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    There's the thing for me, what do the protesters really think they're protesting about? Parky Out? Ken Out? Fuck it, both of 'em out. I would imagine, though he's clearly not going to say it, Ken would want to tell Parky to get his coat and is frustrated about being in such a financial state he can't. So people are frustrated about Ken being frustrated. All the pantomime of the last week to 10 days has taken attention away from how dismal things are on the pitch. While PP might say it's an unwelcome distraction it's arguably doing him a favour. Going into tomorrow night though, it'll be a hard enough job to live with WBA for 90 mins, all those present need to get behind the team and try to be supportive, even if, as usual, there's precious little to get folk off their seats
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    Marc Iles decided to pick out the Ken Bates reference. He could’ve gone with the plea for calm or the information re the youth setup. But his first tweet is about a passive comment on ken Bates.
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    Thogden and his dad are articulate Wanderers fans who film vlogs on our and their football club. Depending on taste you may or may not find them entertaining but remarks about grooming and slapping a kid are pretty poor imo
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    Very good of you. Were they homeless?
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    Anybody who went is a cretin Anybody who went and admits to it on here? Wierdo
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    Missed a penalty though, the useless sod
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    Iles is a prick KA statement was good and as he is now paying the bills what is the problem? My only concern is sticking with the inept manager but thats probably just another contraint due to finances
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    Yeh I know a couple of ST holders who arnt going despite my pleas & accusations ....still at least the club have their dosh. Wouldnt want either of them around in a real tight spot
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    Good statement, that.
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    Some fans believe Ken is one of the reasons why we are playing so poorly.
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    It's archived so doesn't get updated, but the info is still there See my link above
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    You could put Norwich on the map Zico.
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    Been my point with twitter nobs all last week. Nobody gave a shit about our finances when we were winning promotion. Imagine KA and PP appearing on panaroma or in the high court. Nobody gave a fuck what they were up to as we were lording it up in premier league. It went to shit then folk wanted gartside out at the first sign of trouble. Same now. Fickle bunch of bottle merchants our fans.
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    His dad needs reigning in as well, both now known as the Most popular word on WW these days..... CUNTS
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    In the photo I'm wearing the blue bob hat.
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    And also - what kind of circles do you have to associate in to even have this advert brought to your attention? Is there some kind of alt right blog that tells you all what to be offended by on each particular day? Because you lot always seem to be well on the ball of these obscure issues. Last week it was London Underground's advertising policy - this week it is British Transport Police's recruitment strategy. It'll be the coffee rota at the Department for Agriculture soon at this rate.
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    See this is where the BN’s conduct should be questioned once again. Priniting letters and opinion as actual news. The club hasn’t broken any employment law whatsoever yet that letter of concern is blasted all over their website and paper. Its nothing more than propaganda.
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    Looks like we're on the move on 1st February! Does anybody know any reliable removal companies locally? I know we've a poster on here from Bolton Van Man (can't remember who through). They were our first choice but fully booked sadly. Any help gratefully received. And Miami - if we need our roof doing will you give us a quote? And if you did the work would you promise not to leave a picture of Jacob Rees-Mogg under our tiles?
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    Just as last season, it’s never likely to be much fun watching a side aiming to finish 21st in a 24 horse race. No good comparing us to the average teams in the division because we aren’t fishing in the same pond as even the 14th-18th sides, never mind 10th-14th. Might sound negative, defeatist and overall just an excuse, but unfortunately it’s a fact of life at the moment.
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    I've nowt to do with the EFL, so count me out.
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    Is that kenny Junior?
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    If there is one silver lining to come out of the current situation, it is that quite a lot of people are starting to realise just how much Eddie Davies actually did for this club, and how much he actually bankrolled us to eventually see the heights we saw. It wasn’t a tax fix, he didn’t “take loads out of the club”, there was nothing to see in the interest charged on the early debt and it wasn’t just clever accounting. We lost money just like we do now, just to a greater extent, but that man chucked money in every year to cover the shortfall and therefore let us carry on with top 8 premier league football and European adventures. The shit he got accused of, just because people didn’t take the time to understand what was actually happening, rather than just listening to the first thing they heard, was criminal. He should have a statue outside of the ground, instead his name got dragged through the mud and he ended his tenure on “bad terms”. If there is one lesson to be learnt it is that joe public shouldn’t be so quick to shout about the first theory that they hear, it’s often the wrong one.

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