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    Laughable, these remainers spinning the result, we are now somehow in their minds a remain country. 😂🤣😂🤣
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    Yes But I should have walked away at 3am & well in the black, talking to Rick Astleys backing band fooked things up & well in the red after, still didn't put a downer on a great stop over! Early morning Phone call sing alongs are the future!
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    Emily Thornberry is another Diane Abbott; shocking As a politician, she’d make a decent cleaner
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    Those players went on strike to make a point. In doing so they risked more punishment for the club next season. Knowing full well that most wouldn’t be here. Not getting paid was bad and all. But let’s be honest they won’t give a shiny shite what mess we are in as a result. Solidarity with fans and staff? No chance.
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    See? Sorry fella, I'm just some dick on the message board of a shite small town football team, who cuts and pastes vaguely amusing bollocks from twitter. Didn't realise it was down to me to galvanise the left and lead them to the promised land. My mistake. I'll get my shit together, grow up and PM by the next election. Promise. You can count on me.
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    It is politicians I am talking of. All thee daft fuckers waving eu flags and starting facemither and twitter campaigns are hardly going to affect anything are they. They are just very very sad lifeless individuals
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