking shoeing as well.
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    The U-23s had a good of good seasons as U-23's in their own league. Our U-23 team now is mainly U-18's. Of course they're struggling.
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    He could just start talking sense.
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    Fair enough and it's an easy enough assumption to make on my part But in all the years I've been going at all times of day I've never seen it that dead, particularly on a reekend
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    Wolves seem to keep getting fucked This time by an Achilles heel when play is going the other way I don't like wolves much but var can get fucked, it's not even funny anymore
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    I get that City have been banned but how ironic that LFC supporters are the first on Facebook to be mocking.
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    The majority of the top clubs in Eurooe break FFP, UEFA probably hate Citeh more because their fans turn their backs on the so called Chamions League national anthem. I fucking hate UEFA, just look at the ticket prices for their championships this summer, fucking extortionate and pure greed. They think that they bring the game to the fans, the working classes, that's bollox! They are no different than the corrupt FIFA, and they hate the fucking English, bar those scouse cunts, and they probably hate the Premier League. ...rant over 😁
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